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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 085 - Mofisu’s troubles

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Is there something wrong?”

At the Adventurer’s Guild in Comer city, the Guild master Mofisu was sitting behind his desk in his office, letting out a deep sigh while watching the numerous apllication papers in front of him.

The Comer Adventurer’s Guild had two separate floors for accepting quests. Initially, only those of nobility or high status could make a request to the guild. However because the number of adventurers had increased, it became possible even for the common populace to do so. Even so, the second floor was only accessible for the adventerers of rank C and above. It was where the quests with wholesome rewards were located. Because of that a lot people were interested in marrying B rank adventerers. That way they could spend their lives living in luxury.

However this time the conditions were different.

Guild master am I disturbing you?”

Entering the guild master’s room was the elf secretary, Edda. She served tea for the sitting Mofisu.

Oh, Suman?”

(Tl note: probably the tea types)

Mofisu drank the tea that Edda had prepared. Just by seeing the colour, it was clear that it was brewed perfectly, it was like one could already taste it. While watching him, Edda asked the guild master, who was stroking his bald head.

Is there a trouble with the requests?”

It’s not like that. There’s a request to find a jewel for a merchant’s daughter.”

The request is not that bad, we only need to motivate the adventurers.”

While they were talking, the sound of someone running in the hallway was heard. The one making the noise entered without even knocking.

Guild master!”

Adele, why didn’t you knock?”

Ah, I’m sorry. But it’s important. They have returned!”

Returned? Who?”


On the first floor of the Adventurer’s Guild, usually crowded with adventurers trying to take a quest, something unusual was happening. There was a crowd that was surrounding a group of people.

Lalit, how was the new dungeon?”

If you’re willing to sell me the information, I’ll give three silver coins.”

Eckart, will you guide us to the dungeon?”

I want to experience the thrill, 2-3 floors only. What do you say?”

Marifa-chan, I love you.”

Lalit was worried surrounded like that. Eckart was standing while keeping his shield close and Nina was standing behind them. Yu ignored all of the commotion and walked directly to the reception area.

By the way, Kuro was ordered to go back to the mansion. It could cause an uproar if he came and he took Coro and Sukke with him.

Yu-san, congratulations on your C rank promotion!”

Thank you Collet, did something happen today?”

Although she was usually full of energy, today her expression was kind of dark.

Fuwa! Nothing unusual has happened today.”

Is that so? Maybe that’s only my misunderstanding. Anyway, please take this.”

Yu took out a small bottle from his item bag and put it on the table. The content was honey gathered from the Giant Beeinside the dungeon. Since Marifa had tamed the Queen Bee, hopefully in the future there will be much more supply of honey.

Wow, this sweet smell, this is honey! Thank you.”

Of course the other receptionists also had their attention focused on the honey bottle. They would share it among themselves at a later time, since for woman, sweets may even be worth more than gold. Monopolizing Yu’s sweets had become a taboo.

Yu-san, since you have become a C rank adventurer, in the future, please take the quests on the second floor.”

When she said that, her body started trembling. For her and the receptionists at the first floor, Yu was their life line when it came to sweets.

“The second floor? Yeah there are quests for C rank and above but in the future I will only go there when I need to. I will keep taking quests on the first floor. It’s also because I’m more familiar with you.”

Hearing that, Collet was saying ‘banzaiii!’ in her heart and the other receptionist were all giving a thumbs up to her.


Ah… sorry. Is there anything else?”

I want to sell the monsters’ material. Since there’s a lot, I think we better go to the back.”

Understood. Please follow me.”

Of course.”

After that Collet guided Yu to a room in the back but before they could enter a woman blocked their path.

Her glamorous body could catch everyone’s eye. Accompanied with her golden hair, she presented a magnificent sight but the best part was her ears. They were long but not like an elf’s. They were more like a rabbit’s ears.

Nice to meet you. My name is Barbara Blade, I’m a receptionist at the second floor. I’m from the rabbit tribe.”

I’m sorry but Yu-san is going to sell his monster materials. Please step aside.”

As Collet tried to shoo her away, the other receptionists were watching them.

This time, since it’s a C rank dungeon, the selling of the materials should be handled by the second floor’s representative. That’s why I came to take over.”

When she said that, she grabed Yu’s hand.

As the rank rises some materials or items may have curses on them. That’s why it is better to let me, who is more experienced to handle them.”

Yu felt discomfort when he heard that. Collet could only stand on the side, smiling.

After that, they moved to a special room and Yu took out all of the materials. It imediatelly filled one third of the large room.

This time you’ve managed to bring a lot of things.”

Seven appraisers were helping the receptionist and the whole process took two hours to complete.

This amount… even a major clan can’t gather this much.”

Thank you for waiting, the appraisal’s result is complete.”

Collet was trying to explain but Barbara intruded and spoke on her behalf.

The appraisal is as follows, Ant Soldier」’s shell, Yellow Slimeand Green Slime」’s cells, Bloody Treant」’s branch, Mad Mantis」’ scythe, Dragon Fly」’s wings, Anemone-noid」’s stems and other rank 5 monsters’ materials, in total 634 gold 8 silver 6 half silver and 3 copper.”

Wow… that is a lot. Even divided by 6, each person still gets 100 gold coins.”

But we also need to pay for your Black Steel Shield that got destroyed.”

After that, Yu sent a wink at Collet and she nodded.

Alright, if there is no problem we will prepare the gold immediately.”

Yu ignored Barbara and walked towards Collet.

Collet, since this is a new dungeon, I want to sell the map, information of the trap and various things.”

Boy, if you want to do that, you can talk to me. What are you willing to sell?”

Maps, traps information, and monsters’ details up to 25F. Is that alright?”

You are free to do that.”

Lalit noded while Marifa was only looking sharply at Barbara since earlier. Nina didn’t bother to, since she trusted Yu and Lena was sleepy.

It’s going to be 10 gold coins.”

I’m thinking of doing it commission style? For every map sold we will get three silver, please send one silver to Lalit and one silver to Eckart.”

Commission? I’ve never heard of something like that.”

Even the information of a D rank dungeon is usually 5 gold coins. This time it’s only a C rank, don’t you think it’s too much?”

You know, there aren’t a lot of C rank adventurers in this town so we might not get that much.”

I see. But still…”

So, are you saying you are refusing? If the guild doesn’t want to approve of my proposal then I can just sell it to my merchant acquaintances.”

When Yu said that he wanted to sell it to a merchant without the Adventurer’s Guild’s interference, Barbara fell into panic.

Please wait, the Guild’s rules don’t allow that kind of thing!”

If it’s like that, then I think that I’ll no longer stay in this city. I’m sorry we couldn’t reach an understanding.”

That kind of threat made Barbara feel helpless.

Eckart had already taken a distance from them since he was weak to women.

While Yu kept on pressuring Barbara, Marifa had had enough and stepped forward  with her right hand, covered by a black glove, outstretched. Everyone was confused but Marifa was going to give Barbara a dekopin.

(Tl note: dekopin is a flick on the forehead)

However before she did that, another person came and gave Barbara a dekopin first.

Barbara, please tone down your voice. Everyone can hear you outside.”

Huu… Miss Edda, please help me.”

Yu-san please forgive her. She is still inexperienced.”

Behind Edda, was the Guild master Mofisu.

Hmm… don’t worry, thanks to Edda’s sharp hearing I know what is happening.”

Grandpa, he is bullying me.”

Who is your grandfather?”

After that Barbara was dragged out of the room by Edda.

Mofisu had heard the circumstances and even if it could cause a dispute because of the conditions, he still agree to the terms and the transaction was established.

I know this is necessary to increase the survival rate of our adventurers and to encourage them to buy the map. The profit will come in the long term.”

I don’t care about such things.”

Is that so? If that’s the case you shouldn’t have bothered bullying that poor receptionist.”

You know, since the dungeon environment is based on nature and has plant type monsters, how about I give you a plant that could help with growing your hair.”

Ugh… Thank you!”