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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 107 - Speculation

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It was the time when Yu just defeated Goria and disappeared from Comer city. Nobody realized that Yu battled with Goria was actually being observed from the start when Goria was fighting Nina.

In the forest away from the main road, alongside the meadows. A group of people wearing black clothes that even covered their face can be seen. (Tl note: ninja outfit?)

“That boy is formidable.”

“Certainly… that demi-human is a member of ‘order of immortals’ but still find himself cornered by Yu Sato fighting power.”

“Maybe that demi-human was laying about his identity. When I was still acting in Daelim empire, I saw the fighting of Garth Doe the ‘seven swords’ and seventh ranked ‘Okina of Sentsuchi’. The battle can be called a siege since it is involving 500 Daelim empire soldier and most of them were hurt because the battle impact of the two.”

“Anyway, we need to report this as soon as possible. Let us see what the Archbishop is going to decided on Yu Sato matter.”

The black-clad men group around nod in silence. They knew that their job here is done and have to go back immediately to report the situation. However when they wanted to retreat, they just realized the situation.

“what happened? My body won’t move!”

when that person looked around, all the same state of abnormality occurred to all of the men in black clothes. He tried to examined the situation by moving his eyes only and found a small girl standing.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Puriri.”

All of the black clothed men were surprised at the girl’s self introduction. They have been trained as an elite spy for the holy church and holy kingdom. How can they not realized the little girl approaching them this close?

“You didn’t return the greeting? That is bad.”
From Puriri’s back, someone from giant race appeared. It was like a huge rock came walking up towards Puriri. The giant race was a woman with arms that was imposing as if she was carrying a huge sword on her side.

“Brilliant… is this poison? for you to deprive our body movement, you aren’t able to talk like that once we get out of this.”

“You, how can you say that? Apologize to Puriri-chan.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not angry.”

The giant woman tried to make the man kneeled to apologize and he can only reluctantly do so because his body was immobilized.

“Ugh, my throat… is this poison? What kind of poison is this? Colorless, odorless, you… who are you?”

“Ehehehe, poison is my forte and the thing I’m proud of. My surrounding are filled with my cute poison child that has been spread.”

only the two girl can speak with a calm face.

“Ahahaha, Puriri-chan as expected from you.”
the giant woman hit Puriri’s back lightly but it was enough to cause her to fall and roll on the ground. When she saw that, she stopped her smiling and hurriedly lifted Puriri up to her arms and sitting on her shoulder.

“Hey, please hold back a little. I’m only a weak dwarf and you bully me?”

“Haha you know well I didn’t meant that. It’s just my power is uncontrollable sometimes.”


“Everyone, please try to move and report the situation. Aside from Joseph, we now have a threat from a dwarf girl named Puriri and her giant companion.”

“Even if you can’t go back to the holy kingdom, you can try to contact Mussu.”
(Tl note: uh another conspiration?)

“Oh, you are trying well in resisting Puriri-chan poison. But the others might not be able to do so.”

“Fuuh, this kind of poison isn’t a big deal.”

hearing that man’s words, the giant once again made him kneel down and even Puriri small stature was now able to look down on him.

“Oh, what did I hear before? If you can’t get back to the holy kingdom capital, you guys are working here… with Mussu?”

“Oh my, to think that the holy kingdom has a connection with Mussu in the background.”
the giant woman looked at the black clothed man with despised eyes. And Puriri who was holding the man’s head, used her knee to send him flying.

“What we wanted to know is actually not about that. What is the holy kingdom planning for Daelim empire?”

“Don’t make me lost my patience!”
The forest trembles as the giant woman said that. Puriri was also holding her ears but still standing a little unsteady. However the black clothes spies didn’t even flinch from the intimidation.

“You are spies from the holy church may be just an underling but from time to time there might be some information that you hear… Tch, just a waste as expected.”
The giant then took out a huge ax from her back and put it on her shoulder. Just before the giant woman was about to swing, the unsteady Puriri stepped forward.

“Please wait. You don’t need to do that. I think I have some poison that I want to try and they will be the perfect test subject.”

Hearing Puriri declaration along with her smile, the giant’s expression only giving out a wry smile.


Comer City Adventurers Guild 3F, inside the guild master room Edda has been complaining to Mofisu.

“After the incident about the appearing gate, Joseph went somewhere on his own. He even ignored our complain and said he won’t come back for a little while. What do you think?”

from the beginning to the end, Edda has been complaining to Mofisu without stopping. Sweat can be seen flowing down from Mofisu temple. He can only stay silent under such complain retention and it also telling just how many years they have known each other.

“more importantly, have you find the traitor?”
this time, there was a sharp glares coming from Edda towards Mofisu as she tried to change the topic. Mofisu with serious face cleared his throat and speak.

“From my deduction, I don’t think the traitor is from the guild.”

“I want to believe that but there’s no way this information can be leaked out.”

“It is possible that our enemy might be more skilled than what we originally think.”
after that he continued, “Edda is scary…”

Edda long ears didn’t missed that last sentence as she pulled the almost nonexistent hair on Mofisu head. She pulled several hairs along with the scream of Mofisu that is realizing that some of his hair were now floating in the air and his voice can be heard echoing in the guild.

“Grandpa-chan, you’re so noisy.”

“Don’t you know how precious is my hair?”

“Now, do you want me to explain to you the meaning of precious? You already know that the ‘authority leaf’ is even able to know that Yu-chan has entered the dungeon. Look at how Charon acts before.”

“No way… the traitor is from our guild staff?”

Mofisu while thinking deep is sipping the tea that Edda served earlier.


In the library of the holy kingdom capital palace a man can be seen. The size of the room is big enough to have several dozen people living in it. The room was also crowded by bookshelf and some that doesn’t even fit the shelves has been placed on top of the floor, making a mountain of books.

The door of the room was knocked.

However the man didn’t react so another knock can be heard. After seeing no reaction, the woman who knocked gave up and entered the chamber in silence.

“Archbishop-sama, there is some matter to report.”

“Archbishop-sama, Archbishop-sama, how many times I have to tell you that my name is Dowran? Dowran! Cinzia, how many times I have to tell you?”

“Pardon me, however as the follower, I have to call you Archbishop-sama.”

“Cinzia, are you going to listen to me as the Archbishop?”

“Ah, sorry Archbishop-sama for intruding your reading time.”

“Call me Dowran.”

“Sorry Dowran, it’s because you are too immersed in reading that I have to come in.”

“Ah, don’t mention it Cinzia, it was my fault.”

after hearing that, Cinzia start to gives her report.

“Do you want to hear the bad report or very bad report?”

“No matter what it’s bad isn’t it?”
Dowran said that as he turn the page of a book with a wry smile.

“The first report is regarding Yu Sato.”

“Is the pursue team wiped out?”

“That’s a probability since we can no longer contacted them after they go to Comer city.”

despite the spies might have been wiped out, Cinzia didn’t show any other expression and indifferently continue the report. “Yu might be capable but the spy leader and captain should be capable to survive.”

“It seems that the spy leader was taken by him.”

“Come to think of it, there was another surveillance team right? What about them?”

“Dowran-sama, this is the other very bad report. It seemed that the ‘root’ organization is involved in this incident.”

“It might be Bataille or Bessieres.”

“We don’t know yet but the team seemed to be wiped out too.”

Dowran then closed the book he was reading while stretched his spine lightly.

“If that’s what happened, then there’s nothing we can do. Now I wonder if Mussu was already on the move? Now, how about sending out the number eight to comer city?”
(Tl note: the spies earlier mentioned number seven and now number eight.. we might be seeing ranked knights?)

“Dowran-sama, the number eight is on a mission. Can you give me another name?”

“How about number three? It has been so long since he has work as if he disappeared.”
Dowran then continue to read as he ends the conversation.


Dry wind can be felt on the expanding wilderness that spread as far as the eye can see. This place is the entrance of 「Enrio of Kusakai」 B rank dungeon. Despite that there is a 【Barrier】 erected in this place to stop the monster from coming out, the dungeon still leaking miasma that turned the surrounding area into wilderness.

“How long is that man going to the toilet?”

“Don’t complain to me, complain to that bear man.”

in the dungeon entrance, some adventurers can be seen preparing. A man that looked like a monk is murmuring while taking care of his dagger. An elf who replied earlier is testing his bow strings strength. And three other people who did the same, checking on their equipment. This party is made of B rank adventurer and currently going to capture the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 B rank dungeon.

“What’s that? Are you complaining?”

“Anyway we got no means to turn down this request isn’t it?”

“This is a request from the minister of finance right?”

“If you refuse it it will be even more troublesome.”

“But they pay isn’t that bad. It’s gold after all.”

“You can say that even if you serve that man that similar to a pig?”

“Connie, what are you trying to say?”


Then the monk and elf gaze shifted to a figure. It was a boy that was walking towards them. The boy carried a large sword on his back and Connie judged from the fact that he carried a sword and wear armor, the boy must be an adventurers too. However this was 「Enrio of Kusakai」 B rank dungeon, not a place where a boy can go and play alone. For C rank adventurer party it was impossible as even B rank adventurer still have this place as a dangerous place that could make them lose their lives.

“Hey boy, are you going somewhere?”
the one that asked was the monk, who has been called as Keith. He was worried seeing the appearance of a boy wandering in this place.

“I’m going to enter 「Enrio of Kusakai」 .”

“Ah, just saying it would be better if you-”

“I’ll kill you if you disturb me.”

it wasn’t being said in a loud voice but the boy words gives the B rank veteran adventurer like them chills. These fearless veteran can feel the boy thirst for blood and they all involuntarily put their hand on their weapon. Sweat can be seen flowing down on their forehead as the pressure the boy emitted was like a high ranked monster that pierces even the bone.

“Keith, just let him go.”
the monk hearing the elf words and replied with a simple ‘ah’ and shifted his body that was standing in front of the boy earlier. After that the boy immediately entered the 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon.

The men continued to look at the boy until his figure disappeared.

“Don’t do something like that again. That boy’s thirst for blood is ridiculous.”

“That eyes, is only possessed by someone who has seen many death. But I don’t know how strong he is, it is suicide trying to enter 「Enrio of Kusakai」 dungeon alone.”

“So, why don’t we stop him from entering? It’s not too late.”

“Keith, you should leave him alone. He is also an adventurer and should be able to take self-responsibility.”

“as Connie said, an adventurer have self-responsibility. And didn’t you realized that the boy possessed strength?”

“Huh? How did you know that?”
even after that Keith wasn’t convinced to let the boy go alone. Even after the bear man leader returned, the party mood was still in awkward condition.