Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 011 - Hunting Bandits ①

Ah… I didn’t get the chance to deprive them. Because when they are already dead, then my skill won’t work. Nina asks me:

“Don’t you feel anything wrong? You just killed two people.”

“No. They tried to kill me and I killed them instead. It’s that simple.”

That’s right. In my eyes, the value of life was already lost.

“Nina, later on I’ll teach you [Body Enhancement].”

Because we became friends, I want to at least give her something. I couldn’t teach her [Depriver] or let her know about this skill or it might become a problem.

“What? You’re going to teach me a skill?”

“Yes, after all, I do know that you haven’t learned it.”

“Whoa. Do you have an analysis type of skill?”

“It’s not exactly an analysis skill. I can see all the skills that someone has. It is no different from the one stated on your guild card though.”

“Really? If that’s so, then tell me mine.”


Name: Nina Levers Race: Human
Hometown: Vivid village Age: 16
Gender: Female Rank: F
Job: thief Level: 13
HP: 79 MP: 23
Strength: 22 Agility: 55
Vitality: 23 Intelligence: 17
Magic: 11 Luck: 22
Passive Skills
Dagger mastery: Lvl. 1
Trap search: Lvl. 1
Awareness: Lvl. 1
Silent step: Lvl. 1
Active Skills
Steal: Lvl. 1
Disarm trap: Lvl. 1
Stealth: Lvl. 1
Stalking: Lvl. 1
Special Skills


Nina has also taken out her guild card for confirmation. The difference was that hometown, age, sex and rank isn’t displayed when I use my eyes ability.

I then gained information from Nina about the guild card.

1. There are 10 guild ranks from SSS, SS, S – G. Most people start at G rank.

2. It also serves as identification.

3. Your growth will be automatically recorded on the guild card.

4. You can hide your status on the guild card.

“Come to think of it, there’s some info that isn’t displayed even when I use my eyes ability.”

“Rather than asking me about that, how did you execute a skill before without chanting?”

“You don’t know? Most skills can be activated without chanting.”

“Eeeh? No way. I have never heard of someone activating their skill without chanting.”

“You know, it isn’t exactly without chanting. I just recited the chant in my head.”

“What? Is that possible?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you that too.”

I casted [Body Enhancement].

“Can you feel the flow of mana? I have already casted my skill.”



“Nina, do you think we could sell those guys equipment at Resser village?”


Nina wasn’t sure, because the spear was split in half, and the other stuff wasn’t even worth mentioning. They then decided to just go back to Stella’s house.

“Grandma Stella, I’m back.”

“Yu, welcome back! Nina! I’m surprised you came too.”

“Stella, good evening.”

“Hehe. Looks like you’ve become friends.”

“Yes, thanks to you.”

After that they started chatting in an excited tone. The dinner consisted of bread and hirbed rabbit soup. Because Grandma Stella has recently overworked herself, she needed nutrition.

“Grandma, did you cook more rice?”

“You can eat until you’re full.”


Nina was eating like crazy. I too didn’t want to lose.

“Speaking of it, Yu. I have heard that people in the village had spotted bandits in the mountains. When you go there to gather herbs, be careful! They kidnap women, children and sell them as slaves.”

“Understood. We will be careful.”

“Now, Nina-chan you can stay here for tonight.”

Nina gave me a quick glance and replied.

“Of course Grandma Stella. I’ll be glad to.”


“You could sleep together.”


“Man and woman under 20 sleeping together isn’t that strange.”

“But, isn’t Nina scared of men?”

“You’re going to sleep together… Go to the civil office… And register…”

I could feel Nina clinging to me. I’m tired of this..