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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 102 - Devil’s artifact

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At dusk, the avenue of Comer city was crowded with people. A middle aged woman came to shop for dinner. She had also brought her daughter, the small girl, to look around the stalls and tried to head back before the sun set.

“Please wait, mom is busy.”
“I said please wait a bit.”
“Why is the sun rising over there?”
“What are you saying? The sun should be setting over there, right?”

The mother was immediately at a loss for words as she looked at the direction her daughter was pointing at. There were two suns. One in the west and one in the east. Both of them were falling down, setting.


“Darn it, retreat!”
Clyde tried to command the rest of the 「Forest Panthers」 to make a wall of defense in front of him. He also situated himself behind the 【Gate Open】 and used all of his remaining mana to create a 【Barrier】.

The sun that Yu created fell down to the earth and collided with the ground. As it shattered, sea of flames surged out all over the area spanning several hundreds of meters.

One after another, the 「Forest Panthers」 were swallowed in the sea of flames. Clyde’s  summoned monsters were all turned into ash and dust upon making contact with the fire. Resistance was futile at this point.

The 「Forest Panthers」 that were arranged like a wall, infront of Clyde, resisted the high temperature but once they inhaled the hot air, their lungs were burned from the insides and one after another, the 「Forest Panthers」 fell to the ground.

The flames had also surrounded Clyde, who was inside his 【Barrier】. Gradually the 【Barrier】 was being eroded by the fire. Clyde in despair tried to hold up his 【Barrier】, while the outer part of his skin had gone dry because of the heat.

“Oh, it seems that your skin is being burnt.” (Yu)

“Ah, I’m okay, it’s just a little bit hot.” (Clyde)
Naturally, Yu was also inside the skill area of effect.

Yu protected himself and Kuro with his own 【Barrier】. However it was taken down easily. Each time a 【Barrier】 was broken, Yu raised another layer of 【Barrier】 but still it couldn’t completely block the heat. Kuro and Yu’s skin were also emitting a seared smell.

“Hey… It’s coming over here.”

The sea of flames enveloped the earth and spread around the area, approaching the place where Joseph and the 「Arc Demon」 were fighting.

“Old man, take my hand!”
Ansgar came from the sky riding a 「Lock Bird」 and reached out, using his right hand, towards Joseph. Joseph welcomed the outstretched hand and Ansgar gave a signal, using the rains, so the 「Lock Bird」 flew away from that place. Despite carrying Joseph and his heavy equipment, the 「Lock Bird」 didn’t have any difficulties in flying away and continued to rise high in the sky.

“Old man, that was really dangerous.” (Ansgar)

“I know, that boy is crazy. He used large scale magic without even telling me anything.” (Joseph)

“Hehe, but anyway old man, that was one ridiculous magic. Look at that 「Arc Demon」.” (Ansgar)

Ansgar looked at the ground from the top of the ⌈Lock Bird⌋, the flames were circling and swallowing the giant 「Arc Demon」. Black smoke rose from its body before it fell to the ground.

“Really, even that demon with monstrous regenerative ability was taken down.”

The 「Arc Demon」’s high regeneration and high magic resistance in the end couldn’t hold out against the constant surge of fire and it released its last breath with a tremendous scream at the end.

As the skill name implied, the ground had been turned into a scorched earth after the sea of flame went out. Yu immediately used 【White Magic】 on himself and Kuro.

At the other side of the 【Gate Open】, mountains of 「Forest Panthers」’ corpses could be seen lying down on top of each other. When Yu looked behind it, Clyde’s body was covered with severe burns.

“I can’t believe he is still alive. What a stubborn man.” (Yu)

“Kill… I’ll Kill you…. Kill….”
Clyde despite the severe burn wounds all over his body was starring at Yu with eyes full of hatred.


“The spear of flame, pierce my enemy 《Flame Spear》!”
One of the spies of the Holy Kingdom was surprised at the sudden launch of the second rank 【Black Magic 】,《Flame Spear》 towards Goria when Lena’s thunder magic subsided.

“It was captain who launch that.”

“How was it?”
The captain asked a man besides him who excelled in 【Analysis】. He was able to find out something even given the distance.

“Yes, there’s no mistake. He has a 『Devil’s Artifact』 equipped.”
(Tl note: this is something new. After demon, we have devil’s artifact lol)

When he said that, it caused an uproar among the spies from the Holy Kingdom. It was because the words 『Devil’s Artifact』 had been mentioned. A 『Devil’s Artifact』 was a relic of the past that was once used by the 「Demon Lord」 and had amazing ability. The Holy Kingdom was able to acquire one of the 『Devil’s Artifact』, called the 「Darkness Cloak」 from the 「Arc Demon」 ‘Borgenos’. The effect of the cloak was 60% physical damage reduction and 50% magic reduction to water, wind, earth, fire, and darkness magic. It was such a great item that it had resistance to 5 different attributes.

“That demi human is equipped with the 「Devil’s Ring, Saen」. The effect is to absorb magic attack up to the fifth rank by consuming the wearer’s mana instead. That’s not all, that demi human’s status is also ridiculous!”
(Tl note: basically like a mana shield)

“His body is also as hard as steel. Ah, he’s going to use 《Gravity》!”

“Get back!”

Goria that had been fighting with Nina had also a grasp on the spies from the Holy Church and used his skill.

“What is this? My body became heavy!”

Goria used the third rank 【Enchant Magic】, 《Gravity》. Instead of enhancing the body, it reduced the target’s ability to move.

“Heh, do you think you can escape? Now, have a taste of my poison, 《Poison Mist》!”

“Ugh, quickly drink some antidote! This fog contains poison.”
The fog quickly enveloped the spies. As trained experts, they quickly handled the situation, however even with their tampered bodies that were highly resistant to poison and paralysis, they begun vomiting blood.

“How could this possible? 《Detoxification》, even antidote doesn’t work.”

“Heh, this poison was created by one of the ‘Order of the Immortals’. How can a mere antidote cure it?”

One after the other, the spies from the Holy Kingdom fell one after another with blood coming out of their noses, eyes, ears and mouths.
(Tl note: just some clarification the holy kingdom and holy church is the same entity. The group that governs the holy kingdom is the holy church)

“Is that so, take this! The element of fire, gathered in my hand, burn my enemy, 《Roaring Flame》!”
One of the spies used their last breath for a last struggle however Goria didn’t even bother to dodge. The 《Roaring Flame》’s effect was blocked by the 「Devil’s Ring, Saen」 which only reduced his mana.

“You can’t kill them.”

Nina used her daggers to attack Goria from behind but he deflected it easily using his steel dragon hammer.

“Oi, no matter how fast your attack is, such straightforward pattern won’t possibly hurt me.”

Nina used that moment to go to the spies’ side and took out a potion that Yu had created from her item bag.

“It’s a waste of a potion. No matter what you do, poison from the ‘Oder of Immortal’ couldn’t easily be-.”

Goria stopped as he noticed that the potion had actually worked and the men had stopped bleeding.

“ Where did you get such a fine potion, that is even able to detoxificate the poison of the ‘Order of Immortal’ from? Ah, is this potion created by Yu Sato?” (spy)

“Ah, finally showing your true colors?” (Goria)

“Stupid demi-human,what do you mean by that? We did nothing to you!” (spy)
The spies then shouted at Goria unanimously. Nina however knew what was going to happen.

“You know, they are from the Holy Church of the Holy Kingdom. They are here to take Yu Sato. Of course the mission is from the Holy Church. Don’t you know what kind of people the Holy Faction are? Calling elves, dwarves, giants, beastmen, dragon men, every other racedemi-humans. They discriminate against any other race, such trash!”(Goria)

“It is really bad to discriminate against other races you know.” (Nina)

“Ah ojou-chan, you have saved us. You should not believe what that man is saying. Don’t be fooled by that man-.”

“Oh, you can’t lie anymore.” (Nina)

Suddenly the spy captain’s head flew in the air. Nina held her mithril and damascus daggers in both hands and it was clear that she was the one who beheaded the captain.
Lena and Marifa were even more confused by Nina’s sudden actions.
(Tl note: it seemed that it was Nina has a bad affinity with the holy church. Could it be her past or something stella said to her?)

“They are from the Holy Church Faction. Let’s kill them~” (Nina)
(Tl note: what a horrifying sentences but she says it playfully)

Blood came out like a fountain from the spy captain’s body and it covered her whole body in red. Nina’s appearance sent fear to everyone that saw that. Everyone except Goria.
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