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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 066 - Let’s increase the number of servants

Edited Rambo and buboleche


With a sound of tearing the air, an arrow flew and pierced the throat of a goblin soldier. More arrows kept on flying out and soon six goblins’ corpses were lying down. They could not even get close to Marifa.

Marifa was utilizing [Bow Skill] <Rapid Fire>. She didn’t have problems even when she was using it for the 1st time. Maybe it was because of her first job helping her out. “Trainer” was the job that she chose. It was the one that was said to be the most compatible with her from the other ones on the list.

Marifa was impatient but she finally found a place where she belonged, where she could be accepted. Although on the 17th was the first payment for Marifa, the amount was 50 gold coins, it was only the interest price not the total. Marifa knew well enough how much Yu paid for her.

In average, a D rank adventurer could only get 10 to 15 gold coins a month. The price of the interest was already quite unreasonable. She felt uneasy knowing that Yu was burdened with such a debt, with neck threatening interest.

Even the food she got was extravagant. It was not leftovers, it was real tasty food. She slept in a warm bed, not the floor. She lived in a room inside a big house not in a cage. There was nothing more she could ask for.

With a strong feeling of gratitude and wanting to return the favor, she continued to shoot arrows.

Corpses of goblins that were pierced by her arrows were scattered around the area.


Marifa looked towards the source of the howl and saw the black wolf waving its tail. Marifa signaled and directly the black wolf happily ate the goblin corpses. Because Marifa only needed to cut off their ears, as a proof of defeating them, and the magic stones that dropped.

After she finished getting all the ears, Marifa said “Stop!” towards the black wolf. The black wolf who heard that only moved its face towards Marifa then continued to eat.

“Ah, it is so hard to train them…”

Marifa eventually went into the job branch office of ‘Trainers’ to learn some basic skill called [Tamer]. If a person’s aptitude is high they might learn a skill immediately after they change their job however Marifa’s aptitude was pretty bad but she was trying hard to acquire the skill.

In the first place she chose the ‘Trainer’ job because she wanted to tame the black wolf which Yu seemed to be fond of. Marifa for now could only go as far as stroking the belly of the black wolf or giving it food eventually after hunting the goblins.

“Stop that..”

The black wolf came and rubbed his head on Marifa and she was covered in fur before long. Marifa wasn’t angry, she just wanted the black wolf to stop and obey her commands. After that, she stroked the black wolf’s head and tried to use the [Tamer] skill again.

(tl note: it seemed that she hasn’t acquire the skill but tried to use it)

“You know, I serve a great man called God. I serve no one other than him. I will be the luckiest slave even if the number of slaves that he will have exceed the number of stars. You, black wolf, will you come with me and serve God?”


“Whoa? What is happening?”

That day the old farmer who was plowing a field near Comer city saw a strange sight. A dark elf clothed in a maid outfit. Her appearance wasn’t strange because there were some maids in Comer city. However the dog like creature behind the girl looked more like a monster. It was the black wolf.

At first the farmer looked calm. A dark elf maid, a dark wolf for a pet, when he realized that fact, he was shocked. The dark wolf is a monster that attacks livestock. It was dangerous. However it was walking side by side the dark elf.

He tried to tell anyone he met but nobody believed his story. After that it was known that he went to retire from the field job.


Marifa sighed at the sight of the gate of the house. After that she said, “Let’s enter the house”.

Apparently the number of the black wolves behind her, all waving their tails, amounted to 17.

(TL note: poor old farmer. The sight of 1 dark elf maid walking with 1 black wolf is reasonable. Think about when he tells he saw 17 black wolf walking around. Poor old farmer. Is he the one who always shout wolf but nobody believe?

Ps: do you know that story of the one shouting wolf?)