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Chapter 176 - Caring / attention seeker

Chapter 176: Caring / attention seeker


The east of the nameless kingdom.

While being covered with the quay around the island, in a relatively gentle pace, the undead Russ and Yu was standing. In here, there is a harbor that is built within one day using fallen rocks, trees, and rocks. Other than that, the landscape of the seaside was beautiful and the natural rocks and stones becoming construction materials and part of the harbor.


“Wow! It’s a big puddle of water!”

“Hey, it’s the king.”

“Is that ocean?”

“Don’t follow me!”

Impica who sees the sea for the first time was peeking through the space of Yu’s separated leg. Children lined up behind Impica as their nose moved due to the salty fragrance brought by the tide and sea breeze and giving a pleasant feeling throughout their body.


However, there is something strange in the seaside. There is a large amount of fish jumped out of the water. The fish are still alive and large amount of it are coming out one after another along the wave. The cause of this unnatural wave was a monster. Its appearance is similar to a snake that carries a shell on its back. The size of the shell is around ten meters and if you measure it from its head to the tail, the total length of the creature is around 30 meters. If it’s the size, it is almost similar to Shiro that belonged to Yu. The monster is actually a sea dragon.


“Odono-sama, it seemed to be hurt… is that right?”

“There are scars on the shell, so it seems.”


The sea dragon is huge; it is giving a strong appearance as it moves towards the offshore. It was moving around as if it was pursuing something from the coast and rushing towards the beach. When the wave caused by the sea dragon come the shore, a large amount of fish was send flying because of it.

“My king, in the beach, I know that it was only lying around by chance, but anyway it wasn’t an everyday occurrence that we see this many fish. I wonder if I could collect some and take a bite?”

Some children in the surrounding are asking Yu with their cheeks dyed red. However, that kind of feelings didn’t last long. The children who followed Yu are blocked by Yu’s hand.


“You’re still small, don’t come close.”

“No, I want to go with you too. Alright, I won’t take a bite.”

“Namari, I will erect a Barrier, please keep the children safe inside.”

Namari’s body trembled because of Yu’s word. Namari wanted to follow Yu in the beginning.


“Leave it to me.”

Namari then waited on the side with the children and the half bear beast men.

A child is trying to follow after Yu. It was a child that is too excited for seeing the sea for the first time. Impica and the others are trying to follow Yu but they were soon caught by the young half bear beast man and grabbed by the neck as he put them back in place.

“Wow~ so big. Is it about the same size as Shiro?” (Nina)

“… the sea dragon lives deep in the sea. It was rare to see them in the shallow area.” (Lena)

“Master, I will go and check.” (Marifa)

“Huh, a huge bowl like object is there.”

When Yu approaches the wave, the sea dragon noticed him and approaches him at a high speed while sounding “kyunkyun”.


Usually a sea dragon could move without even causing a disturbance in the water but as if it was excited, the sea water swayed so much and caused a big wave that is clouding over Yu.

Yu, Lena and Russ immediately fall back and entered the Barrier. Nina and Marifa who is left behind get drenched in the sea water.


“Ugh… its awful~ Yu, I’m soaked.” (Nina)

“Lena, how can you come in and out.” (Marifa)

“…It was a dangerous spot.” (Lena)

“Kuhahaha, are you unable to deal with only that kind of degree?” (Russ)

“Shall I return you, a dirty undead to the ground where you belong to?” (Marifa)

After that Marifa and Russ glared at each other but Yu didn’t pay much attention as if it was something usual. Yu then looked up at the sea dragon which is looking at his way.


“You’re the one from before?”


It lets out a faint sound as it licks Yu’s cheek using its tongue and tilted his head. It seemed to say, “I don’t know, I don’t understand your language that much.”


Yu’s word and the sea dragon’s might turn into a miscommunication if they interacted further.


“You, are you planning to use this to repay me?”


Momo is peeking through Yu’s hat and show her face. It might be because she hasn’t wake up completely yet. There is a guy over here that is as big as Shiro. When she looks at the face, after a while she realized that it was the child of the sea dragon that Yu rescued. After that Momo return to sleep back inside the hat.


“Do you plant to thank me using fish?”

“Kyun kyun!”

“Alright, since you understand, done come here anymore.”



Yu sort out the fish on the shore and collected the not poisonous fish.

“Hey, Agafon! Don’t worry now and you can collect the fish.”


A teenager shouted in a loud voice when he heard Yu is calling out his name. He replied loudly like a fool and caused some children to cover their ears. Agafon then apologized to everyone.


The resident of the nameless kingdom is tasting the delicacy of the sea water fish for the first time that day.


Yu’s castle, inside Yu’s room. On the desk there was a stone plate that he purchased from the adventurer’s guild which is called as tablet. The tablet was stacked in seven and when Yu finished reading the tablet, he superimposed the tablet on one of them.


“Master, this tablet seems to be placed separately but is there any differences?”

Russ who was waiting to speak until Yu finished reading is asking now.


“Is there something in them?”


“The tablet was made by them, these five tablets are made by Houdon Kingdom, the Seth Republic, Hameln, Daelim Empire and Jadarc. Finally, this one doesn’t belong in that group.”


“For me, it seems that they are made of the same material.”


“It looks so different. If you want to compare it with the materials only, you won’t know. I didn’t think that you’re the same as Nina and Namari, you can’t differentiate even though your skill is...”


“I’m not the same as Namari!”

Russ interrupted Yu but when their eyes met, Russ immediately shift it away.


“You will find out what and where is it different when you use your own skill truth seeker. I have a similar skill with yours so I wonder if you can look at things as if I looked at them.”


“……… Yes. But I never have any intention to betray master. Please believe me.”

“You’re bad at lying.”

Russ was depressed but he will never ask Yu to explain at what he means.

(Tl note: uh no another betrayal plot?)


Yu silently listened to Russ words as Russ keeps talking and he listened well.


“How long are you planning to leave it?” (Russ)

“What?” (Yu)
“Is it the country where you are using the master?” (Russ)

“I’m in the middle of investigating it now.” (Yu)

However, Russ is feeling dissatisfied with Yu answer.

“You should know exactly master, which country is planning on master… and responsible for it.” (Russ)

“For it?”

Even though Yu know that he shouldn’t ask, but Russ still answered him.

“Don’t you want to solve the curse?” (Russ)

“Its’ not a curse.” (Yu)

“It is an abnormality after all. How long will you leave this state alone?” (Russ)

Yu’s ears only heard of the state but he knew what Russ wanted to say.


“Stella Fodd is a woman who once feared as the Evil Eye Witch. One of the two holy saint that has the same blood as Dole Fodd. Until know, I don’t know what they do to leave me with a body like this. What is obvious now is that the holy kingdom Jadarc is trying to plot against master. Why don’t we destroy that country? I can do it as soon as I got permission. I am also sorry for me to harbor such idea. I’m sorry.”

Russ then knelt down in front of Yu.


“Is it a bad thing to be in the state of ■■■?” (Yu)

“I didn’t understand about the measures that can be taken.” (Russ)

“Don’t worry, I will keep my promise to you.” (Yu)

“Master, I know that you agree with me. I am only worried about the human being that is full of malice. I am afraid you will once feel what happened to Marifa.” (Russ)

“You think that the situation can suddenly reversed? Alright, that… leave it to me?” (Yu)

Russ didn’t understand what Yu is referring to, not he feels the need to understand. He only repetitively repeats what Yu said earlier similar to a parrot.

“Master, I don’t like such a fragile insect.” That’s what Marifa was saying clearly and plainly at Yu.

“I know… but I am surprised at your 3rd job choosing. Even though there are further profession that enhances your insect trainer, you chose something else and it even involving plants. Are you jealous because Hisui is praised often?”

Marifa think about it properly before replying. She knows that she herself didn’t choose such a job for trivial reason.

“Master is overvaluing the insect.”


There are several entrances in the mountain castle and one of them is connected to the hillside of the mountain where the fairies live. The water of the lake is clear, the flowers growing in the surroundings were blooming vividly in color and it wasn’t inferior to famous garden on big kingdom.

In the middle of the forest, it was the dwellings of the fairies. There are fairies lying on the back, belly, head and other parts of the Black Wolf which Marifa trained.

It was also natural that Hisui sleep near the fairies.



“Ha ha, Marifa-san, what is it?”

“Master praised me. He said it seems that you thought a lot to the development of the nameless kingdom. Master Yu praised me, what should I do? What should I do?”

Through Marifa words, it seemed that Yu is praising her and she is expressing her happiness in front of Hisui by twisting her body.


“Yes, this is all because Hisui-san is amazing. This is because of Hisui that I was praised. I must thank you.”

“Well, it was Yu-san who praised you, I am only… eh!”

While saying that, Hisui hand was grapped by Marifa’s who immediately put her other hand on her cheek shyly. Marifa was smiling but in Hisui eyes, she looked like a ferocious beast.

“Hisui-san, I get a spiritualist as my third job.”

“Eh, spiritualist?”

“Yes, it’s a job that is enabling me to control plants. Because of that I can help you out. What do you think Hisui-san?”

“Wow… wow! I’m happy! Let’s work hard together in the future.”

“Since it’s all good, do you think we can be close friend?”
Hisui can only nod to answer Marifa question and smiled.

Next day, at the east coast.


“Don’t come.”

“I’m coming!”

In front of Yu and Agafon, there is the figure of the sea dragon from yesterday. When the sea dragon saw Yu’s figure, it was moving happily.


The sea dragon came the next day, also the day after that.

Yu gave up on persuading it to leave even though he asks it to never come back again.

“Your name is Aoda, do you hear me?”


The dragon nod at Yu happily.

“Oh no!”

“Ao is great!”

“Aoda is a great name! haha, awesome!”

“King, Ao-chan is powerful.”


Yu and Ao who put the kids on his back is swimming across the ocean gladly. Thwere was a figure watching the sight from far away. The figure himself tried to hide behind the tree but the huge body which exceeding 30 meters can’t be hidden at all. It was Shiro.



It was a sad cry.


 Yu and Ao who put the kids on his back, I swim across the ocean gladly. There was a man watching the sight far away. The person himself intends to hide in the tree, but the huge body exceeding 30 meters was not hidden at all. Shiloh. 

"Pi ... ...." 

It was a sad bark. 

“Odono… I want to play too. I am so jealous of Ao.”


The next day, Hisui was there standing along Shiro behind the tree.


The day after that.



“Please play with us too!”


Shiro was there, Hisui was there, and the fairies was there too.