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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 115 - Dragon race (event)

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(Author notes: there will be cruel description this time. Please take a note.)
More than 100 amount of corpses were now laid down in front of the 「Black Dragon」. It was unimaginable at how this was the result of only one 【Dragon magic】 spell casted by the black dragon. Only one spell could cause this level of devastation.

For the soldiers that were barely alive, one by one was picked up by the black dragon’s claw and thrown away towards the dungeon wall like a pebble. The soldiers average weight was around 90kg, if all equipment added, they will weight around 140kg, but all of that didn’t hinder the black dragon to casually pick them up and threw them away to the dungeon’s wall as if they were nothing. When their body came into contact with the dungeon wall, it even landed deep into the wall and causing red stains to flowed down from the cavities.

Then soldiers of the black pearl squad by now were the face of the black dragon had all prepared for their deaths.

The length of the black dragon itself was approximately 18 meters. Not something Peter and the small amount of soldier could face. After all, there has been many discussion among those who had been examining dragon for a long time and they reached many conclusions, one of them, the size and length of the dragon can also be said as the strength of the dragon. Not only the size of the body, nails and fangs can also be used as a reference to guess the dragon true power. Those who faced enough dragon can even judged their strength by looking into the dragon’s eye.

The length however further divided by their race. For normal 「Red Fire Dragon」, their adult size will be around 12-15 meters. Now, the black dragon size was already exceeding that. The black dragon’s scales that were colored jet back were attacked by arrows and magic earlier but it also didn’t come out and unscathed. Right now, many arrows were stuck on it’s rotten skin.

“Moruderon, that black dragon length is around 17-19 meters.”

“Connie, it isn’t hard to guess, his power is relevant to its size.”

“It seemed that it is stronger than we originally thought.”

just when they were talking, Connie heard a high pitched bell sound.

“What is that? My eardrum almost broke. The black dragon? Wait…”

“Wait what?”

“It’s not just the black dragon, the bell sound is coming from that kid.”

The bell mentioned by Connie is his unique skill, 【Warning bell】. Every time Connie was engaged in a battle with enemy that was stronger than him, a warning will come in the sound of a bell. Right now, inside Connie’s head, the sound of bell has been ringing loudly for a while.
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“I don’t know but it seems there is a chance that the boy can be on par with it.”
Connie usually guided parties to the dungeon but he never thought too much about them or even the party leader. However the real reason was because Connie never really admitted their strength. However this time he did so.

“He has survived without dying for one month inside the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon. I was surprised at first but there must be something about that boy.”

“But, do you know what’s more surprising?”

“no, I don’t know.”

“Look closer. Did you realized that the kid has walked trough the 「Rotting swamp」?”

“Eh? Are you sure?… that’s true, he really showed some signs that he walked through the rotting swamp.”

Connie saw Yu’s appearance and realized. In the bottom of Yu soles, there is a trace of purple sludge that was signifying the characteristic of the rotting swamp. Rotting swamp was a swamp that spreads across 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon on the 49F and the 48F. Toxic gas was being ejected from the swamp and in results, even the mud was colored in purple because of the poison. The poison was so potent that even in a few minutes someone will fall into victim if they didn’t do special measures to counter the effect. Also there were monsters that have high poison resistant lurking around the swamp and comes out to attack the poor victim that approaches the swamp.

It was one of the area that was usually avoided by the adventurers and they preferred to take a trip around the rotting swamp. Poor visibility and foothold, poison and monsters attack, it was one of the most dangerous place of the dungeon. There was even a time, a certain nobility blinded by pride lead an army to 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon and he tried to move through the rotting swamp. In the end, many adventurers who lived in the Houdon kingdom knew about the accident which killed them all including the noble.

The black dragon was now flapping its wings. Although there were holes everywhere on its wings, it was still causing a raging storm when the black dragon moved it. And when it was outstretched, the wings were extended up to 10 meters wide as the black dragon flap its wings towards Peter.

“Just flapping its wings is causing this much power? This level of air pressure is the same as a fourth rank 【Black magic】, 《Hurricane》.”

“Moruderon, look, the kid. The kid wasn’t even pushed back, in fact he is still moving towards the black dragon.”

“Just who is that kid?”

Peter was now clinging to the ground. If he didn’t do so, he will be blown away in the storm that was caused by the black dragon wings. Yu on the other hand moved through the raging storm without even batting an eye.

“Courageous one… who are you? You are able to move under my wings’ pressure.”

“I never knew a lizard could speak. Now come quickly and I’ll finish this.”

“Darkness… lights… The black fire to swallow my enemy. The white waves to sweep away the pain. Devourer of all, 《Las Thera》!”

Peter saw the 【Dragon magic】 that once massacred his soldiers was now focused in one place. That enormous magic was concentrated on Yu. Several hundred of light looming at Yu direction.

At that time, everyone will surely known what future was looming in fornt of the boy. However Yu quickly moved his left arm to the front. When Yu moved his arm, in front of him suddenly appeared pillars of iron from the ground and slowly but sure it continued to form a wall of iron to protect Yu from the light ray. Parts of the iron wall that came into contact with 《Las Thera》 rays of light immediately evaporated but as soon as it happened, another iron pillar came up to patch the hole.

“That is a fifth rank 【Black magic】, 《Iron Wall》! I couldn’t believe such a young boy can use a high ranked magic up to this extent.”

One of the soldiers led by Peter were startled seeing Yu using his magic and handling it excellently.

“Everyone should focus on recovery now. Potion and recovery magic, use them all for those who are still alive and fall back.”

“Yes sir, we’ll start treating those who are wounded. You listened the order. Don’t be afraid to run out of potion, use them until the very last drop.”
Under Peter’s instruction, the injured were gradually healed as they fall back. However when they were getting treated, the battle in front of their eyes were still happening.

“The power to devour! Corroded the will of my enemy, 《Acid Rain》!”

the black dragon used a third rank 【Black magic】 called 《Acid Rain》. It was a magic that caused acid to fall down from the sky and it was slowly falling towards Yu. Slowly but surely, the 《Acid Rain》 stuck into Yu’s 《Iron Wall》 and in less than a minute, all of his 《Iron Wall》 were covered in the acid substance. Without panic, Yu moved his left arm again in the same way as earlier. Wind gathered in front of him and in an instant, it was blasting around. The blast pushed back the 《Acid Rain》 back to the black dragon. Without long, the sound of the black dragon screaming could be heard.

“Gaaah… ha ha ha ha… good good good… Finally someone that could face me without fear and have a pride in their skill.”
There was no pain received by the black dragon because after all he was from undead family. The meat that was melted by the acid only rotted away as it cause some smoke.

“Your huge body is only for casting magic?”
At this point, Yu was already leaping and arrived under the black dragon. With both hands clasping the spirit sword in his hands, Yu swung down his sword. It was able to leave a big wound on the black dragon’s left shoulder. Even if the black dragon’s scale and flesh were tough, they were torn off by the sword without even a sigh of resistance. Only at this time, the black dragon really screamed. It was mainly because of his pride that has been hurt. Feeling the shame, the black dragon rampaged like crazy as his wings were also flapping around wildly. The wind generated caused the hemp bag that Yu was carrying earlier arrived in front of Connie.

“I think we should escape now. If he really able to defeat the dragon, he will come looking for this here.”
Connie speak with a wry smile as Moruderon nodded.

“Yeah, still this is the bag that belong to the kid right? Didn’t you hear something?”

“What are you talking?… yeah, I also think I heard something coming from there.”

The hemp bag that was laid down in front of Connie was the one that Yu put down before the battle. The size of the bag was 80 cm vertical and 30 cm horizontal and make a tube form. Previously Moruderon mentioned that he heard someone’s voice from inside. Of course it was possible since the bag is large enough to fit two small children inside.

“Is someone there? Is it? Can you help us? Can you?”
Suddenly there was a voice that was asking for help that can be heard from inside the bag. Hearing that, Connie slowly opened the bag and he was at a loss for words when he look at the content.

Inside of it, there are two figures. However both of them has lost all of their limbs, only their head and upper body remained. Goria’s eyes were even damaged and almost fall out from its place. The other one, the spy’s leader seemed to be in a worst state as he looked like has lost his sanity. He keep on muttering, “I already tell you what I know” over and over again like a broken tape recorder.

Why they are in this state, Connie couldn’t understand even a thing.

“Are you still alive?”

“Me? I am from the order of the immortal. Do you think I can die? Hahaha… I am immortal. Hahaha, where is that kid? Where is that kid? Hahaha.. I will make sure he will pay it back.. I want to kill him!”
the more he talk, the more Goria screaming becomes frantic. Even Connie who has many experience as an adventurer never saw someone in this kind of state as his sweat was falling down.
With trembling hands, Connie used his fire dragon fang dagger and cut down the bag. However Goria didn’t even give him a words of gratitude.

“Ahahaha, good. Good! Now, shall I reward you by killing you?”
Connie seemed as if he will go crazy if he listened to Goria’s words any longer and with the dagger still in his hand, Connie was about to swung it down.

“Connie, it is better if you put away your dagger first.”

At that time, Connie couldn’t understand why Moruderon came and asked him to do that. But he soon realized. In front of Connie, there was a small fairy floating in the air. Connie who became aware of her existence was surprised.

Connie was a B rank adventurer and his main job was as a 『Scout』. He had better perceive than anyone and he was aware of his surrounding to prevent something bad from happening. Seeing Momo in front of him, it was as if his confidence was taken down.

Momo then look at Goria and Connie alternately. The flap of Momo wings are buzzing and not long after, a warning bell sound could be heard.