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Chapter 183 - Mighty warrior part 3

Chapter 183: Mighty warrior part 3


Marima Kingdom first division navy. It was the regimen that Trezen trained rigorously with iron hand.  When they were fighting against high ranking monster, the army didn’t fall back. They continue fighting against all odds until the enemy was defeated and become a devilish legion that is feared by surrounding country. They are the figure that become Marima’s kingdom pride. The effect of this, the small country Marima managed to hold their territory for many years without being invaded by others.

However, the legion of soldier that is boeasted by Marima kingdom is being overrun without even able to retaliate in front of a single boy.



A soldier did a spear technique, helix. It was a fourth rank skill that can’t be acquired unless someone is an experienced spearman; however, Yu deprived the skill and stopped the spiral rotation of the spear with his bare hand and grasp it with power. From the point of contact, there is a burnt smell drifting in the air due to the friction when forcibly stopped the high speed rotated spear.


“You stopped it? With bare hands? Ha ha…”

Yu who is now holding the other end of the spear released the spear technique, helix. When it was unleashed, it pierces the soldier armor and at the same time he used fourth rank magic sword, black hawk. Ice petals start to bloom from the wound in the chest and like a large blade, it was slashing around.

“You have killed Trang!”

“Wait, don’t go by yourself!”

The first knight of the Marima kingdom can’t hold back again and soon it was becoming a disorder and it was nothing but one by one trying to attack in fear and confusion. Ten soldiers that is going forward towards Yu are falling apart.


“What’s going on? Why my body is so heavy?”

“This is enchant magic… it’s a third rank enchant magic, slow!”

“Someone, please relieved this state!”

It was unthinkable that a magic was utilized at a time like this and as a vanguard, the soldier has low resistance to it. One by one the soldiers were forced to kneel on the deck. Yu was walking around while kicking a soldier or punching them.

“Ugh…just this degree… I…”

“Oh wait, I’ll give you a potion.”

Yu then pour out potion on the wound that he inflicted to cure the soldier.



The soldier suddenly scratches his chest hoping that he dies instead. His face also turned green.

“This is poison! This brat, he’s using poison on us!”

“You! How can you use poison in a battlefield?”

The soldiers who are wielding swords, spears, and axes are angry but they are exhausted and can’t fight back.


“You guys are making me laugh. You cowards surround me with three thousand people and what?”
Yu unexpectedly mocks the soldier of the Marima kingdom even in this condition. On the deck, the bodies of the soldier that Yu killed were stacked and overlapped like a small mountain. Nevertheless, on the deck wasn’t a speck of blood can be seen. How many people noticed that it was done intentionally by Yu?

“Ah… it’s the devil! We will be killed if we let this go. Rampaging fire, wind, give me power!”

“Foolish, the use of magic attack isn’t permitted on board!”

One of the magician of the magician unit is trying to cast attack magic because of fear as he unleashed fourth rank magic explosion. The people around is trying to stop him but they noticed it too late. The magic explosion was completed and the soldiers that was battling with Yu was blown away from their original position.


“Be careful! What if the ship got damaged?”

However, the energy of the explosion was suppressed by an invisible object. The identity of the object is a second rank black magic, air wall that Yu cast. The air wall spell was originally used to block incoming arrows and projectile but Yu used the air wall to wrapped around explosion. Yu clasped his right fist and the spherical air wall that is suppressing the explosion disappeared without a sound.

“Uh, this is not good! He’s a monster! I don’t want to get involved with the island.”

“Not good… I don’t see a chance of winning… we’re just courting death.”

“Everyone, run away!”

Thousand soldiers died without even able to leave a single wound on Yu. He grasped the explosion as if there’s nothing unusual. It was not unreasonable for the soldiers of Marima kingdom to flee in fear. Some soldiers are depressed and wanted to escape but the result was some of them fall to the sea. Even if they are coming from a naval army, but while wearing armor, it was only a matter of time before they run out of strength and drown because of the weight. Some are lucky and takes off their armor in time but some monsters that live in the nearby area already waiting for them. In the blink of an eye, the color of the sea turned red.

“Don’t run away! If you escape, the army court will send you a death warrant!”

There is however nobody that is listening to the threat. The soldiers are trying to escape to the adjacent magic ship and trying to move the ship without permission.


“You, move the ship quickly! The monster gonna come!”

“I’m trying, but the ship won’t move!”

“It’s not his fault! Look outside!”


Some soldiers on the deck looked around and they knew the reason why the magic ship won’t move.

“Oi, what did you do? Why the magic ship won’t move?”

“Look… there.”

“What are you saying? What’s wrong?”

“This…What’s happening?”

The ocean around the three magic ship was frozen. The magician regimen is desperately trying to melt it using fire spell but the ice didn’t show any sign of melting.

“Oh…that monster…what kind of monster is he? Haha… what is this? Hahaha…hahahahaha… everything is going to die… hahaha!”

One of the soldier won’t stop laughing like a crazy madman. Everyone else however understood the man’s feeling. They are going to die here. Some of them took off their armor and tried to flee to the ocean but what’s left of them was the color red on the sea in less than five minutes.


“Wait… wait! I surrender! I am a deputy officer of the first regimen-“

A man who can’t fight anymore trying to surrender but his head flew off and his neck was cut clean just like Paulino. Three thousand soldiers are now only left fifty elites that is surrounding general Trezen. These elites have gone through deadly training and they will only surrender in death in front of Yu.


“Would you like to duel with me as the king of the nameless kingdom?”

Trezen pulls out a mithril sword as he speaks. Besides being a commander who leads a soldier, he was also a soldier but in his mind he never has the intention to win the fights against a monster who has killed three thousand soldiers alone. He had no idea on what to say anymore, he had no excuse for the dead.


“Fight against you? How much are you going to make me laugh?”

“Shut up!”

Trezen releases his sword technique, Raindrop slash. It was numerous slash that comes down like the rain, one of Trezen favorites sword skill. However, in the middle of the technique, there is some changes and it turned into another skill. The slash was coming accompanied by a roar of a raging lion.

“Wow, changing a fifth rank sword skill into a sixth rank in the middle, you have some skill.”

“When… did you break my sword?”

Trezen mithril sword was broken down from its hilt and even Trezen didn’t noticed it.


“Kill me!”

Trezen threw the broken mithril sword down and sit down on the deck. Because he was completely defeated, Trezen face didn’t show any regret.

“Where did you hear about my country?”

“Kill me.”

“When you are dead, will the Marima kingdom send soldiers again?”

Yu’s question makes Trezen expression changed.

“If you don’t kill me, you will regret it when I return to my country.”

“What will happen if you get your hands on my nameless kingdom?”

“God! You didn’t only kill the soldiers; you’re also hurting our pride!”

“Do you even know what pride is? Would you choose to die in vain here or return to your country to reduce the number of victim?”


Trezen is glaring at Yu as if he was looking at his parent’s murderer, there is blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth to the deck. Trezen accepted Yu’s proposal. However, he will be returning to the Marima kingdom by a Rock bird that Yu summoned. His appearance was now very pitiful; it wasn’t the usual appearance that is full of confidence from a prestigious aristocrat.


“Ao, are you there?”

Yu calls down towards the sea from the deck and Ao appeared breaking through the ice layer. Blood is hanging down from his mouth that is probably coming from the Marima kingdom that run away to the sea that he ate.

“If you eat strange things, you will make your stomach upset.”


Ao licks Yu’s face as if saying that he was alright. At that time because Ao’s tongue was full of blood, Yu’s face gets covered in blood.

“You… oh well… please help me pull the ship to the island.”


Ao was giving a reply and Yu gives him the anchor of the magic ship. Through the anchor, Ao pulls the three magic ship without difficulty to the island.


“Oh, the ship is coming! The one that is pulling the ship is Ao!”

On a sentry tower, someone was giving a report loudly that Ao is pulling the ship.

“Narumo, is the king safe?”

“He’s standing on the deck but his face is bloody.”

“Eh? Is he alright?”

“I don’t know!”

“Look again!”

Due to the hurry, Agafon head butted Narumo’s face instead. Narumo’s arm accidentally touched Agafon’s burned arm which is causing him pain too.


“You guys, what are you doing?”
“My king, welcome back. Um, is your head wounded?”

“Ah, this is not an injury. It was because Ao is licking me with his bloody tongue. Alright, you should take the equipment that you can find from the ship. Oh, I need to ask Mauno and Bjourne to investigate the structure of the ship. At any rate it was profitable, we get the ship and we can dissemble it if we can’t use it. We can also look the equipment. I guess, they will come again.”

The people however after got on the ship was drawn to the spectacular sight of the battle scene.


“Agafon, what happened to your arm? And why some people are swollen in their face?”

“Well, this is… nothing.”

“You guys are fighting like usual aren’t you?”

Yu then put out heal on Agafon’s burned arm. Agafon then smiled while closing his eyes and moves his hand to make sure that it was cured completely.

“Thank you. My king, your face…”

“It’s alright. I wasn’t hurt by the fight. I need to rush back to Russ and go back to the village to pick up Mauno and Bjourne.”

“I got it.”


In the audience hall of the Marima kingdom, angry shout can be heard.

“General Trezen! Glad to see you here.”

“what are you saying glad to see him? Everyone is dead! Even my son is dead!”

“To lose three thousand soldiers and it wasn’t just normal soldiers! It was the first regimen of our naval army. It was the main force of the Marima kingdom! How do you expect for us to protect our country form surrounding enemy? General Trezen, how do you intend on taking the responsibility?”

“It wasn’t only the soldiers, he also lost us three magic ship! We only have five in total and three are lost now. It’s a bigger loss than the soldiers!”

By returning using the rock bird that Yu summoned, Trezen arrived at the Marima kingdom the next day. Trezen reported to the foolish king without hiding anything but what awaits him was curses from the king and his vassals. Especially the anger of the vassals who lost their sons in this expedition. Trezen was tortured and they hope to kill him on the spot but Trezen didn’t even respond back to it.

“I have told you before. I can’t land on the island so I can’t confirm that there is fertile ground, world tree, or dryad. It was just a wasteful sacrifice to go there. So I suggest that we will never do such expedition again.”

“Aren’t you just making excuses?”

“Please calm down. In such situation, we should listen to general Trezen’s words.”

The king is trying to calm his vassals down.

“Your majesty, it won’t be a problem if it was his responsibility alone. Did you forget that general Trezen was only doing this because you commanded him!”

One of the vassal who lost his son stand up. If it was in normal situation, he would be caught and beheaded immediately but this time, there are many vassals who feel the same.

“Wait a moment everyone. I also know that I was responsible for this. In this case, we should first reorganize the information that general Trezen brought back.”

“Thank your majesty for your word.”

General Trezen who is kneeling stood up and thanked the king. The audience however was still arguing.

“What are you saying? Don’t you know how much damage you’ve caused to Marima kingdom?”

One of the vassals right now speaking up without restraints.

“I know but it wasn’t that important now. The most important thing, I want to know how should we handle the nameless kingdom.”

“What are you saying now? Tell me what are you trying to say.”

“This is how it is.”

Trezen then takes out a dagger form his bosom. Originally everyone was given a physical examination before meeting the king. But because only Trezen comes back alive, he was summoned in a hurry and he wasn’t examined.


“What are you trying to do?”

“Yeah, General Trezen, what is the meaning of this?”

“General Trezen, calm down.”

“The death of the three thousand soldiers. I never forget about it. Please, accept my apology.”

The soldiers in the hall was at lost whether they stopped Trezen or trust him. Trezen then draws the dagger at his own neck and pierced it. Red line of blood then starts to drop down from his neck. In the blink of an eye, Trezen was dyed red from the neck to his foot. If it was an ordinary person, they will not be able to move anymore due to the loss of blood. However, Trezen didn’t stop there. His hand keep piercing the dagger deeper and stopped only after he pierced his own cervical vertebrae. The king, vassals, and soldiers thought that it would end there.


“To… your majesty… that island… never… send… anymore… ugh…”

Until the end, Trezen still think about the future of the Marima kingdom and send his last warning. At last he cut off his own neck with his remaining strength. Those who watched, some are screaming when they look at Trezen’s head that is rolling on the red carpet which leads to the throne. That moment was engraved deeply in the memory of the king, vassals, and the soldiers.


The king, decided to take responsibility of this expedition and give his throne to the first prince. With the last warning give along with Trezen life, the Marima kingdom never returned to the nameless kingdom again. However, the loss of the Marima Kingdom first navy regimen was big. Moreover, they also lost three out of five magic ship which resulting in the loss of territory. Eventually, the kingdom of Marima is absorbed in a certain country and the royal family of Marima kingdom only survive as a vassal lord. The king who send expedition army to the nameless kingdom was hoping for a development for the country but later he will be only known as a foolish greed king.