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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 165 - Evil


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Even if someone had lived for many years in Comer city, they will gradually forget the existence of the underpass, more over an iron door inside. If the door was opened, it lead to Nina’s secret hideout. There were traces of blood in some places showing scene of recent fights.


In the room there was nothing else aside from a desk that was covered in dust however at the moment there was a strange object on top of it. It was a strange creature no matter how you look at it. The body length is about one meter, in its face doesn't have a nose, eyes or ears. Only a horizontal big mouth could be seen and its whole body was covered by air that was similar to a hedgehog that lived in the 【labyrinth of Golgo】.


The creature was standing there without making movement up until now, it suddenly started shaking its body left and right. The horizontal mouth was opening wide, and from inside, two person came out. One man was wearing a hooded robe and it was embroidered in purple. Just from his attire it can be said that he was an important person like an archbishop of a country. The other person that was coming out with him was a woman. She seemed like the maid of the man.


“It seems we’ve successfully arrive.”

“Where is this place?”

“This is the hideout of number 213.”

“We actually came from the holy kingdom’s church and arrived to Comer city which are separated by thousands of kilometers?”

“That is correct. This is an improved version of 「Benantosu」 which made of a pair male and female demon. Each of the mouth are connected to each other, that is why I placed it here in preparation. Fufufu.”

The man then spoke as if he was boasting and after that he changed his clothes, after taking out some clothes from his item bag. The maid then received his robe and helped him change into his clothes.


The man looked calm on the surface however after serving the man for many years, the maid noticed the killing intent that was leaking from the man.

“Durarando-san, do you really have to go in person?”

“Oh, this time it’s just to have a talk. Even though no one knows better than me what happened in the past. The suffering that I experiences, I need to put it away for now.”





“Here I go honoring the sacrifices of the fallen heroes.”

A sword then moved with a brilliant trajectory. Once, twice, the beautiful sword moves kept on moving around. It was an attractive sight of an elf girl doing a sword dance. Anyone who saw her immediately knew that the elf girl was actually one of the strongest person in Comer city, the 「sword dancer」 Claudia Baruringu.


“Ha! Ha!”

Claudia's voice had a lot of spirit in it. At the end of the sword dance, her long hair fluttering in the air as sweat running down her cheeks.


“How was it?”

Claudia winked to a man that was lying down in the shadow of a tree, it was Joseph. However, Joseph wasn’t looking at her at all which made Claudia's beautiful face cramped up.

“Ah! You’re not paying attention to my beautiful sword dance?”


“I am paying attention. As usual, it looks erotic.”

The one who answered wasn’t Joseph. It was a girl wearing a gothic black clothes sitting next to him. She had silver short hair and her body seems like it is still growing in various places. This girl was the 「magic sword princess」 Lara Tonbura. As evidence to this, the petite girl had a magic sword on her that was giving off an ominous feel.


“I don’t ask for your opinion. I’m asking from this stupid man!”

“Don’t be angry, it will only make your small chest go up and down.”

“Haa? Who’s chest are small? Mine are normal, average like the other elves.”

“That’s a lie. Edda’s chest are huge.”

(Tl note: Edda is the adventurer’s guild receptionist in case u forgot)

“Edda’s are abnormal! Don’t compare me with that abnormal elf!”

“Do you even dare to say that to Edda? Don’t get angry at me if yours are small.”

The two girls were quarrelling and it caused Joseph who has been taking a nap turned his body away sullenly.


“Joseph! Hear me out! Some people are even willing to pay money to see my sword dance!”

Claudia shouted out to him but Joseph's only reply for her was only a fart.


“Really? You’re the lowest!”

“Wow, a fart is a cute reply for Claudia.”


“You guys are too noisy. Also, don’t swing your swords around here. This is Yu’s mansion what if you damage the surroundings and flowers? I will really get angry at you.”

“Joseph, as an elf you know I won’t damage flowers.”

“Liar, just now it almost damaged it.”

“No, it was a lie.”

“Alright, stop you two or I’ll get angry!”

While Yu was not around, Joseph had been spending his spare time here in this mansion. Because of that soon Claudia and Lara followed him here and every time they were always quarrelling with each other. Joseph was just looking at it as if it was a nightmare but more importantly Joseph was longing for something here.


“No matter what, Joseph will marry with me one day.”

“Fufu, as if there is a reason for Joseph to marry the flat chested Claudia. What Joseph like is a plump woman. More importantly I also use a magic sword which is compatible with him. Our chemistry is good.”

Lara then tried to provoke Claudia as she pushed her own chest outwards. Lara was petite but her chest are developed well.

“Fl-fl-flat chested? It doesn’t matter! Joseph definitely won’t like someone like you. Even if Joseph uses magic sword, my spirit sword isn’t losing at all.”

“But I can get married whenever I want. Claudia don’t you have a problem about this?”

“Fufu, although I came from the elf’s royal family, but I, Claudia Baruringu can definitely get married!”

Even though Claudia was bragging, Joseph acted as if he is unrelated to it and resumed his nap.

Lara who saw that immediately lied down beside him which made Claudia frenzied when she saw it.


“What are you doing sleeping next to Joseph! I refuse this! Even I haven’t done that!”

“Oh, so finally you’re admitting that you’re jealous?”

“This…this…but still one day I will get married with Joseph. How can you do such lecherous act!”

“Married to him, you?”

Silently not far from them, Olivier Durarando watched the scene. Joseph, Claudia and Lara, although the three of them were powerful but they didn’t notice Durarando's approach. Not until he appeared in their line of sight.

“Not now. But I guess mother will be happy if I tell her.”

“Well, hello everyone.”

Claudia and Lara were surprised because Joseph suddenly held his Holy flame sword and Devil ice sword when he heard that.



The purpose of Joseph taking out his magic sword from the beginning was to intimidate the other party since he never saw him.


“Please, don’t do such thing. I’m actually a timid person. Please don’t give me such a scary face. Sorry for my late introduction, you may know me better as one of the 「order of the immortal」 thirteenth member, Nanashi.”


(Tl note: it seems the author confused something. It was clear that he said Olivier Durarando watching them but the person that showed up is called Nanashi.)


“This is the first time I have heard about someone like you. Furthermore, for someone from such evil organization, what business do you have with me?”


“Well, I originally came here to talk with Yu Sato and you but apparently Yu Sato is absent.”


When Yu’s name came out from his mouth, Joseph gripped the swords tighter.


“What is happening here? Did he offend you somehow Joseph?”

Claudia tried to stick her nose in but Joseph didn’t tell her anything.


“Oh, aren’t you princess Claudia Baruringu from the great Elf kingdom? Lara Tonbura who received the blessings of magic is also present. Why are you guys here? Ah, I see. You guys previously helped Joseph in the holy war.”


“Hey, what what what? How did you guys know me? Joseph, I’m sure this person is a stalker. He is stalking me. I’m so beautiful Joseph. I’m scared, please help me!’

Claudia at the moment was hugging Joseph’s arm while showing a surprised face. Despite of that, Joseph's swords were ready to be used anytime without being hindered by her. Usually Lara will have refuted and protested against Claudia’s words but at the moment she was putting her hands on her magic sword hilt.


“Please, calling me stalker is terrible. I know about all of you because I’ve been watching the holy war closely. Even so, Joseph has been weakened. Is it true that you received a curse when fighting the 「Demon Lord」 with the hero? I did-…”

Before Nanashi finished speaking, a powerful slash accompanied by fire and ice came from Joseph’s left and right hand.


“What? No way! How come you’re uninjured?”

Claudia raise a question as she saw Joseph used his swords to attack Nanashi but he was clearly uninjured and stood still as if nothing happened.


“Isn’t it normal that you listen to the end when someone is talking?”


“Sorry, my bad. I’m just someone that never listen to others. And I think I’ve seen you before. Your power is similar to someone I know, it’s like the unique skill of the 「hero of otogibanashi」, in other words a troublesome person.”


“The point is, Joseph, I want you to move away from Yu Sato.”


“Whoa, he’s my favorite guy.”


“We only need you to not protect him.”


“Isn’t it something that an evil cult will ask?”


“It’s not an evil cult. We’re the order of the immortals. We’re justice itself. Frankly if you’re around Yu Sato, it will be troublesome for you and me.”

Suddenly killing intent surged out from Joseph. It was as if a thirst for blood was swirling in the air with Joseph in the center.


“As I said before, you’re now weakened. You can’t protect him.”


“Oh, what did you say? As weakened as I am, I’m still strong.”


“Well, it’s just about a boy, why you keep on protecting him?”

The next second, the heavy killing intent disappeared from Joseph’s body.



Claudia screamed involuntarily because the moment she saw Joseph, he looked like a demon.


“Do you dare to say it again?”


“I dare to say it as many times as needed. It’s strange a strong person insisting to defend a boy, how-… “

Joseph attacks were already in front of Nanashi in the next second.


“Wow. You’re really someone that never hear others talk. However, this is the first time I experienced your sword. As expected of the renowned holy magic ice and flame sword, it’s even better than the rumor.”


In Joseph’s hand, the red and blue sword were firmly held. The magic sword 「holy flame」 and 「devil ice」 are treasures but what’s more important was his power that have unmatched strength.


“Leader, are you sure you don’t want to come out?”

Nanashi said that to a person that was standing behind him, without even looking back.


“Well, I’ve heard all of your conversation and it seems that we’re against the odds. Shall we return like this?”

Suddenly a woman with an umbrella appeared and staring at Nanashi. She wore a kimono, accompanied with golden hair, golden pupil, and nine pieces of tails on her back which made Claudia and Lara shocked.


“Who is she?”

“What kind of umbrella is that?”

“My attack… it was averted by that umbrella.”

Joseph can’t be convinced that his full power swing earlier accompanied with his magic sword were easily defended by an umbrella.


“it’s maybe just a bad luck! No one can stop Joseph's attack!”

Claudia seemed to be angry as she put her hand on her spirit sword hilt but Lara stopped her.


“What are you doing?”

“You will probably lose to her.”

“Probably but necessarily lose. I don’t believe I will lose to someone from the fox tribe!”

“She is not from the fox tribe… she is a demon.”


Hearing Lara’s word, Claudia once again look at the woman who’s been called leader. Contrary to her beautiful appearance, Claudia’s 「Magic eye」 can see enormous magical power that was hidden by her.


“We’re not here to fight. I just need you to cut yourself off from Yu Sato. Of course we’re not asking this for our self, there are some information for you.”




“Yes, Joseph, you have bad blood with the demons because you fight alongside the hero. Do you really know your enemy? Why trying so hard to protect a boy?”


“Who is my enemy?”


“In the far north east, it was a small demon village where the 「Pandora」 disaster occurred. It was far from the free nation of Hameln and the Daelim Empire is in the south of it. However, at time the force of Seven Swords won’t be able to stop it from expanding. Even now the Daelim empire and the rest of the Seven Swords which used to be led by you went against it head to head. Demons? three demon generals? demon lord? There is no limit to their evil power. This place won’t escape their evil intention and listen to me, I’m on the side of justice.”

Claudia and Lara were now looking at Joseph with anxious looks. Nanashi clearly knew about Joseph's past and that’s why sending a proposal that Joseph will truly consider.


“Sorry, which side of justice are you? Do you take me as a fool? Enemy? I will take care of it. Do you think that I will associate myself with shady people like you? I will defend myself!”

Nanashi smiled hearing Joseph's answer which he had expected before and because of that he was preparing to leave. Claudia and Lara soon looked at Joseph as if they were relieved.


“So, the answer is no? well, if you change your mind you can find me. Of course with your connections finding someone from the 「order of the immortal」 isn’t an issue. I’m just giving you a warning. At this rate, Yu Sato will die in ten, no, five years at most.”


“Just go!”


“Well, he will die sooner or later. I’m giving you a warning. Look closely at Yu Sato’s eye. I think you will have a pleasant surprise and maybe, the only person that can save him is me.”


After that Nanashi turned his body and walk away. The woman who was called leader earlier lowered her head once to look at Joseph then walked away followed by Nanashi. Soon the two disappeared from their sight.


“Whoa! That was scary! Lara, you’re scared too right? That killing intent was so heavy.” (Claudia)

“I’m still able to make a calm judgment. You’re so silly Claudia.” (Lara)

“What did you say?” (Claudia)

“Claudia!” (Joseph)

“what? Joseph, I was never scared at them.” (Claudia)

“I have a question. Do you know a disease that incurred the eye and can cause death?” (Joseph)

“Hmm… I know some eye sickness but not to the point that the patient will die.” (Claudia)

“…something about eye color.” (Joseph)

“What did you say? What about eye? Hey, where are you going?” (Claudia)



In a room at the house of Mussu, Joseph told him about the events that happened today. They wanted Joseph to back off from Yu’s side and to make it clear, Mussu also asked Claudia to tell her view of the story.


“So, the identity of the leader of the 「order of the immortal」 is actually a girl? A demon fox on top of that?”

“If not for her easily stopping a sword swing from Joseph, I also don’t want to believe it.”

“More importantly she has nine tails? A long time ago three countries are destroyed by a demon fox with seven or eight tailed demon fox. This 「order of the immortal」 leader…”


Mussu then threw a biscuit with cheese into his mouth. He enjoyed the salty taste and poured wine to add some acidity. Nungu on the side refilled wine to Mussu’s empty glass. It caused Joseph to swallowed his saliva because he made a vow not to drink unless he is at Yu’s place. At the moment Joseph was half-dead because of the temptation.


“Alright, you can go back.” (Mussu)

“Go back?” (Claudia)

“Yes, I will look further about this person called leader.” (Mussu)

“so we’re free to go?” (Joseph)

“Yes. Oh, can you describe the face of the demon fox?” (Mussu)

“She looked younger than me and just like a human. Most likely she has an unusual skill and about Yu’s pupil, it better ask Joseph directly.” (Claudia)

“You, noisy elf, let’s just go back now.” (Joseph)

After that outside the room there was a sound of someone falling down and then running away to somewhere. Mussu can only give a wry smile and Nungu also involuntarily smile.


“This person ability must be monstrous. She also came from the demon race which is really troublesome. Not to mention someone with the skill similar to the 「hero of Otogibanashi」. It is really troublesome. He mentioned that he was uninjured, is it a skill or is it something like 【nullifying damage】? Nanashi, we need to look into this person. However, what I’m more interested is their information about Yu. A sickness that happened along with the changes of his pupil color. Do you have any idea?”


“It’s a shame that I don’t know about a disease like this. I’m more concerned about Nanashi. If even the 「order of the immortal」 tried to separate Yu and Joseph, the holy church probably won’t remain silent. This is something that makes me worried.”


“Is it really something of outmost importance?”


“Do you remember that once before, someone told us to be careful to Nina?”


“Yes, I remember there is such thing.”


“You know my unique skill, 【clairvoyant】 don’t you?”


“Yes, I know. It was to foresee the future. What did you see this time?”


“I have say that we need to put up guards against her. I don’t know if this is done on her own will but the future is not good. It keeps on changing so the future isn’t set and there are some deviation. Long time ago, I saw Nina killed Yu in the future.”


“Nina killed you?”


“Don’t panic. After all this prediction was only a chance there was even a scene where I killed Yu… so I don’t want to assume things.”


“Alright. This skill of yours have some use and have warned me several times. Nungu warning this time, I’ll consider it.”

Mussu then saw Joseph's figure from his window while laughing. He then stretched the wine glass to Nungu and without wait he poured wine inside while a little bit trembling. Mussu's face at this moment seemed to turned bright red.