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Chapter 181 - Mighty Warrior (part 1)

Chapter 181: Mighty Warrior (part 1)

(Tl note: the actual title was another Japanese idiom which means a soldier that’s worth a thousand soldier)


Those who were working at the harbor gathered around the watchtower as they look at the incoming ship.


“Why are you here?”

“Look, is that a ship? I can’t tell how big it is from here.”

“Hey Narumo, do you know how big it is?”

Those who approaches the harbor, the fallen dwarf and the demi human was still talking calmly while looking at the situation however they quietly took up their weapons.


“Noisy, whether it was an enemy or not, it has not been decided yet.”

Narumo tried to calm down his companion but he himself was in a hurry.

“There is someone there! They must be enemies. So our opponent is from humanity?”

Agafon pushes the people around and make way to ask Narumo.


“Yeah, it was human and since they wear matching armor, they must be a soldier from a kingdom. If we look from here, there’s around 300-400 soldiers on a ship.”

When Narumo said that the opponent was soldier, the tension gets higher.


“If there is 300-400 soldier in one ship and there is three ship, so the enemy will not be more than 600!”

“Idiot! It’s already more than 800 soldier!”

Another young wolf man then hit Agafon head.

“Idiot Agafon, it was probably around 1000 soldier.”

Narumo who saw the exchange between Agafon and a young wolf man speak up.


“Well, I also know about that! Narumo, don’t think that you’re better because you can do simple calculation! I will study when this is finished!”

Agafon who have a red face struck Narumo’s chest but he can bear with the impact.

“What’s wrong with Agafon? Oh yeah, that’s right! Narumo, since you’ve become a
beast tamer, you should use some beast and kick them away.”

“Although I am a beast tamer; I wouldn’t be able to use sea dragon like Ao. It would be impossible unless it was a top dragon tamer. However, if I was a dragon tamer, Ao wouldn’t listen to anyone other than the King.”

“Idiot! I dare you to say something about me again.”

Narumo and the young wolf man was talking about the idea but he noticed that Narumo didn’t look at himself. The other people are also looking at the same direction.

“My King!”

“Odono-sama, what is it?”

Agafon who was making loud noises earlier become silent like a cat.


Some magician is coming forward and kneels before Yu who appeared with Russ.

“As I said before, stop kneeling, it’s annoying.”

“Haha! But… alright, if that’s what you want.”

Although the demi human seemed want to say something but when they noticed that Yu’s face is unhappy, they immediately complied.


“King, actually…”

“Do not need to go. You don’t need to go.”

“Eh! But there’s one thousands of them!”

“Don’t make me say it again.”

Yu then leaves Agafon and the crowd. He floats in the air using fifth rank white magic, Levitation and approaches the magic ship. Russ quietly followed behind him.


A man wearing a conspicuous armor on board of the most central magic ship among the three was looking towards the island.

“General Trezen, there’s really an island.”

A vice general was standing next to Trezen and looking at the island in the same way.

“We are in trouble. We have sacrificed a lot before reaching here. Out of the 300 magicians mobilized to power up the magic ship, more than 40 have fallen due to extreme fatigue and will be useless for a while. Even if we didn’t come across large monsters thanks to the route informed beforehand, we still have some victims to smaller monsters.”

“Yes… but…”

“What’s wrong?”

“No, I feel that the number of monsters are increasing the closer we get to the island, or it was just my illusion.”

“It seems that it was true, the monster was stronger the closer we get to the island.”


There are over 300 armed soldiers on board surrounding general Trezen. Even though the 300 only had their first expedition but fifty of them was chosen among thousands to be his private guard. In addition, there is always a barrier around general Trezen that is raised by the magician in vicinity and it leaves no gap.


“There’s two object approaching from the front!”

A soldier who was keeping a watch out are giving report and at the same time the soldiers are moving into formation. As if it was an unconscious movement, the soldiers are making formation as they have trained and centered around general Trezen.


“The objects are identified. One undead and from its figure it seemed to be an Elder Lich, the other one is a human boy!”

When the report was given and the possibility of it being an elder lich, the soldiers body grow tense. However, it was far from being afraid to the elder lich, it was expectation of incoming battle.


“Are you sure it was a human boy that was coming with the undead? Is there no mistake?”

“There is no mistake.”

The vice general asks the soldier on the watch out however the answer didn’t change.


“I have confirmed before that there are some demi-human and mixed blood among the enemy but I haven’t heard that there is an undead of elder lich class.”

General Trizen smiled happily while he looks at the incoming Yu as he made some space on the deck as if to welcome them.


The three magic ship stop moving as they line up next to each other and connected to each other. The other two magic ship are also commanded by magicians that communicate to each other and relaying command from the main ship.


“Surround them!”

“Don’t let them leave!”

When Yu and Russ get down on the deck, the soldiers quickly surrounding them. Despite the fact that he was surrounded by hundreds of soldiers, Yu look at the Marima’s kingdom banner flag and asked Russ about it.

“Unfortunately, I don’t remember such flag.”

The two people who landed at the magical ship ignored their surroundings. General Trezen admired Yu and Russ attitude while the vice general can’t hide his anger.


“You guys, what is your name?”

“Why are you here?”

“Oh!! Ah...”

A soldier was pushed forward from behind and was going to disturb the formation but Trezen stand forward and help him regain his form.


“Not here.”

“Well, you can go back.”

“Master, please leave this to me…”

“No, you might don’t care about them but they are my customers.”

Hearing Yu’s word to leave it to him, Russ stares at the surrounding soldiers as if he wants to kill them.

If it was someone weak, just by Russ’s gaze they will fall into depression state but Marima soldiers are abnormal, not a single one waver. Russ then leave the magic ship and goes back to the island while murmuring grudges and till the very end stares at the soldiers.


On the other hand, Marima soldiers didn’t put any respect to Yu who ignored Trezen’s question and they are angry on their mind.

“You’re just a rude person who doesn’t know any courtesy.”

The words of vice general could make Yu laugh if only he is able to laugh.


“What kind of courtesy should I give to invaders?” (Yu)

“Huh, since when we’re invaders?”

“Your ship has invaded the territorial sea of the nameless kingdom. Shouldn’t you ask for permission for entering territorial water?” (Yu)

“Whom should we ask permission from?”

“Nameless kingdom? Is it a ‘kingdom’? Or is it a ‘nameless’ kingdom?”

The soldiers then let out a laughter as they heard to Yu and Trezen conversation. Among them, the vice general is laughing the loudest as if he forgot his anger.


“Be quiet!”

From Trezen’s word, the field regained silence once again.


“My soldiers have been rude.”

“I don’t mind. If you look at them, you will know how many of them are well educated.”

The surrounding is silent but there are murmurs that are directed towards Yu that made a fool out of them. If it was normal people, it wouldn’t be strange if he will be fainted due to the amount of killing intent raised from the surrounding but Yu acts as if nothing happened.


“Our aim is to protect the dryad by the treaties that is agreed by countries that joined the Rem continent allied force. We are here to drive out people that unfairly occupying the island where the World tree is located which should be managed by us. Your kingdom, you said it was nameless? Was it a cover to bring up a ‘nameless’ kingdom?”


“The kingdom name is really ‘nameless’, we didn’t harm the dryad and there is no one occupying the island aside from us.”


“If I have to say, don’t make me feel bad. Just give up on the island obediently and you will be spared. As long as there is no problem, let’s say the Marima kingdom will take care of you all as a slave.”


“I refuse; I think that you were just trying to make me laugh with your words. Firstly, the nameless kingdom wasn’t a member of the Rem allied force and I have enough power to protect the dryad myself. As for the world tree. Ha ha. Since when it was the humanity responsibility to manage it? This is hilarious. Just leave this place.”

Listening to Yu’s answer, general Trizen let out a smile because it confirmed the existence of dryad and world tree on the island.


“What if, I can’t comply with your request?”

“Naturally, isn’t better for you to leave now?” (Yu)

“Apparently it seems you didn’t understand our strength. The Marima kingdom has brought three magic ship on this expedition with more than 3000 soldiers. This is the soldiers that is trained by me personally. Even on land, you can’t compete with them.”

“Soldiers? These people?”

Yu glanced at the surrounding soldiers as if he was laughing at them. A man then steps forward among the soldiers because he can’t take it anymore. The armor worn by the man is obviously on a higher quality than general soldier and the spear in his hand are also unique.


“Hey boy, I’m not trying to scare you. But if you didn’t quietly leave the island, you won’t have any more chance.”

“Paulino, don’t bully him too much. Even if he didn’t look like it, he is the king of the island.”

“Oh, this dirty boy is the king? Isn’t he just a little prince? Hahahaha.”

As Paulino insults Yu, the soldiers are also laughing along. Trezen wasn’t in a position to take sides with Yu but he didn’t do anything to stop his soldier too because he himself can’t stand Yu’s cheeky attitude.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared? Do you want to cry?”

Paulino was looking at Yu with a nasty smile.


“Don’t talk, its smells like piss.”

“Here’s the piss! Idiot!”

Paulino can’t hold back anymore as he grabbed Yu’s neck. Paulino’s grip strength was strong enough to break necks as if it was nothing.


“Hey, let’s try it once more. What’s with the nameless kingdom? It was only lowly mixed blooded people playing country, but it was a play after all! Human with bad hair colors like you are also ill omen! General Trezen I can’t stand this anymore. Let me kill this self-proclaimed king and kill the remaining filth on the island!”

Paulino didn’t even wait for Trezen reply before he swings up his spear on his right hand. There is no one in this place that wanted to stop him. The people was eager, excited and looking forward to what’s going to happen next.

Water splashes and the sound of something falling to the sea can be heard. It can be heard clearly because the ridicule and mocking that fill the shipboard was gone as if the time had stopped.