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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 174 - dispute


(Tl note: there is a full map of the kingdom at the chapter 173 added if you’re wondering about how it looks like)

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Many people are gathered in the square of the nameless kingdom just like the day before. However, the beast men expression wasn’t good.


“Oh! My King! They are people from the same race as Namari and Hisan aren’t they? A demi human?”

Impica tried to ask the adult beast men around her too but there is no answer. She also couldn’t understand why the other beast men expression was so heavy. Even though Impica didn’t know what is happening, but she is still happy that the number of her colleagues will increase.


There is a Gate which is created by Yu’s Space-time magic in the square and people from the demi-human race comes out one after another from inside. After they go out from the gate, they are looking around surprised.


“Oh… huh! Is this Odono-san’s country?”

“Looks like it Baba. Look over there, there are mountains, and the forest is full of green plants. We can live in such a place!”

While holding Baba’s hand, the young woman of the demi-human race named Camry was full of tears in her eyes. The demi human in the surroundings are also crying. The earth that is full of greenery was like a heaven compared to the poor environment that they had so far.


“Baba, it’s amazing right? There are lots of fruits on the way, there are mushrooms and wild plants in the mountains, there are fish in the lake!”

Camry stared at Namari that is finishing his introduction about the place but before he finished, Camry send out an attack at him.

“You, you’re always calling Odono-sama! How many times you should call Baba as Baba-sama too?”

“Ah, Camry is a petty child!”


After that Namari runs away while Camry is chasing him.


“Master, you’re back.”

Russ is kneeling and welcomed Yu as if he didn’t hear the noise in the background. Behind Russ there are beast men, the fallen dwarves, Luvanov, Byarune and Mauno which is the head of their tribe and greeted Yu in the same way.


“How’s the job and identification card?” (Yu)

“All according to plan.” (Russ)

“Do you have any problem?” (Yu)

Luvanov’s and Mauno’s shoulder is trembling when they hear that.


“There are few things, but it is not important enough for master concern.” (Russ)

“Okay, well, whatever as long as it was alright.” (Yu)

“Thank you very much, I feel happy from master’s trust.” (Russ)

From the way Russ saying it, people can tell how happy he was. Conversely, Marifa wear a cold expression as usual but there is a flame of jealousy in her eyes.


“My King, these people are?”

Mauno ask a question as his gaze lay down on the people behind Yu.


“Oh, they are some guys that I found. Some of them have a family that have knowledge on agriculture, there are two old retired adventurers and they used to teach classes for nobility. The last bearded uncle over there is a scammer.”


“My king, I understand that you bring someone that know agriculture, but what use is the former adventurer and especially the scammer?”

Lubanov is asking the questions which represents the doubts of the beast men.


“As for why, the retired adventurer will teach classes to children so they can study. The scammer however are your teachers.”


“My king, I can understand the need for the children to study but isn’t it more important for them to work, and is there something we can learn from the scammer?”


“Do you even want the children to work? Most of you can’t even read or write so I think there are things that the children should learn. I also believe we need to learn something from the scammer or we will be deceived by someone later on.”

Byarune was somehow convinced from Yu’s answer more than what he exected. But Luvanov and Mauno doesn’t seemed to be convinced. The scammer person seemed to be interested and comes out in front of you with a grin.


“I am a royal family descendant with the emperor’s blood line of the great Muvarotton Empire. Back in the days, you and I aren’t even allowed to meet with each other, so please be honored!”

When the man finished talking, laughter comes out from everyone in the surroundings. There is no country which is called Muvarotton Empire. Who will believe the words of such a scammer even after his explanation?


Everybody despised this person and they think they couldn’t learn anything from him. But as if ridiculing all of them, the scammer stroked his beard satisfyingly instead of getting angry.


“Don’t be deceived by him. This is his usual hand. When he speaks a lie that is understood by everyone, actually he mixes some lies inside the truth. If you think that you are not deceived by him, when you realized that you are actually deceived, you have been deceived deeply. When you noticed that, you actually been dancing at the palm of this scammer. His power is his mouth; he doesn’t even have a castle but he had scam four or five castle out of the nobles.”

There is no one that is laughing at the scammer again. As Yu said that, everyone is paying attention to the scammer. The scammer moves towards Yu’s back as he feel that it wasn’t fun anymore.


“If you see people here wearing slave collars, they all belong to me. They will not harm you and you should not harm them. You understand what’s happen if you break the rules don’t you?”

Yu is giving slave collar to protect the people on the island from being caught and slaved away by others.


“Try to say it one more time!”

Yu then heard a voice shouting from the crowd. When Yu directed his line of sight, it was a half beast-man from the bear race and Machupi, the young chief of the demi human race glaring at each other.


“If you’re only at this level, I think that the demonic race soon won’t get any benefit and be profited instead.”

“Watch your words!”

As the half beast-man earned a job on the other day, he has some confidence as he aimed his hit at Machupi.


“Don’t try to dodge this!”

The young man of the half beast-man had his face dyed red in anger and launch the fist but Machupi took it very easily.


“Is this all you have?”


“Oh, you… it must be because your job!”

The half beast-man youth got his first job the day before. Although it was only his first job, the power of the job has been adding more power to the characteristic of the beast race which has excellent physical ability. Thus the half beast-man youth assumed that he lost because Machupi has more job than himself.


“Do you think that there are places which allow us demi human to take on job?”

“Well then, are you saying that you don’t have job?”

(Tl note: for those who are wondering, jobs are profession such as swordsman, mage, and so on.)


The demi-human race that Yu brought has survived for long in the B rank dungeon Enrio of Kusakai at the 56th Floor. Although their number was small, they have to fight with the harsh environments and strong monster so it was natural there are a big difference in power between them and the beast-men.


 “Baba-san, these people have served Odono-sama and he have helped them. He can definitely help our demi-human race too.”

“Yeah, it seems that Odono-san can help us. I am glad.”


“If it’s only this strong, the demi human shouldn’t get overconfident!”

“Yeah, the youth generation can’t determine our strengths!”

The beast man can’t accept the fact that they lost and anger can be heard in their voices. Then one of the beast man start to pounce on a demi-human followed by the rest.


“Wow, Yu~ a fight is starting.” (Nina)

The plaza was noisy because the conflict between the beast-men and demi-human fights. Nina who is watching the situation started to get away.”


“…Nina, some people are here too.” (Lena)

In front of Nina and Lena beast-men and demi-human surrounded them and one by one show up one after another.


“Hey, even if you got a job yesterday, do you think you can be my opponent?” (Marifa)

“No way, you are just trying to run away because you’re afraid aren’t you?”

Marifa was trying to get away by talking but the other party keep on provocation her.

“Where are you going? Yeah, you, the one with the long ear!”

“I have taught you the other time. Even if you get a job, you are still not my match!” (Marifa)

“I will return what I owed to you!”

The one who is battling Marifa is the young beast-men daughter who is punished by her. Marifa at this point is facing the provocation and going to return it.


“Master, are you okay?” (Russ)

“They won’t listen to anything I say in this condition. Just sort out the demi human with their identification card later.” (Yu)

“Yes Master.” (Russ)

“Namari, you can guide the demi-human to their dwelling place later.” (Yu)

“Okay! Leave it to me!” (Namari)


Yu let out a sigh as he flees the plaza that has turned into a battlefield. He then saw someone coming with heavy pants. It is a white ball, but if you look closer it was actually a white dog.

“My king, if you finish talking, can I play with this child?”

Impica cutely asking while dragging a boy.


“Yes, I did it. I got the permission. Let’s play with Impica.”

Impica then takes the hand of the young boy and goes away to play while the boy still has some uneasy look on his face.

“I’m going now.”

Because even though Yu is their king and they are not bounded by slavery, they still have to ask permission from him. It was as if the boy was granted permission from his parents when he heard Yu words as Impica dragged him away.


“Laurier, Isaiah.”

“Yes master, what is it?”

The boy father and mother Isaiah and Laurier replied in a panic. They are thankful that Yu bought them from a slave dealer but their brain still in confusion as magically they are transported to another place. Moreover, a big brawl happened not long after.


“This will continue for some time. I want you to come with me to see the farming land.”

“I understand! I learned agriculture from my family so I will make sure to put the best extent of my ability for my Lord’s use.”

Not long after Isaiah and Laurier are looking at the splendid orchard plants spreading in front of their eyes.


“There are so many fruits orchard.”

“It’s true, every tree is fine.”

“but, master, you planted these trees too close to each other. If you could plant them a bit further away, you will increase their size and the number of their harvest.”

Isaiah said that while he was concerned at the distance between the tree that is too close to each other. He said it but he seemed to saw difficulty on Yu’s face.


“Well, I am thinking that it was impossible after all.”

“It is impossible?”

“Well if we separate the distance, that tree over there will become lonely so it was useless.”

“Who say such a nonsense thing?”

“Well, she is over there.”

From behind the tree that Yu pointed out, Hisui and some fairies are looking over here. Hisui tried to hide but her green hair that shines after basking in the sunlight is conspicuous. A lot of fairies gathered around her too which makes it more impossible to hide.


“What are you doing?”

“Don’t say anything, Hisui is hiding.”

“Wow, Yu will found us out, you need to keep it quiet.”


It seemed like a silly scene but Yu is still wearing his serious face. Isaiah and Laurier on the other hand is dumbfounded looking at the figure of the dryad that is appearing in front of them.


“Is that… a dryad?”

“Master, is that a real dryad?”

“Eh, is there a fake dryad? Hisui, what do you say?” (Yu)


Hisui who give up on hiding comes out from behind the tree with a small “huwa”.

“Huh, Yu-san you are aware I was hiding.”

“Huh? Is that what you call hiding?” (Fairies)

“Excuse me! I was trying so hard to hide!” (Hisui)

“aw, it’s hurt!  That’s it! You have to pay with some honey to compensate me. If not, I will not forgive you!” (Fairies)

“You wants honey from the beginning don’t you? Well, I guess there is no fake dryad.” (Hisui)

“Since they are saying that it is better to spread them out, we should give the trees more space.” (Yu)

“No! Everyone will be crying because of lonely if you do that.”

Although it was rare to see the pure Hisui gets angry, there is no need to do it.


“Since Hisui said no, so I want you to keep the orchard as it is. Okay then I will lead them to the agricultural land.” (Yu)

“Alright, I understand.” (Hisui)

“My husband and I want to say sorry to the Dryad. Sorry. Sorry.” (Laurier)

“I will be troubled if you apologize so much. I am sorry, I am sorry, I don’t really care about it because I’m just a dryad.” (Hisui)

Isaiah and Laurier apologized to Hisui but it also surprised Yu at how many times they are saying sorry to each other. Yu finally stepped in and finally it ends up with each side saying sorry for one final time.


Yu finally brings Isaiah and Laurier to the agricultural land and Hisui with the fairies decided to come along. Momo who was sleeping on Yu’s hat woke up on the way and surprised by the number of fairies sitting on top of Yu’s shoulder and head. Hisui immediately caught Momo who was about to fall because of the shock.


“So, can you use this as an agricultural land?”

“I am surprised master. I can use it! The soil is also good! Don’t you think so?”

“Yeah, I can feel the power of the spirit in the soil, this is amazing!”

Isaiah and Laurier scoop the soil in their hand and smell it. For Isaiah and Laurier, they can feel the spirit of the earth which greatly affects the soil and crops.


“Husband, how do you plow such a vast land?”

“Hundreds of people… No, for this kind of grounds, we need to have thousands of worker.”

As if seeing the pleasure of raising the crops with their own hands on this land, their breath grown heavier as they look at the rich earth.


“Thousands of people…”

“Shiro plowed them.” (Yu)

“Oh yeah, she’s still eating the soil for the time being.” (Hisui)

“Shiro? Is it the name of a cow or a horse? For shiro to plow the land…”

 Because there are fairies flying around Isaiah and Laurier, when they are talking to Yu, they are worried that if they mishear him somewhere.


“Shiro, if you can hear me, come out.”


Not long after the earth rises in the distant ground. The earth seemed to be split open and a small mountain headed towards Yu with a tremendous momentum. The fairies are used to it but Isaiah and Laurier are only normal people.


A few meters before Yu, the ground split up and large amount of earth and sand scattered in the surrounding. Yu used his Barrier to block it.


When Shiro’s tentacle entangled with Yu’s body, Momo is striking it cutely. Momo was jealous but Shiro mistaking it as an invitation to play as Shiro used his tentacle to wrap Momo, Hisui and the other fairies. Soon Yu was lifted up high in the sky by Shiro as he looked at Isaiah and Laurier on the ground.

“This guy is Shiro.”

And they fainted.