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Rebirth Online World

Creating, Telling, Sharing Dreams

The Lazy Dragon is Working Hard

Chapter 008 - Lazy dragon chapter 8

Episode 8

I was reincarnated in different world, Gaia. It is a world of sword and magic. I am reincarnated as a dragon. However everytime I think of this RPG like world, it was always about the demon lord.

Actually in this world, there is the hero and the demon lord.

The demon lord is still a bad person that want to invade the world. He lives in Makai. Makai is an underground world about 100km below the ground and connected by a void space. The void was big enough for demons to come out and invade the world.

By the way, Gaia is like planet Earth. There is a law of gravity. There is atmosphere covering it. Maybe thks place is thousands light years away from Earth. Like a speck of star in the night sky. There is also stars in the night sky. Maybe one of them is Earth.

So, these demon is building an army. The reason is for resources. In Makai army, there is even lieutenant and commander position. They already built an outpost for future invasion. As I said that we have mana stream running underground, Makai people under the influence of mana is having more robust evolution and mutation. It is resulting in strong demon.

The demon invasion also send despair to human. The existence of demon lord. I wonder if he is a messenger of Satan. If there is a God, so there is Satan right?

However to deal with the demon, I couldn’t get involved directly. Humanity hope is not on me but on a hero. Makai is invading human world, that said, it was humans problem not mine.

So, returning to the story of the hero. Actually I was the father. No, I didn’t rape anyone. The hero is a kind of golem or homunculus. It was created from mana stream. He have enormous amount of mana which makes him able to grow and become strong.

Sever thousands years ago, when the Satan dispatched the demon, the only way to stop it is by defeating the demon lord.

I then become the producer. A child which have his home destroyed by demon army. He appear and cooperate with other blessed children. By the way, my hero is inspired from a lot of RPG.

He have the emblem of dragon engraved on his head. Thus with the cooperation of countries, hero and his companion, we had defeated the demon king.

Hip hip huuraaah!

It was the birth of hero directed by me. I named the story “brave”. Well anyway, the invasion didn’t stop so I need to make stronger hero. Haaah.. It increased my work..

I was thinking while overlooking a visitor.

“I am the hero, Ars funnel! Guardian Dragon God of Sloth, I’m here to receive your blessing. ”

” How brave of you to come here. You need to prepare yourself. ”

Haaah.. It just give me more work. I don’t want to do it! I absolutely don’t want to work.”