Rebirth Online World

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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 043 - Rotten Eye

(TL note: somehow this chapter was jumping out of place.. I didn’t mind if the author divided it into three chapters instead of one like this.. This chapter seemed to be forced.. It feels weird.. )

After finishing the hunt at the large forest, we returned to the city Comer.

Along the way, Joseph's eyes were red because of the sandstorm and shocked due to being chased by the goblin king zombie.


When we passed the collected herbs to Collet, she was surprised .

“Yu. This is amazing. ” and when she realized the quality of the herbs, she was even more taken back.

” Magic grass, moon grass, pokko flower, they are all in excellent condition. ”

” Collet-san, please calm down. ”

She was talking excitedly until some spit was coming out from her mouth, immediately her face turned red.

” Ah.. Sorry.. For me to be so rude like that. ”

” Anyway, what about the house I asked about before? ”

” Of course I didn’t forget. There are 5 properties that meet the criteria. ”

I looked at the paper she handed to me. Indeed they were all 50 gold coins for the down payment, some of them had a good size and has lots of rooms.

” This house is so large. ”

” Yes, it was an aristocratic mansion but it is located outside the Comer city wall so the security is lacking. Monsters may occasionally come so… How about this one? ”

Actually I didn’t care much about the security. [specter magic] could be use to reanimate the dead monsters to keep the house safe.

” Don’t worry. I’ll check them out right now . ”

” okay” Collet responded in a small voice. If it wasn’t for my [sharp hearing] I will miss that. She looked pretty down. Was it because after purchasing a house, she thinks that we won’t come here anymore?

“Alright, we’ll be taking our leave now. Since we will be staying in the town, we will still need your help Collet-san. ”

” Please leave it to me! ” She returned to her usual mood when she said that.

The next day, we were also doing some quests. Of course, Joseph was still following us. It was annoying. Our routine continued for two weeks. We still made some progress. Lena's control of her [barrier] was now perfect. She could maintain it for several hours. Nina's rank has increased from E to D too. Also the house preliminary inspection was completed.

Our choice was the splendid mansion that has 2 floors and a garden. There were some simple magic tools installed inside it but as I said, they were only simple magic tools.

“We have a new house ! ” (Nina)

” That’s my house. ” (Yu)

” It is big enough for 3 people.. ” (Lena)

Of course for 3 people it was big enough. From cleaning to purchasing furniture, a day was consumed. Seriously I need to hire a maid.

” fuuh.. The inn was better because we didn’t have to clean up, but the feeling of having a home is different. ” (Nina)

” I agree.. ” (Lena)

” You guys… What’s the point in purchasing a big house if you are just going to be staying in my room! ”

When I was lying down on my bed, Nina and Lena had also climbed up.

” I will die because of loneliness if I’m far from Yu. ” (Nina)

” Are you a pet that needs its master? ”

”  sniff sniff. ”

And Lena started to sniff me. Honestly I gave up on these girls.


The goblin king seemed to be hunting smoothly near the house. He didn’t die when facing Joseph so that was good. Although it had no skills but no monsters around the large forest could kill him easily.

The next day, we’re heading to Labyrinth of Golgo again. Since Nina and Lena were growing stronger, we now may be able to go to the 21F after killing the 20F boss. At the entrance, as usual we saw the enchanter uncle.

“Yo.  Long time no see boy. Don’t you need enchantments? ”

” Any new one? ”

” Fufu.. Fuhahaha! Of course, I could cast magic barrier, energy absorption and magic absorption . ”

Magic barrier of course, is to increase magic resistance. Energy absorption and magic absorption are to absorb some damage to reduce the damage done to HP and MP. This uncle may be a great person after all.

” alright, cast it all on me. ”

” Why is it always only you. ”

” anyway are you the only enchanter here? ”

” Yeah, it was better to go to a higher dungeon and camp there but usually higher rank parties already have their own enchanter. ”

Indeed, it was the basic supply and demand.

After we entered the dungeon, in less than 30 minutes we reached the 7F. After I applied enchantments on Nina and Lena, I returned to making potions.

” Today we will reach the deepest part. ” (Nina)

” It’s not a problem with our power. ” (Lena)

How could they be playing around like this.

Not long after, my” heaven’s net” caught some movement. It wasn’t a monster, it was human. Nina also noticed their presence by now.

“Hello. ”

It was a half human and half dragon man. He came with a dwarf and an elf.

” Hi, my name is Zero, the dwarf is Bol and the elf is Seya. How about we make a party? Bol can use the shield and Seya could use magic. I think we could be useful. ”

The dragon man approached with a smile but I took a posture that could attack at any time. Honestly it was too suspicious.

” Sorry I don’t have any intention to join. ” (Nina)

” I also don’t want to. ” (Lena)

The dragon man’s face then showed some discomfort, it’s more like disappointment to tell the truth.

” Why? From what I see you have a scout and a healer position. If we joined together, our strength will increase. ” (Zero)

” How about we try to fight a battle first? ” (Bol)

” It isn’t a bad proposal right? ” (Seya)

The dwarf and elf also tried to persuade us.

” Sorry but I have to refuse. ” (Yu)

Really they were too suspicious. Their equipment was bad even for a D rank dungeon. I tried to check their levels.

Dragon man was level 36, dwarf 33 and elf 35. Their levels and equipment aren’t balanced .

” Alright, just let me know if you decided to change your mind. ” (Zero)

Even if he said that, his expression said the opposite. Then I only watched them walked away.

” Have they left yet? ” (Nina)

It seemed that Nina's hate for man hasn’t healed.

” They were quite weird. ” (Lena)

Lena has experienced in a party before and it wasn’t weird for adventurers trying to recruit a healer.

” It is better to watch out for them. ” (Yu)

” Why? ”

” Their eyes are rotten, and I could smell a strong smell of blood. Maybe, they’re like me.. ”

Their eyes, they were the same eyes as the debt collector, the same eyes as my step father. They were rotten eyes. The same like me…

” hey.. What are you doing? ”

Nina was pressing her forehead against mine, her face was so close to mine.

” Yu's eyes even if they are black, they wouldn’t be rotten. They are cute yo~” (Nina)

“… Yu doesn’t smell like blood.. Yu.. smells good.. ” (Lena)

Lena hugged me from the back and started to sniff my body.

Seriously, if it wasn’t for this weird position, I would have sent a flying chop to their heads.