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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 108 - Moody

(Author note: there is a cruel depiction, please take note)
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(Tl note: please don’t read this chapter if you have weak heart… this chapter is full of sadism of child violence)


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Comer City adventurers guild’s 2F. It is a place for C rank and above adventurers. Only some chosen adventurers are allowed to be there.

The second floor size was the same with the first floor but there’s only a small amount of people that were able to reach C rank and above. But that doesn’t mean there’s nobody here. They are just in small numbers. In that wide space, there was a table that is being reserved for a party. The one who leads that party is a B rank adventurer, Jane.

That table was located in the middle of the 2F and it was the most noticeable place. It also was the largest table and this place had been reserved for the strongest party of the clan. In this table that had always became the place for the strongest adventurer in Comer city, a man had monopolized this table by placing his feet on top of it.

If it was a normal B rank adventurer, even those who has name, no one will able to forgive this kind of attitude but for this man, they even take a distance out of fear. Let alone complain, they are not even able to approach him.

The man body was covered in muscle, hard like steel and a large sword that is full of fierce battle trace can be seen although it still didn’t lose its sharpness. The man who was sitting there has a blank look. That man who has been monopolizing that table is Joseph.

“Joseph mood is really bad. I though he was in a good mood recently and has stopped drinking.”
“Idiot, how can you say that? Can’t you read the atmosphere? Even Noah isn’t able to do anything.”
“is that a lie? Noah isn’t able to do anything? Noah is a B rank adventurers and is from the demon race.”
“That is true. When I first come to Comer, I heard he has a dispute with the early generation of the ‘crimson meteor clan’ and in the end half of the clan member was sent to the healing ward.”
“Really Joseph of that time was scarier than a monster.”
“Ssh, don’t let him hear your words.”

Although the adventurers talked from far but their words still being picked up by Joseph. But he didn’t care about that. He is just looking at the ceiling while folding his arm.

Joseph only think of his last conversation with Yu, the day before Yu disappeared from Comer city.
“Yu, what are you going to do? Where are you going?”

That day Joseph had been dealing with 「Lesser demon」 that came out from the 【Gate Open】 that Clyde had created. After that thanks to ‘kimutsuki flower’ clan girls information, Edda had sent people to erect a 【Barrier】 around the gate. Joseph wanted to go look for Yu after that, because before the gate was contained, Yu walked towards it.

Joseph already tried to ask what is his goal but Yu walked into it without even throwing a glance at him.
In his arm, Goria and the spy leader that didn’t have anymore limbs attached to their body were being dragged. Joseph walked in front of Yu and blocked his path and was about to ask what happened to Goria, but he was embarrassed and scratching his nose. Before even he could say anything.

“You there, move back.”

Yu was speaking as if looking down on Joseph.

“Move back? Is that a joke? I’m your elder. You’re still a kid. You should leave this kind of things to us.”

“Joseph, do you ever get something from your parents?”
To Yu sudden question, Joseph is thinking about his childhood. What did he get from his parents?

“When I was 5 years old… no, it was my 6th birthday. I got a steel spear from my parents. What’s the matter?”

When Joseph first got his hand on that steel spear on his 6th birthday, he was so happy that he even jumped out while wielding it with a silly smile on his face. The weight of the steel spear at that time is heavy enough to cause the 6 years old Joseph to walk unsteady but he wield it with satisfied expression. He always carry it with him every day like a crazy boy. It was one of Joseph good memories.

“My old man… on my 5th birthday give me a thumbtack. Do you know what it is? It is a small needle that you use to stick a paper on the wall. Do you know what is that for? He takes a handful of it and throw it inside my mouth…”

Joseph froze hearing that. Joseph tell him his story but he didn’t expect Yu to tell him his own.

“Once that thumbtack is inside my mouth, I was forced to swallow it. I can feel my mouth is hot from the pain while it was bleeding. When it went deeper, my neck felt like it was burning. As if it was screaming hot, hot, as if a fire was lit up there. However when I screamed hot, my parents stripped me naked and tossed me outside. That day it was snowing so my whole body was trembling from the cold. But still they forced me to do it. My body was freezing, is that something an elder will do? And what do you think my parents were doing at that time? They were eating a warm hotpot inside the house. They didn’t even bother to take care of me. And on my sixth birthday, I have needle pierced in between my nails and finger.”
(Tl note: feels like killing someone right now!)

“what… did you say…?”

throwing your son out in the snow naked is not something normal and more importantly they don’t even cared about him. What did he say earlier? Leave things to him as his elder? Is it some kind of joke?

Joseph wasn’t able to stop him anymore. As Yu went past Joseph, he was paralyzed there. Only when Yu walked far enough, he look back and threw a small cloth bag at him. Joseph eyes followed the fallen cloth bag on his feet and then look at Yu. Yu’s expression was difficult to read, a reminiscent feeling can be seen.

“I’ll be leaving Comer for a while. Please take care of Nina… still it was a request to an adventurer. That bag contains gold for the task. Please look after her.”

Joseph picked up the small cloth bag and clenched it in his hand.

“Just come back…”
it was said by Joseph in almost nonexistent sound but Yu heard it but went away without saying anything. Only Joseph stood there watching Yu’s figure disappeared in the distance.

“Joseph-san, Joseph-san!”

That voice from Barbara calling for him, returned Joseph to reality.

“Ah, finally you return to your sense. The guild master has something to ask you. Please come to the guild master room.”
the adventurers were looking at Barbara with worried eyes. What could the drunk Joseph do to her?


“Eh, what did you say?”

“I said it was impossible… tell the old man that I won’t be taking any more request.”

“Eh, what are you saying?”

Joseph grab his large rock dragon sword and ignored Barbara that kept on launching question at him. He walked silently down the stairs. Barbara was still shouting at him hysterically but the adventurers around were already scared enough at the sight of her approaching him.