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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 086 - Specil late night training ②

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After receiving the payment from the Adventurer’s guild, Yu distributed the money to the party.

“With this, I don’t have to worry about buying a new Black Steel Shield.”

“Ah, Yu, don’t you think this is too much?”

“Not at all, this is also because of the ⌈Elder Treant⌋’s remuneration.”

After that Eckart and Lalit went back with a smile because of all the money they had received.

Yu and the girls were heading back too. Right now Yu was giving Lena a piggyback ride. She was sleeping soundly while Marifa was looking enviously at them.

“If only I knew there’s this method, I would be the one on master’s back.”

Kuro and the black wolves noticed them coming back and greeted them at the gate. Coro and Sukke were included in the pack of wolves. But really their number was great.

“Welcome home degozaru.”

“Kuro, why are you waiting here? It’s alright to enter on your own.”

“If the master isn’t inside, how can I relax in the house degozaru.”

“What’s with your strange way of speaking?”

Yu was having a hard time walking, with Lena on his back, not to mention Nina, who kept pressing against him. Yu took out a magic comb from the item pouch. Nina and Marifa were staring at it with expectation.

“Yu, I never thought you would buy a magic brush.”

“Master, is that for the black wolves?”

“That’s right, I heard it can make their fur shiny.”

After seeing Yu give a rare smile, Nina and Marifa didn’t say anything more.

Nina quickly took the comb and started to brush a black wolf while the other wolves watched. In an hour, the black wolves’ fur had become shiny and all were sitting around Yu comfortably.

“Wow, the fur is so smooth.”

After Yu finished stroking the black wolf smooth fur, he took Lena’s Mithril staff and the ⌈Elder Treant⌋’s branch. With a wire, he stick the ⌈Elder Treant⌋’s branch to the tip of the staff.

“Master, are you making a broom?”

“Of course, when you think of a witch, you can never forget the broom.”

“Are you going to make it yourself?”

After Yu finished modifying the Mithril staff, it started resembling a Mithril broom. He tried to cast a wind 【Black Magic】. As expected, the ⌈Elder Treant⌋’s braches were enhancing the wind effect and gradually his body was covered by the wind and flew with the broom.

(TL note: oh no we’re seeing flying broom, not gonna go to hogwarts right?)

“It’s surprisingly difficult to control.”

“Waah, Yu, that looks good. I want to sit on the back!”

After enjoying some time flying in the air, Yu landed on the ground. Nina immediately rushed at him. Marifa had heard that it was possible to fly in the sky by using 【Black Magic】 but this was the first time she saw it. Her reverent look towards Yu had returned. Kuro on the other hand didn’t show any reaction.

“…me first..”

Actually when Yu landed on the ground, Lena who had been sleeping up till now had already situated herself behind him.

“Alright, after Lena it’s my turn.”


Lena rushed Yu and immediately they soared into the air.

“Haha, this is fun~”

After that, Nina and Marifa all got their turns before they entered the house.

“How can you enter without knocking?”

Inside the mansion, Mussu was sitting with a wine glass in his hand.Nungu was standing by his side ready to pour wine if it was empty.

“You.. you’re the one who entered without permission.”

Yu never expected him to be here. After all the mansion was guarded by the black wolves in order to keep away intruders. Even goblins would be killed in an instant, although they weren’t allowed to eat the goblin meat since Marifa was quite strict with their diet.

“Hahaha, take it easy. The black wolves and I have a great relationship and I also have the key to the house, so I’m not in the least intruding.”

(TL note: what kind of logic is that lol)

Yu at first was quite guarded with Mussu but right now he seems to have relaxed a little. Nina who initially disliked him also started to accept his presence.

“Yu-san, please eat first. I have prepared a meal and since there were good meat and vegetables, I have cooked beef stew and salad with a dressing that I could be proud of. There is also fresh bread from the bakery.”

After Nungu said that, Yu decided to let this one go. Nungu had the same air as Stella so it was hard for him to refuse.

“Where is Lena-san?”

“She is still flying outside.”


Mussu after coming to know of the existence of the broom started whining like a child to Yu, wanting to take a ride. However in the end, Lena was reluctant to lend him the broom.

When everyone fell asleep, Yu got off the bed carefully, so Nina didn’t wake up. Everyday, Kuro would have a battle against Marifa, Nina and Lena. Today’s winner was Nina.

(TL note: poor Kuro)

There was no way for Yu to push the winner away so he didn’t bother about it. After that, Yu changed his clothes and borrowed Lena’s Mithril broom silently. He flew to the 「Marma Forest」 silently.In less than 10 minutes he had arrived at the dungeon’s entrance. Because of the 【Barrier】 at the entrance there were no more monsters roaming around the area.

(Tl note: this is depriving time! For you who already waits for it, this is the time!)

He casted 【Enchant Magic】 on himself and entered the dungeon. In less than a minute he had already found a herd of 「Ant Workers」 and 「Ant Soldiers」. From the 「Ant Workers」 he gained 【Poison resistance Lvl 1】 and from the 「Ant Soldiers」, it was upgraded to 【Poison resistance Lvl 2】.
He was also trying out his 【Breath Attack】 skill that he got from the rookie hunter. The power of the attack was very fierce, and one of the ant monsters had successfully clung to the ground so it had not been blown away. This was because in addition to the 【Breath Attack】, Yu added 【Black Magic】’s third rank spell 《Raging Flame》 to increase the power. The 【Breath Attack】 and 《Raging Flame》 had entwined together and had devoured everything. Everything in range of the attack had become charred in an instant.

“This skill is usefull.”

After that Yu kept on proceeding deeper while depriving the monsters. He also gathering materials to sell. In an instant, he had already reached the 12thF. From the 「Flame Shooter Mushroom 」 he gained 【Magic Resistance lvl 2】, 【Poison Resistance lvl 3】, and 【Paralysis Resistance lvl 3】. From the 「Yellow Slime 」, 【Thunder resistance lvl 3】, from ⌈Green Slime⌋ 【Poison attack lvl 3】, and 【Charge lvl 2】, from the 「Poison Mushroom 」, 【Poison Resistance lvl 4】. There was also a monster called 「Panic Flower 」, it had no eyes but it wad able to cause illusions. It had 【Confusion attack lvl 2】 and 【Confusion Resistance lvl 2】 but he wasn’t able to earn it although he wanted to.

(TL note: now, he couldn’t deprive from something that didn’t have eyes, that’s new)

At the 12th F, suddenly, an object appeared, flying towards him. He was about to attack but he put his sword down immediately.

“Hey, it’s a fairy.”

What jumped at him was one of the ⌈Fairies⌋ that lived in the hidden door on the 12thF. The ⌈Fairy⌋ sneaked into his headgear and rested there.

“I’m busy right now and it’s going to get dangerous soon.”

However the ⌈Fairy⌋ only tilted her head. Yu tryed to grab her and take her out but it only looked at him with a smile, thinking he wanted to play with her.

“Hey, it’s the cheeky boy from yesterday!”

“What are you going to do to that child?”

“Oh, it’s that boy!”

And out of nowhere a swarm of ⌈Fairies⌋ blocked his way. Yu had a blatantly unpleasant look but the ⌈Fairies⌋ didn’t seem to care.

“He probably came to see us again.”

“Yo, did you bring sweets?”

“I’m here too.”

After that he was forcibly dragged to the hidden room and all the other ⌈Fairies⌋ surrounded him. The ⌈Dryad⌋ welcomed him with a hand shake and a big smile.

“You are here again, I’m happy.”

“Actually I have another thing planed.”

“Are you going to leave again? So soon.”

Yu after that took out various jars filled with jam and honey from his item pouch. All the ⌈Fairies⌋ immediately rushed to him. In the blink of an eye, the jam and honey were devoured.

“Was it good?”

He was asking the small ⌈Fairy⌋ on top of his head but it only tilted her head. The ⌈Dryad⌋ laughed and looked at him.

“I’m sorry but that small child seems to like you.”

“It’s alright, but you should tell her to be more careful. If you become careless and a human with bad intentions comes to catch it, it will be bad.”

“Ah, yes.”

A ⌈Fairy⌋ could be sold for at least 10 gold coins. It was unexpectedly famous as decoration among aristocrats. ⌈Drayds⌋ were protected creatures but that only made the price rise. It was around 100 white gold coins. The beauty, charm and fortune made adventurers forget about the laws and everything else. There were a large amount of people who tried to find the ⌈Dryads⌋ and sell them.

“Speaking of that, I’m a human too.”

“Well, if a human tries to catch us, it’s only a walk in the park with my magic.”

“Eh, why are my eyes watery?”

“Don’t worry, we’re able to protect ourselves.”

Yu sold the information to the guild, but kept the ⌈Fairies⌋ out of it. By selling the map data he could protect them since no one would need to explore the map.


Mofisu was drinking in the guild master room.

“Master, what are you thinking about?”

Edda asked while pouring liquor in the empty glass.

“It’s about the dungeon. Actually the finance minister is preparing a group to enter it for the first time.”

“But, even with horse drawn carriage it would take them two days to arrive.”

“Well, let’s just give them some of the dungeon’s information and say it was from the surveying group.”

(Tl note: it seems like the purpose of Yu group actually isn’t to venture deep and survey the dungeon but of course they entered too far)

“Yeah, but if the finance minister found out about it, it won’t be good.”

Mofisu nodded and downed the liquor in his glass.

“Speaking of which, there is a report saying that some people had seen a witch riding a broom, flying in the sky, like in the fairy tale.”

“Guild master, is that report true?”

“I’m not sure either… Oh!… my head, On my head… there are hair roots!”

That day, the Guild master forgott about all of his problems and walked out of the room while crying.



the illustration is a level lower



Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: Magic Warrior, Enchanter Level: 32
HP: 1076 MP: 1549
Strength: 336 Agility: 260
Vitality: 342 Intelligence: 325
Magic: 342 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordmanship: LV7 Spear technique: LV6
Physical ability up: LV6 Awareness: LV6
Brute strength: LV6 Mp recovery rate up: LV5
Axe mastery: LV5 Body mastery: LV4
HP recovery rate up: LV4 Trap discovery: LV4
Fire resistance : LV4 Shield mastery: LV4
Hammer mastery: LV4 Throwing: LV4
Brute arm: LV3 Scaled skin: LV3
Rebirth: LV3 Dagger Mastery: LV3
Strong body: LV4 Night eyes: LV3
Martial arts: LV3 Dragon Eye: LV2
Abnormal state resistance: LV3 ↑UP Agility up: LV2
Leadership: LV5 Darkness Resistance: LV2
Silent step: LV2 Poison resistance: LV2
Staff mastery: LV2 Carving: LV1
Casting speed up: LV2 Spirit eyes: LV1
Cooking: LV1 Intimidation: LV2
Stripping: LV2 Skinning: LV3
Magic Eyes: LV2 Duel LV3
Gourmet LV1 Thunder Resistance: LV4 NEW
Magic Resistance: LV 3 NEW Spear mastery LV 2
Active Skills
Black magic: LV6 Spear skills: LV5
Axe skills: LV5 Sword Strike: LV5
Body Enhance: LV5 White Magic: LV5
Warcry: LV5 Alchemy: LV5
Shield skills: LV4 Spirit magic: LV4
Enchant magic: LV4 Magic wearing: LV4
Appraisal: LV4 Unlock: LV4
Disarm trap: LV4 Hammer skills: LV4 ↑UP
Space-time magic: LV3 Dragon breath: LV3
Dagger Strike: LV3 Magic Sword: LV3
Martial arts skill: LV3 Barrier: LV3
Blacksmith: LV2 Steal: LV2
Stealth: LV2 Spear strike: LV1
Specter magic: LV2 Magic awakening: LV2
Poison Attack: LV3 NEW Charge: LV3 NEW
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: LV3 Depriver: LV3
Pack leader: LV3
Rebirth Herculean strength
Beast killer Sharp hearing

Equipped weapons:

  • Spirit Sword (Grade 4): Increased damage

Equipped armour:

  • Flight Cap (Grade 5): None
  • Damascus Armor (Grade 4): confusion resistance up and sleep resistance up
  • Damascus Gauntlet (Grade 4): instant death resistance up and charm resistance up
  • Damascus boots (Grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state resistance up
  • Magic shield (Grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state resistance up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Mirage ring (Grade 3): Display falsely against analysis