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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 056 - Negotiations with the slave traders ③

The slave trader’s name was Mago Piette. He had set up a slave trading post, two item stores, eight materials stores and currently three  were in Comer City. He even opened a branch store at the Capital city in recent years.

He was successful up to this point thanks to his skill [Verification Eye]. The quality of the material goods, could be examined by this skill. Even in Comer city, he was one of the largest merchants.


The reason he was growling was because of the potions in front of him.

Potion (grade 6): small recovery effect

Potion (grade 6): small recovery effect

Potion (grade 6): small recovery effect

If you looked at them with the naked eye they all clearly looked the same but there was something different with them. Then he decided to look at them with his skill.

Potion (grade 6): small recovery effect +10 Hp

Potion (grade 6): small recovery effect +30 Hp

Potion (grade 6): small recovery effect +45 Hp

Of course, by the eye of an artisan like alchemists, blacksmiths and merchants, these potions were abnormal. The effects of the potions sold by the alchemy guild is roughly 30 or even less. The problem was the one with +45 Hp effect. It was 1.5 times more effective than the one sold in the market. If it was made available then the price could be higher or it can be sold at a lower price and destroy the potion price in the market. After moving his eye back and forth between the three, he asked Yu.

“Kid, where did you get these?”

“Oh, you noticed the potion differences? From the high healing potion I have around 2000 and from the lower effect 5000.”

“What? Are you going to make an enemy of the alchemy guild? And the low healing potion, you want to sell it too?”

“Of course, I am going to be a fair seller. That alchemy guild in order to monopolize the money, they even sell all different quality potion on the same price because their pride.”

Of course if he wanted to buy it, I will sell it to him.

“But, only the higher effect potion can be sold on the market.”

“The normal potion sold at the alchemy guild is 8,000 moon coins right? I want to sell the higher effect potion for 5000 moon coins and the lower effect at 500 moon coins.”


Yu knew that by doing so he will soon monopolize the selling of potions in Comer city. Even with the price only 500 moon coins, he will still reap profits.

“Even the higher effect potion is sold in the alchemy guild for 10,000 moon coins. If it was that cheap, a swarm of adventurers would be seen looking for it.”

“Of course, that is true. But the lower effect potion seems to be useless.”

“Then, what kind of people are buying potions?”

“Mostly, adventurers and sometimes mercenary, knights, and merchants.”

“So, what about the citizen?”

“Of course they can’t buy the 8000 moon coins potion. That is out of the question. Only nobles are able to afford potions.”

“Then can you imagine if the price is 500 moon coins?”


“You are thinking about thousands adventurer but what about the tens and thousands of people living here?”


The slave trader’s eyes almost popped out staring at Yu. Nobody ever thought of selling potions to the citizen. The reason was as stated above. The pride of the alchemy guild. The slave trader was now getting excited. Just thinking about how big the profit will be.

After that, the two of them made a deal. Adjusting delivery dates, buying and selling price and so on.

“Hohoho. Actually it was a profitable deal for both of us. But, why me?”

“Oh, you noticed?”

“Yeah. Why did you use the dark elf to come up with this topic? If you went to the Berun chamber of commerce, I think you will be able to sell it for more.”

“I don’t have the confidence that they will listen to me.”

After that the old man could only nod.

“Also, because you will be the only one who noticed.”

“Are you talking about my eye’s ability? Even in this city I agree no one has a skill like me.”

“Yes, and don’t you have a shop in the capital too. Why did you come here?”

He wasn’t sure why the capital was mentioned but there was no harm in telling Yu.

“Of course I also have a shop in the capital but I don’t think that it was that well known. But as you know, most of the items were monopolized by Berun’s chamber of commerce. Most likely the finance minister of the Houdon kingdom is behind them.”

“Oh.. I’m sure that Comer city is also an attractive place. If not, why did you open a shop here not in the capital? Is it because the Berun chamber of commerce?”  (editor: wut?)

Of course that was the reason. His eight stores were also lossing their profit and he was forced out of the capital.

“Hohoho. How did you know? Yes, my item shop has been taken over by Berun chamber of commerce.”

“Then don’t worry. As long as you have me, you will not lose to them.”

The slave trader was surprised. At first he was just looking at Yu as a small brat. After that they are talking about profit with supply and demand, and now, Yu was suggesting the idea to sell it in the capital too. Of course the enemy will be the finance minister and Berun’s chamber of commerce. But if the potions can really be supplied, it might be possible to go against the chamber of commerce’s influence.

(Tl note: idk why but is this chapter suddenly talking about politics and money? Or did I mistranslate it somewhere? If anyone know of a better translation please kindly let me know.)

After that, it was time for their deal. The dark elf had been prepared and when they went out, there were 3 people waiting. They were all adventurers of C rank. The two were the escorts and the last one who came seemed to know him.

“Yu is and adventurer too right? What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I was just making a deal.”

“It was good that these two didn’t get into a fight with you earlier, I’m sorry.”

“What? Did you mean that they will lose?”

It was Mago who was surprised.

Of course the 3 people were C rank but they were nearing B rank. How can he say that they will lose to a D rank adventurer.

“Mister Mago, this boy is a D rank adventurer but not your usual guy. It seems that he has defeated the rookie hunter. One of them was Zero the dragon man.”

“Zero from Immortal Army? “

The slave trader was relieved that at that time, the deal of taking his eye was voided because of the potion deal.