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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 088 - Taking advantage of another

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“This is your C rank guild card.”

Yu took the guild card from Collet and put it in the item bag. The C rank card had a silver lining on it. Nina and Lena also received their cards and smiled widely. Marifa was delivering potions to the merchant so she wasn’t with them. After that, Collet unnaturally cleared her throat and took a deep breath.

“Since you are a C rank now, you can use the guild warehouse. The benefit in that is regarding your money. You will be able to deposit your money and take it out later at any other branch. It is also safer since the guild warehouse is protected against theft and it’s free after all.”

There was no reason for refusing Collet’s offer. After all, C rank adventurers’ income was far larger than that of the normal citizens and it was dangerous to casually bring a lot of money. By using the warehouse, C rank adventurers wouldn’t need to think of ways protect their money from being stolen when they were exploring a dungeon and the money could only be withdrawn by the person they belonged to.

Of course, the Adventurer’s Guild also benefitted. The money that the adventurers deposited were used to buy and sell monster materials and for other business endeavours. In return, every month the adventurers gained 1% profit of their deposited money.

In the free nation of Hameln, the Adventurer’s Guild had many A rank adventurers. It caused their power to rival the large merchant groups. The receptionists also often got rewards from the adventurers for managing their money. Of course Collet’s purpose wasn’t the rewards. She was purely concerned about Yu.

“Collet, is there a minimum amount that should be deposited?”
When Yu asked that, he was trying to find out if she had other intentions, Nina and Lena also looked at her. Collet, with indeferent smile, replied casually.

“There is no such thing. It is only a safe guard method to prevent something bad from happening. There would be no problem even if Yu-san doesn’t deposit anything.”

Yu was thinking while staring at her. Collet had never changed from the first time he visited the city. She had always thought of the adventurers’ well being. She has never treated others diffrently because of race, appearance, gender, and that was also the reason she was respected by many of the adventurers.

“Yu-san, please don’t stare so much.”
After apologizing, Yu was about to take out money from his item bag.

“Sorry, but can I have a little bit of your time?”
Yu turned around and saw the owner of the voice. There was a bearded dwarf and a middle aged man standing there.

“Ah, Mr. Ralph, Mr. Bernard, did something important happen or are you here to make a request?” (Collet)
(Tl note: name has been changed to something more familiar since if not their name sound as Roph and bernd)

“Hey, isn’t that Bernard,  the dwarf blackmith?”
“That man is definitely Ralph, the merchant. What kind of business brings them here to the guild.”

The other adventurers that were present started whispering to each other as they watched the men. Blacksmith Bernard was famous in Comer city as he was the richest dwarf in the city and he was also the guild master of the Blacksmith Guild. The lean middle aged man was Ralph. He was a famous merchant and owned the biggest store in Comer city.

“No, today I have business with Yu-san.” (Ralph)
“Are you Yu-san?” (Bernard)
“It has come to my attention, that there is someone selling a branch of the sacred tree. It’s appearance may be normal but if it’s used in the making of a bow the quality would be superb and the branches are actually hard to come by. When I heard the item was on sale, I found out that the adventurer Yu-san was the one who had acquired it. Therefore I’ve come here to make an exclusive contract with you.” (Ralph)
(Tl note: the item was acquired from the elder treant)

“If that’s the case then you can make a request at the guild.” (Yu)
“Of course we can do that but I’m looking for a long contract with a stable supply of the sacred tree branch.”
“To create weapons or even armor, we need a large amount of branches. I heard that it was acquired from a new dungeon and only a few adventurers have entered it for now. Therefore it is better to make a deal with someone who has actually had the item before.”

Of course, it wasn’t a problem if an adventurer signed a contract or accepted a request aside the ones from the Adventurer’s Guild provided but it only happened to adventurers with high abilities. There was also the danger of the adventurer running away with the contract money so it was really a rare case. The Adventurer’s Guild in this case acted as a mediator between the two parties and made sure that the contract was fulfilled.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Ralph. I am the owner of Ralph’s shop. This is Bernard, the blacksmith who supplies most of the goods in my store. So, can we discussed the contract?”

Ralph lead Yu to a table and they all sat around it. Of course, all the adventurers in the guild kept their eyes focused on them. Usually, when a contract was negotiated it was done in a special room in order to keep the content of the request confidential but he wanted to do it here. There was a streak of arrogance in Ralph. Next to him, Bernard could only shake his head while sighing.

“I hope you don’t mind Yu-san.”
Ralph with a blatantly disgusted look, asked Yu.
“I don’t mind. I don’t think that the other adventurer would cause trouble in the guild.”
“That’s right. I also think so.”

When Yu sat down at the table, Ralph took out a coin pouch from his item bag and put it on the table. The sound of gold and silver coins tinkling could be heard when he put it down. Of course the other adventurers’ eyes were filled with greed as Ralph looked happy, smiling disgustingly. Collet on the other hand looked at Ralph and Yu with worry.

“This bag contains nine million moon coins. We think three million per month is enough for the contract fee. Every time you find a branch of the sacred tree, I will pay you one million moon coins. If it is of high quality, the price can go up to five million moon coins. I think it is a reasonable price. Even D rank adventurers find it impossible to get one million moon coin per month. Not to mention you are a new C rank adventurer. If you do a good job, we can consider a permanent contract with my shop.” Ralph took out a piece of paper, containing the contract.

(Tl note: in case you forgot the currency,
100 moon coin: 1 cooper
1 half silver coin: 1000 moon coin (ten cooper)
1 silver: 10,000 moon coin ( ten half silver)
1 gold: 100,000 moon coin ( ten silver)
1 white gold: 1,000,000 moon coin (ten gold))

“Ralph-san, I need to think more about this.”
“Yeah, don’t worry. This deal is beneficial for both parties.”
“In that case, allow me to refuse.”

Ralph smile didn’t disappear as he talked.
“Fufu, all adventurers are like you. They are shy in the beginning. But don’t worry. We can still negotiate the rewards and the contract fee. But, actually what they all needed was just a little push, like a knife on their throat.”

Ralph said that as if he was signaling someone. Bernard could only close his eyes.

“Ralph-san, you know there was someone that came with you aside from Bernard and I believe that person has returned home.”
Actually Yu had already noticed that Ralph still had a card to play and by using his 《Heaven’s Net》 he had already chased away that joker.

“Fufu, this is the first time an adventurer is treating the owner of Ralph’s shop with such an attitude.” Ralph’s face was now red and anger could be seen on his face. At this time, the door of the guild opened.

All eyes fell on the sudden intruder and there, stood one dark elf girl. The dark elf girl’s hair was a mess as if she had been in a hurry. She looked at Yu with a smile while correcting her clothes.
“Master, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not in a hurry and welcome back.”

“Well, I’m going to…Aaaa…”
Marifa unnaturally stumbled and cried out. From her coin pouch, dozens of coins came out.

Ralph looked at the coins rolling on the floor and his face lost its color.

“This is… white gold?”

The adventurers and Ralph were all amazed. The amount of coins Ralph brought could only win in amount but lose in value.
(Tl note: do you understand this sentence? Ralph was carrying a whole bunch cent and pennies which equal less than the few 100$ bills Marifa brought lol)

“Ah, how can you drop your pocket money?”
Yu sighed, looking at Marifa. Meanwhile, white gold coins kept spilling. After that, Yu took a peek at Ralph. He was stunned, his expression tinged with disbelief. How had a C rank adventurer gathered so much white gold .

“Ralph-san, I am not in need of money. So please don’t misunderstand. If you have trouble, just put a request at the guild. I believe there are many more capable adventurers out there, that way your shop won’t be in need of materials.”

“This… This shame, I will remember this and make sure you pay for this!”
After saying this Ralph took his money and left the guild in a hurry. Of course, the adventurers were quite happy as they knew he was looking down on them.

“Yu-san, in the matter regarding Ralph-dono, I hope you don’t feel offended. In return, how about we talk about this again at a latter time?”
Bernard who had kept silent till now voiced his opinion.

“Sorry, but I still have to refuse.”

“If you insist then at least please forgive Ralph-dono. He is not a bad guy.”
Bernard on the other hand was the type to hide his thoughts.

“Say, how about the next time you go to a dungeon, you bring the materials to my place?”

“So, are you asking to be my exclusive blacksmith?”

“I know that you do business with Woods… but he is a useless man.”

“Are you saying that his skills are lacking?”
Yu was surprised when he heard Bernard’s words.

“Well, I didn’t say that. But it would be nice if I were to become your exclusive blacksmith.”

“I understand well why you would want to use such particular material like the sacred tree branch. Using the highest quality materials plus such special ones gives a 50% chance of granting additional skills to the equipment… my old blacksmith uncle doesn’t need such things.”

Bernard finally laughed after thinking for a while. He laughed again loudly until Nina was surprised and even Collet was blocking her ears with her arms. Although Marifa was pretending to be calm, her ears were twitching slightly.

“If you say so. Anyway, you are free to come to my place.”

After Bernard left, the guild’s atmosphere returned back to normal.

“Marifa, what is wrong?”
“I’m not angry, instead I should praise you. After all your acting was not that bad.”

Nina and the others clearly heard what Yu just said. Lena on the other hand closed the book that she was reading.

“…Collet, is there something wrong?”

Everyone, including Collet could only smile wryly, hearing that.

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