Rebirth Online World

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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 042 - Lenas Intensive Training

” Ohayou… ”

” Good morning ”

As usual, I woke up while being sandwiched between Nina and Lena. How and why did they always end up in my bed is still a mystery. I pushed them away and went to wash up.

Today, we are going to try to level up Nina and Lena. Right now, my level is 25, Nina 24, and Lena 17. I tought Nina will be slacking off, but she is trying hard to catch up to my level.

” Delicious! ”

Today's breakfast is seaweed and seafood soup. The taste when being eaten together with the bread was superb. The feeling of the umami soup mixed with the crispy bread which was rich in butter really melted in my mouth.

” Yu, you have promised me yesterday. ”

” Of course I remember. ”

I promised to Nina and Lena that we will go to the blacksmith. When we arrived there, the dwarf uncle was already waiting with his hand on his hip. He laughed when he saw us while his body was moving up and down as if he was doing a radio gymnastics movement.

” It is rare to see you outside your shop. ”

” Oh you guys! Hahaha. I need to do some exercise. Staying in the shop all day long is tiring. ”

We entered the shop and explained what we needed.

Nina’s steel dagger has been broken, if it wasn’t for the dagger that Lalit lended her, she couldn’t have fought yesterday. Lena’s cloak likewise has been torn up by the goblins' attacks.

” Don’t worry. I have got something good! ”

Sword breaker (grade 5) : sharpness increase
Black steel dagger (grade 5) : No effect
Stoecker Cloak (grade 5) : fire resistance increase

The sword breaker was a dagger found in the dungeon. The dwarf uncle said that an adventurer sold it to him after he used it up to the point of near breaking. He was also surprised that he was able to fix it and didn’t lose the enchantment.

The black steel dagger is made of the same material which Yu’s sword is. It was sturdy without a doubt. The Stoecker cloak was made from fire rats that lived in the fire forest. It was woven with steel spider's thread and the quality was superb.

“Alright, I’ll buy all of it!”

“All of it? Okay, I’ll give you a special discount for it. ”

The sword breaker was 20 gold coins discounted to 15. Black steel dagger was 7 gold coins and stoecker cloak was 5 gold coins and 7 silver. The total price is 27 gold and 7 silver or 2.77 million moon coins. Yu didn’t care much because their revenue also has increased.

” Yu, you’re paying for my dagger? ” (Nina)

“…I want to pay it myself…” (Lena)

” Don’t worry. Yesterday we got quite some money. ”

Yesterday from Goblin King reward we got some money. Although it was divided for three of us, I still have some to spare. After shopping, we went to the guild to take some quests. There were some subduing and collection quest at the large forest. When we were walking to the counter, Collet was waving her hand to greet us.

” Good morning everyone! Cheers for the good work yesterday. ”

” Good morning! Can you tell us some good quests available in the large forest? ”

” Please wait! Today’s request for collection at the large forest is Magic flowers, moon grass, and Pokko grass. The subdue quest involving boar soldiers and black wolves that were attacking nearby crops. The highest request was to subdue a silver wolf or some monster materials from rank 4 and higher. ”

We were attracting some attention from the other adventurers. Since it was rare for Collet to be friendly to any adventurers and they heard that the quests we were taking were getting harder by the day.

When we entered the large forest, Lena immediately used [barrier]. From yesterday's battle, she seemed to be able to use it more effectively. Her Mp consumption for the skill has increased but the weirdest thing was the shape.

” What? ” (Lena)

It was a sphere shape rather than it's usual oval, it was pretty sturdy but some areas were worrisome.

” Your [barrier] is uneven. Look at this place is thin of magic and this one here is thick. ”

“… Uuu.. It’s because of the shape.”

” Then why don’t you do it normally? ”

” Because I want to maintain this at all times. The concentration needed for this is lesser. ”

” Isn’t it going to deplete your mana? How are you going to defeat your enemy? ”

I understand her worries. Afterall as a caster class, her defence is low so she needs to put up a defensive wall. For me, luckily I can used [body enhance] and ” heaven’s net”.

I used [body enhance] to strengthen my body and the MP consumed is lower than [barrier].

” Yu, I detect a boar soldier. ”

Nina noticed the approaching boar soldier. It seemed that her [awareness] skill was getting better.

Of course, I have noticed it far before her but I want to see their development.

” Please die~” Nina was playfully shouting as usual.

The distance between Nina and the boar soldier was around 10 meters. In a blink of an eye, she disappeared and reappeared in front of the boar soldier. It panicked seeing Nina but instantly its head was rolling on the ground. Boar soldier's neck diameter was around 70 cm. It was so amazing that she could do it in a single clean cut.

” This dagger's sharpness is amazing. ” Nina was delighted with it while by now Lena's face is sweating. She was trying hard to maintain her [barrier].

By the way, this is Ninas status.

Status window
Name: Nina Levers Race: Human
Job: Thief, Assassin Level: 24
HP: 305 MP: 180
Strength: 141 Agility: 253
Vitality: 114 Intelligence: 73
Magic: 53 Luck: 22
Passive Skills
Awareness: Lvl. 2
Trap discovery: Lvl. 2
Dagger mastery: Lvl. 3
Silent step: Lvl. 3
Dual dagger: Lvl. 2 ↑1UP
Assassination mastery: Lvl. 2 ↑1UP
Active Skills
Steal: Lvl. 1
Stalking: Lvl. 3
Disarm trap: Lvl. 2
Stealth: Lvl. 3
Body enhance: Lvl. 2
Dagger strike: Lvl. 3
Assassination skills: Lvl. 1
Lock Picking: Lvl. 2 ↑1UP
Special Skills


Equipped weapon:

Sword Breaker (Grade 5): sharpness increased
Black steel dagger(Grade 5): No effect


steel Hachi-kin (grade 6): paralysis resistance increased
hard leather jacket (grade 6): increased defence
hard leather gauntlet (grade 6): Agility up, HP up, increased defence
hard leather boots (grade 6): Agility up, strength up, and increased defense


Normal earrings (grade 6): HP recovery speed up and poison-resistance increased

Her [dual dagger] ,[ assassination mastery] and [Lock Picking] has leveled up. Her equipment also fully enchanted. It is so weird that she doesn’t have special skill. It is also different than usual “None”. This time it was “blank”. It must be haven’t fully acquired. It might be the blinking movement she performed earlier.

This is Lena status.

Status window
Name: Lena Forma Race: Human
Job: Magician Level: 17
HP: 86 MP: 314
Strength: 15 Agility: 19
Vitality: 21 Intelligence: 103
Magic: 116 Luck: 16
Passive Skills
Casting Speed Up: LV3 ↑2UP
MP recovery speed up: LV1 NEW!
Active Skills
White Magic: LV3 ↑1UP
Black magic: LV3 ↑1UP
Barrier: LV2 ↑1UP
Special Skills


Equipped weapon:

magician wand (grade 5): magic effect increased


triangle hat (grade 6): HP recovery speed increased
magician Robe (grade 5): magic resistance increased
Stoecker cloak (grade 5): Fire-resistance increased
Ogre shoes (grade 5): magic resistance increased, poison resistance increased, and paralysis resistance increased


Yugu Amulet (grade 5 ): defense up
Ring of Life (grade 5): HP+50, HP up, MP up.

Lena didn’t level up too much, however considering her young age, she was excellent. The ring of life and ogre shoes also were enchanted yesterday.

It was an experiment to see whether it was possible to grant an enchantment to an equipment that already has natural effects.

” Yu… Mana potion please… ”

Lena was asking me for a potion with a blue face.

” Here! ”

Lena said that rather than having gold from the goblin king rewards, she prefered mana potions. It’s like killing two birds in one stone, she doesn’t have to worry about her potions and I could increase my [alchemy] skill at the same time. The materials to make it also can be gathered here in the large forest.

” Fufufuf… I have to adjust my [barrier]. ” Lena's stomach has swollen a little bit from drinking too much mana potions.

” Are you alright? ” Nina was asking her worriedly.

” No problem.. I’m a genius. ”

” Self proclaimed! ” (yu)

Oh, today Joseph was tailing us. He didn’t wear any weird equipment again, but was keeping a 100 meter distance. Sometimes, I threw wind magic “by mistake” but he was able to block it or dodge it easily.

We proceeded deeper, opening our pathway through the goblin soldiers, orc soldiers, orcs, and poison snakes. It was all easily killed by Nina and Lena’s [barrier] was now stable.

” This is yesterday's spot. ”

We finally arrived at the place where we killed the goblin king. There were several craters and bones around it. However the goblin king’s corpse was still pristine, it didn’t show any sign of rotting.

There’s something I want to try out but first I need to ward off Joseph.

I combined earth and wind magic to create a small sandstorm. It blocked off his sight.

Nina and Lena understood that I want to try out my skill. They were looking at me with full interest.

I tried to revive the goblin king using “raise dead” that I took from the great war ape.

The goblin king slowly opened its eyes which were gleaming dark red. [spectre magic] successful!

” Master…. I’m waiting… for your… instructions. ”

Maybe it’s because the level was still too low that it couldn’t speak normally.

” Do you remember who you are? ”

“… Yes…”

” Don’t you resent me? ”

” There is… No.. Such.. Feeling.. I’m waiting… For order… ”

It seemed that it turned obedient to me. Although it remembered me, there was no hostility. Nina was uneasily looking at me while Lena was observing closely.

I walked around and looking for its legs and arms that were scattered around. I pressed it to the cut section and use heal to connect it. Without a problem the goblin king has now recovered. It seemed that [white magic] heal didn’t caused any harm to the undead.

I passed an iron sword to it.

” I give you your order. There is an adventurer near here. Please hold him back. ”

” Understood… ”

With that, the goblin king disappeared deep into the forest. This is the status before it left.

Status window
Name: Iavun Race: Goblin King Zombie
Rank: 4 Level: 26
HP: 966 MP: 362
Strength: 371 Agility: 207
Vitality: Intelligence: 16
Magic: 193 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Active Skills
Special Skills

It doesn’t have any skills because I robbed it beautifully. There were also some changes to its status. The undead revived using [spectre magic ] can be used for reconnaissance too. They were connected to me through magic. Giving order from afar and sharing information is possible.

After awhile, we could hear Joseph screaming but Nina and Lena walked as if nothing happened.
At the present, this is Yu status.

Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: Magic Warrior, Enchanter Level: 25
HP: 687 MP: 1016
Strength: 246 Agility: 197
Vitality: 259 Intelligence: 223
Magic: 250 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordmanship: Lvl. 7 Brute strength: Lvl. 6
Awareness: Lvl. 5 Dagger Mastery: Lvl. 3
Physical ability up: Lvl. 3 Agility up: Lvl. 2
Leadership: Lvl. 2 Spear Mastery: Lvl. 2
Strong body: Lvl. 3 Night eyes: Lvl. 3
Fire resistance : Lvl. 4 Mp recovery rate up: Lvl. 5
Martial arts: Lvl. 3 Darkness Resistance: Lvl. 2
Trap discovery: Lvl. 2 Silent step: Lvl. 2
Poison resistance: Lvl. 2 Skinning: Lvl. 1
Shield mastery: Lvl. 2 Casting speed up: Lvl. 1
Spirit eyes: Lvl. 1 Staff mastery: Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Sword Strike: Lvl. 5 Body Enhance: Lvl. 5
White Magic: Lvl. 5 Black magic: Lvl. 6
Blacksmith: Lvl. 2 Alchemy: Lvl. 5
Steal: Lvl. 2 Stealth: Lvl. 2
Appraisal: Lvl. 1 Dagger Strike: Lvl. 3
Spear strike: Lvl. 1 Magic Sword: Lvl. 3
Martial arts skill: Lvl. 3 Enchant magic: Lvl. 2
Magic wearing: Lvl. 3 Warcry: Lvl. 3
Spirit magic: Lvl. 4 Spear skills: Lvl. 3
Lock Picking: Lvl. 2 Disarm trap: Lvl. 2
Spectre magic: Lvl. 1 Barrier: Lvl. 2
Shield skills: Lvl. 2 Magic awakening: Lvl. 1
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: Lvl. 3
Depriver: Lvl. 3
Pack leader: Lvl. 3
Beast killer
Sharp hearing


Equipped weapon:

Black steel long sword (grade 5) : no effect


Flight Goggles (grade 5) : no effect
Black steel armor (grade 5): HP up, MP up, Strength up
Black steel gauntlets (grade 5) : Hp up, Mp up
Ogre boots (grade 6) : magic resistance increased, poison resistance increased, and paralysis resistance increased.


Shadow pendant (grade 5) : concealment and disguise effect.

(TL note : as we enter the second volume there is some changes to the skill name and equipment, anyway enjoy the story with the illustrations)