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The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard

Chapter 009 - The Lazy Dragon Chapter 9 (v2)

My name is Ars Funnel.

I am the son of a humble farmer. However the Demon Army is on a rampage. It is not my problem since I’m just a rural farmer.

However, one morning, on my forehead, an insignia of a Dragon appeared.

When I show it to Dad and Mom, they interrogated me and took me to the mayor’s house.

“This is.. The brave emblem.. The Hero sign!! ”

The mayor spoke in an exaggerated manner, some spit was sprinkled and he held my head until it was going to explode.

What? Hero? I’m just a child of poor farmer. Mom and Dad isn’t special. How can I be the hero?

”It is a sign of blessing from one of the Seven Guardian God. This is the insignia of Guardian Dragon God. How can a playboy, lazy, a good for nothing young lad be chosen? ”

It was an overstatement. I am a hard worker. watching the cloud, plowing the field. Altough my friend considered me as a ” useless human being”, I retaliate with a pitch fork.

Suddenly, a childhood friend of mine, Pigna came and closed her mouth with her trembling hands.

“It’s a lie.. Ars is the hero? It’s an absolute lie.. ”

She was even crying because of the shock. Am I really not qualified to be a hero?

When I looked back, Knights in shiny armor and several guards came inside.

”Is it the King's guards? Welcome to our village. I’m the mayor. ”

The mayor approached  the knight and shook his hand. He even rubbed his hand afterwards like a suspicious uncle trying to haggle. like a poisonous snake trying to kill you.

”The youth there is really the hero? ”

”Yes, there is no mistake. ”

”Alright, you need to come with us. ”

”Of course. It's finally pleasing to see the good for nothing lad leave the  village. Just take him as soon as possible. ”

The mayor gave an unusual good smile.

”So, Ars the hero. Please come with us. ”

”Eh. Eh. Wait… ”

I was dragged in both sides by two guards and was thrown into a luxurious carriage.

Dad and Mom showed a refreshing smile. The onlookers didn’t lose in terms of satisfaction. Why did I feel like a slave being sold l. The village grew smaller as I moved farther. Only Pigna was crying and chasing after the carriage.

Is it an abduction? I do nothing except to sleep.

When I woke up, I could see the royal capital. The carriage then drive to the royal palace.

“Ars the Hero. You will now have an audience with His Majesty the King. ”

Isn’t the knight saying a ridiculous thing?

I’m a child of a poor farmer. Meeting with the King? The most important person in the country?

”We will check if you really are  the chosen one. ”

This is absurd. What if I am a fake? Will I get executed?

”Did I scare you? Sorry.. There is a medal that the king possess that could check your eligibility. At the very least you will not be killed if you are revealed to be a fake. ”

I don’t think that was a consolation.

”Maybe only a forced slavery for ten years doing hard labor. ”

Hey. It didn’t give me a peace of mind at all.

I was forced to change my clothes. Of course it was normal when meeting the King. The price of clothes that I wore was above my lifetime net worth. I was so scared that I couldn’t move.

Finally I arrived at the throne room. I was kneeling down and the gaze of the nobles and knights fell down on me. The chubby bearded king was sitting on the throne.

I was like a real hero. However someone was observing me from head to toe.

“This person is the hero. ”

An old man declared that and cheers came from everyone in the throne room.

”Then I expect great things from you. ”

”Hero. Please defeat the Demon. ”

That words stunned me.

Then my days as a Hero began. I received sword and magic training for a month in order to become strong..

Then I was ordered to hone my skill to defeat Demons.

Training was tough. The first day was sword training. After that, magic training. The old man that declared my eligibility was a magician and a former Hero. Smoke rose from my head hearing magic theory. I really want to get back to the village on the first day.

However, apparently I have the talent of a Hero. It became fun. I used the sword better and better everyday. My use of magic increased my training pleasure. The food I ate was also nutritious and delicious.

“The Hero Ars. The fate of all citizens of the kingdom and humanity rests in your hands. ”

I who kept thinking on living on a small plot of land and harvesting vegeatables now carried humanity's fate.

Speaking of which, it’s harvest time soon. Is Dad and Mom's plot alright? I also recalled the face of crying Pigna. Somehow my eyes became moist.

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