Rebirth Online World

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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 018 - Self-Proclaimed Genius Magician ②

(TL note: at some conversations I may put a bracket and explain who is talking.  Since two people conversation is already killing me,  three person could send me to the afterlife. Hahaha)

“I don’t think we should ignore her like that. Lena, my name is Nina.”

However, Nina’s voice was kind of forced because of her nervousness. The real meaning couldn’t be conveyed.

“Thank God. I was thinking that you guys won’t accept me and be jealous of my genius brain. ”

This self-proclaimed genius is named Lena. She had been heading towards Comer city on a carriage. The other adventurers looked at her with respect but I’m different.

“Genius? What kind of genius could only use [White magic] and [Black magic]? Your physical strength is just at the level of a brat. ”

Maybe white magic is useful, but I think that using potions is more efficient…

” You..  You have a special eye skill? ”

” What? It’s none of your business..”

It was rude to ask someone about their skills.

“People may have heard of my name and know that I can use [White magic ] however, to know about my [Black magic]. ” (Lena)

“It’s because of an [Analysis] skill.  And I am a magician too.  I could expect you to be able to cast [Black magic]. ” (Yu)

” Wawawa… ” (Nina)

Nina was confused, but I’m doing it to protect my secret.

” You could say that, but I didn’t see you chanting a skill. Neither did I feel the activation of magic. ”

‘Activation of magic? I was never aware of something like that.’ thought Yu silently.

” Should I be explaining everything to you? ”

” No..  It’s just that I want to travel with you guys. ”

” My only companion is Nina. ” (Yu)

” Please..  Could we become friends? ” (Lena)

” Yu..  Couldn’t we go with her? ” (Nina)

Nina asked me with pleading eyes.

” Ugh..  I don’t care anymore. ”

” Excellent! ”

” It’s just until we arrive at Comer city. ” (Yu)

” Thanks… ” (Lena)

” Lena.. Nice to meet you. ” (Nina)

Nina hugs Lena happily. However, I don’t trust anyone besides Nina.

(TL note: seems like Yu trust Nina already)

At night we were attacked by Night Wolves, they attacked while I had my [Awareness] raised, so we could defeat them without any panic.

The Night Wolves are not a big deal.  Their individual strength is weak, but their numbers are outstanding because they hunt in packs.

I used a fireball and Nina handled the rest.  During that fight we also learned that Lena is an wind and water magic user. However, aside from magic related statuses, she is weak.

“Huh…. Huh..  Yu has a no-casting skill? ”

” Lena..  Yu doesn’t have a no-casting skill. Yu was… ”

” Nina! Don’t go easily exposing our secret. Still, Lena! We are behind the schedule, because we need to take more rests because of you.”

I was angry at Nina. She shouldn’t talk about our secret to everyone. If our technique were to become known, it would be disadvantageous if it were to become known to our enemies later.

” How about we make a deal? ”

” Oh? ”

” Yu, I want you to teach me how to employ your no-casting skill.  In return, I will teach you magic skills.  Other than fireball, you don’t know any spells, right? ”

Even though I have spoken rudely,  she didn’t back down.

” Don’t you need to train your body first, instead of the no-casting skill? ”

“… I..  Hate it..”

“Don’t worry Lena. I will persuade Yu. ”

After some puppy eyes displayed by Nina,  I gave in.

” It’s hard.. ” (Lena)

“Ehehe.. At first I was also having some difficulties. ” (Nina)

“Isn’t it better to have a skill to shorten the time needed to cast them? ” (Lena)

“Speed casting spells is useful in battles, but enemies could anticipate it.” (Yu)

It all depends on the situation. Speed casting and no-chanting.

(TL note: at first Lena thinks that Yu is instant casting the spell instead of no-chanting.)

It was worth the trade, because I learned some water magic and wind magic spells.  She also taught me some tricks to doing them.

The best thing is that I learned about magic principles. There are several types of magic. [White magic], [Black magic], [Divine magic], [Dark magic], [Summoning magic], [Space magic], [Time magic], [Enchant magic], and many more.

She also taught me some theory.  When one uses more magical power, a spell could be enhanced, but doing so lengthens the casting time. There are also magic books for learning spells.

That night, I wanted to train my [Awareness] again, but Nina has opposed to the idea, because I didn’t sleep last night.