Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 084 - Wood Garden Dungeon ④

Edited by buboleche


“It’s good that you were able to send a blow to it Lena.”

Yu glanced at Lena. Clearly it was because of the quadruple third rank Black Magic,Raging Thunder. Lena clearly tried to break trough her limit.

Nina was also sitting, taking a rest. Fortunately there was no need to worry about other monsters coming to the boss room.

Nina was letting Lena use her thighs as a pillow while Marifa was stroking Sukke and Coro’s heads.

“Alright, let’s start the treatment.”

Yu approached Eckart who was sitting down on the ground and was smiling as usual.

“Gushishi, looks like there is no problem defeating a named monster. With Yu covering our backs, we can defeat a rank 5 monster.”

“It’s because you were here to help. If I were alone it would’ve been hard.”

Eckart truly suffered serious injuries. Fractured bones that had popped out of his left arm, several broken ribs and finally due to the Storm Lancethat had managed to hit him, his innards had came out.

Yu moved to his flank and while utilizing Healpushed his intestine inwards. Although Healcould treat wounds, the pain wasn’t alleviated. Eckart let out a voice of distress.

“Heh, I never thought that as a shield bearer you could let out a groan like that.”

“Something that hurts would still hurt no matter if you are a shield bearer or not.”

“So, when treating Lalit there is no need to cast Heal.”

“Eh? How come, my ribs are also broken. I’ve been waiting for you to treat me.”

“Gushishishi. Lalit, are you afraid of the pain? Come, I’ll lend you my shield.”

Lalit turned pale hearing Yu and Eckart’s jokes. After Eckart’s treatment was done, Yu proceeded onto Lalit next.

From behind, Nina came and clung to Yu.

“Hehehe, I noticed and Lena explained.”

“What is it?”

“When I was attacked, you protected me with a Barrier. That’s your doing right?”


“Hehehe. I always knew you are kind.”

Yu then walked towards Marifa while dragging Nina that was clinging to his back. He was going to see how Coro and Sukke were. They were breathing vigorously while crouching on the ground.

“Marifa, how is Coro and Sukke’s condition?”

“In the battle, they were not attacked but the battle seemed to take its toll on their mentality. They are not able to stand up on their own.”

Yu examined Coro and Sukke’s statuses. There was no abnormal state.

“Maybe… they’re going to rank up.”

Lena who had regained her consciousness came to Yu’s side although she was still walking unsteadily.

(TL note: so it seemed she passed out after pushing her limit)

“But, shouldn’t it have occurred already if they leveled up?”

“About that, the phenomenon of rank up is not completely understood. There are various theories and even eating monste cores can cause them to rank up.”

(Tl note: sometimes the author mentioned the magic stone as monster core so they might be the same thing lol)

Lena finished saying that but needed to catch her breath.

“Master, look at Coro and Sukke.”

When Marifa said that, Coro and Sukke’s bodies were glowing, enveloped by light. After the blinding light disappeared, they still stood there but their figures were different.

Coro’s body had become slightly larger and was covered by jet black fur. Its tail became thick like a fox’s. Sukke in contrast had turned white and fluffy like a sheep.

“Oh, this is the first time I saw a monster rank up. The white one is a Sheep wolf and the black one, a Shadow wolf. Both of them are rank 3 monster.”

“This is my first time seeing it too.”

When the rank up was completed, the two wolves became healthy and started moving around.

“Coro, don’t lick master’s face. Sukke! Don’t come inside my skirt!”

The two that had regained their health, were playing around without listening to what Marifa had to say.

“It’s so fluffy…”

“Coro and Sukke’s tails are so fluffy.”

Yu and Marifa couldn’t do anything except wait for the two wolves to settle down. In the mean time Lalit was collecting the materials and magic stones.

“Yu, there’s so much thing to gather. The ⌈Elder Treant⌋ dropped a magic stone of rank 5 but you said it is important to gather the branches too. Why is that?”

“When I saw the ⌈Elder Treant⌋ utilizing wind spell, it came to me that it was actually produced by its branches.”

“Hoo.. so it can actually do that?”

“Well, there is a probability but we don’t know yet. If it can be sold, I’ll split the gold.”

“Well, I don’t care about that since we already got a big haul here. Eckart, how is it?”

“Yeah, although it’s not a perfect magic stone but it should sell for at least 300 gold coins.”

They also still hadn’t opened the treasure chest that was left after defeating the boss.


  • Silver Spear (Grade 4): Power strike
  • Poison Axe (Grade 5): there is a chance to inflict poison upon attack
  • Branch of the sacred tree (Grade 4): Mysterious branches, there is a trace of spiritual power


“Eckart, what are you going to do? Your Shield of Black Steel is broken.”

“Don’t worry, I can still fight.”

“Alright, then I’ll recast Enchant Magic.”

“Ho Hoo.”

“….all right.”

“Come to me~.”

Nina and the others said it cheerfully but Lalit and Eckart’s expressions seemed discouraged.

“This is a dungeon that no one has entered before. Let’s take it easy.”

“I agree with Lalit.”

Even though they said that, it still became a hell for Lalit and Eckart. From the 14F, monsters of rank 4 mixed with monsters of rank 5 started appearing. Murder Beetle」with its powerful attacks, Green Slimethat used poison, Mad Mantiswith their paralysing sharp schytes, Dragon Fly」that could fly and attacked from above and Bloody Treant」that could cause a bleeding status.

Lalit was suffering from the wide variety of attacks while Eckart had already prepared himself for death several times. However under Yu’s care, they weren’t allowed to fall down. By the time they entered the 16F, they had stopped talking. At the 18F, their eyes had lost all colour. At 20F they had turned into complete killing machines, slaughtering monsters without any other feelings.

Finally, they arrived at the 22F where the teleport pedestal was.

“Alright, let’s take a break and enter. I’ll recast Enchant Magicagain.”

“Wait wait wait!”

Lalit who hadn’t showed any emotions till now, cried out loudly.

“Lalit, what is wrong?”

“I think we have had enough for today. I have leveled up twice. I don’t know about you but this is definitely strange.”

“Yeah, I also think that it’s enough for today..”

Due to their desperate pleas Yu gave in. Lalit had leveled up two times and Eckart three. This was because Yu was fighting all monsters that came their way without bothering to flee, dodge, or avoid them.

They returned to the entrance using the teleport pedestal. At the entrance they found out that a Barrier】 had already been erected. Joseph had seen them coming and went to welcome them.

When they returned to the Adventurer’s Guild, many people welcomed them.

“Lalit, you’ve done it. Finally you are a C rank!”

“Eckart, you’re also a C rank. Congratulations!”

“Nina-chan, marry me!”

“Lena-chan, how about having a meal with me.”

“Yu, please go out with me.”

That last sentence was said by Joseph who was teasing Yu but it was completely ignored. Lalit and Eckart were receiving the praise while crying. But it wasn’t out of joy. It was because they were relieved to be back to Comer city.

“I managed to return alive!”

“Me too. I thought I was dead!”


Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: Magic Warrior, Enchanter Level: 31
HP: 1021 MP: 1474
Strength: 326 Agility: 254
Vitality: 339 Intelligence: 306
Magic: 329 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordmanship: LV7 Spear mastery: LV6
Physical ability up: LV6 Awareness: LV6
Brute strength: LV6 Mp recovery rate up: LV5
Axe mastery: LV5 Body mastery: LV4
HP recovery up: LV4 Trap discovery: LV4
Fire resistance : LV4 Shield mastery: LV4
Hammer mastery: LV4 Throwing: LV4
Brute arm: LV3 Scaled skin: LV3
Rebirth: LV3 Dagger Mastery: LV3
Strong body: LV4 ↑ UP Night eyes: LV3
Martial arts: LV3 Dragon Eye: LV2
Abnormal state resistance: LV2 Agility up: LV2
Leadership: LV5 ↑ UP Darkness Resistance: LV2
Silent step: LV2 Poison resistance: LV2
Staff mastery: LV2 Carving: LV1
Casting speed up: LV2 ↑ UP Spirit eyes: LV1
Cooking: LV1 Intimidation: LV2 NEW
Stripping: LV2 NEW Skinning: LV3 NEW
Magic Eyes: LV2 NEW Duel LV3 NEW
Gourmet LV1 NEW
Active Skills
Black magic: LV6 Spear skills: LV5
Axe skills: LV5 Sword Strike: LV5
Body Enhance: LV5 White Magic: LV5
Warcry: LV5 Alchemy: LV5
Shield skills: LV4 Spirit magic: LV4
Enchant magic: LV4 Magic wearing: LV4
Appraisal: LV4 Unlock: LV4
Disarm trap: LV4 Hammer skills: LV3 ↑UP
Space-time magic: LV3 Dragon breath: LV3
Dagger Strike: LV3 Magic Sword: LV3
Martial arts skill: LV3 Barrier: LV3 ↑ UP
Blacksmith: LV2 Steal: LV2
Stealth: LV2 Spear strike: LV1
Specter magic: LV2 Magic awakening: LV2 ↑ UP
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: LV3 Depriver: LV3
Pack leader: LV3
Rebirth Herculean strength
Beast killer Sharp hearing

Equipped weapons:

  • Spirit Sword (Grade 4): Increased damage

Equipped armour:

  • Flight Cap (Grade 5): None
  • Damascus Armor (Grade 4): confusion resistance up and sleep resistance up
  • Damascus Gauntlet (Grade 4): instant death resistance up and charm resistance up
  • Damascus boots (Grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state resistance up
  • Magic shield (Grade 4): magic resistance up and abnormal state resistance up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Mirage ring (Grade 3): Display falsely against analysis


Status window
Name: Nina Levers Race: Human
Job: Thief, Assassin Level: 31
HP: 496 MP: 226
Strength: 193 Agility: 376
Vitality: 158 Intelligence: 90
Magic: 69 Luck: 22
Passive Skills
Dagger mastery: LV4 ↑UP
Silent step: LV4 ↑UP
Awareness: LV4 ↑UP
Trap discovery: LV3 ↑UP
Dual dagger: LV2
Assassination mastery: LV3
Dodge: LV2
Agility up: LV3  ↑UP
Active Skills
Stalking: LV4 ↑UP
Stealth: LV4 ↑UP
Dagger strike: LV4 ↑UP
Assassination skills: LV2
Disarm trap: LV3 ↑UP
Body enhance: LV3 ↑UP
Unlock: LV3
Steal: LV1
Special Skills
Magic guide – ground/short warp

Equipped weapons:

  • Mithril Dagger (Grade 4 ): No effect
  • Damascus dagger (Grade 4): No effect

Equipped Armour:

  • Earth Dragon Leather Gauntlet (Grade 5): poison-resistance
  • Dragon Bracelet (Grade 4): all ability up
  • Steel Breast Plate (Grade 6): Paralysis Resistance Up
  • Earth Dragon Leather Jacket (Grade 5): No effect
  • Hard Leather Boots (Grade 6): Agility Up, Strength Up and Defense Up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Demon Bracelet (Grade 3): Strength Up
  • Fairy Earrings (Grade 4): stun resistance Up
  • Shadow Pendant (Grade 5): Concealment, Disguise
  • Dragon Bracelet (Grade 4): Ability Up

Status window
Name: Lena Forma Race: Human
Job: Magician, Witch Level: 30
HP: 282 MP: 1307
Strength: 53 Agility: 79
Vitality: 81 Intelligence: 387
Magic: 486 Luck: 16
Passive Skills
Casting Speed Up: LV4
Staff mastery: LV2 ↑UP
Magic strengthening: LV3 ↑UP
MP consumption reduction: LV2 ↑UP
MP recovery rate up: LV3
Active Skills
Black magic: LV4
White Magic: LV3
Barrier: LV3
Magic awakening: LV3 ↑UP
Special Skills

Equipped Weapons:

  • Milled Cane (Grade 4): MP Consumption Reduction, Magic Strengthening
  • Mithril Staff (Grade 4): Magic Strengthening, Casting Speed Up, MP Recovery Rate Up

Equipped Armour:

  • Triangular Hat (Grade 6): HP Recovery Rate Up
  • Mithril Robe (Grade 4): Magic Resistance Up
  • Salamander Cloak (Grade 5): Fire Resistance Up (Tl note: name changed, if got better name tell me)
  • Ogre Shoes (Grade 5): Magic Resistance Up, Poison Resistance Up,  Paralysis Resistance Up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Yugu Amulet (Grade 5): Defense Up
  • Ring of Life (Grade 5): HP+50 , HP Up , MP Up
  • Gorudoba Necklace (Grade 4): MP Consumption Reduction
  • Rock Dragon Ring (Grade 4): Defense Up (Tl note: I wonder if there’s a difference between earth and rock dragon)

Status window
Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf


Job: Trainer, Insect Master Level: 26
HP: 432 MP: 276
Strength: 102 Agility: 143
Vitality: 108 Intelligence: 113
Magic: 124 Luck: 3
Passive Skills
Archery: LV2
Hawk(Magic)Eye: LV2 ↑UP
Tamer: LV2 ↑UP
Insect Control: Lv1 New
Active Skills
Bow technique: LV2
Spirit magic: LV2
Pack strengthening: LV2 ↑UP
Special Skills

Equipped Weapons:

  • Elven Bow (Grade 6): Attack Up

Equipped Armor:

  • Leather Jacket (Grade 6): Defense Up
  • Leather Boots (Grade 6): Agility Up
  • Leather Gauntlet (Grade 6): HP Up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Leather Choker (Grade 6): Strength Up
  • Leather Bangle (Grade 6): Magic Resistance Up