Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 023 - Big Fish in a Little Pond ①

There were lots of books being sold by Collet. Books about jobs and their classification, informations about monsters, dungeons and skills. He bought all of them.

“Yu-san, I didn’t think a rookie would buy books about skills and dungeons, please don’t be careless. ”

Collet was looking at Yu, clearly impressed.

” It was just to gather some knowledge. If rookies don’t do this, they will simply die. ”

” Ridiculous. If a rookie got overconfident because they didn’t know their own power.. most of them experience something painful. ”

While chatting, Collet also helped Yu with selling monster materials. While another one took Nina to change jobs.

” You have a lot of rank 2 monster materials. Are you sure you’re not going to use your guild card? ”

I was reluctant to give her the Guild card. Afterall, they may see my status. I felt uneasy about that. I definitely won’t use the guild card.

” Even when you’re only selling monster materials, you will still get points like for doing quests. ”

I gave her the guild card while keeping a watch on her.

” Yu-san, this is your guild card. You’ve been promoted to F rank. ”

” Eh? I ranked up from G just from selling materials? ”

” The amount of materials sold is even higher than what F rank adventurers usually manage to sell. ”
(and it wouldn’t be strange to become an E rank adventurer either..) [Collet]

The money received amounted to 3 gold and 8 half-silvers.

” Collet, you even treat a child like me with respect . Thank you. ”

Yu thanked Coller for the first time. If only he met her when he arrived in this world.

” That’s stupid. I’m just doing my job as a Guild official. If there’s something you need in the future, please feel free to contact me. ”

Yu put the money inside the pouch he got from Lena. Then he heard a loud voice.

” You guys. .. ”

” What? You are a good for nothing old man. ”

” Don’t say that, I’m only 28 years old. ”

” What? You’re going to tell me to do a quest like finding a missing cat? ”

All this time I kept some of my status hidden because anyone could suddenly cast [Analysis] on me.

” If you want to talk then let’s not do it here. ”

” You don’t have to worry, I’m just here to tell you that to hunt monsters one needs to try to find their attack patterns. ”

It was Lalit and he was giving me advice. It seems like he was a D rank and with a little bit more effort he would be able to reach rank C. He may be good natured but his way of speaking makes the mood bad.

” What’s with the noise? And where is the new rookie? ”

Behind Lalit, a 2m tall man who reeks of alcohol stood there. He was so big, was he a half-giant? I was tempted to see his status. Lalit stats were high but this man was in another dimension altogether.

Status window
Name: Joseph Yurumu Race: Human
Job: Warrior, Knight, Holy Knight, Dark Knight Level: 61
HP: 4132 MP: 876
Strength: 931 Agility: 756
Vitality: 1021 Intelligence: 98
Magic: 102 Luck: 100
Passive Skills
Swordman's intuition: Lvl. 8
Brute arm: Lvl. 4
Archery: Lvl. 6
Recovery Rate Up: Lvl. 3
Darkness and light dual blessings: Lvl. 2
Spear Mastery: Lvl. 11
Active Skills
Sword Strike: Lvl. 7
Body Enhance: Lvl. 4
Sacred Magic: Lvl. 3
Dark Magic: Lvl. 1
Holy Sword: Lvl. 3
Dark Sword: Lvl. 1
Bow Shot: Lvl. 5
Spear Strike: Lvl. 11
Special Skills
Bad Luck
Warrior Talent: Lvl. 5



- Rock Dragon Sword (grade 4) : Attack Power Up, Reduced Damage on Block


- Mithril Armor (grade 4) : Magic Resistance Up
- Mithril Gauntlet (grade 4) : Magic Resistance Up, Equipment's Weight Halved
- Fire Dragon Boots (grade 4): Fire Resistance Up


– Aresu Necklace (grade 4): Magic Resistance Up, Instant Death Resistance Up, Poison Resistance Up
- Mirage Ring (grade 4) : Displays falsely against Analysis

“ It’s.. You… ”

” Lalit, bullying another rookie? ”

” Did you want something from me uncle? ”

” Why uncle? I’m still only 34 years old”

“ Well.. ” Lalit and me said that in harmony.

” Did this rookie do something that offended you? ” even Lalit spoke respectfully, this uncle may be famous.

” I just heard that there was an excellent rookie and wanted to have a spar with him to check him out. ”

(Yu: It’s funny, given our difference in levels)

” Lalit, was it? If you do something to him, I’ll kill you. ” Joseph said that with a smile that did not reach his eyes. Lalit froze on the spot.

” Why? You are stronger... Why this rookie? ”

In the back of the Comer guild hall, was a training field. Usually there were lots of adventurers but it was empty today. Because Joseph began beating everyone.

” Use this.. And try not to die. ”

Yu received a Habiki sword from Joseph and tried to cut him.

” Oh.. I hope you could start getting serious. If not, this isn’t going to be interesting. Anyway, your strength is around 300.. No, 400?”

Yu swung down with both of his hands but his swing was stopped with a single hand of Joseph. He was also smiling. Yu tried to move back to take some distance from him.

“Die! [Sword Strike]! ”

” Disturb Attack. ”

However, Joseph prevented Yu's attack through attacking a dozen times at once. It was however a strange thrust that Joseph didn’t anticipate.
(Joseph: the turbulence thrust didn’t work? It was a sword technique of lvl 2. It should have stopped the [Sword Strike] .)

” Old man, let’s end this. ”

Yu was barely holding on because of the status gap. He then used [Body Enhance].

” That skill? Who taught you that? Adventures usually do that to enhance their sword attack.. More importantly, without chanting? ”

Joseph was surprised because Yu’s [Body Enhance] covered his entire body.

” This is a skill that I created on my own! ”

” Square Slash. ”

Left, right, up, and down, it was a sword technique that blew away Yu’s sword.
(Joseph: This rookie's [Swordmanship] is at least at a mastered level 3. Haha..)

Joseph was not serious at first but he was getting increasingly immersed the more he found Yu interesting.

Nina was already there. She was taken there by Lalit.

When the old man blew Yu backwards, my head felt blank.

” [Critical Strike]! ”

Nina jumped at Joseph while unleashing [Silent Step], [Stealth], [Body Enhance], topped with [Dagger Strike] .
“Miss? Do you know this boy? ” Joseph dodged with the use of his sword and a [Dark Magic] Decoy. In that moment when daggers clashed with each other, the sound of clashing metal was emitted.
(Joseph : Even this miss used a skill without chanting)

Nina received a rebound because she overused her magic. She collapsed on the spot.

“Nina.. ”

Although Lena wanted to join the fray, the level of this fight was just too high.

” Fiuh.. At least I don’t have to worry about the sleeping beauty. ”

“… You dare…”

“What did you say, boy? ”

” I’ll kill you! ”

Yu was surrounded by a dozen of fireballs floating in the air. His eyes were clouded and were only directed at Joseph.