Rebirth Online World

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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 024 - Big Fish in a Little Pond ②

(Joseph : How come.. He can even use [Black Magic]?)

Joseph wasn’t surprised. It was battle experience. His eyes have seen all kinds of things in this world. He knew Yu’s eyes. They were like the eyes of those who lost their parents or siblings because of war. They were the eyes that hated the world.

However, the fireballs weren't just hovering in the air. Their shapes were changing.

From their original ball shape into long, spearlike shapes.

They changed from fireballs into fire lances. A second rank magic.
(Joseph : What? They were transformed from fireballs into flame lances?)

Joseph then dodged the spells launched at him.
(Joseph : This boy changed his fireballs into fire lances. I have never heard of something like that before.)

Yu was summoning fireballs all around. The moment they merged into fire lances was most surprising for Joseph.
(Yu: To make it hit, my magic.. I need to keep it coming.)

Dozens of fireballs were now merging together into one big fireball, 5 meters in diameter. It was then compressed into a ping pong sized ball in his hands.

“Eat this! ”

In the next moment, it already disappeared from Yu’s palm.

” Whoa! ”

If one's eyesight was keen, it would be possible to see that Joseph’s sword had a dent in it.

” How can you be so ridiculous, boy? Using such magic in here. ”

However, Yu’s consciousness began to fade.

” What the hell? ”

” This is crazy.. For him and the miss earlier, their skills…”

(Joseph : And this last skill he used, it was a magic of a fourth rank, explosion. For a rookie, to be capable of using magic of the fourth rank. Hahaha.)

At first, he had thought that guild master Mofisu has left him with some tedious work but now, he was getting more and more interested in Yu.

When Yu woke up, Nina and Lena were by his side. Nina was lying next to him, and Lena was on top of him.

” What are you guys doing? ”

” Thank God you’re okay. I was worried. ”

” This.. I was doing it for my recovery magic to have a better effect. ”

After a while, Joseph entered the room.

” Yo rookie. Sorry about that. I just wanted to test your ability but, because you were more than I expected, I had to get serious. ”
(Yu: Liar.. You didn’t look serious at all. When I cast my last magic, he also cast some skill without chanting. He's still hiding his true ability. )

” Well, let’s get along from now on. ”

Joseph stroked Yu’s head, Nina’s chest and Lena’s chest…

” It’s big… ”

” Die…. ”

” Kyaaa…. ”

” I’ll kill you… ”

Yu punched him in the stomach, Nina slapped him in the face and Lena made a finishing move, by attacking his groin with her staff. She didn’t hold back at all.

” Gufu.. What are you doing.. Ugh… ”

” Divine retribution! ”

Joseph then went out of the room walking awkwardly.

” Nina.. ”

” Oh? What’s wrong? ”

” You said you wanted to be a seeker or treasure hunter before. So, what job did you choose? ”
Before she could give him her answer, he looked at her status.

Status window
Name: Nina Levers Race: Human
Job: Thief, Assassin Level: 21
HP: 263 MP: 153
Strength: 122 Agility: 208
Vitality: 98 Intelligence: 66
Magic: 46 Luck: 22
Passive Skills
Dagger Mastery: Lvl. 3
Trap Search: Lvl. 2
Awareness: Lvl. 2
Silent Step: Lvl. 3
Dual Dagger: Lvl. 1
Assassination Mastery: Lvl. 1
Active Skills
Steal: Lvl. 1
Disarm Trap: Lvl. 2
Stealth: Lvl. 3
Stalking: Lvl. 3
Body Enhance: Lvl. 2
Dagger Strike: Lvl. 2
Special Skills

Choosing a second job increased her stats once again. However, she chose assassin job.

“Erm… I chose a good job. ”

She seemed to be trying to hide it and gave a vague answer, but Yu already knew the truth and didn’t pursue this matter further.

” The spar with the old man ruined my mood, I think I’ll go shopping to lift it up. ”

” I’ll come with you.. ”

” That is a good idea.. ”