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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 153 - order of immortals vs Twelve generals of Carnage

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Dhorme and Lennart advanced towards each other by walking slowly. The distance between them was about two meters only.

“So do you think that you are invincible? That’s because all this time you’ve only fight with weaker enemy.”
Dhorme provoked Lennart while he was stroking his prided beard.

Lennart was from the demon race. His physique was no less than the giant race as he looked down on Dhorme with his height, he laughed.

“Don’t you just ran away from Jacob?”

“Who you’ve been fighting with? The holy kingdom? Now wonder, you’ve only played with the small fish.”

One after another Lennart and Dhorme tried to provoke each other. Their line of sight intersected and thirst for blood spread from the two. If ordinary human were to be placed in between them, they will be struck to death from fear. Watching the scene, Ivan was grinning with interest in his eyes.
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The two people as if it has been planned before, moved at the same time. The first thing they do is taking out their weapon, hammer and spear. Coincidentally previously Dhorme and Yu also clashed in similar scene.

The scarlet dragon hammer and Lennart spears collided as a thunderous roar resounded from both weapon. It was as if the clash of the two were trying to forcibly tear the space apart.

When Yu and Dhorme were in the same situation like this, Yu’s right arm bone couldn’t withstand the shock as his steel dragon hammer clashed with Dhorme’s. Yu’s arm bone almost sticking out from the inside. Lennart on the other hand looked just fine.

Dhorme then looked at Lennart, smiled and looked very delighted. However, Lennart expression grew further in anger. Between the demon race and dwarves, there was a physical ability differences, based on the racial traits alone. Seeing the small dwarf can compete with him in strength, Lennart pride as a demon was hurt greatly.

“A dwarf actually matched with me, a demon?”
“Hmm, the brat from before can’t take my attack but it seems you’re different.”

Lennart at that time was taken aback and Dhorme won’t miss such opportunity. He swung the scarlet dragon hammer horizontally trying to attack Lennart’s flank. But before the attack reached Lennart, it was interrupted by Ivan that has come to protect him.

“Dwarf old man, why don’t you play with me too.”

“Don’t interfere!”

Dhorme was trying to sweep both of the people at the same time but when his scarlet dragon hammer come contact with Ivan, as if the amount of fat and meat on his body absorbed the power as if it was hitting something elastic.

Dhorme was surprised and at the same time Ivan palm gently touches Dhorme’s chest.

Dhorme was vomiting blood as he receives a tremendous damage.

What Ivan just used is a 【martial arts】 skill, 《Valorous Strike》that was able to ignore defense and penetrate through Dhrome’s thousand years’ turtle armor. Dhorme felt as if something exploded inside of him and causing an internal damage.

“You’re only lucky before old man!”
Right now Lennart 【spear technique】was launched at Dhorme along with his superhuman strength.

Dhorme however was laughing in the middle of the incoming crisis. Using his strength, he kicked the ground and launched an attack towards Lennart incoming spear.
“《Howling Hammer》!”

The impact generated by the two can’t be compared with their previous clash as even Ivan was blown away because of the shock wave.

The ground was deformed as around the two of them, a huge crater was created. As the two shadow that was hidden by the dust come into sight, the sight was in contrast. One demon man with an expression full of anger and one dwarf with a fun and happy face. The only similarities are both of their body was in a bloody state.

“Old man really full of tricks. You can even block my attack this time!”

The attack that Lennart use is a seventh rank 【spear technique】, 《Gravity Strike》 on the other hand Dhorme is using a sixth rank 【hammer technique】, 《Howling hammer》. If Lennart have absolute confidence in his offensive power, Dhorme has absolute confidence in his own ability to outclass his opponent.

“This is fun. This is really a rare opportunity for me to use it twice a day.”

Dhorme then took out a silver dragon hammer and dual-wield it along with the scarlet dragon hammer. The scarlet dragon hammer on his right hand and purple steel silver dragon hammer on the left. Although each of it has a tremendous weight, Dhrome wield both of them with ease. While Dhorme casually warming up himself, the wind pressure hit Lennart face.

“Shall we help ourself?”
Jacob then asked Azerotte calmly as he took out a dagger. Azerotte then moved her index finger towards her chin and with a strange look asked.

“Why? Today I only come to have fun with grandpa after a long time.”

“But, aren’t you interested in facing the Twelve generals of Carnage?”
After he said that, lots of insects came out from underneath Jacob’s foot. There were many types and each one of them carrying deadly poison.

The swarm of insects came forward but was stopped by Azerotte’s 【Barrier】.

“It won’t be interesting if you didn’t come with your all.”

“Using my all?”

“Of course, I want to experience the true power of Twelve generals of Carnage.”

“Kekeke. Trying to fight Twelve generals of Carnage in full power? Here I come then.”

Jacob back’s once again swell up and this time a huge insects appeared one after another with each length was around three meters. It was a 「Giant Worm」 that usually spread out in A rank dungeon in the nation.

“This is a special kind of mutation of giant worm called the 「Poisonous worm」. Just by a touch of it, it was able to kill someone just because of the poison.”

Accompanying Jacob title as the poison master, the poisonous worm has taken lives of many. Jacob at this point is watching Azerotte, waiting for her moves. Even if it was a party of B rank adventurers, they might be annihilated by a single poisonous worm if they let their guard down.

“Please don’t forget me.”
At that time, sparks were created as Ivan joined both of his hand. He wore a knuckle that was made from stardust iron that is collected from the meteorites that was said to have fallen from the heaven.

His attack at that time was directed at Dhorme’s solar plexus but it was blocked by a wall of adamantium that is created by Dhorme’s 【Mineral manipulation】. If Ivan wasn’t able to get past that wall of adamantium it was impossible to damage Dhorme.

“Useless, you can’t even break past through my adamantium. Your attack is weak!”

Dhorme then determined to attack Ivan first as his hammer pounced towards him. I van was bracing himself for the impact as he took in a large amount of air and activated his unique skill【Steel Ball Body】. It was a skill that makes the body as hard as a steel but as elastic as a rubber. With his body, Ivan received the attack.

As the hammer come into contact, from Ivan’s body the sound of bones being crushed can be heard.

“You dare!”
Lennart at the same time launched an attack from behind

“【Spear technique】, 《Fury Storm》take this!”

It was an attack sent from behind but unexpected Dhorme still have time to rotate his body and at that moment as if a tornado occurred and Dhorme became the center of it, he spun in place. Although Lennart attack was disturbed but it still broke through the adamantium wall and managed to damage Dhorme. At that time, all three of them were wounded.

“That one hurts.”
Ivan then pounced towards Dhorme while using his leg to clear up the dust that was hovering in the air. He was using 【martial arts】 skill, 《Nine lotus canon》. It was an impressive attack that was allowing the user to hit nine vital points at the same time in successive strike.

Dhorme once again creating a wall made of adamantium to block the attack. However not long after a hole appeared on the wall and Ivan striked managed to pierce through.

“Hahaha, old man you should rest already.”
The nine fist attack coming in a barrage but Dhorme still holding on. The most important thing was that Dhorme lost sight on Lennart while he was handling Ivan.

“Looking for me old man? Here I come!”
Lennart unexpectedly was in the air and landed on the ground quickly, waiting to attack Dhorme. Lennart upper body bulged strangely as he twisted his body.

Under the round of attack from Ivan’s fist and Lennart’s spear, Dhorme body quickly piling up wound mercilessly. Ivan task was to chip away on Dhorme defense while Lennart focusing on dealing deadly hits. However, despite in such situation, the corner of Dhorme’s mouth was curved upwards.

“Just die already!”
Lennart at that time executes a【spear technique】, 《Demon Killer》 and it was aimed at Dhorme’s unguarded back.