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To Deprive a Deprived Person

Chapter 100 - The boy who carried the setting sun

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The Adventurer’s Guild declared that there were three races that were considered as a highly dangerous threats.

The first one was the Dragon race- even the weakest one of the dragon race, the 「Earth Dragon」, was a rank 6 monster. Strong body, robust scales, as the rank increased the dragon could become a national level disaster.

The second one was the Giant race. Although Giants could live coexisting with humanity, their power was still that of a monster. In particular, their strength wasn’t lower than the dragons’ and adventurers were not allowed to even approach one without permission.

The last one was the Demon group, which was once called the Fairies and Fiends. However in the current opinion, the two had been unified into the demon group by the majority. High regeneration, magic resistance and some were even able to use high level magic. The history confirmed that a strong demon once destroyed a country on its own.

“Hey, enchanter, use every of your available 【Enchant Magic】 on me. How can I get a useless person like you as a partner.” (Joseph)

“It is not me that is useless. Anyone would probably be the same when facing an 「Arc Demon」.” (Ansgar)

“This is not the time to have a carefree discussion.” (Anita)

The 「Arc Demon」 that crawled out from the 【Gate Open】 , overlooked the surroundings and finally started to chant when it saw Joseph.

“The fire from the springs of hell, burn my enemies with the fire of hell!” (Arc demon)

In front of the 「Arc Demon」, a black flame manifested. Even Clyde, that was on top of the 【Gate Open】, had to erect a 【Barrier】 to prevent the heat from the hot air.

“That was a rank 6 【Black magic】, 《Flame Prison》!”
“Anita, get back! I’ll cast a 【Barrier】!”
Memetto was raising her 【Barrier】, trying to protect every member of the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan she could.

“ 《Flame Prison》!”

The skill was launched towards Joseph, while many of the 「Lesser Demons」 were caught in the skill’s trajectory. Despite having high magic resistance, the 「Lesser Demons」, that were caught by the 《Flame Prison》 immediately turned to ash.

Joseph stepped forward and swung down his large rock dragon sword from above his head.

“【Swordsmanship Skill】,《Dark Drain》!”
Joseph unleashed 《Dark Drain》. It was the technique that he used when he sparred with Yu in the training field to block Yu’s explosion.

When the large rock dragon sword and the 《Flame Prison》 collided, the black flame was absorbed by the sword. Meanwhile, the rest of the black flame split to the left and right.

“That skill isn’t able to absorb a high rank magic!”

The rest of the fire hit him and smoke rose from Joseph’s whole body. When the fire subsided, Joseph let out a loud cry, his body was not damaged in the slightest.

“Hehe, it seems that Joseph isn’t even wounded. ⌈Lesser Demons⌋, are you guys only statues? What are you doing? Go get the women.” (Clyde)

“Enchanter, protect the girls.” (Joseph)
“Just listen to me! This is annoying. If only I had brought the Holy Magic sword.”(Joseph)
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“Anita! Enemy incoming.”

The ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ ,because of the order, went to attack Anita. She received the attacks using her silver tower shield and the sounds created from the collision were as if the silver tower shield was screaming.

Memetto couldn’t do anything to the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋. Their high magic resistance caused her magic attacks to do little to no damage to them.

“They are persistent, take this, 《Heavy Swing》!”
Washan used the 【Ax Skill】, 《Heavy Swing》 on the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋’ flank. Even the ⌈Ground Snake⌋ was split in half by the skill, but it barely wounded the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋by a few centimeters.

“Even Washan’s attack isn’t able to defeat them. What can we do?” (kimutsuki flower girls)
“You guys, don’t give up. I’ll keep defending, you just have to concentrate on attacking!” (Anita)

Washan’s offensive power was number one in the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan. The fact that she couldn’t even do serious damage to the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ had already determined the future of the girls in some parts. Some had lossed the will to fight and were ready to throw away their weapons.

“Even if it is Anita, who said that, we’ve never faced this kind of situation before. Washan’s attack isn’t able to wound them, even Memetto’s magic is useless.”

Moran hit the back of Camilla, who was already sitting on the ground. However slowly the girls were panicking.

“If that so, why don’t we attack that guy?”
Bell stared at Clyde who was sitting on top of the 【Gate Open】. Everyone immediately discussed their last option.

“That guy, Clyde is probably a 『Beast Tamer』 . He was able to control the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ to some extent and increase their ability.”

In fact, that was the truth. When Washan was attacking the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋, Clyde was using 《Protect》 on it. Clyde himself wasn’t able to completely control the rank 6 ⌈Lesser Demon⌋. Clyde only used the fact that the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ liked preying on girls. The ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ attacked them on instinct without Clyde having to order them.
“Gyaa, another one is coming!”

While some of the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ were killed by Joseph, Ansgar and the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan were struggling facing one ⌈Lesser Demon⌋, if another one came, the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan might be wiped out.

On the other hand, Joseph’s battle with the ⌈Arc Demon⌋ had transformed into a fierce struggle, so he couldn’t afford to help them anymore.

“Eat this!”
Joseph unleashed 《Focus Strike》 and tried to behead the ⌈Arc Demon⌋, however in an instant, it healed with its rapid regeneration. Once again, Joseph tried going for a killing move but Clyde’s 「Burning Magic Tiger」 didn’t allow it. Right now the 「Burning Magic Tiger」was disturbing Joseph, so he was in a hard position.

In the meantime, another ⌈Lesser Demon⌋ came out from the 【Gate Open】.
“Joseph, I wonder if it is possible for another ⌈Arc Demon⌋ to appear?”
Clyde tried to provoke Joseph, since in the middle of battle Joseph had already tried to destroy the 【Gate Open】 but it didn’t even leave a mark.

If by chance another ⌈Arc Demon⌋ appeared from the 【Gate Open】, Joseph and the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan would surely be exterminated.

“The thunder drifting in the sky…”
The ⌈Arc Demon⌋ began to chant the fifth rank 【Black Magic】, 《Thunder Clap》.

“I won’t let you finish!”
Joseph ran towards the ⌈Arc Demon⌋ but once again the 「Burning Magic Tiger」 got in the way.

“You have been annoying me for some time now!”

As the 「Burning Magic Tiger」 unleashed its breath attack, Joseph took it with his body and pounced as he ignored the its attack.

Although the chant of the ⌈Arc Demon⌋ was not finished, the it unleashed the skill: “《Thunder Clap》!”

A thunder strike came from the sky, raging towards Joseph. Joseph could only plant his large sword into the ground and endure, while cleching his teeth, as the thunder hit his body. After the 《Thunder Clap》 skill had finished, Joseph’s body oozed black smoke all over.

“This bast*rd even discarded the rest of the chant because it was afraid that it will be interrupted.”

The ⌈Arc Demon⌋ smiled with an imposing manner while it looked at Joseph as he was an insect.
Joseph took out potions from his item pouch and inhaled large amount of air when he took out his sword as if he carried a heavy burden.

“Die! 【Sword Skill】, 《Pure Holy Dragon》!”

Under the attack, the ⌈Arc Demon⌋ used both arms to block it. The arms were cut off and a big slash wound appeared on its chest. However since once again it had failed to kill the demon in one attack, the demon had already started regenerating.

“Even the wound caused from the holy affinity is healed so easily.”
Joseph desperately tried to attack again but the ⌈Burning Magic Tiger⌋ interfered once more. The ⌈Arc Demon⌋ in the meantime continued to regenerate itself.

“Joseph, do you think it will be easy defeating my ⌈Burning Magic Tiger⌋? Ah, the party is going to start, enjoy your feast over there!”
Clyde meant those words to the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ and they reacted in unison.

“Be careful! Another ⌈Lesser Demon⌋ is coming, one of them, no, two… lots of them are coming!”
Bell cried out in panic and it wasn’t strange in this situation. Ansgar was already trying his best to suppress the current ⌈Lesser Demon⌋, and yet another ⌈Lesser Demon⌋ came out one after another from the 【Gate Open】 and approached Anita.

“I only have one regret, I’m hungry.”
“I want to eat delicious things, I want to go shopping, I don’t want to die yet, please spare me!”
Bell and Washan whined like children. Even Anita, who was defending against the ⌈Lesser Demon⌋’s attack was enraged.

“Bell, come to your senses!”
Ann also stepped up and helped using her shield. She was prepared to defend against the horde of incoming ⌈Lesser Demons⌋.

However, the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ ran past Anita and the girls.

“Eh? They moved past us? We survived!”
“Idiots! Where could the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ be heading to?”

The others realized what was happening and turned to look at where the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ were headed and subsequently their targets.

“Comer city, they are going to Comer city.”
Washan said that as her face turned blue.

⌈Lesser Demons⌋ were rank 6 monsters. Even one monster could cause devastating damage to the city, and now the thousands lives of the poor victims were ready to be harvested. If such a horrifying group headed to a city, everyone knew what was going to happen, which caused Washan’s expression to become pale.

“Hehe, what a convenience. Right now the high ranking adventurers of Comer city are not present. Facing the flock of ⌈Lesser Demons⌋, nothing can defend against them now. Children, elders, women, weaklings, aren’t you excited?” (Clyde)
“Come, lets stop them!”
“We’re too late!”

Anita started to run after the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ but it wasn’t possible to catch up. Seeing the flock of ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ running towards the setting sun in the direction of the city, despair spread through Anita’s heart.

“Hahahahahahahaha. This is my win. You can only helplessly watch the people of Comer city being massacred by the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋. Hahaha. Oh, what?”

The foremost ⌈Lesser Demon⌋ that was running towards the setting sun suddenly fell. After that one by one the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋s fell, one after another. When all of the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ finally fell down, two shadows stood in front of the sunset as if they carried it on their backs. Slowly, the two shadows walked towards them.

Clyde was surprised: “It’s the boy and the black goblin!”

A boy carrying a large sword and a black goblin swinging a battle ax.

“Hey, what happened to your laugh from before?”
The boy who carried the large sword, Yu asked, while raising the corners of his mouth. Kuro silently followed behind without saying anything.

“Oh, this is unexpected. I can’t believe that my plan would be disturbed by you. I was thinking that Comer city will face annihilation but this… kukuku, even the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋ were in this sorry state.”

“Actually I don’t really want to disturb anyone’s plan. I was just tired of waiting so I played with the ⌈Lesser Demons⌋. It’s just that my acquaintances are living in Comer city.”

“I see, you are worried about Collet and Wood?”

“Yes, it’s because of them. I don’t care what happenes to anyone else.”
(Tl note: umm tsundere Yu?)

Yu walked pass by Anita and the group. At that time Moran’s smile floated involuntarily when she saw him. Clyde overlooked Yu from the top of the 【Gate Open】, however he didn’t hide the discomfort he felt because of the sudden intruder.

“You stopped my plan to destroy the city so are you an ally of justice?”(Clyde)

“In your eyes, am I a good person, who believes in justice?”(Yu)

“Master, a good person?”
Uncontrollably Kuro laughed out loud until Yu blocked his mouth and glared back at him.

“A black goblin variant and a black haired boy. You must be Yu Sato. I’m Clyde.”

“Clyde? Kuro, do you know him?”

“No master, I have never heard of him.”
“I have also never heard of that name.”

Clyde became enraged seeing the exchange between Kuro and Yu, who were treating him as if he was a nobody.