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Chapter 182 - Mighty warrior part 2


Chapter 182: Mighty warrior part 2

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The water sprays splashing from the sea surface and the sound can be heard by everyone. The soldiers that belong to the first platoon of the Marima kingdom finally regained their senses. When they look at the water, they can see Paulino head floating on the sea. His prided weapon, the Iron turtle spear falls down on the deck with a loud thud as it falls slowly from his body that’s lost its head. At the same time, Paulino’s headless body slowly fall and didn’t show any sign of waking up again.


When one of the soldiers who wondered why there is no blood spurting from the wound, when he looked closer to the cut on the neck, the wound was frozen. Paulino was a man who is excelled and one of the top on this expedition. The soldier of Marima kingdom realized that Paulino has been killed without the least bit of resistance. The soldier can’t believe that he actually been killed by a boy that is standing in front of them and it makes their body stiffened like a stone.

“I told you not to talk because its smelly.”

Yu’s right arm was stretched horizontally. The soldiers of the Marima kingdom realized that Yu wasn’t holding a sword. However, the cut that was made on Paulino’s neck seemed to come from a sharp weapon. If Paulino’s head was blown off by Yu’s hand, the soldier finally realized what kind of monster they are facing that is able to stay calm in front of the hundreds of soldiers. This monster has stand on the line of death many times. In such situation, he will kill anyone that disturbed him.


Trezen then gives command as his soldier regained their composure.

“Your opponent is a monster as you can see! Don’t be afraid and show me the power of the Marima Kingdom First Division Navy!”

The soldier responds to Trezen’s voice with a roar like a beast and start to attack Yu from all direction.

“Eat this!”

Soldiers with spears simultaneously release a spear technique helix. Spears with high speed rotation hits Yu. If was really as the soldiers predicted and they smiled. There is no other choice but to jump to dodge it but that was the real aim of the soldiers since they are prepared for it.

“You’re not dodging?”

“So, you seem to choose death?”

Yu was just standing there unmoving. At the same time, the soldier’s spears seemed to pierce right through him.

 “Stupid. Is these spears are made by mixing black iron and obtuse silver?”

 The black iron was fused with silver to increase the spear toughness but it was broken into two pieces. The soldier can’t understand what is happening but it was due to Yu’s martial arts, circular block.

“What a monster! What should we do?”

“Shall we continue the attack?”

The face of the soldiers who attacked Yu one by one have a hole on them. The soldiers can’t understand what is going on. The friends that come through many battlefields with them die one by one. They don’t understand whether they suffer from magic or physical attack.


“Don’t stop the magic on the soldiers. Keep on strengthening them but don’t use attack magic as you’ve been told before.”

“I understand.”

The captains that is leading the magician responds to general Trezen instruction.

“General Trezen, his strength is more than what we anticipated.”

“Yes, although I knew he was unusual because he was following an 「elder lich」, I didn’t think that he will personally go and take care of the soldier. We should tell them to be more careful.”

Despite the fact that more than twenty people have been defeated by Yu, Trezen and his subordinate didn’t have any changes in their composure. It was because they have gone through many battle.


“No matter how strong he is, it’s still one person.”

“Yes, it is exactly the case. It will be only a matter of time before he run out of strength.”



On the harbor at the coast of the island.

“Hey, is the king safe?”

Agafon is shaking violently the shoulder of Narumo.

“Well, stop it. I don’t know since I can’t see it either.”

“If you say so, can you go behind so the other can try to look.”

Everyone then nodded to Agafon’s words.

“Alright I understand… I’ll go back.”

“Hmm? That’s Russ coming back?”

“Oh, only him alone.”

While answering the question of a demi human man, Narumo stares at Russ. There is black mist rising from his body that represent his feelings right now. While distorting the space around like a mirage, Russ descended near the place where Agafon stand.


“Russ, how about the king?”

Agafon asks but Russ ignores it as he stares at the magic boat on the sea. Despite of that, Agafon tried to ask again.

“No way. Don’t tell me that you run away alone and leaving the king behind.”

Russ once again didn’t give any respond to Agafon.

“Let’s do it like this then!”

Agafon tried to grabbed Russ neck but it was blocked by a thunder element Barrier around him. Agafon right elbow was burnt down as some black smoke is rising.


“Why should I answer to your question?”

“Russ-dono, how’s the situation?”

Narumo can’t stand it any longer and tried to speak to Russ. However, Russ only take a glance at Narumo and look at the sea again.

“You don’t say it but we know that you didn’t like us from the way you look at us all the time.” (Narumo)

“You know it already. I can even kill you without blinking and worries.” (Russ)

“Do it then!” (Agafon)

Agafon then tries to attack Russ again but as before he was stopped by a barrier.

“Ugh…this petty trick… sorry!”

Agafon arms that tried to break Russ barrier is emitting a burnt meat smell.


“Alright, stop it! Russ, please forgive us. If you didn’t stop Agafon arm will be disabled.”

“But I didn’t hear it from your friend here.”

“Who? Are you talking about me? I won’t forgive you.”

“I wonder how much your arm is worth.”


When Russ and Agafon was deep in conflict, a demi human with wings tried to jump away. He was flying towards the magic ship where Yu is. However, Russ fourth rank black magic, raging thunder fall down from the sky and knocks him to the ground.


“Ah… Russ, what is this about?”

“Depending on what you’re going to do; it is better to stay here.”

The demonic group is originally a battle race. They come from the Lesce Kingdom to get more power and a job. Despite losing to Russ’s magic, he quickly stood up on the spot and wield a sword on his hand. Not only the demi human, beast men, fallen dwarves, they all surround Russ.


“What if master say that you should not go?”

“Isn’t it the time for us to save Odono?”

“Even if you say you want to protect the master, it was impossible with your strength that is no different than an insect.”

“Why don’t you try it, whether it was impossible for us or not?”

A man then holds a spear in front of him, as if pulling the string of a bow, he stretches his arm and what comes next is a spear technique, lightning flash. As the name implies, it emits an intense light for a moment as the tip of the spear approaches Russ’s throat.


“Is this what you wanted to try?”


The spear and the spearhead was being blocked by Russ barrier. When the man wants to put more power to push it forward, the spear handle is bending and finally it was broken apart and scattered around.


“This damned skeleton!”

Agafon elbows and arm that is still in contact with Russ barrier is still being burned. However, he still shows some fighting spirit.


Agafon then tried to ask for some help but Narumo didn’t respond. Narumos’ whole body hair is stood up as he trembles. Agafon then look at him in panic.


“Oi! What happened? No way, the king is defeated?”

The people who is fighting with Russ stopped moving as they heard Agafon cries.

“Oi… what happened?”

“Ah, the king is safe!”

Agafon whose hand are still unusable tried to find the situation out from Narumo. However, Narumo still only looking at the magic ship on the sea as if he is fascinated by something.


“Agafon, our king is awesome. It’s great!”

“The king is not dead?”

“Dead? The king has defeated hundreds!”

“Wow! Alone?”

Everyone had a startled expression hearing Narumo’s word but not little amount of people was amazed, only Russ is showing nonchalant expression.


“Dieeee!” One of the soldier releasing sword skill, Quickdraw. As the sword comes with amazing speed and power from above Yu’s head, he lightly pushes it away with a touch of his left hand palm. He redirected the trajectory of the slash and send a strike using his right hand. The armor of the Marima kingdom navy is layered in six. It was layered one after another starting from animal leathers that’s called uliglim, leather armor, and black iron armor that has good durability. Although the armor has high physical defense, Yu’s fist pierced the armor without difficulty.


“Impossible… it’s… pierced the armor!”

The soldier was pierced through the abdomen throws away his sword as he tried to grabs Yu’s right arm with both hands. He is trying to hold Yu down using his life as the price. The surrounding soldiers was stunned because the identity of the invisible attack that has taken their companion’s life was only a fist that could even pierce their armor. Nevertheless, they don’t want to waste the chance that has given at a price of someone’s life and attacked Yu from behind.


“Trash…this is… your end…”

Convinced that he made a path of victory for his side, the soldier is letting out an icy smile. Yu however throws the soldier body to his back.




Yu’s other fist hit the chest of the soldier who is trying to catch the dead soldier body.

The wound inflicted on him looked like a giant burning hole in his chest while the other has a hint of ice.


“Look, there’s a flame on his right fist and ice on the left.”

“Magic fist? Is there such a thing?”


At first the soldier thought that Yu’s strength will run out. However as one by one Marima soldiers fell, his speed instead got faster and showing no sign of stopping. You could see fear coming to the soldiers that usually doesn’t falter.


“What are you doing?”

“It’s only one person!”

The captains yell and the magician is wondering whether their magic is working.


“I can’t believe it… he resists our weakening magic.”

“He resists it?”

Even if it was a monster with high magic resistance, if you continue to cast magic dozens or hundreds of time, it will be weakened.  The number of weakening magic that the magician unit have released on Yu had already exceeded one thousand but it doesn’t show any sign of success.

“Okay, just focus on boosting the Marima’s soldier.”

Next to the captain that is upset because the magic isn’t working, Trezen face who doesn’t show any changes from the start is looking impatient for the first time. At this point, the first division of Marima’s navy that had been turned into dead body has reached 343 people. The slaughter however, isn’t done yet.