Rebirth Online World

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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 030 - First Dungeon ①

When I arrived at the training ground, there are adventurers working hard to practice their skills. Nina and Lalit are also sparring. Firstly Lalit shows his skill, although he seemed reluctant, then Nina tried to copy it. However we saw that his eyes are fixated on Nina’s chest.

” Stupid uncle.. ” (Yuu)

” …He’s just a lewd and perverted old man. ” (Lena)

When hearing that, Lalit only send me a wink.

” Yuu… Lalit taught me [assassinate] and [dagger mastery] technique. ” (Nina)

” Ho? Really? ” (Yu)

” That old perverted man should go die. ” (Lena)

” What? What’s wrong? I just taught her with pure intentions. ” (Lalit)

However he stutters a bit.

” I realized something was off too. He is too good to me. ” (Nina)

” No way.. Nina-chan is thinking like that too? ” (Lalit)

” I wonder if we should ask the uncle from yesterday. ” (Yu)

” Yeah, that Joseph is strong. ” (Nina)

” But he is perverted too.. ” (Lena)

After that we leave the stupid uncle there and proceed to a nearby dungeon. It was called” Labyrinth of Golgo”. 3km away proceeding east from Comer city and ranked D, within are monsters of at least rank 3. That’s whats explained in the book we bought from the guild. Many adventurers died without buying the information.

” This is the first dungeon with Yu.. It will be fun.!” (Nina)

” However inside a dungeon, my magic is…. ” (Lena)

” Don’t play around. There are a lot of monsters inside. They can use magic and cause abnormal status. ”

” I know.. ” (Nina)

” The only problem is the limited room.. ” (Lena)

I don’t know whether these girls are serious or not.

We arrived at the entrance where we can see a barrier made by the Houdon kingdom court magician to ensure that monsters don’t come out to the ground.

There also are a lot of adventurers and merchants. Adventurers trying to pick up a party and merchants selling items to them.

Of course the price is higher than buying in the city. There also is an enchanter profession like me trying to be recruited. Some support classes like mine are getting preferential treatment.

The so called healer that could use recovery magic.

Scout that mainly discovers traps, disarms them, and unlocks treasure chests.

Enchanter or buffer that is able to strengthen the status.

“Potion, mana potion” “Cheap equipment” “Return stone”

The merchants are shouting loudly. The price is 1.2 to 1.5 higher than the city. They even sold some dungeon special item like return stone. The stone allows you to be transported to the entrance when used. However the price is whooping five silver. I wonder if I could create my own one day using [alchemy].
(TL note: Yu 2nd job translation is grant workers and adapted to enchanting mechanic but I think buffer is the most appropriate terms? What did you say? Any suggestion for the 2nd job title name?)

” Miss, does your party need status enchants? ”

A buffer comes and talks to Nina instead of me, thinking Nina is the party leader. It makes her look at me with a troubled face.

” What kind of magic can you use? And what’s the price? ”

” I have HP up, MP up, Strength up, Agility up, and Vitality Up. It’s one silver per magic. No it’s not a ripoff price. These could save your life and the effect is for one hour. ”

It was an easy money gathering method.

” Quick cast it all on me. ”

” Only you? ”

” Quick. ”

I passed five silver coins and received multiple buffs. It was all only level 1 and the effect only for 3 to 5%.

When we enter, immediately I casted the enchanting buffs on Nina and Lena.

” Whoa, you can use buffs too? ”

” Did you just learn it? ”

Lena found out immediately that I took enchanting mechanic for my 2nd job. Now, we’re already inside.
” Labyrinth of Golgo” is 30 floors deep and at each 10 floors a boss monster appeared.
“Gigigig.. ”
With a dull sound, a doll made of soil appeared. It was 2m tall and called “golem”. Here is the status.

Status window
Name: ***** Race: Golem
Rank: 3 Level: 18
HP: 322 MP: 16
Strength: 264 Agility: 3
Vitality: Intelligence: 1
Magic: 9 Luck: 8
Passive Skills
Active Skills
Special Skills

His vitality is infinite maybe because it was a golem. However it doesn’t have any skills. Looks like a small fry for me. Slow movement too.

” You guys, take care of it. ”

” Alright.. ”

” I wonder how my magic will affect it. ”

Nina attacked it but the dagger couldn’t cut trough it. Lena comes with a water ball and caused the golems body to be inundate.

” Nina try to cut it again.”

This time, Nina could cut it deeper and after several times, the golem fell. It was due to Lenas support.

” Lena you’re so smart. ”

“… Of course.. I’m a genius..”

As usual Lena bragged about herself.