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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 055 - Negotiations with the slave traders ②

500 gold coins. This old man said it without even an ounce of shame. Behind us, there were two escorts that were smiling too.

I used this time to check on this conman. [Arithmetic lvl 4], [Deception lvl 3] ,[Appraisal lvl 6], [Analysis lvl 4], [Negotiations lvl 3] and more importantly special skill of [Verification eye].

“Don’t be surprised. Of course the price is that high. This slave is a virgin, 13 years old. Furthermore, dark elves are known for their magic aptitude and their long lifespan is perfect for sex slaves. ”

” Altough there are bruises and wounds all over her body? ”

” Aaah, we could heal her with ease. ”

” You are an interesting old man. ”

” You are a D-rank adventurer, right? It isn’t a bad deal Yu. ”

Altough I had just ranked up two days ago.It seems like the news have spread far.

“But I only have 113 gold coins. ”

” Of course I’ll take a big loss if I sell it for 113 gold coins. But, I can put it on your tab with some interest. Of course it’s only 10 percent. ”

This is an old trick. As a D rank adventurer, the normal earning is 15 to 20 gold coins. In a year it was only 240 at the most. Meanwhile the interest of 10% is not yearly but monthly. Of course this is the same trick that put my step father in a big debt. Afterwards the interest will keep going on for the rest of my life. Yearly interest of 120% when we can only pay 40 to 50%. In other words this old man is tricking me to fall in debt.

“Are you playing with me old man? ”

” No,  I wouldn’t dare to do such things. ”

However the escorts on the back already prepared to take out their weapons. The air was tense.

” Are you saying that I am lying? ”

” Old man, 500 gold coins out there can be used to buy better slaves. ”

” Wait.. ”

” Why should I? You said that you can heal her wounds? But why haven’t you done so already? Her throat was damaged and it is even hard for her to eat. High magical power? Are dark elfs the only one that have high magical power? ”

” Its.. ”  on the slave trader’s forehead was sweat, falling down.

” You treat slaves like trash! ”

” gu.. That’s… ”

Two escorts from the back now jumped forward and readied their weapons.

” Oh! Do you want your escorts to be slaves too? ”

I said that and his face turned pale.

” Wait.. Wait..  What are you doing? Put your weapons down. ”

After all that he was still trying to keep his act up.

” I’m sorry for the rudeness. ”

” No, it was only a maintained profit. ”

” What? ”

” Because their life for you is only accounted by the profit and loss right? ”

Everyone’s faces were dumbfounded when I said that.

” haha.. What a good joke. ”

Then I threw one of the empire’s gold coins.

” This is the downpayment. ”

” Doyou agree with the price? ”

” I said this is the downpayment. ”

” There is no way you could possibly afford the slave and pay the interest.

” So what if I couldn’t pay it? ”

” We will have to take the slave back and something equivalent to her value. Maybe you can let us do something to your body. ”

The slave dealer then showed a businessman smile.

” Then, how about if I am able to pay it? Will you give your eyes to me? ”

” What? My eyes? ”

” Yeah, I’ll transplant it into the dark elf. ”

(tl note: so it seemed that the elf was blind? Is that why her eyes was described that way in the last chapter?)

My smile silenced the room.

” Alright! I agree with it.  However if you fail to pay, you will regret it for the rest of your life. ”

Then the dark elf was cleaned and healed. She was also given better clothes.

” Old man, I hope you won’t regret our deal. ”

Then I took out three potions from my item bag and put them on the table.

” I should be the one saying that. And what is this? Are these potions? ”

The old man’s eyes opened wide. It seemed that he has noticed the difference in the potions.

” Now I will have to make some money. ”