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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 087 - Massacre

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“Ne ne ne… so you can use Spirit Magic?”

One of the ⌈Fairies⌋ was sticking to Yu’s arm and her mouth was covered with all kinds of sticky sweet liquid.

“Yes, I can.”

“Hmph… a boy like you can only use Lv1 and at most Lv 2. That id nothing compared to my LV 8, yo?”

(TL note: the fairies are surprisingly powerful?)

“So, what’s your level? Level 3 at most?”

“Yeah, it’s around that level.”

At that the ⌈Fairies⌋ that were floating around got interested.

“Yeah, let us see yourSpirit Magic.”

“Yeah, let us see.”

The ⌈Fairy⌋ that was sticking to his arm then said.

“Even if you can’t use it, you’re still a good boy.”

Hearing that, Yu got a little bit of motivation and decided to show them. It was the first rankSpirit Magic, Water Bullet.

A small puddle of water mane out of his fingertip and started floating in the air.

“Wow, Yu-san is really able to use Spirit Magic.”

“Of course, he already told us that he was able to do it.”

“But it’s only aWater Bullet.”

The water spirits in the air gathered around him and formed the Water Bullet. However the amount of water spirits in the air was a bit too much. They didn’t only gather at his fingertip but all over his body. Some even formed a body and kissed Yu’s forehead. When Yu released hisWater Bullet, the water spirits disappeared without a trace.

“How can this boy have such high aptitude with the spirits?”

The ⌈Fairy⌋ that said that had his cheeks inflated and was pouting.


“So, what is the name of this dungeon?”

“I heard it is called ⟨⟨Wood Garden⟩⟩ dungeon.”

“Is that so? Come, let’s enter.”


Finally Yu was able to free himself from the ⌈Fairies⌋ and proceed to the 14thF. Again, he castEnchant Magicon himself before proceeding. FromGreen Sime he gained Poison attack lvl 4, Paralysis attack lvl 3 from Mad Mantis , Agility Up lvl 1from Dragon Fly and from Murder Beetle he gained Paralysis Resistance lvl 3 and Physical Ability Up lvl 2 . He moved on while depriving skills till the 16thF but he found the floor empty.

There was a party of five already there.

A beast with big muscles from the Tiger tribe at a lv 42; level 33 Dwarf and the remaining three were normal humans with a level range of 33-35.

They noticed him coming and stopped walking. One of the man approached him with a bastard sword leaning on his shoulder.

“Yo, did you think you could just come without saying anything? Don’t you know who I am? I’m Gomusu from the ‘Authority Leaf’ clan. The Tigerman here is a ‘fighter’ Elda.”

“I’m sorry but I’ve never heard of you.”

When Yu said that, a blue vain emerged at Gomusu’s temple.

“Gomusu, calm down a little bit. Isn’t he the one called Yu?”

Yu looked at Elda silently.

“If I’m not mistaken, he should’ve been in the dungeon before. Now, how about giving us information about the traps and monsters from the 13thF onward?”

“You would be able to buy it tomorrow at the guild.”

“Why should I buy it tomorrow if there’s someone here that can tell me directly.”

Elda said that and the Dwarf looked at Yu intensely.

“Oh, I see. If you really need it now, how about making a deal? Five gold should do.”

“What? You’re asking for five gold coins from us? Brat!”

“Just give us the information. Don’t you know who’re you dealing with?”

Yu ignored Elda and Gomusu’s glares and walked away.

“Just let him be. He is alone. How far can he possibly go? At the best he can reach the 16thF before asking us for help.”

Hearing Elda’s words, Gomusu showed an ugly smile.

“Well, I’ld’ve never thought of that. I can’t wait to see that cheeky brat asking for our help.”

“Me too.”

“Poron, did you activate your special skill?”

“Yes, the spirits told me that it’s better not to fight him. This is the first time the spirits have been in such high alert. So, are we going to tail him?”

“So, is it something that a B rank Elda should listen to?”

“I’m just telling you what my skillSpirit Whisperoccasionally advises me it has never been wrong.”

“Come on, let’s hurry after him or we’re going to lose him.”

Then another person came and joined the talk.

“Tch, how could I’ve missed that ⌈Fairy⌋? If I could find it again, we’ld be able to find even the ⌈Dryad⌋. Tch.”

“Come on, let’s take care of that brat.”



Poron’s feet were pierced by a spear that came out from the ground and he immediatelly crouched down.

“How come the trap got activated?”

“Poron, you are so stupid. How could you not notice the trap?”

“It was already disarmed but… when it got triggered i swear i could feel a trace of magic .”

“Help me!”

“Calm down. Row, help Poron with Recovery Magic. Fam, you take out the spears.”

The man called Fam tried to take out the spear from one of Poron’s feet but some meat got caught up in the process. Behind the spear head was a barbed spike that made it impossible to pull out.

“This spear… I can’t take it out.”

“Just cut the end and let’s deal with it later.”

Elda readied himself to chop the spear while Fam got out of the way.

Elda’s job was amonk, his tempered body was already a weapon.

“Poron, this might hurt but please bear with it.”

It was only a simple chop but the spear instantly cut the handle. Suddenly another flying projectile hit Elda, the power behind itwas able to wound his trained body.

“Ouch, that looked like it hurt.”

“Is this your doing?”

Gomusu yelled at Yu who came out from the shadows in the distance. It was unimaginable how a C rank adventurer could dare to provoke this group.

“Well, it is your fault for not being careful while following me.”

“Guu… did he overhear our conversation?”

Elda’s hands were bleeding. He was able to avoid the fatal blow but a considerable amount of blood was still flowing.

Yu approached while casting the third rank Black Magic, Raging Thunderwithout even chanting.

Raging Thunder!”

Elda was surprised seeing that. Either because he was able to cast it without chanting or because of something else. Yu was also preparing to launch the first rankBlack Magic, Stone Bullet.

“Fool, that kind of magic can’t break trough my Barrier.”

Row came forward and casted Barrierbut with only three barrages from Stone Bullet, it was broken trough with the sound of breaking a mirror rang and then hit his face.

“Gyaaa! It hurts!”

“He can even break aBarrierusingStone Bullet. This brat is no joke. Fine then. Take this, Shield skills, Shield Charge!”

While Fam was invokingShield chargehe moved towards Yu while holding his Black Steel Shield. Yu in turn activated his own Shield skills, Stone walland received it with his hand.

A tremendous clashing sound was heard but Fam seemed to have taken more damage from the impact. He was now looking at Yu as if he was a monster.

“You shouldn’t move too.”

As he said that, Yu blocked Elda that was going to help Fam using hisHeaven’s Netthat was made by manipulating mana and making it into a web-like form trough the magic spider skill. In that time, he casted the second rankBlack Magic,Earth Lanceand in the next second Fam was pierced at the thigh and impaled to the ground.

“I won’t let it go as you wish. Lightning Strike.”

Gomusu ponced forward in a flash. It was a sword skill that was know for its speed. However Yu intercepted it with his own Lightning Strike. Gomusu that took pride in hisSwordsmanshipwas furious seeing his attack being repelled.

“I can’t believe it. His skill with the sword is on par with me? I trained hard for 20 years to reach this level, how can this cheeky brat be at the same level as me?”

“Gomusu, Wait!”

The frenzied Gomusu ignored Elda’s call.

“You should’ve run away.”

The moment Yu said that, hisLightning Strikecut one of Gomusu’s arms. It was too fast and Gomusu didn’t even realize that his arm was already dismembered.

“Guaaa… you brat, how come you can handle the sword better than me! My arm, aaaargh!”

“You should’ve defeat me when you had the time.”

Elda said that while treating his wound. He used potions and theMartial Artsskill, Enhanced Regeneration.

“No, the order isn’t wrong. I already decided that the Dwarf was going to be the first.”

“You know, the number one in this party is me, Elda!”

Elda then used a skill similar toBody Enhance. However it was different, where with Body Enhance magic was usually used to increase the body’s capabilities, this skill released the body’s limiter,Martial Artsskill,Limit Break.

Elda’s muscular body got bigger by a size and started emitting violent atmosphere. He immediately jumped forward while using theMartial Artsskill,Silent Killer. It was one hit kill skill activated on his punch, however Yu nonchalantly cought his right fist in his left arm.

Elda was shocked. There was no one that was able to withstand the power of his fist. At least, they would all be blown away by the impact but this time, a boy had stopped him.

“Now, let see if your body is able to withstand my Magic Sword.”

Elda attempted to get away however his right fist was stuck in Yu’s hand; As if it was frozen and couldn’t be separated. Yu activated theMagic Sword】skill like usual, he didn’t even need a sword to do it and instead used the skill with his arm.

Elda pulled his arm out forcibly and because it was frozen, some skin and meat got torn up, sticking to Yu’s arm. After that, Yu’s other arm met with Elda’s left arm. Immediately there was a smell of burning flesh rising from the receiving arm.

“Guaaah. You are able to equip magic?”

Elda then clearly knew of Yu’s terror.

The pressure Yu emitted was too great . Cold sweat appeared on Elda’s body due to fis fear of the boy.

In this situation, as a B rank adventurer, Elda noticed that Yu intentionally not killed Gomusu. There might still be a way if he exploit this fact.

“Do you know, our clan ‘authority leaf’ is backed by the finance minister Rorui knox. We have more than 50 member in the clan. You have no chance opposing us.”

Elda is trying to shake Yu’s mental state but he just silently pick up his sword again expressionless.

Elda knew that Yu was able to use magic so the best option was to bring the fight into close combat. Elda’s trump card was a skill that greatly increased his body’s abilities, Combat Maneuver, combined withSilent Killer.

When Elda closed in, Yu immediatelly unleashed the sword skill,Whirlwind Strike. Elda’s limbs were strengthened using theMartial Artsskill,Steel bodyso he didn’t hesitate in catching the sword. The sword tore trough his silvery white glove but it couldn’t tear trough his flesh.

“This time, I got you!”

Elda predicted that Yu would most likely attack his arms or feet since killing him wasn’t his goal. This was his chance. Using theMartial Artsskill,Release Internal Power. This was a skill that released all his power for a short time.

Elda didn’t want to waste his chance and aimed for Yu’s throat. However even at this condition, Yu’s eyes looked different. The look in his eyes was like the one of a spider who had successfully caught his prey in his web.

This punch that Elda released was even able to deal a great damage to an Earth Dragon. However it was blocked by an invisible wall. Of course it was aBarrierthat Yu had erected.

Without a problem, Elda’s punch broke trough theBarrierbut another layer followed right after. Elda’s punch kept on breaking the layeredBarrier. Each time a Barrierwas destroyed, the power of the punch lessened and by the time it reached Yu’s throat, the speed was that of a normal blow’s.

Without any trouble, Yu dodged his fist and retaliated. His elbow hit Elda stomach followed by a kick to the foot. The power was so great that the femoral bone on both feet was fractured. Helplessly Elda fell to the ground and was dragged by Yu toward Gomusu.

“I will take revenge. This kind of shame, I’ll even kill your family, friends, even those who barely know you!”

At this point Elda couldn’t move his limbs anymore. Yu then calmly usedDepriverand beheaded Gomusu.

“You just killed him! Why? I thought you couldn’t kill us.”

“Did I tell you that I couldn’t kill someone? I was battling like that to prevent you from running away.”

“That’s a lie, how can a boy like you kill someone casually?”

Before Elda could say any more, Yu pierced his sword trough his heart. After recovering all the loot, equipment and item bag, Yu usedSpecter Magicon him.

Yu learned from the undead that their real aim was to catch the ⌈Fairies⌋ and the ⌈Dryad⌋ based on the finance minister’s instruction. More people were assembled and were going to come.

“Alright, if someone you know from ‘Authority Leaf’ comes, there’s only one thing to do, ‘massacre them’.”


Yu had taken all of Elda’s skill. Since he was now an undead, he did not feel any pain and fatigue anymore. He was even more dangerous than a rank 5 monster.

After that, Elda fought with his fellow clansmen of ‘Authority Leaf’. Four people had been killed, three- incapacitated, but Elda also hadn’t come out of it unscathed. Because of that, the plan to catch the ⌈Fairies⌋ and ⌈Dryad⌋ in the dungeon was progressing slowly.

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Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: Magic Warrior, Enchanter Level: 33
HP: 1127 MP: 1584
Strength: 352 Agility: 278
Vitality: 359 Intelligence: 351
Magic: 378 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordmanship: LV7 Spear technique: LV6
Physical ability up: LV7 ↑UP Awareness: LV6
Brute strength: LV6 Mp recovery rate up: LV5
Axe mastery: LV5 Body mastery: LV4
HP recovery rate up: LV4 Trap discovery: LV4
Fire resistance : LV4 Shield mastery: LV5 ↑UP
Hammer mastery: LV4 Throwing: LV4
Brute arm: LV3 Scaled skin: LV3
Rebirth: LV3 Dagger Mastery: LV4 ↑UP
Strong body: LV4 Night eyes: LV3
Martial arts: LV3 Dragon Eye: LV2
Abnormal state resistance: LV4 ↑UP Agility up: LV3 ↑UP
Leadership: LV5 Darkness Resistance: LV2
Silent step: LV3 ↑UP Poison resistance: LV2
Staff mastery: LV2 Carving: LV1
Casting speed up: LV3 ↑UP Spirit eyes: LV1
Cooking: LV1 Intimidation: LV2
Stripping: LV2 Skinning: LV3
Magic Eyes: LV2 Duel LV3
Gourmet LV1 Thunder Resistance: LV4
Magic Resistance: LV 3 Spear mastery: LV 2
Light Armor-Agility UP: LV3 NEW Heavy Armor- Defense UP: LV1 NEW
Dodge: LV3 NEW No chanting: LV2 NEW
Magic Strengthening: LV3 NEW MP Consumption reduction: LV3 NEW
Staff Mastery: LV2 NEW
Active Skills
Black magic: LV6 Spear skills: LV5
Axe skills: LV5 Sword Strike: LV5
Body Enhance: LV5 White Magic: LV6 ↑UP
Warcry: LV5 Alchemy: LV5
Shield skills: LV4 Spirit magic: LV4
Enchant magic: LV4 Magic equip: LV4
Appraisal: LV4 Unlock: LV5 ↑UP
Disarm trap: LV5 ↑UP Hammer skills: LV5 ↑UP
Space-time magic: LV3 Dragon breath: LV3
Dagger Strike: LV4 ↑UP Magic Sword: LV3
Martial arts skill: LV5 ↑UP Barrier: LV4 ↑UP
Blacksmith: LV2 Steal: LV4 ↑UP
Stealth: LV4 ↑UP Spear strike: LV1
Specter magic: LV2 Magic awakening: LV3 ↑UP
Poison Attack: LV3 Charge: LV3
Analysis: LV3 NEW Install trap: LV3 NEW
Close Combat: LV4 NEW Paralysis Atack: LV4 NEW
Combat Maneuver: LV3 NEW
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: LV3 Depriver: LV3