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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 101 - Two setting suns

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The corpses lying around formed a picture that could only be described as a road of carnage. Even a single 「Lesser Demon」 could easily wipe out a party of D rank adventurers. Sometimes it was even able to annihilate a party of C rank adventurers with the help of another demon. The 「Lesser Demons」 that were once such a dangerous threat, were now lying lifelessly on the ground and they numbered in the dozens.

The corpss of the dead 「Lesser Demon」 strangely enough had one similar feature. All of them had been cut in their necks and had been cleanly beheaded. Their high regeneration skill couldn’t be activated if they were instantly killed.

“I know that Moran always said that he is strong but I didn’t imagine him to be this strong.” Anita muttered while watching Clyde glare at Yu.

“I already said so, Yu is strong.”
Moran proudly said that as she came to Washan’s side.

“Even Washan, the strongest of us, could only scratch out only a few cm of the 「Lesser Demon」’s skin. That boy, he easily beheaded those 「Lesser Demons」. We were only able to barely endure just because Anita was here… compared to him…”

Bell knew that Yu was promoted to C rank recently but the difference in strength was a shock. Among the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ members, only a few individuals could keep up with the 「Lesser Demons」 and the main reason was Anita’s shield skill that was close to be promoted to a B rank. If she was not there, even Ann as another shield bearer would have collapsed and the result would have been te total extermination of every member.

“You don’t know my name? As expected this city is trash. Even a black goblin like that is walking around freely. A goblin is one of the lowest rank monsters. If it were me, I would be ashamed to have it as my servant.”
Clyde looked down on Yu from the top of the 【Gate Open】 and tried to provoke him as a revenge for earlier.

“A little bit earlier…”


“Don’t you know that the 「Lesser Demons」 were killed by this goblin? If you said that goblins are weak, I will be more ashamed to walk outside with a 「Lesser Demon」.”

“What did you say? That small fry, black goblin is the one that killed them?”

At that moment, Clyde couldn’t hold back his rage and had instructed his remaining monsters to attack Yu from behind. A 「Forest Panther」 came pouncing from Yu’s back.

The 「Forest Panther」 was of the feline race and had fast movements and could deliver a sudden attack, which made it one of Clyde’s favorite monsters until now. It was experienced in killing monsters, demi-humans, and even adventurers. With just a simple signal from Clyde, it launched its attack.

In the blink of an eye, the crisis was already in front of Yu’s eyes. The 「Forest Panther」’s fangs were already inches away from Yu’s neck. However, a huge object came falling from above the 「Forest Panther」’s head. The object’s true identity was the earth battle ax that Kuro wielded. Kuro swung the heavy battle ax as if it was as light as a feather and the battle-ax landed on the 「Forest Panther」’s head.

The speed was too fast and the 「Forest Panther」 didn’t have the chance to even notice, let alone dodge. Instantly it died, while the contents of its brain splattered around.

“Idiot! A 「Forest Panther」 is a rank 5 monster but it couldn’t even kill the target and got killed by a goblin instead.”
Clyde who was sitting cross-legged on top of the gate tried to hold his surprise. That 「Forest Panther」 had been supported by Clyde’s 《Ability Enhancement》 and was clearly stronger than any of the regular monsters.

“After all it is only a slightly bigger cat.” (Yu)

“Then, how about you play with this cat, 「Forest Panther」.”
Clyde started chanting 【Summoning Magic】 and fell into silence. One after another, Clyde summoned 「Forest Panthers」. The total number of the 「Forest Panthers」 he summoned exceeded 30.

“We’re doomed! I can’t believe it. I thought that guy is just boasting but the number of monsters he summoned far exceeds what a normal 『Beast Tamer』 can do. We should really get away from here.”

Clyde continued his 【Summoning Magic】 while Ann murmured. Memetto also nodded in agreement.

“The number itself is already exceeding normal. His special skill might be the reason behind it. Also the 【Gate Open】 skill is still running. I’m afraid another demon will come out, attracted by the smell of blood.”
Washan tightened her grip on the battle ax.

“Washan-san, what are you saying? Look over there, this isn’t something that we could handle.”
Camilla said with watery eyes. The other ‘Kimitsuki Flower’ members also looked at where Camilla was focusing.

The terrain had been deformed, remnants of fire, lightning, ice, and water magic could be seen in the distance creating a miasma of raging natural disasters. In the center of it, stood Joseph and the 「Arc Demon」, still engaged in a fierce battle.

Just like earlier, before Joseph was able to land a crucial attack, the 「Burning Magic Tiger」 would disturb him.

“Really, what can we do?”
In the battle of monsters between Joseph and the 「Arc Demon」, the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ girls could do nothing but ensure their way out of the situation. Memetto wanted to say something to them before something pulled on her hair.

“Aw! Who pulled my hair?”
She searched her surroundings but the one who seemed to have played the prank on her was not there. There was only a small existence.

“Could it be, a fairy?”
Bell also averted her attention when she heard Memetto’s words and saw Momo, who was pulling Memetto’s hair.
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“Whoa, it’s cute! Look at her, too cute.”
“Ah, wait it seems that she wants to say something.”

Anita stopped Bell that was trying to catch Momo and she brought her closer to her ear.

“Not fair! I also want to hear what she wants say.”

Bell tried to intrude in but Anita was too focused on trying to hear what Momo was saying and ignored Bell.

“Ah, this fairy has a message from Yu.”
“What did he say?”

“He want us to get away from here.”

The girls didn’t have any other option and distanced themselves from Yu. Even after they were already 50 meters apart from him Momo kept on pulling Memetto’s hair as if ordering them to move even further.

“Aw, alright, alright. We’re going. Stop pulling my hair.”

Memetto said that while raising a pathetic high-pitched cry. The ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan girls also didn’t have any other choice but to follow after her.

“It’s far enough. We have walked 300 meters.”
Momo also wiped her sweaty forehead and took a deep breath as she had finished her job. Bell came and asked.
“I wonder why we needed to come so far. Ah Camilla, are you thinking of running away to Comer city? The gate is right over there.”

“I want to but it all depends on Anita.”

“At this point I don’t really need to give my order, idiot, alright, everyone move to the Adventurer’s Guild.”

After saying that, Camilla ran towards Comer city in unbelievable speed. She fell down a couple of times but got up and continued to run again.

Around Yu, the corpses of 「Forest Panthers」 that Clyde had summoned had reached six in number. Kuro had also defeated some but he had injuries all over his body.

“Hahaha, even you couldn’t boast about your goblin in front of this many 「Forest Panthers」, huh? Oh, what is it? Could it be more 「Lesser Demons」 are going to come attracted by the smell of blood?”
Clyde also didn’t stand idly, he summoned another 「Hell Gorilla」 and Kuro jumped in to stop its rush attack.
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Kuro’s black steel shield roared as he blocked the attack.

“I started to think that your job is not 『Beast Tamer』 but 『Gorilla Master』!”

From the distance Joseph shouted out loud but Yu ignored it.

“Hahaha, let’s see how long would you be able to keep that disgusting smile of yours on.”
As Clyde said that, he ordered the newly summoned 「Lesser Demon」 to go attack Comer city. One after another, the newly summoned 「Lesser Demons」 ignored Yu and ran toward Comer city. They were drooling from the mouth as if they couldn’t wait to devour their prey.

“Now, I wonder how will you stop them.”

“Kuro, come to my side and stand behind me.”
Kuro, in a hurry pushed the ⌈Hell Gorilla⌋ away and came towards Yu’s side.

Yu already deployed his 《Heaven’s Net》 and confirmed that Kuro was already on his side. The countless magic threads of 《Heaven’s Net》 spread out far over several hundred meters.

“You!… How can a kid like you… use the technique of the Holy Saint, Dole Faud?”

Ignoring the shocked Clyde, Yu used 【Shield Skill】, 《Taunt》 through the 《Heaven’s Net》 . All of the monsters, ⌈Forest Panthers⌋, and 「Lesser Demons」 that Clyde had summoned were now forced to attack Yu.

Clyde saw that his monsters were rushing towards Yu from the top of the gate when suddenly he could feel a surge of heat waves coming from overhead.

The sunset was floating in the sky, however this sun was floating in the east while the real sun was already sinking in the west side of Comer city. This second sun, was actually a huge mass of flames that Yu had created.

Clyde had seen the same scene before. It had happened in the war between the Holy Kingdom and the Houdon Kingdom long time ago. The same skill was used by a 『High Sage』. At that time, when the skill was unleashed, 4000 7th ranked holy knights of the Holy Kingdom vanished in an instant by this one spell.

“Are you kidding me? This is the 『High Sage』 skill, 《Scorched Earth》?”

Clyde could only watch in despair as the second sun fell down from the sky.