Rebirth Online World

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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 091 - Rooting out the source

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“Yu, I’m finished~” Anita panicked seeing Nina coming out from behind the screen like that .

“You, how can you come out dressed like that!”
Anita’s face was now bright red and she was embarrassed, seeing Nina in her underwear.
(TL note: of course we hope she was naked lol)

“Ann! Why don’t you say anything? What are you doing?”

“Compared to Bell-san, my size is lacking.”
After looking at Nina, Ann examined Bell and then crossed her arms to hide her chest. After that, Yu moved behind the screen.

“Nina, don’t I always tell you to come out after wiping yourself properly.”
With a slight scolding tone, Yu neared Nina, who was only in her underwear, grabbed a towel and proceeded to dry her.
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After wiping her body dry, Yu used 《Wind Elements Magic》 to dry her hair. Everyone could see that Nina was happy.

“Yu, why did you stop?”
“Move it…”

Lena and Marifa exchanged glances but didn’t show any other reaction. Anita was the only one who overreacted and shouted *kya kya*. (Tl note: she must be the only pervert lol) It was strange how quickly her anger had subsided.

“Is that really a bath? I want to enter. It’s been 3 days since we’ve bathed.”
Moran said that while taking a peek behind the dividing screen.

“Move it. I want to take a bath.”
Yu by now was already at the side of the simple bath tub made from 《Earth Elements Magic》. He made a hole at the bottom to drain the tub.

Memetto who was reading a book with Lena seemed to be interested so she also took a peep at Yu. Not long after, all member of ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan were peeping.

Yu closed the hole again after the bath tub was dry. After that simultaneously casted two rank one 【Black Magic 】, 《Water Ball》 and 《Fire Ball》. The Kimutsuki girls were surprised seeing that.

“Magic is really convenient for easily creating hot water.”
“Lie… impossible… how can he decide the water and fire ratio?”
Moran who didn’t understand much about magic was amazed but Memetto, who understood the principle was clearly shocked. Memetto was examining the process closely trying to steal a hint on how to do it.

“Tch, how can you girls act like this. Thinking about taking a bath, after all, that boy is still a male!” Anita was furious but Bell had already taken off her equipment and clothes. All other Kimutsuki girls beside Anita followed after her.
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“You girls!”

“Well, Anita. I don’t want to argue with you but this is the 37thF and it’s already our third day here. There’s nothing wrong with taking a bath since the atmosphere in the dungeon is also hot. Taking a bath will calm us down.”

Without waiting any longer, Bell jumped inside the bath and a moment later Anita also couldn’t resist.
(Tl note: where is Yu lol…)

At the side of the bath tub was a box full of holes.
“There’s a cool breeze coming from this box. Is this a magic tool? Anita wants it. I want to buy it.”

The other members were grinning seeing how Anita and Bell tried to fight for the box but suddenly Marifa came and take it.
“This item belongs to master. Please behave yourself and don’t touch anything.”

“Boo. It’s not like we are going to steal it. But, can you tell me where did you get this magic tool? I want to buy one too. Me and Bell like it very much.”

“Well, you can’t buy this anywhere.”
“Marifa, come help me with the rice.”
“Master, sorry to keep you waiting.”
After that Marifa ran towards Yu without even replying to the girls.

“So, where did they get this box?”

After taking a bath the Kimutsuki girls were all smiling and looking refreshed. Then they smelled something fragrant.

“Tch, even though she was complaining, Anita still eventually entered the bath.”
“Ugh, you girls are so noisy. That makes me distracted so I entered the bath.”
“Anita, come, let’s join them for a meal.”
“If only we had a magic tool to contact Yu.”
“Moran, how can you be so unreasonable.”

Anita scolded Moran and flicked her on her head. After all, a communication magic tool was a rare magic item and the price was unbelievably expensive.

On top of the dining table, that was also made by 《Earth Elements Magic》, were many dishes: roasted cheese on top of bread, fresh vegetable salad, boar soldier steak and some steamed buns that looked appetizing. Lena was drinking fruit juice while there were also milk, honey and jam on the table.
(TL note: why it’s always boar soldier steak lol)

While the Kimutsuki Flower girls’ meal consisted of only a piece of hard bread, dried meat and only water to help wash it down.

“*sigh* We really can’t compare our food.”
“What are you saying? Do you want to die? Eh, Moran, Memetto why are you going over there? Ya!”
“What? There’s nothing wrong with it. Yu is our friend. After all I also want to eat some rice.”
“That’s true, Moran, Memetto, let’s go there.”

Ann wanted to go there and Bell supported the idea. Only Anita refused it. Anita was pouting because she gave in once her stomach let out a rumbling noise.
(Tl note: seeing how cute she is I bet the 3rd volume will have her illustration)

“…it’s so noisy.”
Lena, who wanted to read, got distracted and put away her book on her flower pattern item bag before sitting at Yu’s left side. Of course on the right side was Nina and they received glares from Marifa who was late because she served the dishes.

“Is that an item bag? Such a cute design. It’s the first time I’ve seen one like it.”
Bell looked with full of interest at Lena’s item bag, which caused her to put it on her back to hide it. This shoulder strap item bag was one of Lena’s favorite decoration, in fact, her real treasures were put in the item bag that was sewn on her Mithril robe. Important items like potions, and food that Yu created were put inside her robe. Nina also had similar item bag on her equipment and Marifa had one on her maid uniform.

“Now, I want to eat eat eat.”
“Nina, how can you show such a pampered side.”

Of course the Kimutsuki Flower girls’ attention was on Yu. The realised that the person who created the item bag with the cute design was most likely Yu. Also, the luxurious food inside a dungeon, it must be his preferences.

“This juice is good.”
“Yeah, and the rice is delicious. Eating rice inside a dungeon is delicious.”
“This is boar soldier meat right? How can it be so tender?”
Hearing the Kimutsuki Flower clan girls praise the food, Marifa smiled widely.

“Mari-chan, you’re happy eh?” (Nina)
“W-w-what are you talking about?” (Marifa)
“…Liar.” (Lena)

Everyone was enjoying the meal except Anita who was sitting in front of Yu and was staring at him with a serious look.

“You are called Yu, right? Don’t you know how dangerous it is inside the dungeon? Yet you act so relaxed and even dare to take a bath.”
“Didn’t you take a bath too?”
“Well, that wasn’t the point I was making. It is dangerous to casually take off your equipment and armor inside the dungeon.”
“What can I do? We’ve been here for two days.”
“What? Two days? Don’t lie to me. Even for us reaching the 37thF took three days and we had help from another party till the 18thF. If not for that it would’ve taken us four days to reach this place. So, how about we go back together?”

“Oh, we are just taking a rest at the 37thF. If you want to go back then you can.”
Nina who heard Anita and Yu’s conversation jumped in. The other party members were engrossed in their food and hadn’t paid any attention.
“You are Nina, right? What do you mean?”

“Well, dungeons usually have a boss every 13thF. So the next one is at the 39thF. Because of that you can use the teleport pedestal to return to the entrance. As for us, we might proceed to the 52ndF for training so you can go back alone.”
The way Nina so indifferently said that made it seem as if going deeper was an easy task. She said that while eating some more boar soldier steak. She even tried to feed Yu some of it while saying *aaahn*. Lena also joined the fray in feeding Yu.

Meanwhile, Anita could only think that Nina was lying. However she decided to tell the Kimutsuki Flower girls after the meal.

“What? Anita, do you think Nina is lying?
“Ann, I’m just saying. We needed some help to get here so fast. Although you told us that they are really capable, but is this even possible?”
“So, are you suggesting for us to leave at the next teleport pedestal?”

The Kimutsuki Flower girls looked at Yu’s group. Yu was relaxing without a care as he was combing Sukke and Coro’s fur. Nina only had her eyes on Yu. Lena was lazily eating desserts, hot cake with honey. Marifa was the only one that glared at Anita.

“So, can we believe Yu?”
“I don’t know. Since our clan only consist of women, we don’t know. But one thing, our Kimutsuki Flower clan won’t surrender to men and will become the number one in the capital. So should we proceed deeper in the dungeon?”
Anita was skeptical towards Yu, even though Moran and Memetto wanted to put in a few good words for him, Bell stopped them.

At this point, Anita tried to lure in Lena and Marifa to join their guild.
“So, what to do? I’m afraid that he is only taking advantage of you girls.”
“…not interested.”
“If that’s what you want to say, then please leave after having enough rest.”

The only one who understood was Nina while Anita tried to explain to them.
“I know that it’s not good being in a party with men. To tell the truth, the members of Kimutsuki Flower clan all have had bad experiences with men. Even yesterday, the ‘Authority Leaf’ helped us from 10thF to 16thF but their eyes were full of bad intentions. They also kept searching those floors and wouldn’t move forward. Maybe they wanted us to offer them something for further help. Just because we’re girls, that’s why we need to stick together.”

Yu was clearly listening to their conversation because when Anita mentioned the ‘Authority Leaf’ he panicked.

“What did you just say?”
“About what?”
“About the ‘Authority Leaf’.”
“They’re only moving around the 10thF to 16thF. I don’t know what they are doing but the leader Charon is a B rank. That’s strange right?”

After Yu heard Anita’s words, he immediately put on his armor. Of course Anita was surprised, even Nina was surprised.

Kuro immediately came and kneeled as he heard Yu’s call.
“Please take care of the girls. I need to go!”

Without even looking at the girls, Yu bolted out from the resting place. Nina who saw that immediately wanted to chased after him.
“Sukke, please track master’s smell.”
Marifa gave Sukke an order and she with Nina followed after Sukke.

Only Kuro was at loss since Yu ordered him to take care of the girls but they weren’t staying put. Should he chase after Nina and Marifa or stay behind with Lena?

“…Kuro, just go.”
Lena took out her broom and with a tremendous speed chased after the girls. It caused Kuro to also run after them.
It all happened in an instant, leaving the Kimutsuki Flower girls to be dumbfounded.


Somewhere on the 14thF of the Wood Garden dungeon, three men were chasing a small fairy. They were chasing the fairy with a despicable smile on their faces. They were showing those expressions because they knew that the area in front of them was a dead end. Sooner or later they would get the fairy.

“Little fairy, won’t you come out and play with brother?”
“Ugh, is that blood coming from your back? What happened? Oh, I forgot, your wing is here.”
“Hahaha, I’m sorry. Does that hurt?”
The fairy that escaped had had her path cut off by the surrounding men. Her wings were forcibly pulled out and right now, she couldn’t possibly run away. Still, she didn’t want to surrender but unfortunately her leg was easily caught by one of the men.

“Even so, how can this fairy be so noisy yet it hasn’t said anything?”
“You, be quiet!”
The man moved the fairy closer to his face.
“You, what are you shouting? Look, if you dare to make another noise, don’t blame me for being cruel.”

After hearing that, the fairy, with her tears overflowing tried to be silent.
“Look, she is bleeding.”
“Well, let’s just wait until she tires herself out. After all damaged goods sell for less.”
“I can’t believe how good this place is.”

The fairy knew that her fate was now in the hands of these men. She was asking for help but there was no one that could possibly do that.

“Fairy-chan, how about signing for us?”

The man was holding the fairy in his hand without taking notice of the surrounding. Until a few minutes ago there were some noises from insects, birds, and such but it now it was completely silent.

“What are you doing?”

The three men turned around and found the owner of the voice. It was a boy. His whole body was dyed red with blood. He was like a demon, standing there.