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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 110 - Strange Party

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D rank 「Golgo dungeon」 was having business as usual. There were adventurers recruiting for party members near the entrance. There were also merchants that were selling supplies for those who forgetten to buy it in town.

“Today we will try to go to the 20F.”

“Are you serious? I’m going to quit. Trying to go to the 20F is like a suicide.”

“What are you saying?”

“Let’s stop here. I’m also worried.”

There are some adventurers that were quarreling in front of the dungeon entrance. There were many parties like this that doesn’t have a similar goal and later broke up.

“If you’re not confident then go home.”

At that time, a painful remark was delivered by a girl that moved past them. Of course female adventurers were small in numbers so the sight of the girl caused the adventurers nearby to look at her.

It was a girl dressed in a maid uniform. On top of the maid uniform there were no armor could be seen and nothing conspicuous, can it be a maid adventurer?

“What? Whoa?”

“Don’t you know who she is? It’s Mari-chan!”


Comer city’s male adventurers for a while had been creating some new faction. Lalit was the leader of Nina faction which possessed the chest of supreme magnitude. Marifa faction was led by Siam and Lena loli faction was lead by Muga and kept saying loli was absolute justice. No mater what, they were one of the best looking female adventurers around.
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On the guild side, there was Collet faction that was full of youth energy, Edda onee-san faction with uncertain age, and also Barbara faction with dynamite body. There were many changes recently. If people can say, it must be a new era of war. Many male adventurer were willingly sacrificing themselves for these beauties. However it was a different story setting.

“Mari-chan, where are Nina-chan and Lena-chan? Are you going to enter alone, where are the wolves? Is it really possible to do it alone?”

Everyone else knew that usually she went with Yu and right now seeing her alone, they were anxious. However rather than worried, most also have ulterior motives in this kind of situation to get close and take advantage of her.

“I’m entering. Excuse me.”
Marifa with a short curt reply without even looking at them entered the dungeon.

“Mari-chan, wait.”

“isn’t it Joseph?”

not long after, Joseph was chasing after Marifa. It was an uproar for someone like Joseph to roam in D rank dungeon.

“Do you have to followed me around? You’re an eyesore.”
Marifa was saying that to Joseph that was watching quietly from behind. She even didn’t care and use harsh words on him.

“It’s because I have make a promise with Yu.”


when Yu name was mentioned, Marifa couldn’t say anything else.

Marifa’s arrow along with the splitting wind sound was struck through 「Salamander」 vital points. After that she pulled out the arrow from the Salamander and neatly gathered the materials. It’s been two hours and she has reached the 4F.

“Ojou-chan, your first job is probably 『Beast tamer』 and your second job is 『insect master』. How can someone like you who isn’t even able to close combat is doing this alone?”

“What do you care?”

1 week after the fight with Goria, finally Marifa was able to get out from the bed. Coro on the other hand couldn’t get past his shock after knowing that Sukke passed away.
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After taking care of the mansion, Marifa was entering the dungeon alone every day. However it wasn’t an easy journey as she has encountered continuous struggle. In particular, when she was facing 「Golem」, her insect was useless and she had to tried her best defeating it using a combination of her bow attack and magic. By the time she reached the 9F, she was exhausted and her whole body maid uniform has been damp from sweat.

“Ah, I made it.”

Marifa with heavy breath return to the road where she came from.

[two days ago, it was the 7F. Yesterday I reached the 8F. I’ve been advancing but the progress was so small… I wonder if I will die if this continue.] – Marifa


However a 「poison grizzly」 could be seen. Marifa prepared her bow and with first rank 【spirit magic】, 《fire arrow》 delivered an accurate shot to its heart and cause it to stop.

“Mari-chan, is Nina-can alright?”

“She is still crying everyday in master’s room. Lena was also by her side.”

“This is irresponsible. Just where did he go?”

“Don’t you know where my master is going?”

“Yu only told me to protect you girls.”
“If that’s the case you can’t tell me what I can do or not.”

Hearing Marifa words, Joseph could only opened his mouth saying anything. Joseph knew Marifa was the weakest out of them. Nina right now could only talk a little. Lena on the other hand was in much worst state and could only say one or two words or even stay in silence without answering. Joseph could clearly see how much the girls cares for Yu. Marifa on the other hand tried to hide it in.

“Come to think of it, he comes from Resser village, maybe he’s there?”
Joseph tried to talk to Marifa using some clue that he learned from Mussu. However the answer.

“My master isn’t born there so it’s just another place where he stayed.”

Marifa i\was able to replied without showing much emotion or pain. Her reaction resulting in Joseph giving a bitter smile and had a change of attitude. However Marifa started to respond to his question.

Since the discussion was now focused on Yu, she has been replying from time to time. Starting from the first time Yu come to the Comer city Adventurers guild, participating in a rookie quest that turned out to be 「goblin king」 subjugation. Marifa showed some reaction when Joseph told her the story.

“Speaking of which, ojou-chan also has a scar on the eyes and neck, I heard Yu healed it?”
Joseph seemed to not know the real extent of Marifa injury.

“Yes, somehow.”

“So,why is there still some scar remained ?”

at that words, Marifa stopped moving and look at Joseph.

“Maybe you don’t know but originally my condition was incurable.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know if you asked master or not. But this sickness was supposed to be incurable.”

“but, there’s only a small scar right now. Was it worst before ojou-chan?”

“My village was attacked by a flock of 「large tussock moth」. Only the female was affected by the poison but it was incurable. Detoxification spell, medication herbs, even some high rank magic wasn’t able to cure it. One by one they all passed away. Have you heard of any cure.”

“No, I never heard something like that.”

“I was already preparing to die since my parents and family all has left me alone.”

“But, if herbs and magic isn’t effective, how can Yu?”

“Master said he is holding back the effect for now. I’m sure he will be able to heal me completely one day. Therefore I also need to be stronger.”

“So, don’t tell me you’re going to proceed to the boss room?”

“Will I lose to a gorilla?”

After that Marifa showed a slight smile and returned to her usual expressionless expression. Only Joseph indignant cries could be heard echoing in the dungeon.