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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 090 - Kimutsuki Glower Clan’s Anita

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“Anita, let’s go home. My body is all sticky and sweaty.”

“Bell, what are you saying? When the information about the Wood Garden dungeon was published, it was only up to the 22nd floor and there’s no record that the dungeon was cleared. This is a good opportunity for our ‘Kimutsuki Flower clan to show it’s power.”

“Boss, you said the same thing at the 26th floor too. I’m sure that no adventurers from the major clans were able to clear this dungeon yet.”

“Bell, that’s not true. Didn’t the ‘Authority Leaf’ clan also enter the dungeon? Not to mention that the locantion of the bosses in this dungeon is very random. We actually encountered the boss at the 13th floor.” While saying that, Anita rubbed Bell’s head like a child.

“I am worried because there’s no trace of the boss. So Ann, the C rank test was at this dungeon, right?”

“Yes, the group who sold the dungeon information was Yu’s party. “
“So, do you think they were able to clear the second boss at 26th floor?”
“If it’s Yu, then he should be able to do it.”
“Whoa, for Moran ‘The Man Hater’ to take his side. Is he such a good man?”
“Tch. That’s different!”
“Ah, so it’s like that. He must be a good boy then.”
“I didn’t know Moran preferred younger boys.”
“Ugh, that’s not what I meant!”

Anita and Bell teased Moran, making her flush bright red. Anita, who was usually straight-faced, was also smiling widely.

When the day the Adventurer’s Guild started selling the dungeon information, the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan entered the dungeon. Ann told them the result of the test and she arrived at Comer city quickly. Bell also came with her because she was worried about her condition. In the capital, their clan was well known and is growing quickly.

“Speaking of which, the guys from ‘Authority Leaf’ make me sick.” When Ann said that, Moran and Memetto also put on the same disgusted expression.

“Yeah, I didn’t think they would look down on us only because we are female. That is why we need to clear the dungeon before them.”

“Anita, I sense 5 monsters coming toward us. Judging from their size they should be 「Murder Beetle」 and 「Soul Eater Plant」 .”

“You heard Bell, everyone prepare.”

Despite facing a rank 5 monster, 「Murder Beetle」, Anita didn’t show the slightest sign of panic. She gave the party members a sense of security. Ann, Moran, and Memetto were able to reach the 37th floor with Anita as their shield bearer and Bell as their scout. Because of the two they were able to reach this far without being ambushed or being wounded even once.

“It’s as Bell prediction, it’s 「Murder Beetle」 and 「Soul Eater Plant」 .”
After saying that, Anita raised her shield and blocked the 「Soul Eater Plant」’s attack. 「Soul Eater Plant」 was a 3 meter tall plant with blue and purple poisonous color. Its face was planted in their tree body and they fed on their prey’s soul. They were stronger than a ⌈Treant⌋.

Anita received the blow without being pushed back and at the same time she controlled her shield excellently. During that moment, she also used 《Taunt》 to direct the attack to her. Using this opportunity the party members started attacking and in a few minutes the monsters’ corpses were littering the ground.

“Moran, just now it was too dangerous to receive the attack of the 「Soul Eater Plant」. You should’ve dodged it. Otherwise, next time it could be you that is lying on the ground.”
“Moran may have gotten hit too many times by monsters and became an idiot.”
“I’m not an idiot,Bell!”
While they were joking, the party was gathering the monster’s materials.

“Alright, enough with the jokes. Let’s find the stairs.”

The modus operandi of the ‘Kamitsuki Flower’ clan after they finished clearing up the monsters on the level, was spreading out and searching for the stairs that led to the next floor and then regrouping.

“Bell, what is it?”
“Look, over there.”
The place where Bell pointed was a small crack behind a rock.

“Well done Bell, if not for you we might not have found it. The stairs are probably behind it.”
But before entering, Bell sent a warning to everyone. Memetto quickly hid behind Ann and Moran.

“There is a sign of other adventurers.”
“Yes, it seems that they are here to rest. Maybe they sufferend an injury?”
“Well, we just need to find out.”
“Sssh, someone is coming.”

Anita saw a figure coming out from the crack behind the rock. However it wasn’t an adventurer but a goblin. The ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan readied their weapons. This goblin was bigger than a normal one and its body was all black. He was holding a battle ax in his right hand and tower shield on  the left. Covered with heavy armor, clearly this was not a normal goblin.

“Ah, it’s him.”
“Moran, do you know that goblin?”
“Yes, we know him.”
“Yup, it’s definitely that goblin.”

Without cautioun Memetto ran towards the goblin. Anita wanted to stop her but in the blink of an eye Memetto was already in front of the goblin.

“Kuro-chan right? Is Yu-chan also here? Bell, what are you doing?”
Memetto was punched in the head by Bell, that came from behind. She only glared at her with watery eyes. Bell seemed to be extremely worried about her.

“Humans, do you have something to tell me?”
Hearing Kuro’s words, the rest of the members were surprised. Especially Anita who knew that monsters that could talk were usually a high rank. It was impossible for low rank monsters like goblins to speak.

“Kuro-chan, is Yu-chan with you?”
“Yes, is he here?”
Moran and Ann along with Memetto weren’t surprised but Bell and Anita still couldn’t restrain their shock.

“Please wait a moment. My master said it is okay for you to come.”

“Whoa, this is the first time I saw a talking monster.”
Anita dropped her vigilance but the shield in her left hand was ready to protect them at any time. When Kuro went back into the crack, they could finally see the scene behind it. There was a light coming from the ceiling which was quite mysterious, since they were inside a dungeon. What’s more the sight of a boy sitting on a chair, drinking tea was at the least surreal.

Besides Yu, Coro and Sukke were sitting obediently by Marifa’s side, who was standing there with a happy expression. Lena was reading a book while lazily lying down on a rug. Behind them, a screen wall was erected and steam was coming from behind it.

“Is this really inside the dungeon? How can you play around like this? Don’t you know how dangerous a dungeon is?”
Anita for some reason was angry with Yu. Lena who was reading only glanced at Anita before losing her interest.

“Is there something wrong? We’re taking a break here.”

“I’m Anita, the leader of ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan. I was wondering if some adventurers were injured since they were resting but what a misunderstanding.”

“Did someone who told you that?”
When she heard that, Anita realised how close to Yu she was and blushed. Marifa quickly came and stood between them.

“Please don’t disturb my master.”
While Marifa and Anita glared at each other, Memetto was looking at Lena with meaningful eyes.
Not long after, Memetto was rolling on the rug with Lena. Bell had already sat down and laughed seeing Lena and Memetto’s funny behaviour.

Moran tried to talk to Yu but was ignored and Ann was playing with Sukke and Coro. On the other hand Marifa and Anita were still locked in such a stalemate.

“What a coincidence for us to meet in a place like this. If it’s not too much trouble, let’s proceed together.”
“You, how can you approached master.”
Marifa tried to pull Moran away from Yu but failed to do so. Moran was of the vanguard position while Marifa was a rearguard, so their strength differed greatly.

“Yu, the water temperature is perfect. Come and join me.”


Nina showed up from behind the screen and after hearing Yu’s reply disappeared again.
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“No way, you guys found a bath?”
“Moran, let’s go with your suggestion and go with him.”
“Yeah, my brain was frozen for a while so I couldn’t think clearly… ouch why did you hit me?” (Tl note: this is Anita talking lol)
While Moran couldn’t hold back her joy, Yu dropped a fist onto Moran and Anita’s heads and caused Anita’s eyes to become watery.

“You guys are so noisy. Before you said you are angry, now I am. Can’t I be angry?”
Ann looked at Anita and grinned. Memetto and Lena were busy rolling around with Bell watching them. Ann was stroking Coro and Sukke and hadn’t made any noise. So the ones who were bothering him were clearly only Moran and Anita.

“You! I’m really angry now!”
Anita’s shout could be heard trough the whole of the 37th floor of Wood Garden dungeon.

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