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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 106 - Yu’s fault

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Along the way, 2km east of Comer city.

This place used to be a simple grassland that spread out several hundred meters, however it had become a scorched earth. Everywhere, black smoke could be seen rising from the blackened earth. One could tell that this place had been damaged by magic.

In the center of the scorched earth area, a huge gate was towering that made everyone feel uncomfortable looking at it. As if to refuse anyone from approaching the gate, a wall of fire circulated around it and blocked off the several hundred meters around it.

Joseph was trying to talk to Kuro, who had a part of his head burnt, and was now salvaging the 「Magic Ball」 from the monsters’ corpses. Kuro on the other hand just continued to work silently while showing no reaction to Joseph’s call.

“Hey you, the black goblin. Don’t ignore me!”

Joseph could only escape Yu’s magic because of the 「Lock Bird」, that was summoned by Ansgar. Because of that, Joseph was in a bad mood.

“So, you don’t want to talk about what’s happening?” (Joseph)

“What’s happening?” (Kuro)

“In the end, don’t you realize the situation you’re in?”(Joseph)

“Are you threatening me?”(Kuro)

“Oh, you are just a monster on Yu’s side, it is unexpected for you to say that?”(Joseph)

“Are you asking for a beating?”(Kuro)

Kuro that was salvaging the magic balls from the 「Lesser DSmon」 stopped what he was doing and swayed towards Joseph. Kuro used 【Body Enhance】 to cover his body and it smoothly enhanced his whole body.

“A goblin mastered 【Body Enhance】?”(Joseph)

In the previous C rank promotion quest, Kuro had also been brought by Yu. Joseph however was surprised seeing Kuro’s growth. Still there was an overwhelming strength difference between Joseph and Kuro.

“What is it? Is there a problem?”(Kuro)

“I don’t have time to play with you. Tell me where is Yu?”(Joseph)


“Not Mu… You know well enough who am I asking about.”(Joseph)

Instead of responding to Joseph’s words, Kuro just stood silently.

“Such a useless monster.”(Joseph)

Kuro could only groan and didn’t give Joseph an answer. When Joseph further pursued the info, Kuro moved to attack Joseph. Joseph easily fended off the attack and countered it by sending a funny punch. It seemed by now he had forgotten his reasonings.

“What? Do you want to die?” (Joseph)

Despite all of that, when a ⌈Lesser Demon⌋ came out from the gate Joseph took it down as he continued to punch Kuro in a silly manner.


Anita was amazed. She had seen Yu’s magic from the distance and was stunned to see the devastation it had left on the ground, that was now turned into scorched earth.

“Is it possible to cast one big magic like that?” (Anita)

“Washan-san, are you sure that he is a close combat warrior?”

“Ah, I must be a fool to listen to Moran. Memetto, what do you think?” (Washan)

“Even if you ask for my opinion, the only ones I’ve seen using this kind of large scale magic, that was done without much preparation, are the B rank adventurer Johanna ‘The Flame of Elliot’, or the A rank adventurer ‘Narcissus Flower’ ” . (Memetto)

“In other words, Yu’s real ability is at least B rank or higher.”

“Washan, this magic is specialized to a rearguard combat profession. Uou said it earlier that Yu had also mastered 【Swordsmanship】 . If we take it all into account, it is possible that his ability is already at A rank.”

Washan was surprised hearing Memetto’s words. A boy around 12-14 years old had an ability that was not in any way inferior to an A rank adventurer. She couldn’t continue to talk to Memetto because of her shock.

“Oh, that fairy-chan is gone.”

Bell loved cute things so she naturally looked for Momo however she couldn’t find her. Momo slid under Memetto cheek and took cover within Ann’s breasts before finally hidding in Anita’s hair.


The earth tremor, echoed through the ground and even reached Nina. The cause of it was the shock wave emitted when Yu and Goria clashed.

After Goria recognized that Yu was a strong man, he forgott his own original purpose and started to attack him seriously including magic.

“The iron on the body is as heavy as a steel, listen to my command, 《Gravity》!”

Goria used the third rank 【Enchant Magic】, 《Gravity》. In an instant, Yu’s whole body became heavy as if it was made from iron. In that split second, Yu overrode the effect with his own fourth rank 【Enchant Magic】, 《Haste》.

“Now, let’s see… poison wrapped my enemy like a fog. 《Poison Mist》.”

The deadly poison enveloped Yu’s body but it was resisted by his passive skill 【Abnormal State Resistance】, that was also enhanced by the same skill on his equipment.

“Eat this!”

Not missing the chance in the split moment when Yu resisted the magic, Goria’s 【Hammer Skill】, 《Circle Swing》 was launched. The attack came into contact with Yu’s 【Barrier】. Two of the 【Barriers】 were broken and still couldn’t prevent this attack of Goria’s. Only when it reached the third 【Barrier】, did it completely stop. Goria tried to take his steel dragon hammer back to launch another attack but Yu’s 【Swordsmanship Skill】 《Disturbance Thrust》 had already pierced Goria’s body.

“You dare to leave a scratch on my body…”

Yu executed 《Disturbance Thrust》 perfectly but under Goria’s tough body, the blade only pierced through a few centimeters.

“Even so, you managed to stop my attack using your 【Barrier】. Now I’m more motivated to defeat you. I’ll turn you into a minced meat like the sheep wolf before.”


Hearing Goria words, Yu’s strength left his body. Even the 【Barrier】 around him disappeared. He was standing there completely defenseless. Only his 【Body Enhance】 slowly surged through out his body.

“What? Did that sheep wolf belong to you? Ah, I had a little bit of trouble so I went a little bit serious. It is dead and has become minced meat.”

Goria did what he thought was fun. He proudly kicked a piece of Sukke’s meat towards Yu. Yu was stunned as the lump of flesh, that landed at his feet, came into his view. It had a remnant of a familiar white fur.

The more sorry state Yu was in, the sweetest it will be for Goria.

“I’ll beat you with the same trick!”

Goria’s muscles swelled as he executed the 【Hammer Skill】, 《Skull Crush》. The attack was coming towards Yu overhead. He raised his left hand by wearing 【Barrier】 and 【Body Enhance】 but his body was sinking to the ground.

Nina and Marifa cried out as his body was planted deeper in the ground as the earth continued to shatter.

“Heh, is this finally the end? You meet the same fate brought by me.”

“Say it again…”

Before Goria’s eyes, Yu was still standing. Goria was stunned because he was still alive after receiving his attack. Yu’s 【Barrier】 and 【Body Enhance】 may have stopped it but his left arm was now destroyed without any sign of it’s original appearance.

“Oh, I’m surprised you withstood my attack. What do I need to say again? The thing about the sheep wolf? I turned it into minced meat.”

Yu’s left arm was rapidly healing. It was because the unique skill 【Rebirth 】 that his left arm was recovering in an extraordinary speed.
(Tl note: still remember the battle with the rookie hunter? This is gained from the dragon-man wielding the spear)

“I don’t know how you acquired a dragon race’s 【Rebirth 】 skill. However -”

Before he could finish the sentence, Yu’s sword had launched with a 《Flash Srike》 skill and cut Goria’s nose. The sword’s speed was so fast that Goria couldn’t follow it with his eyes. He could only be surprised while holding his bleeding nose.

“What are you thinking? Did you just try to kill me?”

A blue vein emerged on Goria’s temple because his pride was hurt at his cut nose. His thirst for blood was now raising. Yu also was leaking blood thirst that couldn’t be suppressed.

“You… my nose… I won’t forgive you! I will turn you into a minced meat like that sheep wolf!”

The frenzied Goria jumped up high as his whole body swelled and enlarged two times normal. Even his lesser demon leather jacket was being stretched as if screaming.

Nina was crying as she saw Goria wasn’t going to stop as he was preparing his 《Earth’s Shaker》 to attack Yu.

“Is he a fool trying to receive that attack?”

The leader of the spies was under Yu’s 【Barrier】 so he didn’t have any place to flee. He was now only wishing that Yu hadn’t lost his mind and that was why he was trying to stop that absurd destructive power.

“Eat this!”

Goria’s 【Hammer Skill】, 《Earth’s Shaker》 was aimed to destroy Yu into pieces while Yu countered it by launching 《Flash Strike》 using the sword in his left arm.

[There is no way that he would be able to stop my 《Earth’s Shaker》 using such skill.] -Goria

Yu’s aim was not Goria himself or that steel dragon hammer of his. His true aim was Goria’s fingers that held the steel dragon hammer. Even if Yu’s sword was crafted by Woods and could be considered a sturdy sword, it would be destroyed easily if it came into full contact against Goria’s steel dragon hammer and its destructive force. That’s why Yu aimed for Goria’s grip.

Yu’s 《Flash Strike》 successfully landed. It severed some of Goria’s fingers and caused his grip to be off. The steel dragon hammer that was originally aimed at Yu’s head was now landed on his left shoulder.

Even when it had lost it’s aim, the steel dragon hammer didn’t lose its momentum. Yu’s left arm was blown off, starting from his shoulder.

“That’s a new trick… however at this point you are finished!”

Once the steel dragon hammer attack’s sequence was finished, he moved in horizontal rotation and utilizing the momentum to synchronize unleashed the 【Hammer Skill】, 《Circle Swing》 .

However in the moment he started his rotation, Goria’s back was towards Yu.

“I’ll make you pay.”

During that high speed battle, Goria certainly heard that. At the moment he heard those words, cold chills ran down his spine.

Yu’s left arm was blown away along with his sword. Right now, he didn’t have any weapons and if it was normal attack, Goria’s body could surely handle it, as he took pride in his tough body. Also he already got back the 「Devil’s Ring, Saen」 to block magic attacks. Despite there being nothing to fear, Goria’s cold sweat didn’t stop from overflowing.

Goria that was showing his back to Yu didn’t notice. Just when he was rotating, Yu took out a wyvern spear from his item bag. He also used the skill that he deprived from the dragon-man. Yu unleashed 【Spear Technique】, 《Spiral Thrust》.

The wyvern spear accompanied by the skill rotation, penetrated Goria’s abdomen from the back and the spear came out on the front.

The Wvyern spear that suddenly emerged from his stomach, made Goria’s 【Hammer Skill】, 《Circle Swing》 stop. He angrily grabed the spear and pulled it out of his body. Despite his abdomen now having a hole in it, Goria didn’t show that his fighting spirit was going to diminish.

At that moment, Yu’s hand came out from the hole on Goria stomach.

(tl note: the illustration was goria pierced by a spear but it was on the same scene)

“Ugh.. This bast*rd… you dare do this?”

Goria was trying to grab Yu’s right hand that was emerging from his abdomen and tried to crush it using his brute force. However the second Goria touched that hand, a stinging pain came out.

“Is this… a skill?”

“I already said that I’ll make you pay.”

Yu’s right hand was now using the 【Magic Wearing】 skill. The skill that he applied on his arm right now was the fourth rank 【Black Magic】, 《Explosion》. The 《Explosion》 skill then triggered as it blew from inside Goria’s stomach. Goria may have had the 「Devil’s Ring, Saen」 but it wasn’t capable of absorbing magic that was triggered from inside the wearer’s body. Half of Yu’s right hand was blown away alongside with a portion of Goria’s abdomen because of the 《Explosion》.

“Ah… stupid… the great me… wounded by a kid…really…”

Goria was somehow able to take out a third rank potion from his item bag and immediately poured it into his wound without even drinking it. The potion had a powerful healing effect as the wound on Gori’sa abdomen was gradually recovering. Goria tried to take out another potion and just when he was about to pour it into the wound, his wrist was in pain.

“Guaaa! You, you are still able to wear fire magic… ugh…”
As his hand was now disabled, Goria was screaming in pain as Yu kept on crushing him.

[if this continues… I will really get killed… impossible… by a boy…] – Goria

“Why do you think the ‘Order of the Immortal’ and the Holy Church came here in the first place? It was because of you. We all came here because of you! Heh, I don’t even care if I die but your coming days won’t be easy. The girls are injured, this is also all your fault!”

“Don’t listen to what he says! It’s a lie!”
Nina was shouting but she was not in a position to move. Yu heard clearly what Goria said but he showed no reaction. Only his grip on him was missing its force. Goria tried to find a chance to escape by disturbing Yu’s mental state. In this case, if Goria tried to flee at this moment, he had a high probability of getting away. However because he had never been in this state before and he usually looked down on his enemies, at this point he searched for despair, pain, and anguish from Yu.

As the result, Goria was now looking into Yu’s eyes.

“Y-you… what’s wrong with your eyes?”

At that moment, Goria’s wrist that was in Yu’s arm was crushed into pieces. Yu also started to crush all his limbs as the severe pain started assaulting Goria. A surge of emotions taking over Goria’s body. It was something that he had long since forgotten. Fear.

The spy leader had been trained in extreme conditions and seeing blood was a normal thing. But when he saw Goria’s condition, his body was also enveloped with fear.

“Because I don’t like you… I won’t let you die easily.”

“Tch, there’s no point for you to say that. Using your mouth won’t-”
Goria that couldn’t stop his body from trembling because of the fear still tried to talk back but Yu intercepted him.

“Let me tell you. Right now, my mind is very calm. I used magic to stabilize my mentality. Even if in the process I snapped and accidentally killed you, I can revive you again using 【Specter Magic】 immediately. I will make sure that you beg me to kill you.”

“There’s no point in saying that. I’m a member of the ‘Order of Immortal’… Gyaaa!”

Yu casually seperated Goria’s wrist from his body. He also pressed Goria’s foot to the ground using his knees and took his dropped sword to cut it off. It was his revenge for Nina.

Furthermore he immediately used fire magic on 【Magic Wearing】 to stop the bleeding and caused a high degree burn wound on Goria’s flesh. The smell of burning meat filled the air as the Holy Church spy leader vomitted.

After that, Yu did the same thing to the Holy Church spy leader. Goria and him both had lost consciousness because of the unbearable pain.




Marifa panicked when Yu called her name as he tossed an item bag to her.

“Master, this is…?”

“The bag contains gold and you should divide it between the three of you.”

“But, what’s this for?”

“You will also sell the house. The gold from it can be paid for your remaining redeeming cost and the rest can be used for your living costs for a few years.”

Hearing that, Marifa’s mind became pure white (blank).
Nina who was still inside the 【Barrier】 at a distant place was crying out loud.
Her hand was bloodied as she tried to break free from the 【Barrier】.


“You heard him. These people’s real target is me. The Holy Church, the ‘Order of Immortal’, they are not enemies that you can face.”

As Yu said that, he had already walked away while dragging Goria’s body alongside with the spy leader’s.

Marifa tried to stop him but she stopped herself as she watched Yu’s solitary back.

“Master, I will wait for you until the 「World Tree」 wither.”


Without even looking back, Yu walked away. Marifa watched the scene with tears in her eyes.

The 「World Tree」 was located in the center of the Elves and Dark Elves’ Holy land. There were also beast races living there but they always gathered around the 「World Tree」 that had sheltered them for several thousand years.

The 「World Tree」 had existed since the beginning of this world, in other words, Marifa wanted to tell him even if several thousand years passed she would still wait for him.

“Mari-chan, please stop Yu! Yu will leave us! Mari-chan!… Lena! Wake up Lena! Yu is leaving! Yu…. Yu…. Yu will leave us and go alone! Yu! Wait… I….”

Nina’s bloodied hands recovered from time to time because of Yu’s 《Heaven’s Net》. Nina clenched her Mithril dagger and at the same time each attack was able to absorb MP from the 【Barrier】. Even if Nina was able to deplete some portion of it, the 【Barrier】 kept on repairing and there were no scratches being left behind.

Nina didn’t stop. However Yu’s figure was no longer visible. As the sun completely set and the day turned to night Nina could only helplessly crouch there. After one hour, finally the 【Barrier】 around Nina dissipated.


Unlike the day, the night in Comer city boulevard was full of ‘adult’ business. Women tried to attract costumers or men that walked in tipsy manner. This was also a common place for adventurers to gather.

“I’m sorry. Do you know Yu?”

“Yu? Who is that? Rather than that, you have a good body ojou-chan. Why don’t you play with me?”

“Yu, have you seen him?”
“What? If you have no business here please go.”

“Have you ever seen a boy with black hair?”

“Black hair? I’ve never seen him.”

The sight of Nina, that kept asking people on Yu whereabouts, had became a regular spectacle as she stayed there and asked everyone from day until midnight without missing anyone.

Ever since that day. Yu had disappeared from Comer city.

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