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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 089 - The secret is out

Episode 89: The secret is out

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“So, he refused?”

The incident with Yu and Ralph had immediatelly become the talk of the Adventurer’s Guild’s lobby.

“Ah, before I forget, I want to deposit this.”

After that, Yu passed 30 coins to Collet.

“Yu, Yu, Yu, this is white gold?”

A white gold coin was equivalent to 1,000,000 moon coins. From the first installment, Collet would get 1% bonus which was equivalent to 300,000 moon coins. This amount was equal to two months of her wage. The other receptionists could only look at her with envy and jealousy.

“Yes, this is the amount that I want to deposit for now. Ah, please take this too.”
From his item bag Yu took out a large amount of hot cakes. Steam rised from them and the sweet smell soon filled the hall. The other receptionists couldn’t help but be distracted and looked on with prying eyes.

“You know, you said that the other receptionists also want to eat hot cakes. This time please give some to them since I made a lot.”

“It smells really good.”
Hearing that familiar voice coming from behind, Collet immediately froze. The owner of the voice was of course Edda. The first floor’s receptionists were all acting awkwardly as if a panic button was being pushed.

“So, Yu-san sometimes treats the girls?”
Edda asked Yu with a smile but it was as if she was threatening him.

“Yes, is there something wrong?”

The receptionists around immediately stopped working. This was something far more important.

“No, there’s nothing wrong. Only I just found out about this today. Someone didn’t try to monopolize the treats, right? Or were you showing preferential treatment?”

Edda touched Yu’s shoulder and gently gripped it but Yu wasn’t able to escape and Collet could only look at them silently. The other receptionists’s expressions were white as if they had seen a ghost.

The large amount of the hot cakes disappeared alongside Edda. The receptionists of the first floor went to have an emergency meeting with sad faces.

“What just happened?”
“I don’t know, how come she was here?”
“Ah, this is too hard for me to accept, we should’ve told her from the beginning.”
“This is even harder to accept than when the Houdon Kingdom fell into crisis.”

Yu could only follow Edda to the second floor, take a quest and leave the guild hall. It should be noted that because of this incident, the guild hall’s reception was closed for two hours.

“Hey, do you smell something sweet?” (mofisu)
“Eh? There’s no such thing. Maybe it is my hair?” (Edda)
“Then, what’s that crumb on your lips?”
“Ah, no, this is nothing… actually, this is something Yu-chan made.”
Edda wiped her mouth before talking again.
“Yu-chan? Is that the boy’s new nickname?”
“Isn’t it cute? Yu-chan. Today I found out that Yu-chan makes sweets very well. But since the first floor’s receptionists have never shared it with me I just did something to discipline them.”
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After that, Edda kept talking about the details of the sweets which Mofisu had a hard time following. Edda just couldn’t stop talking about it and how it had been hidden from her.

“And today’s sweets that Yu-chan made is apparently called hot cake.”
“Hot cake?”
“Yeah, when it was taken out from the item bag it was still hot as if it was made on the spot.”
“You say it was still hot?”
“From Yu-chan’s house to the guild, don’t you know that it is quite the distance?”
Mofisu started thinking.

“So, his item bag actually has the ability of 【Space-time magic】 . Don’t you know, there is only a small amount of alchemists capable of creating such an item bag even troughout the Houdon kingdom. The best item bag called the “Dawn of Raran”, is a third grade item that can store up to 3,000kg. The grade 2 item bag in Houdon Kingdom is the national treasure “Golden Glutton” that can hold up to 40,000kg. The best one is the Holy Kingdom’s “Infinite Holy Bag” that has yet to hit its limit.”

Mofisu couldn’t think of a way that could get him that kind of item. While Mofisu was still thinking and Edda was enjoying the sweet aftertaste, someone knocked on the door.

“Pardon me.”
It was Barbara, one of the receptionists of the second floor. Her face was clearly displeased.

“What’s with your face?” (Edda)
“Edda-san, I really can’t handle that guy. He is disgusting, he just boasted of his authority.”
“Move, let me enter.”
“Hey, the guild master hasn’t given his approval.”

The man that entered while pushing Barbara to the side clearly had a pushy attitude for her to be that displeased with him. Edda could only mutter “Oh dear”.

“What is your business?” (Mofisu)
“I’m the leader of the ‘Authority Leaf’ clan, Charon Valdez. I want to talk to you regarding Elda.”

“Elda? Who is that? Edda, do you know about that person?”
“I’ve never heard of him.”

Hearing that made Charon furious and he swang his fist down towards the desk. If this continued, the desk would’ve been in smithereens.

“Oh dear, what will happen if you break it? It is a guild property.”
Edda, caught Charon’s fist as easy as if she was catching a falling cup. Of course, it shocked Charon and his party. This weak looking elf woman was able to stop Charon’s fist and he was a B rank adventurer.

“Why did you stop me! Why didn’t the guild give us the information regarding the new dungeon?”
“Eh? We don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Don’t play innocent. The newly discovered dungeon, we know that you are hiding something about it. If not, there is no way a C rank adventurer like Elda would die there.”

Charon’s blood thirst filled the air and made Mofisu’s tea taste bland. He decided to talk with this man first.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of someone called Elda. Also, the information about the dungeon will be for sale in a few days. If he didn’t purchase the dungeon info prior to entering, was it our fault? And speaking of which, an adventurer’s job has always been filled with danger and there’s always a chance of dying. Is his death our responsibility? Everyone is responsible for their own life inside the dungeon. How can you blame the guild?”

“Ho, are you trying to preach to me?”
“Then, can you please act your age?”
“After all, I’m already an old man, what’s wrong with it?”

At this point, Charon was already enraged. Bulging blue vein could be seen on his temple.  He had the backing of the finance minister, so there was no problem if he decided to kill the guild master in this small Comer city. However he regained his composure.

“Are you sure you won’t regret this?”
“The only thing I’ve regretted was when I lost my hair.”

Hearing that, Charon couldn’t help but feeling furious again. It was only because his party held him back that he didn’t pounce on Mofisu.

“Then, I would like to buy the information about the new dungeon. Also some information about an adventurer named Yu Sato. Of course I will pay plenty.”

“Right now, the information of the dungeon is only covering the 2thF. If I may know, why do you need information on Yu Sato?”
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Charon knew that the Adventurer’s Guild knew the statuses of the adventurers from the informaton on their guild card.

“Come one, I will give as much gold as you want if you include his current location. I know you can find him by his guild card.”

With a flithy smile, Charon even asked for his location. Suddenly, the door to the room next door opened. It was the room where Mofisu usually took his nap.

“What is this noise? Just when I was sleeping comfortably.”

The one who arrived was Joseph. With a yawn he sat beside Mofisu and glared at Charon and his party.

“You are… Joseph Yurumu, ‘The Brute Strength’. I’m from the ‘Authority Leaf’, Charon Valdez. Since you’re also from the capital you should know about us.”

Charon stretch out his right hand in a handshake attempt but Joseph replied coldly.

“I don’t know you.”

“Impossible, we’re a guild consisting mostly of B rank adventurers.”

“If I said I don’t know then I really don’t know. But, why are you interested in Yu Sato?”

“If we’re paying for it, why should the guild care? This is a deal where both sides don’t have anything to lose.”

Charon said that while tapping Joseph’s shoulder.

“So, is this how you do your transaction?”
“It was different, guaaah…”
Joseph clenched and grabbed Charon’s right wrist. Even if it was protected by a gauntlet, a strange sound echoed in the guild master’s room.

“Please, stop.”

One of the party members tried to remove Joseph’s hand but it didn’t budge. The other party members also tried to help but the result was still the same.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you the one who tried to pick a fight?”
“What is this? Don’t you know we’re from ‘Authority Leaf’? You know what’s going to happen.”

After some time, Joseph got bored so he let go of his hand. But clearly Charon’s wrist was already broken if judged by its pale colour. Charon fled the room in a hurry while writhing and sweating, followed by his party.

“Joseph, why didn’t you come out from the beginning?”
“How about a little thank you for the help? Edda, get me something to drink.”
“Alright, please wait for a moment.”

After seeing what happened to Charon, Edda was satisfied and happily poured tea for Joseph.

“I only came out because Yu Sato’s name was mentioned.”
“Hahaha, you’re like a father now.”
“Fufufu, that’s true.”
“After all, you’re already 133 years old.”
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