Rebirth Online World

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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 016 - Leaving the Village!

“Stella. Is what you said the truth?”

“Yeah… I’m not a human being… I was tasked to observe Nina-chan and Yu.”

(TL note: oh no! What is this? I didn’t believe I translate it wrong but since the word was split with… It have a 5% of being wrong.)

Stella already had trouble breathing.

“Stella, please have a peace of mind. I will protect Yu. It’s only natural, because he is my friend.”

“Thank you… Nina-chan… Yu… you make… my life… worth it……”

Stella let out her last breath. Her face was smiling and calm. Nina couldn’t hold back her tears.

“Stella… rest.. in.. peace…”

8 hours later, Yu came back. He saw crying Nina and fell down on his knees after realizing that Stella wasn’t moving anymore.

“I… was too late…. No…. There’s still time…”

He couldn’t accept her death. Yu tried to make her drink the potion he made. It has dripped down from her mouth.

“Grandmother.. Please, drink… Please…”

There was no reply from Stella.


I applied heal on her body. I healed her using a much greater amount of mana than that usually required by a normal heal. However, there was no effect. Heal is a magic for restoring the received damage.

For the dead.. It was useless…

When his MP ran out, Yu sank down to his knees.

“Yu… Huhuhu….”

I didn’t realize that there was a stream of water coming out from my eyes.

After a while, Yu and Nina calmed down. They have discussed on what to do next.

“Let’s make a grave for her.” With her eyes still reddened, Nina said to the sitting Yu.

“Stella-san said that she was glad that she could spend her days with you.”

“She wasn’t suffering? Living with me.. Did she really say that?”

“Yu, she was smiling in the end.”

I looked at grandma’s face and realized.

“We will bury her tomorrow. Let me stay with her tonight.”


“I wonder what should I do now.”

“I’ll go to Comer city. There are lots of monsters there and I need to get used to male adventurers. It was also Stella’s request.”

“Please don’t go.. Without grandma.. Without you.. There is no reason for me to stay.”

“Of course you are coming with me. Aren’t we friends?”

That day I stayed at grandma Stella’s side without sleeping. In the morning I erected a grave for her.

“Grandmother, I’ll be leaving the village. When I come back I will bring you lots of souvenirs. I’ll even tell you about my journey. Please look after me.”

“Stella, please leave Yu to me. I’m also an adventurer, so there should be no problem.”

“Oh? Is that coming out from someone whom I train?”

“I’m older than you! Humph.”

She was pouting but it was just a joke. I bowed to her and said “Thank you.”.

I left as soon as possible. If I were to stay any longer I might have started grieving again. Honestly, I don’t know when I will return to this village.

We had to move through the village to reach the town. We met several villagers on the way.

“You guys, what’s with your appearances and luggage. Are you going to leave the village?”

The way villagers talked with Nina was different from when they talked to me. However, Nina’s expression was grim.

“Because grandma is dead, I have no reason to stay here anymore. You have been trying to kick me out anyway. So it’s benefitting both of us.”

“But, we are lacking adventurers. Only you and Sermat are left. And who is this grandma?”

I feel that something is weird. Was that sarcasm? He was the one that told me that grandma Stella overworked herself. Is he playing the fool?

(Tl note: here is our author grand ability: confusion.. Nina and the villager was talking then he put Yu inner monologue.)

“It’s grandma Stella!”


The expression of the villager turned strange.

“Yu, let’s go.”

I wanted to talk but Nina pulled my hand.

“Chief… How dare they leave us like that. Anyway, did any of you know Stella?”

“No.. It’s the first time I hear that name.”

(tl note: what is this? Confusion master author)
“Nina.. My aim is to be the strongest adventurer.”

“Don’t worry. With my power and yours combined, we can aim to be the strongest easily.”

“Oh? Where is that confidence coming from?”

Finally, after almost a year after I have arrived in this world, I left the village to become an adventurer.

(TL note: did we have that much time slip? Anyway the first arc of village is ended. Is it the end of the first book? Idk because I translated from the WN. The chapter was shorter but it took more time to translate thanks for the author confusion skill lol)