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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 083 - Wood Garden Dungeon ③

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The upcoming battle was with a monster of rank 5. However those prepareing to fight had all fulfilled the criteria need for a C rank adventurer.

This soon to be C rank adventurers were overflowing with brilliant talent and no one showed any fear of fighting a rank 5 monster.

Still, there was a big gap between rank 4 and rank 5.

Rank 5 monsters that were capable of using magic were quite tricky to handle. Poison, paralysis, confusion, weakening, blindness, curses, sleep, being petrified, silenced, there wer various types of magic that they could unleash.

Yu blocked one of the spells without saying anything.


Lalit was stunned and couldn’t move yet he couldn’t afford to stay in that state forever. Kuro on the other hand was blocking the second rank magic, Storm Lance .

Lalit, watching this scene remembered why it had turned out like this.


After Yu walked out of the ⌈Dryad⌋’s room he cast Enchant Magicon everyone. Then they proceeded to the boss’ room. The boss’ room was wide, the size was around 100 meters vertically and horizontally. The walls were covered with roots and in the middle stood a 60 meters tall tree.

It was the Elder Treant⌋. When it walked it caused the earth to tremor. They had faced ⌈Treants⌋ when they were fighting in the forest however this Elder Treant⌋ was on a totally different level. It held a huge club in his human- like right arm. Behind the Elder Treant⌋ were six human-like flower monsters.


“Those are Anemone-noids. Their rank’s not losing to the Elder Treant⌋’s. They are Rank 5.”

(Tl note: the name of the monster is spelled Anemoninoido the author is creating his own monster, anemone that looked like humanoid combined into anemone-noid)

Lalit couldn’t helped but look at it unbelievably.

Eckart plunged toward the Elder Treant⌋ and used Stone Wallto enhance his body. However the ⌈Anemone-noids⌋’s bodies opened up and they showed their faces. They began to chant in unison.

“Oh, wind, hear my calls, sweep my enemy with your power. Let them taste your wrath, Hurricane.”

The six ⌈Anemone-noids⌋ simultaneously finished chanting the fourth rankBlack Magic,Hurricane. Immediatelly, wall of wind was formed and blew everybody away. The Elder Treant⌋ didn’t miss his chance and shot the second rankBlack Magic,Storm Lance.

“Although it’s only a second rank magic, he can actually launch dozens of Storm Lancesat the same time!”

Lalit dodged the Storm Lancebut Hurricane》 caught up with him and threw against the wall. Because of the wind pressure Yu was standing with his face looking down. Eckart was slowly moving forward while holding his tower shield and behind him, stuck close to him, was Nina. Lena prevented the storm using Barrierbut there was no telling if she could last long. Marifa, Coro and Sukke were crouching, clinging to the ground. Beside Yu, Kuro was kneeling holding his great axe in front like an anchor.

“We need to move forward.”

Eckart slowly moved forward while blocking Storm Lancesone after the another. He managed to get close to the Elder Treant⌋ and strange enough, he wasn’t affected by the Hurricaneanymore.

(Tl note: eye of the storm concept?)

Eckart was in front of the Elder Treant⌋ but there was no way he could defeat it. The Elder Treant⌋ swung down its huge club towards Eckart.


Eckart set up his tower shield overhead and the huge club came into contact with it. He was shouting trying to prevent the loud sound that resounded, when the club and the shield came into contact, from hurting his ears. The pressure of the collision made Eckart’s feet sink into the ground, up to his ankles.

After that the Elder Treant⌋ continued to attack but Eckart didn’t budge. At this point, Eckart’s arms had become numb and he could drop the shield at any moment.

“Eckart-san, lend me your shoulder.”

Nina who was staying behind him jumped and used his shoulder as a stepping stone. She immediately aimed her Mithril dagger towards the Elder Treant⌋ but it was blocked by an invisible wall.

“It can even use Barrier?”

Although Nina was surprised by this new piece of knowledge, she didn’t stop. Her other hand moved and the Damascus dagger cut open the Barrier. After getting rid of the Barrier】she tried attacking once again but failed. Just like before, there was an invisible wall.

“Don’t tell me, double Barrier?”

Eckart was surprised. This was the first time he had encountered a monster that was able to use Barrierand a double layer on top of that. However the Elder Treant⌋’s Barrierwasn’t double but quadruple.

Nina, with her attack failing was in a very vulnerable position, completely open to attacks. One of the ⌈Anemone-noids⌋ released the second rankBlack Magic,Storm Lance. The whirling spear was about to hit Nina but it was stopped by a Barrier.

The first layer shattered with the sound of broken glass. Fortunately, there was another layer of Barrier】, although that layer too was cracked.

Lalit didn’t know how she did that but in fact the who put the barrier had been Yu. Yu’s Heaven’s Net」was already connected to Nina’s body and so he raised a Barriertrough it. The only ones who noticed were Marifa and Lena.

After seeing its attack failing, the ⌈Aenemone-noids⌋ changed its target to Eckart . Eckart who was busy defending against the ⌈Elder Treant⌋’s club became an easy target since his back was unguarded.


Although Eckart’s physical and magical defense was increased when using Stone Wall, but he wasn’t invincible, so the attack managed to slip trough the gap between the armor and damaged him..

When its skill hit, the ⌈Anemone-noid⌋ jumped up and down rejoicing. The others then started to chant their Storm Lanceaiming for Eckart.

“Kuro, go.”

“Yes, master.”

Kuro stood up and although the Hurricane》’s effect was still working, he still ran forward and performed Heavy Swing. The ⌈Anemone-noid⌋ was surprised to see him and hastily tried to change the target of Storm Lanceto him. But it was too late, as it let out a cry as the axe pierced through its body.

“Coro, Sukke, now is your chance, the spell is weakened.”

Since the wind pressure was reduced, Coro and Sukke ran forward following Marifa’s instruction as she also launched an arrow from her bow. Coro and Sukke’s fighting tactics were simple. They were distracting the enemy’s attention and attacking from the blind spots when they had the chance.

With an arrow stucking in its body and Coro and Sukke biting it from behind, Kuro secceeded in cutting the ⌈Anemone-noid⌋ in half.

Yu was now sending Healusing his Heaven’s Nettowards Eckart.

“Are you busy?”

“Oi, don’t take me lightly boy. Taunt!”

Eckart was drawing in all of the attacks of the ⌈Anemone-noids⌋ towards himself because of Taunt. The ⌈Anemone-noid⌋ that was about to launch an attack towards Kuro was forced to change its target. The other ⌈Anemone-noids⌋ also didn’t have any other choice but to direct the attacks on him.

“Let me return the favor.”

Lalit moved behind the ⌈Anemone-noid⌋ and sent a swift strike towards its neck.


The ⌈Elder Treant⌋ seeing its subordinates die one by one, raised a tremendous roar. The ⌈Elder Treant⌋ enraged hit Eckart many times. Although he was healed, holding his tower shield and utilizing Stone wall, Eckart still couldn’t hold back the force. His left arm was partially damaged, even the bone was fractured and even popped out. Even trough that he didn’t drop Taunt.

The ⌈Elder Treant⌋ was furious seeing that and started casting Fifth rankBlack Magic,Tempest.

While casting, the ⌈Elder Treant⌋ didn’t stop swinging its club at Eckart. Lena’s third rankBlack Magic,Raging Thunder couldn’t even hit the ⌈Elder Treant⌋ because of the quadruple Barrier. It could only destroy two of the Barriers.

Once again, Lena prepared her third rankBlack Magic,Raging Thunder. This time she held two staves in her hands- a Mithril and a Milled. She wanted to cast four Raging Thundersat the same time. The power was so enormous that the thunder was lumped together, forming a lightning ball with around five meters in diameter. Lena smiled at the ⌈Elder Treant⌋ as she threw the spell at him.

The ⌈Elder Treant⌋ which was banging at Eckart stopped its movement as it noticed the tremendous spell directed at it. Being engaged in a close quarters combat with the ⌈Elder Treant⌋, Eckart who was near the spell, had less than two seconds to escape.

The massive ball of thunder not only did it destroy the ⌈Elder Treant⌋’s Barriereasily but it also electrocuted it. Even under the heavy barrage the ⌈Elder Treant⌋ didn’t fall down even tough black smoke was rising from his body.

At this moment Kuro made his move and swung the heavy axe towards the ⌈Elder Treant⌋’s left foot. With his left foot dismembered, the ⌈Elder Treant⌋ instantly lost its balance and kneeled to the ground.

“Now, I won’t let you get away easy after hitting me.”

Eckart moved forward, gripping the black steel hammer in his hand. He was going to utilize all of his strength.

Hammer Technique,Hamer Crush.”

Eckart’s hammer that was aimed at the ⌈Elder Treant⌋’s face hit easily and mercilessly, the ⌈Elder Treant⌋ fell flat to the ground because of the momentum.

Eckart in this battle ha suffered fractured left arm and several broken ribs. Lalit hadn’t taken any damage aside from the impact when he was blown away. Nina was unscratched but if Yu wasn’t there to erected a Barrier, she would’ve been dead by now. Even though some suffered wounds but considering the enemy was a rank 5 monster, they still could be considered successful.

“Well, this is only a rank 5 monster. After you recover, let’s open the treasure box.”

Hearing Yu’s words, Lalit and Eckart’s bodies froze and their hearts started trembling. Is it a dream? Can the two of them even return to the Adventurer’s guild after entering this hell?

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