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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 164 - fear, ambition, and admiration

Chapter 164: fear, ambition, and admiration

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(author note: there will be cruel depiction.)


“Good morning~ everyone!”

“Urgh… Namari, can’t you lower your voice a bit?”


Namari is greeting everyone with an energetic voice but it was clearly too loud for Rubanofu that is a beastmen with sharp hearing. Mauno from the magic dwarf race pathetically murmured something as Rubanofu didn’t miss that too. Byarune from the fallen dwarf race is still sleeping, Mauno slowly wakes up as he and Rubanofu holding their head because they feel a little bit of headache.


“Mauno-dono, Rubanofu-dono, how are you feeling?”

“I think I drink too much sake.”


“Odono-san, what do you think?”


In front of Rubanofu, Yu is sitting with Namari beside him.


“Leave it to me. It’s just because we drink too much.”

Mauno then took an earthen gourd that is purchased from Victor which is used to hold the alcohol and break it on the ground to wake him up. It immediately break down and Namari even surprised with the sound as he pressed his head against Yu’s chest.


“Wake up, the king has come to talk with us. How can you show such an unsightly sight in the morning?”


“It’s fine. I can speak to you guys at other time, but the most important thing is don’t fight with each other. The truth is, I want to speak to you guys yesterday but you guys are drink. So I decided to talk to you today in the morning.”


If there’s something different today, that is the treatment that is given to Yu. the reason for that is Marifa that is standing behind him. Marifa has given some tutelage to the beast men group, although the fallen dwarf and the magic dwarf doesn’t know the detail but they can see the effectiveness.


The beastmen are becoming Yu’s foot and hand (servants) while they are also serving meals to him. Nina and Lena has been enjoying the meal carefree beside him but Yu is a little bit uncomfortable because of this new treatment, only Marifa paying attention to the surroundings with eyes as cold as ice.


“My king, Flavia is bringing you a cup of tea.”

It was a voice of a young girl; it was a beast girl from a cat race bringing a cup of tea in a tray. However, Marifa is faster than her as she takes the tray from her. The cat girl can only let out a stressed out “argh” but looking at her, there are bruises here and there; she is definitely one of the women that is disciplined by Marifa yesterday.


“Oh Flavia, you can leave and continue your job.”

Rubanofu tried to eliminates the air that suddenly becomes heavier by calling out to her.


“You, the dark elf! Don’t think that I’ve lost to you already! Remember, I’ll have my revenge!”

Flavia said that as she run away which makes Namari even stunned and admire her.


“You! It seems like I haven’t taught you enough lesson!” (Marifa)


“Back to the topic, have you guys done agriculture or farming?” (Yu)


“We never done it since we’re from the beast race always obtained food from hunting prey. The best we could do is collecting some nuts or mushrooms.” (Rubanofu)


“The magic dwarf group isn’t any different. Not to mention that the number of livestock that my king brought this time is… a lot.” (Mauno)


“I don’t think that our situation, is too much different either. The beast men, the fallen dwarf group, the magic dwarf group, we all have been living in a terrible environment. The problem with livestock is the price. We can only find some from a peddling merchant and the price is a total rip off.” (Rubanofu)


“So?” (Yu)


“Even if we want to, we can’t even afford to buy the livestock.” (Mauno)


“Alright, it’s decided then, we will buy some slaves when we return to Comer.” (Yu)


“My king, why do you need slaves?” (Rubanofu)


“You guys may hate humans for slavery but this is something that we can’t neglect. The beast men and the dwarves aren’t able to do agriculture, so we need more hands. How’s the fallen dwarf group lately?” (Yu)


“We’re grateful for the king. Some of the dwarf are pregnant and before we all live in fear, frightened and have to move everywhere. Right now we can raise our children in peace, it’s all thanks to the king.” (Byarune)


“Everyone should hear what Byarune said. We also need to think about future generation, our children. Right now the food is no longer enough to supply our whole population. Since the number keep on growing, we need a stable source of food and agriculture is the best choice. The south of the village has been developed by Hisui and Shiro in order to prevent hunger for now. At the east of the village, there will be plot to raise livestock and vineyards which is now being prepared by Russ and the undead. I also want to make a harbor and in the west of the mountain, I want to raise monsters.” (Yu)


“My king, why do you want to raise monsters?”


Boar soldier, demons, speedy rabbit, houdon deer, and low rank demon birds, they are all low rank monster. These are to be arbitrarily breeding. It is to teach our younger generation on how to hunt and fight. Rubanofu, the younger generation still need to learn how to hunt isn’t it?” (Yu)


 “As the king said, even if the younger generation can be taught on how to farm but still the beast instinct is to obtain food by hunting and we will always be beast race.” (Rubanofu)

Mauno nodded hearing Rubanofu explanation but in contrast Byarune is looking at him with cold eyes.


“The crystal to change jobs are also will be prepared soon. When it’s ready, I want you to meet Russ.”



It was uncontrollably that their replied was full of energy. After all they are so excited. They aren’t allowed to changes job since they can’t enter the guild hall. The dwarves are also exiled from the main dwarf race, all of them can’t enter villages or city to change their job. Some are lucky enough to enter but they don’t have money and gold to change their job. Because of that most of them is in the state where they don’t have any job or profession.


“Alright, I want you to keep on passing the book to the back. Each job information is written in the book so I want you guys to read and choose carefully before you change jobs. I also want you to pass this book to the demi human group that will come here a few days later.”


“The…demi human group?”

Mauno from the magic dwarf race doesn’t really have problem with this since they are also a mixed race from demon and can be called demi dwarf race. The fallen dwarf race of Byarune also doesn’t really mind about it. However, Rubanofu form the beast race had a blatantly unpleasant look.


“Rubanofu, what is it? Are you opposed to the demi human group migration?” (Yu)


“Eh? What happened? Why? No, the demi human group is strong!”

Breaking the silence, it was Namari loud voice asking to Rubanofu with a confused look.  It even surprised Momo that is sleeping inside Yu’s flight hat.


“Well, I couldn’t say that I hate them. It’s just that the demi human group sided with the demons in the second holy demon war. King, do you know about this?” (Rubanofu)


“Yes, I know about that. But you should know that they are different from those demi humans. The story about it, even the fairies who lived in the forest know about it. I just ask you guys not to brought the story up.” (Yu)


“Yes King.”

“Yes, my king… of course.” (Rubanofu)

Rubanofu was a little bit dissatisfied with Yu’s attitude and Marifa who noticed that directing a stabbing gaze at Rubanofu.


“Rubanofu, if there’s something that you want to say, or you need me to convince the beast race, you can tell me any time. Is the beast race questioning my decision now?” (Yu)


“Ah, no thank you. There is none of the beast race people that is dissatisfied with the king decision. Not even one.” (Rubanofu)

All of the beast race including Rubanofu is now sweating profusely. Rubanofu remembered again before it was too late. In front of him, Yu is only a boy in appearance only. That day, the light and dark of the beast race tribe that Rubanofu led is divided as he decided to pledge loyalty till death to Yu.




Rubanofu village is hidden deep within the forest but the human knights finally attacked his place. Although the beast race has better body’s ability and exceed the human but the knights is an opponent that has job.

Most of the beast race that is led by Rubanofu doesn’t have this merit and what happens next was clear. The beast tribe men are trying to fight back while the women and children being prioritized to escape the tragedy. However, by the next day the whole village has been surrounded and there is no chance of escape for Rubanofu and his tribe.


“Why are you doing this? At least, spare the women and children!”


“Shut up! Your existence is a sin in itself!”


One of the knights then kicked Rubanofu on his face and it caused one of his tooth fell off and flew in the air.


“What do you think you’re doing?”

The young beast men tried to pounce to the knights but it was stopped as they are cut down with a sword.


“Captain Nirungu, what do we do with this one?”


“This one, it will be a waste to bring him back as slaves, kill him!”

It was said by a mean who is wearing a conspicuously prominent armor among the knights. He looked at the beast race with a glare as if looking at a trash with such a contemptuous look.


“Wait, do whatever you want to me but please spare the children and women.”

Rubanofu shouted out but it only makes the knights who hear him show an ugly smile.


“Well, for the women after we have some ‘tasting’ we will sell them as slaves. As for the brats, ah that’s right! There are some gentlemen with strange hobby like dressing them up and I’m sure we can make them satisfied. Maybe some will be kept as pet or some will become fodder. Hahahaha!”

The beast people can only clench their fist and grit their teeth at the knight’s chagrin.

If they tried to run away, what awaits is death under a thousand cuts. There is also some corpse not far from them and figure of a beast women being played by the knights.

Contrast to the knight’s extreme ridicule and distorted rapture, the forest was silent.


“Oh, Odono-san seems like this dog person is dead.”

Suddenly a child voice can be heard stopping the knight’s laughter.


“Don’t call him a dog person. It’s beastman.”


“Oh, Odono-san, look this one is still a baby…it’s dead.”

The knights in the surrounding including the beast race they all listened to the intruder. Rubanofu even realized that the body belonged to the siblings that escaped yesterday.


“What happened? How?”

The knights couldn’t hide their confusion. In front of them there’s a group led by a young boy. Behind the boy there is an undead that is on the rank of elder lich and there’s even a figure of someone from the angel race.


“Tell me, who are you? And what do you want?”



That is the only reply that Yu give towards Nirungu’s question and stare. Yu is now looking at the beast men corpse that is now in a sorry state.


“How dare you!”

One of the knights is fed up and in rage seeing Yu’s attitude. He was about to swing down his sword but Russ make a swing using his staff to the side. It wasn’t that only single knight that was incapacitated but every knights body is covered in black thorns and brambles.


“What is this? The thorns are growing and getting tighter... guaa!”

“The black thorns is alive, it’s capturing us.”


“How dare you speak like that towards the master?” (Russ)


It was Russ fourth rank black magic, black thorns. It was raising thorns and roses that is restrain the movement and delved deep into the target flesh. In that instant, around 300 knights instantly covered in the black thorns.



“Why do you kill them?” (Yu)


“Do you know? I have served the Rorui house for generations if they-“


Hearing Nirungu words about serving the minister of finance Rorui Knox, Yu grabbed his ear as if he’s going to pluck it off.




“Is your ear here is only for decoration? I ask you why did you kill them?” (Yu)


“Aaaah, stop it, my ear will come off. Th-this is an order. Because they are a threat to the Houdon kingdom that I serve, so becau-“


Without even waiting for him to finish his words, Yu grabbed his ear and pull it hard until it was cut off from his head.


“GYAAAAA! Y-y-you, you! my ear is on fire! You tore it off!”


“Namari, go over there with Momo and Hisan. Also bring the children with you.” (Yu)



Whether it was because it was unexpected or something else, but Momo and Namari is trembling most likely because of fear.


“I said go.”


“I…Odono-san… I will go now.”

Momo then placed on top of Namari head and he is grabbing Hisan hand strongly which cause her to widen her eyes. The children of the beast men soon go away from that place following Namari’s lead.


“Russ, you should-“

“Don’t worry master, those that is in life-threatening situation is being treated now.”


Without even waiting for Yu to finish his words, Russ understand and already giving treatment to some of the beast race who had been seriously injured.


“Even if you do that, everything will turn out the same. Even if you save them now, they… aaaargh!”


Yu used the back of his fist to hit on Nirungu’s lower nose. The result however half of his face is now look distorted as he doesn’t understand what just happened and his eyes move around violently. Nirungu can see the knights in the area looking at him with fear and there should be something strange happening as Nirungu lost his consciousness.




“Yes master.”


Russ nod at Yu’s words and he is dragging another knight which some of his flesh has been plucked out by the black roses to the front of Yu.


“Guaaaa! Not me, help!”


“I believe those people said that they don’t want to die but you still kill them. Answer me why?”


“Wa-wait… we’re not the only one that hate the beast people, we- uargh!”

The knight’s head as if it was a pebble being thrown, it flew off from his body. Blood the spurted out from his body.



“Please, not me. Not me.”

“Why did you kill them?”

“Please spare me… I have a wife and child, I-”

The next second, another head has been crushed and the brain contents splattered everywhere. The remaining knights face went pale and dyed red by their companion blood.


“Please, my father can give you gold, I-“

“I’m a relatives of the Baron, I can-“

Grim fate awaits the knights. No one can answer Yu why did they kill the beast race. Only certain death waiting for them.


There are people that is trying to resist the black magic, black thorns. But the more they tried to resist the deeper the thorns dug into their flesh and eventually reach their bones.


Although some of them pass out because of severe pain but they waken up immediately by new severe pain.


The figure of the shining knights is now can only be called as pathetic. Every time the knight’s screamed and cry, it echoed in the forest. The beast race even covered their ears so they won’t be able to hear their miserable voice.


Only Russ silently staring at such a sight. Russ face is a skeletal face that doesn’t show emotions but his whole body is trembling with delight unmistakably.


After finishing ‘interviewing’ all the knights, he returned to Namari place. Namari shouted to him that he wanted to tame the beast race but without even saying anything Rubanofu and his tribe kneeled down and vowed loyalty to Yu.


The beast race only recognized the strong, but right now towards a little boy in front of them, the beast race also feel fear.


Russ that easily cast powerful magic, and Yu who is referred to as master, Rubanofu feared the boy and his companion.


Taking into consideration the massacre that Yu has done towards fellow humans, Rubanofu knows that if there’s a safe place left in Houdon kingdom it will be to follow Yu. because sooner or later, he will die if it goes on and he choose the best possibility that will let them survive even a little bit longer.


Rubanofu and his tribe followed Yu, but it wasn’t because of the chance of survival and submitting to the strongest. It was still fear that lingered the most.




“This is amazing…”

There is a room which is sealed inside a heavily decorated room. At this moment Mauno from the magic dwarf tribe has brought Wood to this place. This room was connected from the basement of the magic dwarf’s workshop. After they reach the place, they have been walking inside for several tens of minutes.


“Is there something interesting Wood?”

It was Mauno words that brings Wood mind from drifting.


“Yeah, this place is amazing. I never seen this even in my tribe.”


“Fuhaha. Of course. This room aside from the king, not even a dwarf from the magic dwarf tribe has seen this. This is to say that Wood has to put this a secret.”


Mauno than cast some spell and after that one by one the seal on the door is released. However, the pressure is overflowing even pushing Wood’s body several step backwards.


“This… is this the one that Yu defeated?”


“Yes, this is the corpse of the Dragon God Maguranarusu!”


What is hidden inside the room is a huge corpse that is chained to suppress the magic that is leaking from it. Even though it was dead, as if the body still leaking some mighty force from it as the chain is stretched to the limit and keep clanking as if it was screaming.

“Guwahaha! Behold! Its already dead and sealed! If not how can we put it in here.”


“Then, why did you bring me here?”


“Wood-dono, are you willing to cooperate with the dwarves from the magic dwarf race and brought hope for our king?”


“what do you mean?”


“I want you to work with me! We will make the strongest weapon! We will create the best armor! We are going to help our king in reaching his ambition!”


“The strongest weapon? The best armor?”


“Yes! This is all to thanks the king. See, we have so many materials here. The corpse of the dragon god Maguranarusu is in our hand. No one ever heard of equipment of this quality. Our king, Wood-dono know him best that he can pass us the best materials and ores to complete this equipment. With that, I want to create a history. We will create the best equipment in the dwarf’s history.”


“isn’t that stupid?”

“Wood-dono… what did u say?”


“I told you are stupid. Did u really think that whatever expensive material and ore Yu will be able to give it to you? The strongest weapon? The best armor? Don’t make me laugh! I forge Yu’s weapon and armor so far. Right now you are only talking about your own interest. Forging the best weapon and armor without thinking about whether Yu is willing to use it or not. Even if we want to do it, it will only add mountains of workload for Yu.”


When Wood is about to leave the room, Mauno’s laughter then can be heard.

“Hahaha… it is indeed exactly as Wood-dono said. I am only thinking about making weapons and equipment without considering anything else. I am sorry.”




“It is all because our king. I didn’t think that he need to spend extra effort to procure the materials. I was only thinking about my own and the magic dwarf race pride. It can be said that by doing that we’re not helping our king but only to fulfill our own ambition. Thinking again, am I even qualified to forge equipment for our king? Hahaha.”


Wood then crossed his arm across Mauno shoulder.

“Alright, don’t think about past matter. Now, we need to work together arms in arms. Now, if you want me to forgive you, treat me to drinks.”


“Haven’t you drink enough yesterday?”


“Ah, that kind of liquor is only like water!”




“Oji-chan, welcome back.”


“Alright, I’m finally back.”

Byarune returned to underground where the fallen dwarf race live. When he gets back, his granddaughter Pirika immediately jumped into his bosom.


“Oh Pirika, have you been a good girl?”


“Yeah, Pirika is a good girl.”


“Alright, what about everyone else? Have you all been a good girl?”


“Yes, we didn’t cause any trouble today.”


Aside from Pirika, there are a lot of small children from the fallen dwarf race. Seeing their figures, Byarune face loosen.

The children wear bracelet in their arms. If the fallen dwarf race adult has some resistant to the sun, the children have severe symptoms when they are exposed to the light. One time, Byarune’s granddaughter Pirika, almost died when she was bathed under the sun light for a long time. When it happens, Yu come to help Pirika.


The reason for this is because the fallen dwarf race is cursed. Because they are a descendant of the evil race, they have a hypersensitive reaction when they are exposed to the sunlight. Thus the fallen dwarf race has been suffering for a long time because of this. The bracelet that they wear have some function to increase the light resistance of the children and it even giving them treatment. Although the effect is small but it was steady and it wasn’t a mere dream that one day the fallen dwarf race will be able to walk freely under the sun.


“Alright then. Now grandfather still have something to do. I will play with you later.”


“I will wait for you.”


After Byarune break up with the children, he goes down from the second basement to the third basement. It was a room that is reinforced by Yu to be soundproof. The door was large and it was installed with triple locks. When Byarune enters the room, there are many poisonous plant, snakes, venomous insects and they are all been kept in a large number of boxes.


“Kanou, is the breeding successful?”


“we have to wait and see.”

Another dwarf from the fallen dwarf race is extracting some venom from a viper into a vial. This kind of viper actually have gone through extinction in the world.


“Well, this is still acceptable.”

The fallen dwarf has a good ability to produce goods and decorations but at the other side of the coins, they are and adept at poison. However, due to the constant threat and hiding in seclusion, they are not able to obtain necessary materials to show their worth. Now, their chance has appeared.


“How is it going?”

“Oh, Russ-dono, what bring you here?”

“I am just here to tell you that if there is anything more that you need don’t hesitate to tell me.”

“I believe one day the fallen dwarf race can be saved.”

“Alright, so how about the poison?”

“if it was applied to an arrow or a sword, after a few minutes even an ogre will fall to its effect.”

“So, are you able to turn the poison into powdery substance?”

Hearing the words of Russ, the fallen dwarves face grow tense.


“Well, we never tried such things. Isn’t the purpose of the poison being applied on the weapon?”


“So how is it? Is it possible to turn it into gas or dissolve it in water?”

“is it something that the king wants us to do?”

“You should know better that you can strive this day because of master. Such ungrateful dwarves and beast tribe, I think you’re different from them no?”

The beast tribe feared Yu and the magic dwarf race followed him for benefits. It can be said that only the fallen dwarf race followed them willingly because they are their savior. Even if they are about to throw their lives for him, they are willing.

“The fallen dwarf of course will do anything for the king.”

Byarune then give commands to the fallen dwarves in the room.

“Please conduct some experiment about the possibilities.”

After Russ satisfied hearing Byarune’s words, he left the laboratory.