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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 127 - Treasures

edited by ganjz

In Comer city adventurer’s guild second floor, only C rank or above adventurers can take quests from here. This group of people was the so-called veteran and geniuses. However, they were also dividing themselves into groups and there were a couple of blood thirst and competition among them. The atmosphere that created rivals can’t be evaded.

When Nina sat at a vacant table, immediately people were talking about her.

“I heard that she doesn’t have a clan.”
“Yeah, the situation has calmed down too.”
“I wonder if she will join a clan that wants to recruit her.”

Nina who was clanless at the moment has turned down many invitations from many clans. Among the adventurers in Comer city, Nina can be considered as young and has climbed up from D rank into C. because of she doesn’t have a clan, many clans wanted to recruit promising adventurers. Especially, Nina’s battle power was now comparable to the top C rank adventurer and she was growing everyday under Jozu tutelage. Some of the clan with broad connection already knew about this information and found out about Nina and Jozu relationship so they decide to watch further.


“…Nina, how is it going?” (Lena)
“It’s normal. However, I need to talk about something to Hisui-chan.” (Nina)
(TL note Hisui was the dyrad, previously I used Jade but like peach maintained as Momo so it’s remained Hisui)
“What is it?”(Marifa)
Before speaking, Nina was looked excited and took a deep breath to calm down.

“Hisui-chan, at first when we met, I remember that she doesn’t have a name. right now, she has a name, Hisui-chan. I wonder, who gave her that name? and sometimes she is wriggling joyfully? Isn’t it suspicious?” (Nina)

“…suspicious. The fairies were also eating some fruit and honey in a happy manner.” (Lena)

“Speaking of which, when I was playing with the black wolves, the fairies and Hisui sometimes averted my eyes.” (Marifa)

“See! I think Hisui-chan know where Yu is. If not, how can she act calm and happy like that.” (Nina)
“…the possibilities are high.” (Lena)
“But most likely she won’t tell us?” (Marifa)

Nina then took out something from her item bag with a self-confident face.

“Easy~ if you give this to her, I think Hisui-chan will tell us.”
From inside her item bag, Nina took out something and put it on the table. Lena and Marifa look at Nina arranging a spoon and fork on the table.

“…this is?” (Lena)
“Fufufu~ this is spoon and fork.” (Nina)
“Nina, we can tell that.” (Marifa)
“Ah, this is one of my treasure. The spoon and fork that Yu used. If Hisui-chan tell us, we can give this to her.” (Nina)
“Oh!… Genius… Nina is genius.” (Lena)
“This is not your treasure! This is our household property!” (Marifa)
“Aaa… Mari-chan, that’s my treasure.” (Nina)
Marifa took the spoon and fork without any delay and put it inside her item bag that was sewn into the maid uniform. Nina can only see the sight of her treasures taken away with watery eyes but she knew that Marifa has an iron will and won’t change.

“…then… I suggest we negotiate with this.” (Lena)
Lena then took out a piece of cloth from her item bag. It wasn’t something fancy but there was a sign that it was used one.
“Lena this is?” (Marifa)
“…my treasure.” (Lena)
“is this pantsu (underwears)? Where did you get this? Such things! Is this Yu’s? this is really a treasure.” (Nina)
At that time Marifa face was already turned like a demon. Her body was trembling, but it was because of anger.

“Lena! What is this? This is absolutely wrong. I definitely won’t tolerate this again in the future!”
Under Marifa continuous preaching, Lena even tremble and scared.

“…you are a tyrant. It’s my treasure, give it back.” (Lena)

“If you offend me any further then all of Lena future meal will be Pimasu only.”
Hearing Marifa declaration, Lena put up a despair look. Pimasu, it was a green vegetable similar to the green pepper and has a high nutrition contents but it was extremely bitter. It was a very unpopular food among children.

Due to Marifa ruthless statement, Lena has given up on protesting even though her pantsu treasure was taken.

“…Marifa is horrible.” (Lena)
“What? You’re calling me horrible? You’re the one who is horrible.” (Marifa)
After carefully folding the recovered pants, Marifa put it inside her item bag in the same way as earlier.

“So, what do we do now? I believe we just need to wait for master if master don’t want to tell his whereabouts to us. Shouldn’t we just preserve until then?” (Marifa)
“But, but, but, I want to meet Yu~” (Nina)
“…want to meet…” (Lena)
Nina expressing it along with her exaggerated body language and Lena only swaying left and right but saying it with intensified glare. Marifa can only sigh.
“I know that Mari-chan wants to meet with Yu too. You only- ouch! It hurts!”
Before Nina can complete her sentence, a hit has come.
“Look, what do we have here? Please don’t be so noisy. Aren’t you just promoted to C rank? There’s something called manners here. And that dark elf, you’re only D rank right? Here is the second floor only C rank adventurers are allowed.”

All of the people attention immediately turned to Nina and the girl. The one who hit her earlier was Tarim from the ‘crimson meteor’ clan. Seeing the situation, Nina stood up and gave a bow to Tarim.
“I’m sorry.”

Tarim who wanted to cause some trouble was amazed and can only glare at Nina while pressuring her.
“Even if you’re a young excellent adventurer, don’t get in over your head. Now, move to the another table in the corner.”

Nina then moved out and gave her seat to Tarim without retorting. Some people was looking over there and hoped for some development but seeing nothing happened they are disappointed. Some of the people were also now glaring at Tarim.

“What a cocky bastard… he thinks he can do whatever he wants.”
“stop that. Tarim belongs to the ‘crimson meteor’ clan so he acts like that. Meanwhile, Nina doesn’t have any backup.”
“That giant, he only has a big body. I wanted to hit him.”
“How dare he do that to Nina-chan?”
“Nina, is so patient.”
It was all said by Nina faction and some saw Marifa walking towards their direction.
“Marifa, where are you going?”
“Don’t follow me or I’ll not forgive you.”
At that moment Marifa looked at Nina faction fans with a killer look, it was as if she can eat a person whole.
“Alright, I won’t do that but Marifa please glare at me once more. Where are you going? Please look at me again.”
However, before he can speak more some of the Marifa faction dragged that man away.


Inside the Yu mansion, there were dozens of rooms. One of them was the room where Marifa was now in.
Marifa that usually didn’t show any emotion that was now singing and humming in joy. She walked towards her wardrobe and seemed to do something to unlock some trap mechanism. If someone wanted to open this wardrobe without unlocking the trap, in a few minutes later that person will only have left as bone. Even if this trap can be breached, there were many more layer of traps that had been installed.
“Nina and Lena has no way of seeing through this.”

At the bottom of the wardrobe, there was a separate compartment. Inside the separate compartment, there was now some spoon, fork, a bundle of hair, pants, and pajamas that was carefully stored.

“yeah, this is perfect.”
Marifa closed it again and reinstalled the trap.

If a thief comes in and looks at the tightly guarded wardrobe, he will expect an expensive treasure hidden. However, when he managed to disarm all the traps, he will still disappear from this world realizing the content of the stash. Indeed, Marifa was horrible.