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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 049 - Rookie Hunter ⑥

(Author note: again there will be cruel descriptive scene)


(Tl note: warning  the mother of all cliff appeared after the cliff yesterday)


Episode 49: Rookie hunter ⑥


” Bol, that girl is my prey! ”


” It’s not my fault. It’s just her [barrier] changed my knifes direction. I didn’t aim to instantly killed her. ”


Lena who is pierced in the neck by a knife didn’t move an inch and slowly fallen to the back.


” Ho? Where are you going? ”


I didn’t have time to entertain the dwarf so I’ll just get rid of him using magic. I shoot a red liquid spell on him.


” Fool! Do you think such a spell could break trough the defense of my mithril armor and magic shield? ”


The one calling other people a fool is the true idiot. I ignored him and head to Lena body.


The dwarf is defending using his shield but it was a failure. The magic that I shot forward is a mix of <<earth spear>> and <<water bullets>>from first rank [black magic] and also third rank <<soaring flame >> spell. The result is a red hot liquid like a lava.


“Guaaa . ”


The shield block about 70% of the lava but the remaining successfully held on to his armor on his left arm and causing intense burn. If he didn’t take the armor off, the burning lava will keep on clinging to his left arm.


I arrived at Lens body and examined her. She is still breathing. Although it is weak, she is still alive.


“Don’t worry. I’ll save you. ”


” Yu.. I’m *uhuk* sorry. ”


” Don’t talk, it will worsen your condition. ”


I take out the knife slowly and casted <<heal>>.


” Darn. This brat! ”


Bol remove his left arm armor. The hand beneath is burnt badly and he is forced to remove his armor. Right now he want to stop Yu from healing Lena but it was too late..


” I don’t care if she is cured. I will kill anyone who hinders me. ”


Bol takes out a potion and pours it over his left arm.


” I’ll cut apart his limbs! ”


The next moment, Bols arm had grown twice the normal size. His armor ballooned because of the sudden growth. He is exerting most of his mana to [body enhance] and utilizing  shield skill <<taunt >>.


” Eat this! <<gravity slash>>! ”


It was one of his strongest attack. It was combined from [brute arm], [herculean strength], and <<gravity control>> from the Earth battle axe. Even a dragon couldn’t block this attack.


Yu left hand is healing Lena and his right hand trying to get his black steel sword.




With a high pitched sound, Yu managed to block the attack but his sword is now scattered into pieces. Naturally because he is trying to stop such a force, his right wrist bone also fractured.


“Yu… Quit it .. Don’t let yourself hurt.. ” (Nina)


” Hahaha. Now, let see how you’re going to defend without your sword. ”


While he is excited, I tried my best to concentrate in order to activate my [depriver].


(Tl note: it seemed someone is guessing  it right. He couldn’t deprive them before because he need to concentrate. If he was killed in the process it isn’t worth it. I wonder where is the lizard man now?)


“Then, why have your arms stopped moving? ”


I provoked him to attack me. He is attacking me while smiling and drooling.


” Guarana! Let’s see if you can still talk like that after I separate your arms and leg from your body. ”


With such excitement Bol swing down his axe. I throw the black steel sword handle and use the black steel gauntlets to catch the axe. However this Bol is stupid. He didn’t realize that the axe didn’t do much damage to me. He kept swinging it down a couple of times. Of course at this time, his [brute arm], [herculean strength], [axe mastery], [axe skill], and[throwing] have been deprived by me.


When I see Nina, she is just standing there motionless. Her body is being cut badly by a [water blade].


“Miss, did you finally surrender? ” (Seya)


Nina doesn’t care about him and her eyes is fixed to here.


” Hahaha. This is so funny. Seeing your friend is dead, the one is trying hard to revive and protect her. The other one is motionless like dead. ”


” You! ”


” What? Are you asking us to apologize? ”


The next moment, Nina is gone.


She blinked in front of Bol and her dagger aimed to his neck.


” What? ”


Bol also surprised by her speed.


” Is that a skill? ”


(Bol: If not for this armor plate that also covers my neck, right now my neck… Impossible..)


” I promised to Stella that I will protect Yu. ”


With tears and runny nose she said.” I won’t allow you. ”


When Bol retreated I tried to wipe her face. I also checked the elf and in case I need to use magic to defend ourself. However that wasn’t necessary. Because there is a man standing in front of him.


” You, who are you? ” Seya asked the man and tried to analyze him while talking.




Analyze: failed to obtain information




(Seya: did he have concealment skill?)


” Please don’t interfere with us. ” (Seya)


” Be quiet! ”


He only said that and pressure is sending out from him. Seya could feel he is losing his mental strength.


” How can it be so troublesome. A quest to observe the growth of the boy how can be like this? When this quest is completed I will ask for a bigger reward. ”


Seya observed the man again. The man had a sword in his right and left hand. To his right, a blazing red sword is shining. To his left, a  sword emitted a dull shiny blue.


” No way.. The twin sword , holy flame and devil ice. Are you the “seven Swords Joseph”?”


“Didn’t I tell you to be quiet? ”