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Chapter 177 - Let’s play!

Chapter 177: Let’s play!

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In the mountain castle of the nameless kingdom.

There is no other place that have defense like the main gate. Grass and trees are growing to hinder the intruders. Confusion Magic scattered along to way to make people lost their way and walking around in the same place. When the children want to play around the lake in the middle, they have to come through Gate that Yu’s created using space-time magic. There are a group of children walking past the mountain, pushing the plants aside.


“Fairy, are you here?”

“I’m here! And don’t call me fairy, my name is Akane!”

The red headed fairy replied confidently to Impica’s question.


“Older brother, Mururu can’t walk anymore.”

One of the young girl of the beast man race can’t walk anymore as she sits on the ground.


“Here, I will try my best.”

“Yeah, thanks. Mururu is glad.”

Mukeru is the brother of Mururu, just like her, he is also from the beast man race. This brother and sister is a pair that Yu helped a few months ago. When Mulru feels he is overwhelmed, the feeling of the hair that touches his face from the back is rather pleasant and makes him smile and recharged.

There are around 40 people in this group. Children from beast tribe, demi-human, fallen dwarf. The leader of the group is Akane and Impica and it grows steadily. Impica was walking at the very front and pushing the plants aside. Of course natural some grass and broken branches were tangled in her hair but it doesn’t matter much. As soon as she leads, Impica is making the way for the children who followed behind her. The destination was clear.


“Okkina, the gate is there.”

“Horami, don’t you believe what I said?”

“Amazing! So that is the house of our king?”

“The gates are shiny!”

“The statues are shiny!”

The children were distracted more by the statue of beast that made from precious jewel rather than the finely made heavy gates.



“Our king!”

“Come out our King! Are you inside? Come out please!”

The children all called out at once and wait for the gate to open but there is no reaction.


“Is the king isn’t here?”

“I have said it before; the King is not here Impica!”

“Then where is the king?”

“He goes out to play!”

The children knocked on the gate but it only makes their hands hurt afterwards. One of the children look up at the gate and noticed there is a knocker.


The knocker was decorated like a brilliant golden lion that is holding a hoop and made purely from gold.


“Don’t be afraid of that.”

“Impica, you will not stop here don’t you?”

“Leave it to me!”

Impica then jumps while running from far away. She was hanging on the knocker and she tried to kick the gate to make some distance from the hoop and the gate. It was successful as it knocked the gate several times.


A beautiful tone rang out when the pure gold knocker hits the gate and the children were excited hearing that. “Good sound”, “it’s cool” and lots of other remarks let out by them.


“My king! Please come out. I am here to pay a visit, Impica have come.”

“I’ve also come, but I’m here to play!”

“Oh, I’m also here!”

Impica begins to knock it rhythmically as she hums an improvised tune. The children also begin to sing following the rhythm. When the excitement was growing, a reply can be heard.


“Be quiet!”

The gate then slowly open inwards. The children looked at Impica before one by one going inside the castle.



“Wait a little bit.”

“It’s open!”

“Oh, it’s Russ!”


The gate was opened and the children becomes more excited at once. However, after they goes in for about three meters, Russ is blocking the way using Barrier.

“Why...? can’t we pass through?”

Being stopped by the invisible Barrier, Impica cute face transformed into a disappointing expression.


“Halt, you can’t enter without permission. Stop! The floor is dirtied by the grass and branches, even your hair is falling to the floor!”

“Russ-san, is the king here?”

Mururu tried to ask for some information from Russ while they are stopped.


“The master is not here.”

“You lie! I clearly smell the King’s scent.”

Impica tries to climb over Russ body and get a knock on her head in return. The children around her can only surrounded Russ while singing the great chorus of “You are the king”.


“What’s with the noise?”

Marifa appeared form one of the alleyway. Behind her, young girls from beast tribe, fallen dwarves, and demi-human are wearing matching maid dresses. About half of the girls had scars on their face. The other day, there is a girl that is trying to wage a war against her and this is the result.


“Ah, Mari onee-san!”

“Big sister, is the King here?”

Impica was trying to ask while trying to get out from the entanglement with the dingy undead.


Impica behaved herself immediately as she descends from the top of Russ head and stand in front of Marifa before finally hiding behind Marifa’s skirt, only showing her face outwards which causing Marifa to laugh.


Among the children, the popularity of Nina, Lena and Marifa was neck to neck. Many people who are in a bad condition was touched by the girls’ hospitality and many children who are watching the sight of yesterday brawl was moved because of the girls’ strength.


“Who called me dirty undead? Who are those people behind you? Who permitted them to come in?” (Russ)

“Someone keeps making expansion on the castle like a fool so in order to maintain the clean environment, Master asked me to hire some helping hand. Surely we can’t let master to live in such an unsanitary place isn’t it?” (Marifa)

“Kuh… So it’s the bug lady. I know very well that my undead is better since we can guard the castle.”

“Ah, it’s alright. After all, just leave the cleaning to me. I’m not like you who just rot and collecting dust. Or are you able to clean yourself by wiping it using dry cloth after a water bath? Ah, I know. Originally undead brains are all rotten. Ah… sorry I was rude. Originally undead have no brains since its rotten.”


“What? Isn’t that right? The master said that he would like to create a country. Those who live in this country isn’t forced to do anything. Because of that will I forgive a mimicking parasite like you to be nourished by master? You’re giving work to these people yet the payment come from master. Somehow, you will be more useful if you act like one of the decoration. Look, since you like to furnish this castle like the castle of the kings and princes from big kingdom, it seems that you will be more valuable if you turn into decorations.”


“Let’s be quiet first…” (Children)

 “hey, Odono-sama will be angry because of the noise. He will say it’s annoying and ask us to be quiet.” (Children)

“But the noisy one in here isn’t us.” (Children)

“AAAAh! Namari-chan! The king is here too!” (Children)

“King, let’s us play together!” (Children)

“King, let’s play!” (Children)


Yu and Namari appears from inside the castle as the maids welcomed them. They are divided into left and right led by Marifa and make a guarded path for them. As the children saw Yu’s appearances, they flocked at him at once.

“Hey, don’t stick so close.” (Namari)

“As Impica-chan said, the king is here.” (Children)

“Right, the king, do you want to play?” (Children)

“Hey, don’t stick so close to Odono-sama! Don’t hug my Odono-sama!” (Namari)
“Well done, we make Namari-chan jealous~.”

The children are surrounding Yu and hugging him. Namari is jealous standing on the side with inflated cheek. Momo and Akane is making the same looks with their bulging cheek but it didn’t even consoled Namari’s mood.


“How can you guys be here? Mururu also come. It must be hard reaching this place.”

“Yeah. I wasn’t able to walk in the middle of the way because my foot is hurting but brother piggy back me on the remaining trip.”

Mururu tries to explain what happened on the way to Yu. Yu who heard the story turn his eyes towards Mururu elder brother, Mukeru.

“Because I’m the oldest of them, it’s my responsibility.”

Mukeru who is feeling embarrassed being stared at by Yu explaining it. Although the children are not normal and come from beast race, demi human, and fallen dwarf, it is still not easy for children their age. Yu however didn’t tell anyone as he muttered to himself. “I myself is not that great of a person.”


 The voice somehow reaches Mukeru ears firmly as he shook his mouth tightly and his body is trembling as if he couldn’t withstand something with his red apple like cheek. Somehow he has a proud feeling inside of him.


“My King! I’m also small but I came so far alone.”

Impica was hanging on Yu’s neck and make her appeal.

“Oh wow, wow!” (Children)

“Hey! Get away from master!” (Russ)

“Well done, now Russ get angry too.” (Children)

“Run away~!” (Children)

Even if Russ gets angry, it doesn’t have any effects towards these children. They even misunderstood it as Russ is going to play around with them.


“Someone said to me that no one will be able to reach the castle because someone said that he put a confusion magic in the mountain.” (Yu)

When Yu’s gaze land at Russ, he can feel some pain.

“Ma-master, this is a different case! Ha ha… surely someone guided them through. Ah! The fairy! They have some way to pass through!”

 Momo and the red haired fairy Akane is puffing their cheek more and more. Akane finger is pointed at Russ as if she looked down on him.


“So what if I did? I guide them through, is it wrong? You’re only a stupid skeleton! And I have a name, I’m Akane, not fairy this fairy that.”


“Skeleton? Uuugh… I am different from the others and master definitely didn’t doubt my ability!”


“oh, but Akane didn’t know and didn’t care about such things.”


After that Akane was flying in the air and dodging Russ chase. However, he couldn’t catch Akane in the end and start to chase around the other children.