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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 105 - The strong and the powerful

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The numbers of the elite spy squad, that the Holy Church was proud of, for this mission numbered more than 50 people. However at the hands of Goria and Nina, already more than half had lost their lives.

“The one that appeared, there is no doubt, it’s Yu Sato.”

“What happened to the magician girl?”

“We have three people moving to secure her.”

Lena that had crashed to the ground had lost her consciousness. It was thanks to the Mithril robe’s high protection that she survived with only minor injuries. There were shadowy figures that were approaching her. The three shadows standing near her were the spies from the Holy Church, that were going to abduct her. One of the spies tried to close in and check her condition but he was repelled by a 【Barrier】.

“There is a 【Barrier】…. she should’ve lost consciousness.”
At that time, a surge of tremendous thirst for blood was directed at the men. The men were slow but they realized what was going on and took a distance from Lena. After that, a black wall approached the men. The black wall was actually a first rank 【Black Magic】, 《Stone Bullet》. However their large quantity was enough to be mistaken as a wall.

“No, it’s impossible, look at the number.”

As the first 《Stone Bullet》 hit one of the men’s arms, the stone bloomed as it exploded and caused the man’s arm’s flesh to be scattered. One after another, the stones pounced on the men as if signaling death.

None of the man tried to escape or block the attack. They were only standing silently as they prayed to the Goddess of light for her mercy, while facing their death. Lena was protected by a 【Barrier】 so she didn’t get dirty from the blood and flesh of the three men.

“Our target may be unreasonable but… even his party members are crazy.”

“Wait, we must not make a move or we will be mistaken as his enemy.”

Even if in front of them Nina was being beaten, they were still determined that there was possibility to complete their mission after Yu and Goria fought.

However they could see that in the distance, Yu’s mouth was moving. The distance between Yu and the spy was a few tens of meters however they were elite spies that were trained by the Holy Church. They were able to read the lips’ movement even if they couldn’t hear Yu’s voice.

“I know that you’re the leader. I don’t need the rest.”
(Tl note: Yu is referring to the leader/ spy that is giving command after the previous one is killed)

“Quickly use 《Earth Wall》!” The leader loudly cried out as the spies, one after another created 《Earth Walls》 using their first rank 【Black Magic】. In front of the remaining Holy Church spies, a solid defense made by layer after layer of 《Earth Walls》 had been deployed. While on the other side of the 《Earth Wall》, exploding sounds as if they were bombed could be heard.

“Leader, the power isn’t like an ordinary 《Stone Bullet》, the second layer of 《Earth Wall》’s defense has been breached.”

“First of all, how can he know that I am the leader?”

“He must be bluffing.”

“No, he clearly said that towards me.”

When he said that, the line of sight of the other spies fell on the leader. At that moment, everyone was surprised that the leader was protected by a 【Barrier】 . It could be said that he was caught by Yu.

At this point, the spies of the Holy Church should’ve ran away, while they were still able to block Yu’s attack. However they didn’t realize, distracted by the fierce sound of the 《Stone Bullets》 ramming the 《Earth Walls》, that Yu’s 《Heaven’s Net》 had already spread below their feet.

“Got you!”

The second rank 【Black Magic】, 《Ice Trap》 was activated. The ankles of the spies of the Holy Church were all frozen to the ground. After stopping their movement, another second rank 【Black Magic】, 《Earth Lance》 was activated. All of the spies’ bodies were impaled from below. Some who were lucky enough to survive couldn’t even move because of the 《Ice Trap》 and 《Earth Lance》 . The 《Earth Lance》 that Yu created then created countless small cavity and penetrated the body from inside. That caused blood to flow endlessly from the spies’ bodies.

The leader that was caught in the 【Barrier】 couldn’t believe that the remaining 20 spies were killed in an instant as he stumbled to the ground.

“You, why did you take my prey?”
Despite seeing the massacre in front of his eyes, Goria’s expression didn’t change. Yu, who had killed more than twenty spies, did the same as he walked calmly towards Nina.

“Is this done by that person?”

“Yu, this might look bad but it’s just exaggerated because of the blood. Don’t worry, I’m alright.”
Nina hid her wounds from Yu, however blood could be seen coming from all over her body and her thigh was blue in colour because of the accumulated blood.

“It’s alright now. I’ll take care of it.”
Through his 《Heaven’s Net》, Yu casted the fifth rank 【White Magic】,《Highness Heal》 on Nina. He used immense magical power and converted it all to enhance the healing power. It even healed Nina’s foot that was in bad condition.

“Hey, how dare you ignore me. Black hair… are you Yu? You are much more young than I imagined but I’ll admit your magical power is great. Your 【Barrier】 could stop my attack. But it doesn’t mean you can go and face me. Since you are a rear guard position and I’m a vanguard.”
Goria seemed to enjoy this as he immediately closed in, only two meters away from Yu and they were within each other’s killing range.

When Goria moved earlier, he wielded his steel dragon hammer with ease. This attack from him was now only waiting to land, the super heavyweight weapon cut through the air as he moved and one could imagine what would happen if it hit. Yu used 【Combat Maneuver】, 《Silent Step》 to close in into Goria’s bosom in an instant and unleashed 《Release Internal Power》 . It was a skill that he deprived from the ‘Authority Leaf’ guild’s member that was able to boost strength greatly and sent an attack to Goria’s face. Goria moved his neck several times to dodge the attack.
(Tl note: the skill are from chapter 87)

“Oh, I’m surprised that you are also decent at close combat.”
Yu ignored Goria’s indifferent attitude and spread his 《Heaven’s Net》. Yu right now was treating Nina, Lena, Marifa and Coro although he couldn’t find Sukke’s whereabouts.

“You… using your magic threads like this, do you think you can handle me while doing that? Such a mistake.”
Ignoring the frustrated Goria, Yu expanded the 《Heaven’s Net》 even further. When he did that, Yu sensed a dangerous atmosphere wafting from Goria. The right arm that was holding the steel dragon hammer enlarged.

“Don’t underestimate me!”
Goria was using the 【Hammer Skill】, 《Earth’s Shaker》. The steel dragon hammer was launched towards Yu in a speed and power that couldn’t be compared to earlier.

Goria remembered that he was ordered to take Yu alive but it was not possible to stop 《Earth’s Shaker》 when it was executed.

Yu was using 【Magic Equip】 and 【Barrier】 on his left hand and took on the 《Earth’s Shaker》 heads on. The clash of the steel dragon hammer and the 【Barrier】 created a tremendous loud clashing sound.

“To receive my attack in one hand and to still be standing…”
Yu’s feet were now buried in the ground up to his ankles but despite that, he had still stopped Goria’s attack using only one hand, which shocked Goria. Therefore, using this chance Yu executed his attack.

【Combat Maneuver】, 《Overpowered Kick》 landed and pushed Goria back for a dozen meters along with his heavy equipment. Yu did that to pull Goria away from Nina and examined the surroundings with an impatience face. However Goria wasn’t damaged in the slightest as he looked towards the sky.

His expression from shocked changed to delight and excitement.

He stood up, while lightly tapping the steel dragon hammer on his shoulder and turned to face Yu.

“Yu, wasn’t it? Your attack, defense and magic is quite strong. There is no other choice but for me to be serious.”