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Chapter 175 - Transcendent Gajin

Chapter 175: Transcendent Gajin

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(Tl note: for those who are wondering, there are illustrations now integrated in the story and chapter, you can find it scattered throughout the story so rereading it will be fun since there’s illustrations now.. hehe..)

A long time ago, there was a man named Gajin. He wears a masks that looked like a pantie, a mantle, and boots. His height is around 230cm and his skin color was green. Mask in a form of a pantie? He is a perverted guy just like Joseph.


“Odono-san, please continue!”

“Be quiet, I can’t hear it.”


Gajin origin was unknown. It was said that he drinks the Giants blood to make his body big, his skin was green because his ancestor is an Ogre. There are lots of rumors about him such as he was a demon or one of distant demi human descendants. But after all no one can really know the truth since it was hidden along behind the perverted mask.


Gajin was an adventurer from the free country Hameln. But from his unusual appearances, it was rumored that he offended many adventurers and noble ladies. At the time when Gajin become an adventurer, the adventurer guild was still new and there were many brash and rough people than the present. However, everyone still accepted Gajin in the end.


The strength that Gajin show was prominent since the beginning he enrolled as an adventurer. Gajin will use all of his power to battle, whether it was monster, fellow adventurers or even a grasshopper. There is a famous catchphrase when he makes his sure kill move and it was “Life received!”. It seemed that he was also concerned about what posture he should take before saying something. He has a strong insistence on the angle of his arm, the angle of his foot and especially the angle of his butt. What? Is he stupid?”





As the person who almost fight with everyone, the name of Gajin spread through those whom he defeated. Gajin strength and name quickly spread through Hameln. If you notice, the name of Gajin was about to be extinct from Hameln. Although Gajin raised his name due to personal feud, he also makes some accomplishment for himself.


That’s right. Finally, he goes back as an adventurer. He breaks the record of the adventurer guild at that time. The monster that Gajin subdued at that time was a demon. It was a rank 7 named monster, Tempo.


Gajin tried to pass through the mountain range on the north of the free country Hameln. That place Sadem of Nothingness was actually controlled by the three major demons due to the extreme cold. I am really stupid because I have to say it clearly. No, I am stupid even if I didn’t say it clearly. The average temperature of the extremely cold mountains is -50 degree, but Gajin only wear panties in such a place. Isn’t this stupid?


“Why doesn’t he feel cold?”

“Gajin have a thick fur!”

 “Is it because of something amazing? Or because you’re a fool, you won’t feel cold?”

Fortunately, Gajin was a fool. Even if he encounters the demon at the Sadem of Nothingness, he misunderstood it as a normal monster. He knocked it down and went back to the city.


The adventurer guild who heard of the story from Gajin was furious. It was decided by the Lehm Continental Federation, led by the five great countries, that they should not lay a hand at the three major demons.


“Why? Is it because the demon king?”

“Because the demon king might ask for revenge and you will be in trouble.”

“yes, that’s funny.”

“Everyone quiet down! The king’s story is stopped.”

“Aaah, yes yes.”


The adventurer’s guild decided to take Gajin qualification as an adventurer for three months, but he didn’t get his lesson. While his adventurer qualification was deprived from him, he still goes around the Hameln hunting demon.


Although Gajin was indeed strong from the start, he also still improving and getting stronger the more he fought. His strength gradually become a threat for anyone. One country tried to keep their eyes on Gajin strength and lure him with food, but Gajin refused it.


The king who never imagined that he will be refused sent 50,000 soldiers to Gajin with such difficulties. Although it was an unreasonable battle, no one helped Gajin. There is no one that is willing to help him. Covered in snow, the panties mask and with mantle and boots wrapped around him, it couldn’t hide his bulging muscle underneath.


The king wanted to forgive Gajin if he apologized and he didn’t have intention to kill Gajin. Who would’ve thought that even when Gajin is surrounded by 50,000 soldiers he still not yields. Gajin didn’t apologized.


He is screaming with lots of joy and expressing his freedom that is heard by the 50,000 soldiers.


Gajin battle style was barbaric. His weapon is his own body and he didn’t use any other weapon or armor. The 50,000 soldiers didn’t expect that he will come charging straight to the front. The commander of the army however regained his calm and give instructions. Soon, magic attack such as ice, fire, and lightning are launched towards Gajin like rain. The king intended to detain Gajin who is good at close combat battle from a long distance.


“What’s going on? What’s going on?”

“The king is a bad guy!”

“Is this story interesting?”


“Haa… okay.”


While hundreds and thousands of magic went down, Gajin stopped moving and laughing. It was an attack of the army who are good at magic and it was in the number of thousands, but it could not even leave a scratch on Gajin.


The 50,000 soldiers can only watch as they can’t stop Gajin approach. Every time Gajin moves his fist, dozens to hundreds of soldiers will be blown away. Eventually, only the elites remain to protect the general and the king. In the end, the general surrendered to Gajin. Here is the usual cool Gajin phrases “Only God can Kill me!” as Gajin hit the king and he flew along with his elite guards.


“Gajin is so amazing!”

“I want to become like Gajin!”

“I want to be a mage still.”

“Which one is stronger my king?”

“It’s noisy! I won’t finish the story unless you all be quiet.”

“Ah, sorry.”


“Are you guys are making a fool of me?”

Gajin didn’t even think that what he does is overdoing it as his movement spread further. From the free kingdom of Hameln, it reaches the holy kingdom and the Houdon kingdom. The strength of Gajin keep increasing along with his name.


There are no more foolish people that want to have a battle with Gajin anymore. Even those who have heard the rumor or witness his power straight on can only speak on his back. Yes, he’s a pervert.


Although there is no one else that can spar with him, Gajin won’t stop. He immediately changed his sight and decided to break through the dungeon for more battle.


Gajin who dives into high rank dungeon set his goal to the lots of demon, dragons, and giants that is not afraid of him. Eventually he is exchanging hits from dragons to dragons, from giants to ancient giants, even to the demonic being that should not come out from the shadows.


Nobody knows how Gajin fought and survived fighting those many magical beings. According to the record of the adventurer guild that Gajin last visited, Gajin has six profession (job). His level estimated to exceeds one hundred and because of that Gajin has a new title, the Transcendent Gajin. However, that was the last time Gajin step inside the adventurer guild.


There are many rumors saying that he died in a dungeon. Some said he died when battling the dragon king. Those who heard a raging cries say that he saw him fought against the king of the sky castle in the far east and flown to the sky.


Many days passed by and soon there are only a few people who knows about Gajin. Some still believed that Gajin show himself up. In the King’s castle of the Houdon Kingdom, Gadjin rumored to appear and asked loud in front of the gate to meet with the great sages.

At first, the gatekeeper didn’t notice Gajin. Because the skin on his whole body is no longer green, it was bright red color like blood. Gajin enter the castle accompanied with silence as he waits for a while. Many soldiers and knights tried to stop Gajin but no one is a match of the monster who could fight bare handed against dragon and the ancient giant.


Finally, Gajin arrived at the throne room. It was the great wise man who is the pride of the Houdon kingdom that is waiting there. Many didn’t know the relationship between the two as they looked at the great wise man who is standing in front of Gajin.

“Why did his skin becomes red?”

“I bet he caught a cold and his cheek become red too.”

“Is the great wise man the great sage?”

“So, what happen next?”

“Ah, be quiet, the King will continue the story.”

“…Quick, quick.” (Lena)

“I didn’t think you will mix between the children.”

“Yu, I want to know too~” (Nina)


The battle between Gajin and the great wise man was intense. Several mountains blown away as the result of the fight between the two and even the city got destroyed. Their battle moves from the Houdon kingdom to the Magical Kingdom Zantalin in the west.


The ground was broken by Gajin’s fist. The sky was split open by the great wise man magic. Russ, are you sure about this?


“Yes master, it’s true.”

“Odono-sama, noo, continue!”



The battle lasted for three days and three nights before it was coming to an end. While Gajin slowly depleting the great wise men mana, he also shortens the distance between them. Although Gajin body didn’t even hurt a bit from the normal magic, under the great wise man magic, his skin tears up and the meat explodes. Still, Gajin is getting closer to the great wise me. And…



“Whats going on?”

A young men holding a sword with a swollen face come rushing in front of Yu who is reading the picture book to the children.


The reason why his face is swollen is because he joined the fight of the demi human and the beast men the other day and got caught in it. Many people was in the same condition as this young man, aside from Nina, Lena and Marifa, most of them are swollen.


“ha ha ha ha, this is serious! An emergency!”

The youth who come in a hurry was breathless and sweating.


“Don’t tell me something like that.”

“Anyway my king, please come to the harbor!”

“All right.”


Yu passed the book he was reading to Russ. This picture book was made by Russ and it contained quiet a lot of interesting points.


“Oh, Odono-sama, the rest of the story?”

“Bad child, I can’t read it now. If you want to know the rest of the story, you can try studying so you can read the book yourself.”


Yu then create a Gate using space-time magic. The only one who left in the room is Nina, Lena and the children who have despairing expressions. Marifa and Russ is following Yu as she dived on her own will.


“…Hick… this is all bear fault!”

Although the half bear beast-man did nothing wrong, Impica of the dog tribe comes and blamed him. The children around also started to cry when they heard Impica’s cries.

“Bear, please continue the story.”

“Yes, tell us the story.”


The children are surrounding the half bear beast man and directed their pitiful eyes on him. Among the children were Nina and Lena as well.


“What? What? I also wanted to hear the story of the king. And I’m not a bear! I’m a proud warrior of the beast tribe.”


“Noisy! Stupid bear!”

“Eh, stop, stop it! Don’t pull my fur! This is bad! Aah, stop!”

The young half bear beast man then dives towards the Gate that Yu created. Soon after, the children chased after him.