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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 040 - Goblin King ④

The goblins that are surrounding us were freed from the goblin king’s [pack leader]. The goblin army was thrown into chaos. I expanded the “heaven’s net” to grasp the situation. It covered my blind spot better than [awareness] because my mana runs trough the thread of steel spiders, which made up the net.

A goblin knight jumped at me, I cut its body in half without forgetting to deprive its skills at the same time. [swordmanship lvl 2] and [body enhance lvl 1] successfully deprived. As the level of [depriver] increased, the pain in my head was reduced.

Now, when I took the [swordmanship], some memories of sword techniques flowed into my mind.

(Yu: this is great.. Some need to be practiced but I can use these techniques)

After reaching [spirit magic lvl 4] , when I deprive someone, their memory of skill techniques was transferred to my mind.

However the number of goblins reduced, but not the number of monsters. Orc soldier, boar soldier, poison grizzly, they came because of the smell of blood.

A poison grizzly comes swinging its claw. Its strength is only around 200-250 and its level around 20-25.

My strength on the other hand is only 210 but with my skill [strength up] and [brute arm] assisted with [body enhance] it is now added and multiplied by various factor. Resulting in a total of 900 strength. I caught the poison grizzly claw using my left arm, while using [magic equip] on my right arm. Only one blow is needed to make a hole on its belly.

The total number of remaining enemies is now 300-400. It is too bad that I couldn’t deprive them one by one and should kill then quickly.

“Explosion! ”

I keep on barraging the spell and soon enough they were all turned into grilled meat.

I get back to where the others are. There have been some injuries since it was impossible to come out unscathed but it was all minor.

” Yuu!”

Nina come and hugged me, seriously I couldn’t breath because I was suffocating. The cause of it is the two soft mound on her chest.

Then Lena comes from behind sandwiched me. She is now sniffing around.

“Hmm. Yu’s smell is so good. ”

The only sane person in here is Lalit.

” What are you guys doing? ”

I sent a flying chop to Lena and Nina but they didn’t stop clinging.

It was pretty safe since most of the monster in the area either ran away or were killed here.

” We’re saved. Thank you Yu! ”

Then I take the perfect magic stone from the goblin king and give it to Lalit.

” wha! You’re giving this to me? ”

” It’s compensation for your help. ”

Lalit is reluctant but I forcefully give it to him. I also gives the goblin king’s ear to Muga.

” This is needed to take the rewards right? ”

” This.. Is too much!”

“No. You didn’t run away when the situation got worse. I really need to thank you. You also tried to protect Lena to the point your arm got cut off. ”

(Yu: well, probably the two others will be dead by now)

” Pervert uncle, you won’t come out? ”

From behind a tree, Joseph comes out.

His expression wasn’t pleased at all.

” Darn.. That dwarf said this cloak can completely hides me. I even paid 30 gold coin for this. And you! You purposely threw one of your spells at me earlier, weren’t you? Are you trying to kill me? ”

I jumped at him and brandished my sword. He reacted well and high metallic sound can be heard from our collision.

” Pervert uncle, how’s my attack now? ”

Joseph’s [swordmanship] is at level 8 while mine reached level 7 from the enormous amount of goblins I deprived earlier. I could feel that my sword isn’t losing by much but there is still a gap in our power.

” God, you’re such a cheat! ”

Joseph is spitting a curse like a child. After that we put our swords away.

Joseph is performing another stunt to recover from his shock. He touched Nina and Lena at their bottom. They of course replied by throwing daggers and spells but he dodged them easily.

“Die! ”

” Pervert! ”

We take some time to recover then decide to get back home but Lena didn’t move.

” What is it? ”

” Yu.. Give me a piggyback ride. I’m tired. ”

What is she saying? We all have been recovered by using [white magic]. However she was so selfish. She won’t even move a bit.

” Alright.. ”

On the way back, there’s something soft pressing ony my back. It wasn’t unpleasant but I couldn’t concentrate on the road. It is hard to walk and Lena keeps sniffing my hair. Nina is also clinging to my side.

At last, Lena moved her nose to my ear. It will be bad if she sniffs there. However my worries were all for nothing. With a soft voice she whispered to me.

“Thank you… ”

(Author note: sorry.. At the previous chapter I mentioned Joseph’s sword skill. It should be at level 8 not 7. Sorry once again!)