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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 180 - (un)Invited guest


Chapter 180: (un)Invited guest


An old man is wearing a robe and channeled magical power onto a pen shaped metal bar. Light was lit at the tip of the metal rod as the man used it to write a question on an elongated plate which is around 1 meter in width and 3 meters in length.


“1 + 1?”

“Yes! Yes! It’s 2!”

"Umm, Namari, right?"

The appearance of Namari who responds well with energies, makes the old man's face breaks and smiles. Namari looked around to the children and said that was the answer.


“Ah Namari, I also knew the answer…:

“But I’m the fastest, so I’m the winner. I’m the best!”

Impica then inflates her cheeks while pulling Namari’s sleeves.


“Hmmm, then, Namari. Please tell me the answer of this.”

Then old man caresses his long beard and writes another problem on the board smoothly.


“Wow, second question? 27 + 31? Erm…”

Namari hurriedly counts with the fingers on both hands. If it was an addition or subtraction which is less than 20, Namari can answer it easily. The children surrounding Namari also had a smaller metal bar and a plate which is smaller than A4 paper. Then children then write the problem using the metal bar and tries hard to calculate.


The plate and the metal bar used in this lesson is a magic tool that Yu and Russ created using 【alchemy】. By putting some magical power on the metal bars, you can write letters on the board as you wish. By using this method, the magical powers among the children are increased little by little, especially useful for the beast tribe which are not good with magic. Beside channeling magical power, there is no other way to utilize the magic bar. There are several similar tools created which is placed at their homes such as magic tool that draws water and farming tools.


“Namari, do you know the answer?”

“Well… I don’t have enough fingers.”

“Can you use my finger?”

Impica was trying to solve the question by cooperating with Namari however it seemed to still be difficult even with two people. While the others are still struggling hard, a child plays with a board.


“Hmm, this one is easy.”


“Wow, you say this is easy.”

“How, do you know the answer?”

It was one of the fallen dwarf children that rarely talks. However, when hearing the praises from the others, he wasn’t used to it and hid his face using the board shyly.


“It is easy. I also have a promise with the king.”

“With the king?”

“Yeah. If I become the best in arithmetic, I will be allowed to fly in the sky.”

“Fly in the sky!”

“Be quiet.”

Due to the noise, the old man is asking them to be silent. However, when he turned his body, all the other children are sticking their tongue out at him.


“What’s wrong Conrad?”

“What’s wrong? I just don’t like being here. It’s like this class is boring. It will be a long time before this end.”

“Whoa! Look at you, this is boring just like you. Just like your crooked waist and bushy beard.”

“What? Are you looking for a fight? My beard is not bushy!”

Two elderly people are quarrelling with each other and its getting heated up.


“Gradpa, don’t fight!”

Impica then hits the waist of one of the old man and scold him.


“What will the children do if the elderly fights before them?”

“That’s right, fighting is not good as Impica said.”

“Ewald, I’m we’re not fighting! Impica did you see a fight earlier?”

“Was that true?”

Impica tilted her head as she looks at Ewald and Conrad. Impica white fluffy tails was shaking horizontally as if she was suspecting the two old men. The two can’t do anything and succumbed at that cute figure.

“It’s true.”

“Yeah, we’re good friends.”

The two old men had their arms around each other shoulder and tried to appealed for good points from Impica. When the quarrel subsided the lesson then continue. In front of the smiling children from various race, the two old man can’t help but smiles too. These two old man named Ewald and Conrad was originally a tutor of nobleman’s children. But since it was children of noble family, most of them didn’t listen to the two. Many of the parents frustrated that there is no improvement to their children and accused that the fault lies in the two’s teaching method.


After that the two keep trying to find next job but rumors spread among the aristocrats that the two were incompetent. The two who doesn’t have any backings can’t deny and proof that it was wrong. Even if they speak of it, it will only be considered as an insult to the aristocracy. The two who lost their jobs arrived at their last wit and ends up as adventurers who do rough job.


Even though they did rough job, they are still someone who used to work for the noblemen. They didn’t match with the other vulgar and crude adventurers so they can only find jobs that matched with their circumstances. The two always goes together and they are actually doing really bad. Soon there is no adventurer that want to cooperate with them. When the condition doesn’t do well, they escaped the reality by drinking alcohol and get drunk. Soon there is no more people that want to employ them for their request and they are succumbed to debts and sold as slaves.


In the end, the place they are sold to are this island. The one who bought them was a fellow adventurers or so they heard. The two was cautious at first rather than frightened but they soon know that their duty was to teach children to study. The children really look up at them as teachers and whenever they saw their faces, they can’t help but smiles too. Ewald and Conrad, can’t return to the Rem continent but things are better than it was there anyway. They are happy to spend their days with the children.


Even though their title was slaves, the two got salaries and they didn’t even need to buy alcohol. The two used to drink alcohol but now they didn’t even touch it even though it’s free. They are worried that they will lost their job. It was strange that when they think about it, they are more afraid to lost their current job than being disliked by the aristocrat back then. Next time, the two wanted to consult more about it with the black haired boy who told them to work as a teacher.



In the south part of the nameless kingdom, the orchard grows and past it, it was the farmland that continues indefinitely. Today Isaiah as a slave carries a hoe on his shoulder and trying to find out whether they can grow crops here. There are some inhabitants of the nameless kingdom engaged in agricultural work while sweating just like Isaiah with hoes and forks in hand.

“Isaiah-san, why don’t you take a break first?”

A man wipes his sweat with a towel and speak to Isaiah.

“Well, would you like to take the break with me?”

“Oh, okay we’ll take our break.”

When everyone went to a resting place, Shiro who heard the commotion quickly greeted everyone. Originally Shiro was the subject of fear, but Isaiah get used to it not long after.

“Thank you Shiro.”

Isaiah caresses Shiro’s head and the tentacles was greeting Isaiah in return.

“Isaiah, we never grow crops before, but is it normal for them to grow so fast?”

“It was normal. They will be harvested around January I think.”


This island which is called the nameless kingdom was a place that Isaiah can’t explain using common sense. The island soil was suitable for raising crops. However, this kind of soil wasn’t special. You can find a lot of them in other countries. The fundamental differences were located at the spirit on the earth. The spirits of the earth have a big influence on the crops that is grown, even though there is no such things as capricious spirit gathering that was done when they grow the crops. If someone forcefully tries to magically bind a spirit, they will suffer a great backlash. Even though someone has a great soul power, it was still hard to do so. What you can do is to find a ground which is rich of spirit power and plow the earth while keeping the mood of the spirit intact.


However, it was entirely different for this nameless kingdom. For some reason, there are spirits that gathering here. For Isaiah whose job is a 「Farmer」, he can feel the spirit of the earth and the power of the spirit is even too strong that it was visible to his eyes. 

“Usually this kind of crops is budding on January, however the stems are already growing and the color of the wheat is turning to yellowish brown. The wheat seeds and plants usually last around six to seven months before harvesting. However, with the rich soil here, it will be possible for harvest in just one or two months if things are going well. Not only that, the crops that absorb the spirit of the earth will grow better. There is also no need for resting period before planting over the ground again because we didn’t need to wait for the ground to revitalize. We can plant a seed soon after the harvest. Isn’t this amazing?”

Isaiah was worked up and explain things in full spirit but the other race and tribe never raised crops so they aren’t clear at how wonderful their farmland is.


“Isaiah, I’m sorry, I don’t understand how amazing it is.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m the one who get a little bit excited.”

Isaiah whose face turned red sat down and drink water from the bottle.


“Before I became a slave, I was a farmer.”

“Oh, I heard it from the king.”

“The king brought me here to teach agriculture. Even though I’m saying this for myself, I am confident about my agricultural skill. I was a farmer but I fall in debt because I want to buy a land. The land that I have was good and I hired several farmers and landowners to help me out. It was my dream to lead my family a better life, however pests rushed my farm and mass destroyed it. It soon become a desolate ground and I was drowning in debt.”


A 「Giant Bee」 and 「Killer Hornet」 which is double the size of a honeybee stops on the shoulder of a demi human man who heard Isaiah’s story in silence.

“Was it something like this?”

“Are you talking about the bee?”

“Yes, Giant bee and Killer Hornet usually hostile to each other and destroying crops.”
“Well, it can be said like that, however in here they’re making friends.”

A beast man then murmured something after watching the giant bee and killer hornet which is flying next to each other.


“That’s right. It is not impossible! It seems that Marifa-san is using insects. Thanks to the Killer hornet preying instinct, there is no pest that attack our crops and we can do field work without any worries. The giant bee also only collects the nectar from flower without destroying the crops.”

“Isaiah-san, was that the reason? We are able to plant crops without any pest disturbing us because of Marifa-san?”

Isaiah who is excited make a loud noise and it was heard by the people in the surrounding.

“Well, yeah. That is true. This island was a great place that master found. The giant bee also helps to pollinate the plants other than collecting honey. It was no wonder that the flowers and forests was growing well. It also means that the island will continue to maintain a green environment in the future. I can’t fully understand it but I know that this place is heaven for farmer.”

Isaiah drink the remaining water in his bottle all at once and takes the hoe at his side.

“This is made from black steel and wasn’t a normal iron. The fork was also made using the same material. It has been enchanted with skills that increase physical strength and abilities.”

“Well, as long as it’s useful. It was enchanted but I need to use some magic power to activate it and the king said it work as a training to increase my magic power.”

“You know what else? My son recently able to read, write, and do simple calculation. He was a son of a farmer and not someone from a noble background.”

“The master also told me that he would release me once I’ve taught everyone about agriculture. However, even if he releases me, do I really want to go away?”

A demi human man then laughed hearing the question.

“I was afraid and have some anxiety at first but now I’m happy here. Ahito- ah, I’m sorry.”

“Hahaha. It’s okay. You can call me Ahito.”

The demi human man then tapped Isaiah back vigorously and saying nevermind.

“Ugh. I’m sorry. However, I feel like it wasn’t polite to call Ahito name without asking beforehand.”

The man however didn’t really care and after that they returned back to work. Isaiah loosened his shoulder as he followed the other man back to work.




The nameless kingdom east coast. At the coast there is a port that is being built steadily. Agafon was assigned for the port construction duty on that day and he didn’t forget to watch for intruders from the sea.


“Agafon, why are you staring at the sea so much? You’ve also heard the story from the old man. The sea nearby was dominated by some monster. It was unlikely intruders will come unless they have ship specialized for far travel. Other than that, this island was surrounded by sea on all sides.”

“I don’t know why but the king is saying that there is a lot of enemy. Who knows if one will suddenly show up.”

“However, no matter how hard you see, you can only do it as far as your eyesight allows you. Unless you have some unique skills like 【clairvoyance】.”

“Hey, be quiet. Look over there. I can see a ship.”

“Eh? What? You can see a ship?”

“It’s really a ship!”

“It was three ships and it was really huge.”

For the first time, there is a guest for the nameless kingdom. However, it is showing some hostility when making a visit.