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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 112 - Thunder witch

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If you go along the road that was splitting from the Comer city, it will take you to a secluded path and not far, a large mansion could be seen. The mansion itself possessed a beautiful garden with size that is not losing to the grandeur of the mansion. The plants and flower in the garden are well tended, it was, until recently.

Right now… the precious herbs in the garden weren’t in a harvested state. The trees that used to grow on the fences now had grown uncontrollably and the outer wall of the mansion was now already surrounded by the herbs and various plants. It’s even started to grow outside of the mansion area.

In the garden that almost turned into a forest now, a 「black wolf 」 was munching on it’s breakfast. As it finished, it rubbed itself on the ground and laid on its back. It was laying down as it sleep and slovenly showed its belly. Not long after, a 「fairy 」 who finished her breakfast came and laid down on top of its belly. The fairy has also finished her breakfast which was honey from the 「Giant bee」 that had became the fairies’ friend.

“What did you say? I didn’t hear it.” (fairy)

“I had been saying that Momo-chan is okay.” (dryad)
A fairy was replying while licking honey from the 「dryad」 fingers that were still dripping some of it.

“I already know about that!” (fairy)

“Eh? Is that so? Oh, Yu-san… hehehehe.” (drayd)

“What a frivolous laughing.” (fairy)
Seeing the fairy who was grinning from ear to ear the dryad involuntarily said that.

“You know… Yu san is… hehehehe.” (Dryad)

“Why I get a bad feeling from it? Say it clearly!” (fairy)

“You know lemon? Momo-said that Yu-san has kept thinking of me and saying my name.” (dryad)

In response to Dryad’s own words, her cheeks is now dyed red as the air temperature dropped.
Right now, the fairies around were staring at the dryad and the fairy that were talking earlier. The dryad realized it and looked around at the fairies that wore a weird expression.

“I’m just saying, eh what happened? Why everyone face is so scary?” (dryad)

The fairies around were floating around the dryad in silence. Gradually they were narrowing their eyes. The black wolf that was present felt a crisis was coming from its instinct and immediately ran away from the scene.

“Ah, I’m sorry!” (Dryad)

Later that day, there was a farmer that was heading to the nearby area to do his job. However when he walked past the secluded path, there was a very unusual cry that he doesn’t know coming from the dryad screamed while being mobbed by the fairies which were pulling on her hair. As he looked towards the mansion that was looked like a haunted house now, he knew that the scream was coming from there. Raising his own scream, the farmer hurriedly left the place in fear and frightened.

“It’s been noisy.” (Marifa)

“….it’s still early in the morning yet so noisy.” (Lena)

“How is Nina condition?” (Marifa)

“… she’s doing better.” (Lena)

It was different than the bustling living room on meal time when Yu was still around. Right now only Lena and Marifa quietly taking their breakfast.

“….I’m going out today.” (Lena)

“Ah, alright. Will you be coming back at dinner? Do you want me to pack up lunch?”(Marifa)

“….sandwich is good.”(Lena)


Recently, Lena condition had been calming down faster than Nina. After that Lena also had been going out of the mansion everyday and came back late at night. Lena that had received her bento from Marifa flew away to wherever she wish riding to on her broom. Marifa saw Lena off and resumed her duty. She cleaned the house, attended some matters and finally prepared to go to a dungeon.

Marifa walked to the gate. She remembered that when she wanted to go to a dungeon a few days before, Coro was always coming with Sukke and waiting for her at the gate. As she walked, her steps were stopped.

“Do… you want to go with me..?”
In front of the gate, a little thinned and lean Coro coeld be seen. He was barking towards Marifa cheerfully. When Marifa saw that, her eyes became blurred. She took out a handkerchief and returned to her usual expressionless face.

“Coro, please know that I will be stricter than usual in order to punish your behavior lately.”

In contrary to the strict words, a hidden joy can be felt from the tone.


Houdon kingdom capital had several dungeon around it. The A rank dungeon 「Devil’s prison」 , C rank dungeon 「Mining fort」, there were also three D rank dungeon with 「Barurotte Garden」 becoming one of it. Until this day, there were still a lot of D to E rank adventurers that used to enter the 「Barurotte Garden」 D rank dungeon. They were currently discussing their strategy within their party.

“Please remember that the 「Flame shooter mushroom」 will release its skill depending on the situation.”

“I know. When it release it’s pollen, we can’t approach it carelessly.”

“Certainly Bosch, this is a warning for you.”

“Ah, couldn’t I just shove away the pollen using my ax? Hahaha.”

“By the way, do you guys know of the rumor? Yesterday when I was in the city, something big happened in the other D rank dungeon 「Beast Paradise」 and 「Living Cemetery」.”
Samantha heard this rumor when she was drinking in the tavern.

“Ah, I heard it too. A person was sighted coming out of it alone right? Her job is a 『witch』 right?”

“Are you lying right now?” (Bosch)

“No, I’m not!”

“Idiot, listen to me first. Someone that saw her in the 「Beast Paradise」 said he heard rumbling thunder sound coming out from the dungeon, and when he search for the sound source he saw her.”

“What did he see?”

“A massacre. A herd of 「Storm Tiger」 were massacred. Only that witch figure can be seen flying on her broom.”

A soon as Samantha finished speaking, Bosch was laughing hard.

“Gyahahahaha! How could you guys believe in such a lie!”

“I am not telling a lie!”

“Oh, a witch coming and then what is her appearance again?”

“She… is riding a broom…”

“Ah, is that so?”

“yes, and fly using… her broom.”

When Bosch companion realized how seemingly it to be a lie, Bosch is laughing again. The other members face were red of embarrassed and angry.

“Bosch, stop laughing!”

“No, no, I can understand Bosch’s opinion a bit. Handling storm tiger alone, what’s more that person is a witch riding a broom with thunder magic. Doesn’t it seemed to be unreal? From the first statement saying that she entered the D rank dungeon alone, a rear position like a witch won’t be able to do it solo. Even if she is from a higher rank, don’t you still think that it’s impossible?”

“No, that wasn’t a lie! Then, how do you explain this? The next day on the 「Living Cemetery」 dungeon, someone saw that witch again. She was defeating 「hungry hound」 and 「Bone knight」 easily. And that person was using thunder magic again.”

“Let’s just stop this argument here and enter the dungeon shall we?”
Bosch then shrug off the others and walked towards the dungeon entrance. However before he enters, someone was tapping on his shoulder.

“You’re disturbing me…”

“Oh, who is that? A witch?”

Bosch saw Lena behind him riding a broom and looked down on him from the air. The face of Bosch friends that were starting to laugh at the rumor are all becoming blue.

“See! The rumor is true!”

“Wait… are you an adventurer?”

Lena in silence take out her guild card from the item bag.

[this girl guild card is colored silver. She is a C rank?] – Bosch

“… now can you move?”

“Oh, it’s not your decision whether I am staying or not. We don’t even know if that guild card is real.”

“Bosch, I was afraid at first. However it’s turn out to be a little girl.”

“yes, Hahaha.”

after hearing that, Bosch was laughing and all the other men also followed after, after realizing the rumor was too exaggerated.

“I was expecting a scary looking figure but it turned out to be a little girl? She is the witch?”

“Gyahaha, stop talking. I feel that I will die because of laughing too much.”

At this point, Bosch and his party members were already looking down on Lena.


“hahaha… ugh!”

Not long after, Bosch fainted under Lena’s thunder magic. The others were also facing the same calamity. Because of the events today, there was a warning for D and E rank adventurers near the Houdon kingdom capital. If you see a little girl with a broom in one hand and turned out to be a witch, please do not approached her under any circumstances.