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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 103 - The pride of the wolf

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“Captain is dead, that woman is crazy. She is crazy!”

“Calm down Safer, Mold, you two go from the sides and hold that woman.”

The two men whose names were called tried to approach Nina by erasing their presence but: “Goaaa”

Coro that was hiding nearby Nina by Marifa’s instruction pounced at the two men.

“Safer, Mold will hold back the shadow wolf.”


Safer entrusted Coro to Mold and continued to approach Nina but Goria was also there.

“Oh, what are you doing here?”

“Take this demi-human!”

Safer unleashed the 【Sword Skill】, 《Quick Draw》. However faster than the sword, the steel dragon hammer of Goria hit his body. The steel dragon hammer only passed by but only Safer’s lower body remained in that place. His upper body was missing.

“Ah, how is this possible? It was just a normal side blow attack but the power and speed exceeded Safer’s 《Quick Draw》?”

“If you want to defeat me, you have to call your grandfather and it win’t even be enough.”

The spies from the Holy Church could only stay silent. Goria’s combat power was not something they could handle.

At that moment, Nina came out from between the legs of Safer’s remaining lower body and used the 【Dagger Skill】, 《Circle Slash》 and that made Goria laugh gleefully.

“Hahaha, now this is interesting~”

The attack launched by Nina from Goria’s blind spot made him jump in joy. He was impressed.  To respond to her attack, Goria decided to kick her while her body was still ascending. That kick sent Nina’s body away a couple of meters away, like a pebble being kicked.

To the back of the smiling Goria, Marifa also launched an arrow out of desperation to hold him back.

“Ah, not bad.”
Goria said that as he cought the arrow that was coming from his rear, bare handed, without even turning around. He tried to throw back the arrow towards Marifa but as he attempted that something strange occurred and his right wrist started feeling uncomfortable.

On Goria’s right wrist, there was a thread made of Nina’s mana and the thread was connected to Nina that was blown off.
(Tl note: Nina used this technique first before Yu developed his heaven’s net. Just a reminder)

The mana thread felt as if it was biting his right wrist and tried to cut his wrist off. Goria immediately released 【Body Enhance】 to stop that from happening and stopped the thread from cutting deeper into his wrist. Conversely from earlier, now Goria tried to pull out the thread and Nina was pulled towards Goria and landed in front of him lying on the ground.

“I’ll turn you into a beautiful flower.”

Goria’s right arm gradually inflated. Even the steel dragon hammer grip in his arm let out a strange sound as if screaming.


Nina tried to crawl and flee but it only forced Goria to pull her again and increased the marks and bruises on her due to the fact her body was being dragged on the ground. Goria lifted his steel dragon hammer to his shoulder and aimed at Nina’s head.

In Nina’s mind, the scene where the man’s upper body had been blown off by a simple attack floated by.


As if Sukke had been waiting for Marifa’s instruction, he came between Goria and Nina. Sukke’s fur wrapped Nina and the other half tried to block the steel dragon hammer that Goria wielded. Despite all of that, the movement of the steel dragon hammer didn’t slow. With a tremendous roar, the hammer came into contact with Sukke.

Nina and Sukke’s bodies were blown over tens of meters and the magic thread that was connecting Nina and Goria was also torn.

“Even though you and I are wolves, but you bowed down to someone else.”
Nina that was wrapped by Sukke didn’t have serious damage, almost none. However Sukke’s pure white fur, where it came in direct contact with the hammer, gradually turned bright red.

Goria wanted to chase after them but in front of him, thunder fell and a gouge in the ground had been made as the dust blocked his vision.

“….I can’t allow you.”
Lena’s magic couldn’t hurt him, that’s why she used the magic on his surroundings. Goria, who was annoyed, had bristling fur grow from his body.

“You angered me.” (Goria)

“Lena-chan!” (Nina)

In Nina’s palm, a ring was laying. Earlier, Nina had overheard the conversation of the Holy Church’s spies. In the middle of the close engage from before, Nina’s actual aim was to use 【Steal】 on Goria. Marifa also understood what was the effect of that ring since her hearing was sharp.

“Lena! Your magic could damage him now.” (Marifa)

“…you forgot honorifics.” (Lena)
Even though the situation was serious, Lena had still paid attention that Marifa, who was younger than her, hadn’t used honorifics but still she wouldn’t miss this chance.

From the item bag, Lena took out an equipment that they had gotten in the Wood Garden dungeon.

“…pumpkin hat.” (Lena)

Lena wore the ugly big pumpkin hat that she had taken out and but it made her look like a cosplayer. Sweat running down her face, she continued to chant her magic. It was hard since she was also maintaining her 《Fly》 skill on her broom.

“Oh, this little girl can actually use fourth rank 【Black Magic】, 《Dancing Thunder》.”

The lightning that Lena was gathering had been accumulated at her mithril staff. The pumpkin hat, had a special skill. It was able to increase a spell rank, one rank higher. However the MP consumed will be 10 times the usual amount and the user needed to have sufficient amount of mana for it to actually be executed. Because of the pumpkin hat skill, Lena’s third rank 【Black Magic】, 《Raging Thunder》 was ranked up into 《Dancing Thunder》 and moved towards Goria.

Goria himself already noticed that the ring that was always placed on his right hand was now gone and stared at the thunder in anger. The thunder danced and striked on Goria’s body over and over again. Around the sorry figure of Goria that was being ravaged by the thunder, the ground was gouged out in the process and lots of craters appeared on the ground. Lena couldn’t help but show a tired expression. The mana consumed for the skill and the one she needed to keep her flying in the sky, not to mention her 【Barrier】 was too large, so she could now only barely last another minute.

Goria, who was pierced by the lightning, stood silently.

The spies from the Holy Church would not miss this chance. All at once, many blades that had already had poison applied on them, launched at him.

“Even if we couldn’t cut deep, the poison will-”
Suddenly the man’s head that was smiling triumphantly disappeared. The men around him didn’t know what had happened but Goria’s left fist was covered in blood. No one knew what Goria had done to blow off that man’s head.

“Now I’m angry.”

“Impossible, he shouldn’t be able to move. The poison-”
Then the man who was talking had gone missing too. Goria casually pulled his head and it was plucked out from his body. The men who saw that were all stunned. Another man’s face, half of it was blown away when he tried to attack Goria.

“Do you think this kind of poison will work on me?”
Then Goria killed the remaining men as easy as if he was tearing paper. Until the last man was left, unable to move or run away because of the terror.

“Ah, thanks for waiting. Alright, back to the mission, Yu Sato.”
Goria easily killed all of the spies from the Holy Church which were one of the elite squads. His anger had subsided from killing them and his bristling fur had returned.

Nina at the mean time had raised her guard as she saw the spies being massacred.

“Well, let’s start from that one.”
Despite the fact that some black smoke was still raising from his body, Goria acted as if he was not damaged in the slightest.

Goria picked up a medium sized stone and threw it towards Lena, who was floating in the sky. The stone flew from Goria’s hand towards Lena at a tremendous speed. Lena knew that she could not avoid the stone so she poured her remaining small amount of mana into her 【Barrier】. As soon as it came in contact, the stone easily broke through the first layer of the 【Barrier】. The second one and the third one were all pierced by it. Finally the fourth 【Barrier】 was able to slow down the stone and it finally stopped when it sank into Lena’s abdomen.

Lena’s body trembled as she vomiting blood. Her internal organs were damaged and she used the last ounce of her consciousness to maintain her flight. She knew that if she fell from this height what would greet her would be certain death.

Usually Marifa and Lena liked to fight and argue but right now she launched an arrow towards Goria out of her rage.

Goria lightly moved to dodge the arrow and grabbed it like the first time he stopped her arrow.

“Next is your turn.”

Goria threw the arrow using his full power at Marifa. When the arrow left his hand, it flew in a straight line and aimed at Marifa’s heart at a speed that her eyes couldn’t follow.


That arrow pierced trough Marifa’s right chest. She clutched her chest and fell down to the ground. Even though her eyes couldn’t follow it, her ears picked up the sound and she somehow moved to diverted it from hitting her heart. Having survived that, Marifa tried to drink a potion in a hurry.

Coro that had been pressing down on Mold hurriedly rushed towards Marifa. He also let out a growl that was getting louder. Facing Goria that had hurt Marifa, Coro galloped in anger to attack him.

“Coro… No… Retu-..”
Marifa tried to call out for Coro but blood came out from her mouth as her lung was damaged. Her voice also couldn’t come out clearly.

Shadow Wolves usually attacked their enemy from the shadows unnoticed. Right now, Coro disregarded all of that and attacked in the open. Coro was furious as he sprinted down towards Goria.

“You are also a disgrace to the wolf race!”
Goria’s steel dragon hammer quickly launched 【Hammer Skill】, 《Skull Crush》. Despite that certain death was imminent for him, Coro didn’t stopp moving forward and pounced at Goria without faltering.

The moment that steel dragon hammer which carried a great amount of force and violence was about to hit Coro, Coro was pushed back. It was Sukke, coming forward and acting like a big brother protecting his little brother. Coro was stunned as he saw Sukke’s body flying away. Coro stared at Sukke’s body that had received Goria’s 《Skull Crush》 and then seemed to be relieved after seeing that Sukke was still alive.