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Chapter 114 - Dragon race (prequel)

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“Block the attack!”
A man with a glittering attire was issuing a command. Some men clothed in the same armor and holding their shields were shouting while organizing their defense. They were currently trying to block the ramming of 「Rhinoceros zombie」. The attack met the wall of shield but the results was the men being blown away backwards.

The undead monster mentioned was living in 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon from the 50F to the 54F. The weight of the rhinoceros was almost forty times of a normal human. Taking that into consideration there was no way to stop its charge. The man who was in the front when blocking the attack, had his armor bent and in turn it, penetrated his own body when the Rhinoceros zombie charged. However the rest of the army tried their best to attack the Rhinoceros zombie that was now within their encirclement.

“What is this? It’s instant death. The victim… 46? no 47 people? Peter, how many is fallen?”

“Connie, have 53 people became victims.”

“The pearl river squad was only some cannon fodder. If it wasn’t for me and Connie, you won’t make it this far. Why were you called the pearl river squad in the first place?”
The man who was saying that was an elves that is called Moruderon and was in a party with Connie. They were hired by the finance minister, Ivory. Right now they are accompanying Peter to do a mission from the finance minister.

“Even if we have tried hard to take you through the safe route, if we’re not here at the 48F or even 49F your party will be wiped out. Only because me and Connie are present that you can make it here to the 51F with this damage. We even took some shortcuts. Peter, you already given a knighthood but your skill is lacking if it’s compared to me and Connie that are only B rank adventurer. Won’t you be ashamed to the knighthood rank you have?”

“Watch what you are saying. You are hired by Ivory-sama. Your role was to follow my command with full obedience.”

Connie and Moruderon actually reluctant to follow Peter’s words but after all they are hired by Ivory-sama. They still need to follow their contract while didn’t hide their discomfort.

“You two stop bickering right now and help dismantle the rhinoceros zombie.”

“ Our duty here was only to guide you, the pearl river squad to hunt the 「Black Dragon」. Why don’t you show us later how your squad will defeat the black dragon when we find it?”
Connie said that as he spit on the ground and saw the state of the soldiers. The soldiers had defeated a superb rhinoceros zombie and now were stripping the materials and magic ball from it.

It’s been ten days since Peter entered 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon with Connie as his guide. Originally he brought 300 people which thus reduced to 247 people on the way. If it wasn’t for Connie help, it wasn’t possible to reach the 51F in ten days and lose that little number.

“Moruderon-san, at any time you can start.”

“All right, now pearl river squad, be prepare I’ll try to search for the black dragon.”

The soldiers that were led by Peter were originally mercenaries and adventurers that were also taking the job because of the money. Their equipment were given to them by the enormous financial power of Ivory, the finance minister. Of course because of that, the skill, quality and equipment has been optimized for clearing the 「Enrio of kusakai」 dungeon. The cause for this operation was because a piece of information that was brought back by an adventurer after he dived the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon. There was a dragon sighted inside the dungeon. When the adventurer confirmed that it is indeed a dragon and a black dragon to boot, the report that was relayed to the guild become a massive uproar.

Dragons. The pride of wearing an equipment made from dragon material was some sort of status for adventurers and mercenaries. For nobles, the seal made from dragon’s nail and fangs, decorations from dragon’s eyes and scales, even clothes made from dragon’s leather was a symbol of status, power, and wealth. If it was wore on public events, one can guess how much pressure and aura it could give to those who see it.

Right now, Peter was going to hunt one of the dragon race, a subspecies black dragon. Dragon’s race are varied but the subspecies were rare. Such as 「White silver dragon」, 「Red fire dragon」, they are rarely sighted. Right now, the black dragon that Ivory has set his eyes on was one of the most valuable monster on the dungeon.

“It’s sick to work for these trash.”

“Just leave them alone. Our job is only to guide them anyway and we’ll get our gold.”

“Connie, do you think they can win? I mean do we have to stay when they face black dragon?”

“I don’t think it will be possible for them to defeat the black dragon. They will be wiped out definitely. Anyway that’s not our problem. We will never throw away our lives for something stupid that our finance ministers told us to.”
Connie replied to Moruderon calmly while carefully checking with his 【Awareness】.

Although there are much more powerful monster, 「Enrio of Kusakai」 after all is only a B rank dungeon. Over 30F there was no monster with numbers higher than six per encounter so the search was progressing smoothly.

“Connie, Stop! I can heard something, there’s also disturbance in the wind.”
Connie 【Awareness】 didn’t catch anything but he trusted Moruderon that has been staying with him for a long time in a party. Because of that, he also sent a signal to the soldiers behind them.

After a few minutes, loud roar could be heard from their front coming towards their direction. The identity of the roar couldn’t be mistaken. It was something caused by 《Dragon’s Cry》.

“The dragon is coming! It’s a Black Dragon!”

“Kuh… this rotten smell must have come from that black dragon.”
some of the soldiers hold their nose because of the odor. 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon is originally a dungeon that have a lot of undead monster inside it. However the odor in the air never as bad as this which even makes some of the soldiers to feel paralyzed. Also the wind caused by the flapping wings of the black dragon sent the rotten smell faster towards the soldier’s nose.

“Don’t panic! Proceed as planned. We have a plan to face this black dragon! Vanguards, hold your shield! Rearguards, cast some 【Barrier】 and 《magic resistance》 spell.”
Under Peter’s instruction, the soldiers that were once panicking when the black dragon emerged regained their composure.

At this point, the black undead dragon was in full view.

“There are some skin and scales that is out of the place. Try to hit this point using your sword. If not, try to use magic and use every opportunity you get. If we splendidly subdue the black dragon, you will get enormous amount of heroism and respect!”
The soldier replied to Peter shout with their own arrows and magic that were directed towards the black dragon. The number was enormous as if it was raining magic and arrows. The arrows and magic were hitting their target where the black dragon flesh was visible one after another.


“We can defeat it! It is definitely effective!”

Due to the roar of the black dragon, everyone thought that it was indeed possible to defeat it.

“Do you think they will be able to defeat it?”

“Connie, what nonsense are you saying? Quickly prepare your teleport stone. We need to be ready to escape anytime.”

in their hands, Connie and Moruderon already clenching their teleport stone.

The black dragon chest was now ballooned.

“Watch out! A breath attack is coming!”
Seeing the black dragon chest swelled, the soldiers attention was now highly focusing on preparation to take the breath attack. Vanguard and rearguards position all casted their skill such as 《Stone wall》 and 【barrier】.

“Fool…. Foolish human… you actually tried to defeat me? Hokori, the black dragon of darkness?”
That black dragon actually was speaking in human language. When Peter heard that, his heart stopped a beat and sweats flowed down from his forehead.

“This dragon, it’s actually has the wisdom to speak human language.”

“Darkness… lights… The black fire to swallow my enemy. The white waves to swept away the pain. Devourer of all, 《Las Thera》!”

“It’s 【Dragon magic】! Everyone dodges! Fall back, don’t try to defend!”

Some screams could be heard here and there as the 【Dragon magic】 《Las Thera》 was shot out by the black dragon. Hundreds of light beam with tremendous amount of heat pierced through the soldiers like a laser. Peter’s order to fall back was a little bit late.

Out of the 247 soldiers, the effect of the magic shot by the black dragon is as followed. 104 soldiers instant killed by the heat light. 93 in a critical condition such as missing arms and legs. The other 50 are able to survive with minor wounds but unable to move.

“Moruderon, what to do? Shall we escape now?”

“I think we’re safe for now because the magic that dragon used before isn’t directed at us.”

“Even so, what can we do in the middle of this mess? We’re like ants trying to face the dragon.”

“Really, this job is getting more troublesome. I won’t take any other work from the minister of finance anymore.”

“Ah, what is this? Did you hear that? Someone is coming here. Connie, someone is approaching.”

“There is someone brave enough to come under this situation? Is that person an idiot?”

Connie that had been hiding behind a rock then tried to tilt his face to look around.

The black dragon was trampling on the soldiers body that had became a corpse. Cry, scream, tears, hatred, all can be seen everywhere. Towards the black dragon that is surrounded by sea of soldiers corpse, a boy who is walking limply and dragging a hemp bags could be seen.

“It’s that kid from that time! Unbelievable! Moruderon, that brat is still alive!”

“Ah, that kid that we met at the entrance one month before?”

“Yes, there is no mistake! My God!”

Yu was putting down his item bag and it cause some heavy sound. The black dragon then glared at the sudden intruder. From it’s rotten eye, it creates a look of mockery.

“You see what I am capable of… yet you still come. Are you looking for death? Hahaha.”

“Are you going to talk or fight? Ah, your rotten body is already dead anyway.”
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