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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 081 - Wood Garden Dungeon ①

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Yu had now walked to the dungeon’s entrance under the big tree. The road was pitch black and he had walked for about 100 meters. Suddenly a light could be seen and he realised he had entered the dungeon.

“Well, as expected, this dungeon’s element is wood.”

Lalit said that while grumbling and examining the scene that spread before his eyes.

In front of them were trees and grass as far as the eye could see and most of them had overgrown.

“Since the nature of the dungeon is the wood element, there may be some unexpected traps and the monster might have abnormal attacks. So please be careful.”

(Tl note: I guess the dungeon that they have entered all this time is just a normal dungeon, plain rock cave while this one actually has element. They author opened a possibility of fire dungeon inside volcano, water dungeon undersea and many else.)

“Yu~ this dungeon is amazing. The walls, the ceiling, all of it is made of wood.”

“Don’t be too surprised. We heard that Hameln has a sea, a desert, and that there is even a sky dungeon.”

Nina was excited about it but Lalit coldly cut down her excitement.

“Yu, Nina-chan, be careful!”

While they were walking, suddenly the leaves of the grass turned as sharp as blades. Even their feet became bloody.

“Be careful. That is a 「Man Eating Flower」. It usually lures its prey by attracting them with their sweet smell.”

“What? That flower is a monster?”

“Nina, Lalit has a vast amount of experience. Be sure to learn from him.”

Nina could only nod but while they were talking, Marifa’s ears were moving and twitching.

Something was coming closer and was wadeing through the tall grass unnoticed. Lalit finally noticed it with his 【Awareness】 skill and clasped his dagger. However you could take notice that his 【Awareness】 had fallen behind half a second from Nina’s.

“It’s coming. I can hear it.”

Marifa prepared her bow and got ready for combat.

When they entered the dungeon, Yu started casting 【Enchant magic】on everyone, so he could not participate in the battle.

“Eckart, take the front. Nina, Lalit prepare to attack. Kuro stand by Lena and guard her. Marifa, cover our flank.”

“Ho ho ho.”

Nina replied with a laugh and unexpectedly the others were smiling. Despite facing a battle, they were all excited.

When their distance from the target was only 10 meters, they could see the enemy. The monsters were called 「Ant Soldier」 and 「Ant Worker」.

“There are two 「Ant Soldiers」 and five 「Ant Workers」. This will be hard.”

Eckart raised his shield and unleashed the 【Shield technique】, 《Taunt》. The incoming ants’ attention fenn on him.

One of the 「Ant Workers」 pounced on him with its sharp fangs. Eckart raised his tower shield but even with his large built,he still got pushed back upon impact. Because the 「Ant Worker」 that was only 1 meter tall could push back and cause sweat to form on the two and a half meters tall Eckart’s forehead, indicated that this was not going to be an easy battle.

Another 「Ant Worker」 was going to attack Eckart but Yu blocked it using 《Horizontal Slash》.

Lalit and Nina took on another 「Ant Worker」 but they couldn’t penetrate its the hard shell. Only scratches remained.

“…fall back.”

Hearing Lena’s words, Lalit and Nina distanced themselves from the 「Ant Worker」. The next moment, Lena’s first rank 【Black Magic】, 《Wind Blade》 activated. Even that spell couldn’t break through the hard shell.

Because of that the 「Ant Worker」 changed its target to Lena. As it approached her, an arrow struck 「Ant Worker」’s eye and stopped it.


Marifa then gave Lena a provocating smirk. Lena’s eyes sharppened because of that.

“【Axe Technique】, 《Heavy Swing》.”

Kuro immediately came forward and unleashed his skill. Immediately the head of the 「Ant Worker」 was split open. Kuro glanced back at Lena to check on her but a blue vein had emerged on Lena’s temple.

“…Is that supposed to be funny?”

“Eckart, are you okay?”

Currently Eckart was swarmed by three 「Ant Workers」 and an 「Ant Soldier」.

Since even one of them was able to push Eckart back, Lalit was worried about him.

“Gushishishi. I’m still alright. 【Shield Technique】, 《Stone Wall》!”

Eckart was pushed by the 「Ant Worker」 but his skill helped him.

The basic skills of a shield bearer were 《Taunt》 and 《Stone Wall》. The first one was for controlling the enemy’s agro and protected the party from being targeted. The latter was a skill that increased physical and magical defense. The skills of a shield bearer could be judged on how they controlled their basic skills and if they executed it at the right moment. There was also a higher form of this 《Stone Wall》 skill called 《Iron Wall》.

When Eckart executed 《Stone Wall》, his whole body became stiff and literally as hard as stone. One of the 「Ant Workers」 bit his left arm but even with its sharp fangs and robust jaw, it could not bite trough.

“Wow Eckart.”

When he saw how Eckart handled the swarm of enemies aroun him, Yu let out his surprise.

“【Shield Technique】, 《Shield Charge》.”

Using this skill, Eckart pushed back the 「Ant Worker」 that was clinging to his arm. When it was thrown backwards, it immediately became charred because of Lena’s third rank 【Black Magic】, 《Raging Thunder》, along with the rest of the enemy. However Eckart was too close to it and some smoke could be seen rising from his body.

“Finally, I defeat it…”

When Lena said that Yu gave her a head chop. It caused Lena to crouch down and hold her head but she still sent a triumphant look to Marifa and Kuro.

“Eckart, are you okay?”

“Aaah… don’t worry. Since I’m a vanguard, my body is sturdy. Ugh..”

“Even if he was hit by a meteor he would still live.”

Lalit teased Eckart.

Eckart didn’t budge under the 「Ant Workers」’s attack and could even take Lena’s spell.

(Tl note: didn’t Eckart just shined in this chapter? Lol)

While Lalit and Nina gathered the materials from the enemy, Yu treated Eckart.

Then they proceeded deeper. On the way they encountered 「Yellow Slime」, 「Treant」, 「Man Eating Flower」, 「Poison Mushroom」, 「Ant Soldier」, 「Ant Worker」 and even 「Flame Shooter Mushroom」. They proceeded to the 5F. On the way, they discovered eight treasure chests. Three of them had traps installed but Lalit impressively disarmed them.

The contents of the treasure boxes are the follow:

Gold: 8 coins

Silver: 23 coins

Shield of Black Steel(Grade 5): Magic Resistance Up

Silver Bracelet (Grade 5): Abnormal State Resistance Up

Magic Brush (Grade 5): When it is used to comb hair, Moisture Up

High Potion (Grade 5): 4

Antidote to poison (Grade 4): 7

Holy Water (Grade 5): 2

High Mana Potion (Grade 5): 1

Scent Bag (Grade 5): letting out a good smell

The number of treasure boxes was not bad since it was an untouched labyrinth. The quality, too, wasn’t bad.

“Usually we only get 1 gold per treasure box. This time we immediately got 8. Even though the dungeon isn’t mapped, thanks to Yu we can proceed without hesitation since we would not miss any treasure chests. I can’t believe that you are a D rank. Your 【White Magic】 and 【Enchant Magic】 is overwhelming.”

As Lalit said, even if the monsters they had faced right now were rank 4, due to Yu’s 《Heaven’s Net》, there was no need to map the dungeon first while proceeding carefully since the entire party had a boost from Yu’s 【Enchant Magic】 and the support of 【White Magic】.

“It is also because of Lalit and Eckart’s strength that we could proceed quickly. How about we increase our pace?”

Hearing that, Lalit and Eckart were stunned.

(Ps: the kumutsuki trio isn’t seen anywhere. Where are they?)

“Yu, don’t you think our pace is fast enough.”

“Yes, but there’s no harm in working harder, right?”

Then the speed was increased and became a torture for Lalit and Eckart. Salvaging monster materials, increased battle speed, of course they didn’t forget to unlock the treasure chests. The speed they were going at was the fastest one they had ever experienced.

“Uuu, I think I’m gonna die.”

“Lalit, don’t worry. If you happen to feel weak, I can restore some of your strength.”

“Uuu. I’m not pleased at all.”

Coro and Suke were following them while waging their tails unaware of the scene of carnage in front of them.

“Guhehe, this is a weird feeling. This is 【White Magic】 , 《Regeneration》?”

It was a rank 3 【White Magic】 , 《Regeneration》. Whenever they felt their strength weakening, it was recovered at a constant rate. Yu didn’t even need to cast 《Heal》 anymore.

Because of that, Lalit and Eckart were moving around without rest while following the 《Heaven’s Net》’s mapping.

Even Lalit tried to get tired but it was useless.

Because of that, they reached the 12F in a flash.

“There is the teleport pedestal.”

“Finally we will face the boss.”

“Yu, I want to rest before we enter.”

“All right.”

They were resting but they didn’tforget to make sure that there were no other monsters nearby. Nina went towards a flowerbed nearby to pick a flower. Lalit sat down on the ground but he was wary of the surroundings and was ready to move at any time, a veteran indeed. Eckart was stroking the head of Coro and Sukke, trying to energize himself. Kuro was waving his battle axe.

“Yu, what are you doing?”

Yu was walking through a narrow passage beside the teleport pedestal. Lalit who noticed let out a worried voice.

“Isn’t that a dead end?”

Lalit determined that there was no risk and continued to rest. Yu walked forward and reached the end of the passage. It was a dead end.

[This is it? There is a door hidden… this is magic]

Although the wall was made using the same wood material as the surroundings but there was a different feeling coming from it. Yu touched it and suddenly the wall opened.

In front of him, varieties of flowers were blooming surrounding a tree. Around the tree, countless small lights were flying. When he looked closer, the light turned out to be 「Fairies」. There was also a naked woman planted in the tree.

The 「Fairies」 take a petal and gave it to him.

“Welcome! We welcome you!”

The naked woman that seemed to be planted in the tree moved her hand towards him and cheered joyfully.

Yu looked quickly around the room, took a step back and closed the door, all interest already evapored.

(Tl note: I laughed reading that last sentence lol)