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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 082 - Wood Garden Dungeon ②

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“Wait, please wait for a moment.”

“Normally humans like to look at us, adore and admired our cuteness.”

“My pride as a fairy is hurt!”

“This child  has a good smell.”

“His black hair is unusual.”

Currently Yu was surrounded by the ⌈Fairies⌋ that were talking nonstop.

He tried to leave, so he closed the door but the ⌈Fairies⌋ appeared behind him and started pushing him inside the room. They were trying their best to bring him inside. Some even pulled on his hair and clothes.

The ⌈Fairies⌋ pushed him until he arrived in front of the tree. Then a voice came from the tree.

“I’m sorry. They were just too exited because it’s been a while since they’ve seen a human.”

“Look, this child hasn’t even said a thing even after he met the 「Dryad」. I won’t forgive this.”

“I’ll teach him a lesson.”

The ⌈Fairies⌋ around him suddenly turned hostile while talking nonstop like a machine gun. Yu decided to keep silent for now and receive the scolding.


“Yu, are you okay? Wow! Are those ⌈Fairies⌋? They are so cute.” (Nina)

“…they are even smaller than me. Adorable.” (Lena)

“Well, I’ve seen them in the forest where I lived. They are not uncommon.” (Marifa)

It was the first time Nina had seen a ⌈Fairy⌋. Her eyes were shining. She even played with them, patting their heads or rubbing her cheek against them.

The fairies were satisfied with Nina and Lena’s attitude since they were so proud of themselves. The only thing that disappointed them was Yu’s attitude.

“I don’t mind the dark elf acting cheeky but this boy’s attitude toward a ⌈Fairy⌋ is too ordinary.”

“Yeah, it hurts our pride so much. I can’t even believe that this boy is sleeping right now, his eyes closed and actually ignoring us!”

Yu shut his eyes to ignore the annoying ⌈Fairies⌋. He wasn’t sleeping but his attitude further offended the ⌈Fairies⌋.

“I’m sorry. Although he has heard about ⌈Fairies⌋ a lot of times before, today is the first time he’s seeing a ⌈Fairy⌋ for the first time. Because of that he doesn’t know how to act. Not only that but he was actually brought in front of the representative figure the ⌈Dryad⌋. He must be confused.”

“Ah, please don’t worry about that. We understand. Please be at ease.”

It took only one explanation from Nina to reduce the hostility. The ⌈Fairies⌋ were now riding on top of Coro and Suke but their favorite spot was resting in-between Nina’s chest.

The ⌈Dryad⌋ also smiled and was relieved seeing that the situation was resolved peacefully.

“As a token of my appreciation, please take this. This is my sap.”

The ⌈Dryad⌋ held out her arms and there was sap in it. Nina looked at the outstretched hand. The ⌈Dryad⌋ was looking at her with expectation and giving a big smile. The ⌈Fairies⌋ were also looking forward to Nina’s reaction.

“Ah, I’ve been dreaming about this since little.  This is very popular.”

While Nina took the sap, Yu was looking at the ⌈Dryad⌋ and it made her think that he too, wanted some. The ⌈Dryad⌋ then stretched her hand towards Yu.

“No, that boy is not worthy to have a taste of the sap. Humans might be happy when they receive the sap but they forget to return the favor.”

Because of the ⌈Fairies⌋’s words, the ⌈Dryad⌋ hesitated.

While ignoring the noisy ⌈Fairies⌋ at his ear, Yu took out a jar of ruby strawberry jam from his bag. He took a spoon, scooped a portion of the jam and brought it closer to the ⌈Dryad⌋’s mouth.

“Do you want me to eat this?”

“No, don’t eat what he offers.”

The ⌈Dryad⌋ decided to have a taste of the jam. When it entered her mouth, her eyes widened and her expression brightened up.

“This is really delicious!”

“Don’t lie, there is nothing tastier than than the sap?”

Although the ⌈Fairies⌋ were going crazy, Yu only looked at the ⌈Dryad⌋ and ignored the others. Out of suprise the ⌈Dryad⌋ hugged him. Nina, Lena and Marifa seemed to let this go but still watched them closely.

From behind the tree where the ⌈Dryad⌋ was planted, the ⌈Fairies⌋ were all looking at the red ruby strawberry jam. Yu scooped another spoon and directed it at them but they were looking at it with curiosity and anxiety.

One of the ⌈Fairies⌋ mustered up her courage and tasted it. It was as if an electric shock ran trough her body as she shivered before plunging her face into the jam bottle.

When the other saw that, they nodded at each other and directly dived for the jam bottle.

“What is this? This is too delicious.”

“Ah, don’t eat too much, leave some for me. This is sweet! Aaah!”

“I can’t stop eating this.”

In the blink of an eye, the jam-jar was immediately emptied.

“Hmph. I’ll forgive you this once boy.”

The ⌈Fairies⌋ crossed their arms but their dignity was no where to be seen. Not with their faces covered with jam. Nina and the others could only smile.

There was one ⌈Fairy⌋ that was quietly pulling Yu’s hair.

“How can the humans’ food be so delicious?”

“Are you leaving now?”

“Well, I can guide you to the exit.”

“You guys, then please be their guide.”

(TL note: those are all said by the fairies)

When the ⌈Dryad⌋ saw that Yu was packing his bag she hurriedly said:

“Please wait, are you going to go? There is a scary ⌈Treant⌋ in the next room.”

“Yes boy, there is a scary and strong ⌈Treant⌋ in the room ahead.”

“The ⌈Treant⌋ is an old monster called 「Elder Treant」 he is of the 5th rank. It would be hard to beat him since he is tough and can use magic. Of course he is also a named monster.”

Lalit had to be waiting for them. Yu checked his equipment once again. Lena clasped her staff. Coro and Suke that had been playing with the ⌈Fairies⌋ were now at Marifa’s side.

“Are you really going to leave?”

The ⌈Dryad⌋ was also looking at them with sad eyes. The ⌈Fairies⌋ were also buzzing around, telling them not to go. However Yu left without paying them any attention.

“Please, return safely and also you are welcome to come again. We will be waiting.”

“Next time bring a mountain of jam boy!”

“If you happen to bring another type of food, that’s okay!”

Nina walked past the door and waved to the ⌈Dryad⌋ and the ⌈Fairies⌋. Some even floated up to Eckart and stuck a flower in his head.

(Tl note: the author didn’t mention lalit and eckart were there though)

“Yah, what is this!”

The smallest ⌈Fairy⌋ that was riding on top of Yu’s head finally flew away.

“See you.”

Yu muttered in a small voice when he left. However the ⌈Dryad⌋ and the ⌈Fairies⌋ heard him clearly and sent him off with big smiles.

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